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Since starting this blog in 2016, we’ve had the opportunity to review more than a dozen electric paddleboard pumps.

Introducing the Airbank Puffer Pro: a versatile, high-performing, and compact electric pump for stand-up paddleboards and other inflatables.

Eager to learn what sets this pump apart from the rest?

Let’s dive into our Airbank Puffer Pro review.

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Powerful Lightweight Electric Paddleboard Pump

Airbank Puffer Pro

πŸ“Š Data & Facts

Brand Airbank
Weight 1.26 kg
Operating Mode Battery or 12 V (Cigarette Lighter)
Max. Air Pressure 20 PSI (1.4 Bar)
Automatic Shutdown Yes
Compatibility iSUPs, Other Inflatables (Valve Adapter Included)
Additional Features Digital Display, 5 Buttons, 2 Different Pressure Units, 3 Different Operating Modes, 2 Pump Connections, 3 Connections behind the Rubber Flap, LED Diode, 4 Round Rubberized Feet, 7 Valve Adapters, Differently Thick Seals/O-Rings
Included Items Instruction Manual, Carrying Case, E-Pump, Pump Hose, 7 Valve Adapters, Various Seals and O-Rings, 12 V Power Cable (Cigarette Lighter), USB-C Charging Cable

πŸ§ͺ Testing: Our Airbank Puffer Pro Review

First Glance

The Airbank Puffer Pro immediately impresses with its compact and lightweight design, making it stand out from other pumps. Its well-thought-out design comprising a blend of black and blue colors makes for an attractive and functional look.

User Experience

Handling the Airbank Puffer Pro is a cinch, courtesy of its easy-to-read digital display and clearly marked buttons.

The pump’s user-friendly nature allows even those with no experience to operate it without any hassles.

Sound and Serenity

Although the noise level of the Puffer Pro is comparable to other electric pumps at around 80 dB, it’s a small drawback given the efficient results it delivers.

The noise is manageable and won’t significantly disrupt your surroundings.

Speedy Inflation

During our tests, the Puffer Pro inflated a standard touring board to 15 PSI in just over 8 minutes.

This impressive speed puts it among the fastest pumps we’ve reviewed, slashing inflation time dramatically.

Endurance Test

The Puffer Pro’s active cooling system allows for extended operation, making it possible to inflate multiple boards in a row.

Depending on the board size, you can easily inflate two or even three boards without pause, ideal for group adventures.

Powerful Lightweight Electric Paddleboard Pump

Airbank Puffer Pro

Build and Durability

Constructed with care, the Airbank Puffer Pro features a robust build and durable components.

Its rubberized surface and sturdy feet ensure that the unit will withstand the test of time.


Weighing a mere 1.26 kg and sporting a convenient handle, the Puffer Pro sets the bar high for portability.

Its lightweight design is a dream come true for SUP lovers constantly on the move.

Power Source Flexibility

Thanks to its built-in rechargeable battery, the Puffer Pro offers superb power source versatility.

Whether you’re charging via USB-C or utilizing the included 12 V cable, you’ll never be caught deflated with this pump.

Value for Money

Considering its features, performance, and the included extras, the Airbank Puffer Pro offers exceptional value for money.

With a one-year warranty backing this investment, users can count on a reliable pump with excellent capabilities.

Extras and Bonuses

The Puffer Pro is packed with bonus features, like the three separate working modes, its seven valve adapters for inflating various items, and the inclusion of a digital display.

Additionally, the pump has a power bank function and an LED light, making it a versatile companion on SUP adventures.

🎯 Intended Use

The Airbank Puffer Pro electric pump is a versatile and powerful option for paddleboarders seeking convenience and efficiency.

Its innovative design excels in quickly inflating SUP boards, making it ideal for both solo paddlers and groups who want to spend more time on the water and less time on shore setting up.

In addition to paddleboarding, the Puffer Pro comes with an array of valve adapters, allowing users to inflate various other items such as air mattresses, inflatable kayaks, boats, and pool floats.

This makes it a highly practical choice for those who enjoy multiple outdoor sports and activities.

Although primarily designed for paddleboarders, the Puffer Pro’s lightweight, compact build and integrated rechargeable battery make it a standout choice for all adventurers.

Regardless of the environment or activity, the Airbank Puffer Pro electric pump is a top pick for those looking for a reliable, portable, and efficient inflation solution that caters to various needs.

Powerful Lightweight Electric Paddleboard Pump

Airbank Puffer Pro

πŸ” How to Use the Airbank Puffer Pro Electric Pump

  1. Prepare SUP Board: Unpack and position your SUP board on a slightly elevated, smooth, and debris-free surface.
  2. Position the Pump: Place the Airbank Puffer Pro pump on a stable, clean, and dry surface, preferably on the deck pad of the board.
  3. Attach Pump Hose: Screw one end of the hose to the inflation port (“Inflate”) on the pump and ensure it is tightly connected.
  4. Connect to SUP Valve: Attach the appropriate valve adapter to the other end of the hose and connect it to the SUP board valve. If the adapter does not fit correctly, change the adapter or adjustment ring as needed.
  5. Power On and Adjust Settings: Long press the On/Off button on the pump (battery operation) or plug the 12V car charger into the cigarette lighter. Check the pump pressure units (PSI or Bar) and adjust the desired target pressure using the “+” or “-” buttons.
  6. Begin Inflation: Briefly press the On/Off button on the pump to initiate the automatic pumping process. Monitor the digital display to keep track of the current pressure during inflation.
  7. Automatic Shutoff: When the desired pressure is reached, the pump will automatically stop. Disconnect the hose from the SUP board and securely close the valve cover.

Safety Guidelines and Best Practices: Always make sure the pump is set up away from water, as mixing electricity and water can be dangerous. Prior to starting, inspect the pump, hose, and adapters for any visible damage. Avoid over-inflating items beyond their recommended PSI. When operating, it’s best to keep the pump on a flat surface to prevent any tilts or falls. After using the pump, allow it to cool down for a few minutes before storing the pump and its accessories. Always follow the user manual for detailed safety precautions and operation guidelines.

πŸ’¬ FAQ

How long does the Airbank Puffer Pro take to inflate a paddleboard?

The Airbank Puffer Pro takes just over 8 minutes to inflate a standard paddleboard to 15 PSI.

Can I use the Airbank Puffer Pro for other inflatables besides paddleboards?

Yes, the Airbank Puffer Pro includes 7 valve adapters for inflating various items like air mattresses and inflatable boats.

How loud is the Airbank Puffer Pro when operating?

The Airbank Puffer Pro operates at around 80 dB, which is standard for electric pumps.

Can the Airbank Puffer Pro run on power banks?

The Airbank Puffer Pro has a built-in rechargeable battery, making it compatible with USB-C charging or the included 12V power cable.


The Airbank Puffer Pro electric pump is a must-have for paddleboarders and outdoor adventurers, thanks to its powerful performance and lightweight design.

Its user-friendly features and rapid inflation times make it a top choice for a seamless inflation experience.

Enjoy the added versatility of inflating various items with the included valve adapters.

Trust in the pump’s durability, portability, and great value for money to stand the test of time.

Whether you’re a solo paddler or part of a group adventure, the Puffer Pro offers convenience and efficiency, ensuring you spend more time on the water and less on the shore.

Powerful Lightweight Electric Paddleboard Pump

Airbank Puffer Pro

Water is Benjamin's element. In 2019, he made his first attempts on a SUP board and since then he's constantly learning. For him, stand-up paddling is a great way to combine a workout and feel relaxed at the same time. The perfect balance to everyday life!

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