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Aqua Marina has been manufacturing water sports products since 1991, which the company sells from its corporate base in Shanghai, China.

The product range now includes iSUPs, kayaks, windsurfing boards, recreational boats as well as accessories like water sports clothing and shoes.

Aqua Marina’s products are characterized by quality at a reasonable price. At the same time, the company operates under the guiding principle “Ultimate fun – maximum safety”.

Are Aqua Marina Paddle Boards Worth It?

Aqua Marina has been active in the iSUP segment since 2011. The portfolio of paddle boards is extremely large and ranges from allrounders to fitness and race boards. Beginners and advanced riders will find iSUPs at Aqua Marina that stand out with an extremely good price/performance ratio.

State-of-the-art dropstitch and extremely tear-resistant PVC is the standard for all boards. In addition, the iSUPs go through elaborate quality tests before they make their way into the assortment. If you buy your paddle board from Aqua Marina, you will also receive a wide range of accessories, which are equally impressive in terms of quality. In most cases, this includes board bag, dismountable and height-adjustable aluminum paddle and high-pressure pump. Partly also leashes are included.

The paddle boarding series are also regularly revised!

Which Is the Right Aqua Marina Paddle Board for You?

Of course, the extensive iSUP range from Aqua Marina needs to be well understood before you decide on a paddle boarding model of the brand. On our site, we have already presented our tests of some models and summarize the most important information here. So you get a good and quick overview for whom which Aqua Marina iSUP is best suited.

Aqua Marina Fusion

About the Aqua Marina Fusion

In the latest version of the extremely popular and 330 cm (10’10”) long Aqua Marina Fusion, the values have improved a lot in terms of performance. The model has 300 grams less dead weight and weighs only 8.6 kilograms (19 lbs). In addition, it has become slightly wider (81 cm – 32″), has a larger volume (320 liters) and is even more resilient than the previous models.

The single-layer Aqua Marina Fusion with double-layer rails is thus great for both still waters and on rivers or seas. The Aqua Marina Fusion is not really fast, but it is stable in the water and can be fitted with a seat.

The single fin in the plug-in system ensures stable straight running. The accessory package includes everything you need for a successful start. The price / performance ratio is, as usual from Aqua Marina, very good.

Very popular Beginner Paddleboard
Aqua Marina Fusion
9.4/10Our Score

The Aqua Marina Fusion is one of the most popular beginner paddleboards and is sold around the globe. Over the years, this paddleboard collected thousands of positive reviews. The Aqua Marina Fusion is built quality is proven, is neither cheap nor expensive and got a universally popular design.

Who is the Aqua Marina Fusion suitable for?

Beginners have with the Aqua Marina Fusion a great paddle boarding, with which they are not limited to still waters. The model has also makes a good figure in somewhat wilder waters. It is not too agile, but that is not necessarily the priority in the beginner area. Here it is more about stability and that brings the Aqua Marina Fusion in any case.

Check out the Aqua Marina Fusion review.

Aqua Marina Beast

About the Aqua Marina Beast

The Aqua Marina Beast is an allround paddle board that focuses on fun rather than speed. Therefore, the board’s classic dimensions of 320 cm (10’6″) in length and 81 cm (32″) in width ensure a stable ride even for heavier paddle boarders.

Manufactured in the double-layer dropstitch process, the Aqua Marina Beast is well stiff and still weighs in at a light 8.7 kilograms (19 lbs). Those who are already beyond beginner level can also try their hand at fast and point turns thanks to the kickpad.

The purchase price of the Aqua Marina Beast is extremely attractive, and the quality is in a very good ratio. The Aqua Marina Beast is one of the best-selling paddle boards on Amazon.

Popular, high-quality Beginner Paddleboard with lots of Features
Aqua Marina Beast
9.4/10Our Score

The Aqua Marina Beast is a very solid all-around board and an excellent choice for the price. It has been on the market for years and continues to be very popular. The board is great for ambitious beginners as it offers a lot with its great construction quality (including additional rail reinforcements), extended features (great deck pad with a kick pad) and its high-quality gear.

