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Have you ever had to give up a paddle board tour because the wind was just too strong?

That is bitter and does not have to be, because with a Wing Surfer you can make a virtue out of necessity and give you and your board wings in the truest sense of the word!

These lightweight and inflatable para gliders are ready for takeoff in no time and allow you to reach high speeds in the right conditions.

Our team is constantly striving to be on the cutting edge of paddle boarding and the Wing Surfer is yet another great innovation in paddle boarding that we would like to introduce to you. They add an exciting facet to the diversity of the sport!

If you choose one of the following models, you will be able to enjoy every upcoming wind in the future and enjoy your hobby even on days when “normal” paddle boarders only look at the water full of longing!

The 3 Best Wings for Paddleboarding

Since wing surfers have been steadily gaining popularity, the selection is constantly expanding…more and more new manufacturers and models are entering the market, making it harder and harder to choose.

Handheld Foil Wing Kite Wing Foil Kitesurfing Inflatable Wingsurfer Kite for Wind Wing Foiling,...
  • 👉 [High-quality material] The wind foil canopy is...
  • 👉 【High-end design】The wind wing is light...
  • 👉 【Simple operation】Open the backpack, take out...
  • 👉 【Usage scene】The wind foil is suitable for...

Keenso Inflatable Surfing Wing, Lightweight Handheld Inflatable Surf Wing Inflatable Wing Wind...
  • 【Premium Quality】: This 100% brand new handheld...
  • 【Excellent Water Sports Equipment】: The handheld...
  • 【Portable & Window Design】: The water sports kite...
  • 【Easy to Use】: The inflatable wind surfing kite is...

Slingshot Sports Hover Glide Infinity 99cm Carbon Foil Wing
  • If you’re looking for slow and steady, this is your...
  • SUP/SURF - Lifts and glides into cruise control on even...
  • WAKE - Perfect for larger riders behind the boat....
  • WIND - This wing works ONLY on The Levitator boards...


Finally, we answer a few more frequently asked questions. If you still have any individual questions, please feel free to leave us a comment. We will try to answer you as soon as possible!

What is a SUP or Foil Wing?

A SUP Wing is an inflatable paraglider with which you can turn your board into a Wing SUP. These small and lightweight wings are also called Wing Surfers and are very flexible to use. They can be used on almost any paddle board if there is enough wind, and depending on their size, they will give you a pretty decent boost.

Unlike a windsurf sail, the wing is held freely in the hand and can therefore be positioned quite variably.
The modern paddle board wings consist of a bridge, usually with holding loops or a handle bar, and the wings. There are wing surfers in different sizes and countless designs. The vast majority of them have viewing windows in the wings so you can see any obstacles on the track when you hold the “gliding wings” in front of you.

Windy conditions are rather difficult to master with “normal” paddle boarding. With a SUP Wing, on the other hand, it turns into great fun. With a little practice, you’ll quickly pick up the skills you need and reach blazing speeds.

How big is a wing for paddleboards?

Wing surfers are available in a variety of sizes. The selection starts at just under 2 m² and goes up to models with an area of over 7 m². Depending on your preferred wind strength, you should choose a suitable one.

In light winds, the large wings are clearly at an advantage, as they have a larger surface area to attack. The stronger the wind blows, the smaller the dimensions of the Wing Surfer may be. Of course, the weight of the wing increases with the size, although basically all models are in a range that allows effortless handling.

How to transport a SUP Wing?

The SUP Wings are inflatable and therefore very easy to transport in the usually enclosed bag. Due to the small packing dimensions you will surely find enough storage space for a Wing Surfer in your SUP luggage.

Only at the water the wing surfer is inflated with the help of an air pump and is ready for take off in a few minutes. Due to the low weight and space requirements, you can therefore always have your Wing with you and use it within a short time if there is enough wind.

Are SUP wings suitable for beginners?

Of course, practice makes perfect on an inflatable wing paddle board. In the beginning, it will be easiest for you if you hold the wing in such a way that the tail wind pushes you forward (“downwind”). More complex maneuvers such as changing direction, riding against the wind for a short time, etc. you will of course only succeed with increasing experience.

It is of course an advantage if you already have the necessary skills in handling a paraglider through practicing other sports (kitesurfing, etc.). At the beginning, however, the wind should not be too strong, so that you can familiarize yourself with the handling without too much pressure on the gliding surfaces. It is best to start in a sitting or kneeling position and try out how the wing behaves in different positions.

When standing, you can then hold the wing either at a suitable angle above your head or like a classic windsurfing sail. However, it still feels very unfamiliar at first and you have to be patient until you get the hang of it.

How fast is a paddle board?

This depends on many factors and can therefore unfortunately not be answered in a general way. First of all, the size of the wing surfer and the wind strength are decisive for the speed. After all, the wind is your propulsion and the larger the attack surface, the more thrust you get.

The shape and fin setup of your paddle board is also critical to speed. Narrower touring boards with a large single fin, for example, result in much snappier running characteristics than wide allrounder boards with 3 fins.

Is any board suitable as a Wing SUP?

If you want to use your inflatable paddle boards with a wing, then you have to accept a few compromises. Originally, Wings come from the so-called “foiling area”, where the boards practically “fly” over the water with the help of a special, very long and sword-shaped fin.

However, with a suitable wing surfer, you can turn just about any conventional board into a wing SUP, with boards with a large single fin being the most suitable. The advantage compared to the already known paddle boards with windsurfing sails (“rigs”) is the flexibility of the wings. Basically, of course, narrower and thus streamlined paddle boards are also much faster with a wing as a drive than wide models with a more rounded silhouette (shape).

In addition, the fins should also be large enough so that you can steer your board well in strong winds. Touring boards with large single fins provide the best compromise between stability, maneuverability and glide. Some paddle boards also have a mast base insert for a windsurfing sail.

These models are usually also perfect for the use of a wing. Last but not least, most of these boards also have special fin setups, for example with additional single fin in the middle of the tread.

Do I need a paddle board for SUP Wing?

Actually not, because your propulsion is the wind. However, since as a beginner you have no other option than to go “to leeward” (with the wind) at first, you should of course also think about the possible way back. Of course, this also applies if there is a sudden calm and there is no wind!

For this case it is therefore always recommended to have a paddle up your sleeve. Some wings and also many paddle boards have an integrated paddle holder. Otherwise, you can also transport your paddle in the luggage net of your board.

How much wind do you need for Wing SUP?

This depends primarily on the area of the wing. The larger it is, the more efficiently the wind power can be transferred. However, there should be at least 2 – 3 wind forces for the use to be worthwhile. The weaker the wind, the more effort it takes to keep the wing in a good position. Apart from the feed, the wind also reduces the weight of the wing to be held. On very changeable days with wind and calm you should therefore leave the Wing in the bag!

Can I use a Wing Surfer for other sports?

Sure, in principle every board sport is suitable for it. For example, it is also possible to use the Wing on a snowboard or skateboard.

Hi, my name is Max. In 2016, on my first SUP trip, I was still a bit shaky on the SUP board. But quickly the ambition grabbed me and my passion for SUP was ignited. That’s why I founded stand-up-paddling.org the same year. Our mission is to help beginners discover this sport and bring more transparency into the market with our in-depth product reviews.