Who is the Aqua Marina Beast suitable for?

The model is a classic allround paddle board for beginners. For first attempts, the Aqua Marina Beast is an ideal board, which is also designed for this in terms of performance in the speed range.

Above all, however, it is tilt-resistant, which quickly ensures the first sense of achievement in the initial paddle boarding tours. In addition, beginners can choose from different sets when buying, which contain different range of accessories.

Check out the Aqua Marina Beast review.

Aqua Marina Atlas

About the Aqua Marina Atlas

Plenty of space and good stability make the Aqua Marina Atlas one of the manufacturer’s best-selling paddle boards. The model is a mixture of allround and touring paddle board and therefore extremely versatile in use.

With the 366 cm (12′) long and 86 cm (34″) wide Aqua Marina Atlas you are stable and buoyant in a wide range of water conditions. Comfortable and relaxed tours on calm waters, fitness but also small waves in wilder waters can be tackled very well with the Aqua Marina Atlas.

The single-layer construction is equipped with a double-layer on the sides, so that the Aqua Marina is very stiff and robust with, for its dimensions still acceptable, 11 kilograms (24 lbs) net weight.

Atlas - Advanced All-Around iSUP
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Who is the Aqua Marina Atlas suitable for?

The Aqua Marina Atlas is suitable for paddle boarders of all experience levels. It brings the stability and space that beginners want, but also advanced paddlers appreciate the great features for long relaxed tours and small whitewater experience.

However, if you’re an experienced paddler who values speed or steering ease, you’ll have to make a few sacrifices here. The Aqua Marina Atlas really stands more for uncomplicated and comfortable paddle boarding trips. Its 390 liters allow a maximum rider weight of about 150 kilograms (330 lbs) on its solid construction. With even weight distribution, it even carries up to 180 kg (395 lbs).

This means that you can also take a child with you without any problems, or paddle wonderfully with your four-legged friend. The board is worthwhile for the whole family and is overall a high-quality but affordable paddle board from beginner level.

Aqua Marina Magma

About the Aqua Marina Magma

The Aqua Marina Magma has been around since 2017, but brings revised and improved features in its 2021 version. The classic is an allround paddle board, which is also very suitable for tall and heavy beginners due to its comfortable width of 84 cm (32″).

At 340 cm (11’2″) long, the Aqua Marina Magma thus has good stable properties, which are also suitable for practicing sports such as yoga or fitness. The board lies well in the water and is therefore really fun on different types of water. What is particularly noteworthy is the low weight.

At only 9.5 kilograms (21 lbs), it is in the lower range of the comparison models. Qualitatively, the Aqua Marina Magma is also to be praised, the Dropstitch technology provides decent strength.

Aqua Marina BT-17MA Magma 10 Foot
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Who is the Aqua Marina Magma suitable for?

Beginners who value easy handling and quality might find their first paddle boarding in the Aqua Marina Magma. The allrounder board is tilt-resistant and pleasantly wide, so you can really learn balance and stable paddling here.

In just 5 minutes, the lightweight Aqua Marina Magma is inflated and can carry a maximum load of 130 kilograms (285 lbs) even larger and heavier beginners stable.

The load capacity also allows paddling in pairs, with a child or even a dog. For relaxed paddling on lakes, canals or rivers, the board is ideal. Who prefers more speed and general dynamics later, but should then rather look at other models.

Aqua Marina Breeze

About the Aqua Marina Breeze

As a 300 cm (9’10”) allround paddle board the Aqua Marina Breeze convinces with an optimal mix of quality, performance and control. At 300 cm long by 76 cm wide, the Aqua Marina Breeze is a tilt-resistant recreational and fitness paddle board with great glide characteristics.

Its 12 cm (4.7″) thickness results in a manageable volume of 220 liters. With a tare weight of only 7.5 kilograms (16.5 lbs), the Aqua Marina Breeze is also very light. At the same time, it features a single-layer construction made of tear-resistant PVC, double-layer reinforced rails and a dropstitch core. The board is solid, stable and the materials are durable.

AM AQUA MARINA Breeze - All-Around
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Who is the Aqua Marina Breeze suitable for?

Due to its low load capacity, the Aqua Marina Breeze is not quite as resilient and is therefore suitable for rather light users. If you want to make sure that your feet stay dry while paddling, you should not bring more than max. 80 kilograms /(175 lbs)– ideally even more like 70 kg (155 lbs) body weight.

In return, however, the Aqua Marina Breeze can withstand fitness exercises in an optimal and stable manner and is recommended for beginner paddle boarders. Children and teenagers are also in good hands on the Aqua Marina Breeze. The performance is convincing under all water conditions, so that even on rivers and lakes good speeds can be achieved.

For those who want to go a little further, the Aqua Marina Breeze is also a great paddle board for light surfing.

Aqua Marina Monster

About the Aqua Marina Monster paddle boarding board

The pronounced width of 84 cm (33″) makes the Aqua Marina Monster the ideal paddle board for beginners. Together with the length of 365 cm (11’11”), it lies well and stable in the water and thus also brings pleasant steering ease.

Due to its tilt stability, fitness exercises like SUP yoga are also possible on the Aqua Marina Monster. On tours or cruising trips, the Aqua Marina Monster makes just as good a figure as in the initial learning of balance on the paddle board.

The typical Aqua Marina workmanship of extremely durable materials and two-layer dropstitch technology ensures that the Aqua Marina Monster is stiff and strong, which is why it brings a load capacity of up to 150 kilograms (330 lbs). The board’s own weight is also impressive, because at 10.2 kilograms (22.5 lbs) it is also easy to handle and transport.

AM AQUA MARINA Monster - All-Around
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Who is the Aqua Marina Monster suitable for?

This is a classic and great paddle board for beginners. Tilt-stable, beginners can make their first safe paddle attempts on the Aqua Marina Monster on rivers or on lakes. Due to its stability, however, it also makes paddle boarding fitness possible without having to fear unnecessary tilting movements.

Longer tours or cruising are also feasible with the Aqua Marina Monster and due to its good maneuverability, beginners can also try their hand in the first small waves.

Aqua Marina Thrive

About the Aqua Marina Thrive

The possibility to attach a kayak seat to the Aqua Marina Thrive makes the allround model even more interesting in its versatility. The dimensions of the board are classic with 315 cm (10’4″) by 79 cm (31″), which also makes SUP fitness possible due to the good tipping stability.

The very low dead weight of the Aqua Marina Thrive with only 7.5 kilograms (16.5 lbs) should be emphasized. Therefore, the board is also an ideal model for travel. Dropstitch and high-quality materials make it robust and stiff, but the load limit in terms of carrying capacity is quite low.

One user had to report wet feet at a body weight of around 90 kilograms (200 lbs), as the Aqua Marina Thrive bends under too high a load. However, if you stay below this limit, the Aqua Marina Thrive is a stable and maneuverable allrounder on lakes, rivers and in small waves.

Aqua Marina Inflatable Thrive 117
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Who is the Aqua Marina Thrive suitable for?

Its features make the Aqua Marina Thrive a great beginner paddle board. Learning balance and safe paddling movements goes very well with the Thrive. But advanced paddlers will also like the turning ability and performance when cruising for longer periods of time.

In addition, kayak fans will also get their money’s worth with the Aqua Marina Thrive due to its conversion option. And if you don’t want to paddle, you can just drift or do sports exercises on the Aqua Marina Thrive.

The only drawback is that you have to start your paddle boarding adventure alone, as the low carrying capacity really only allows for a user with a maximum weight of 80 kilograms (175 lbs) at best.

Aqua Marina Dyhana

About the Aqua Marina Dyhana

The Aqua Marina Dyhana yoga paddle board is an interesting model for all athletes who want to use their board for yoga and fitness exercises on the water.

If the riding characteristics are not the main focus, but the focus is on deep muscle training and relaxation, the Dyhana from Aqua Marina has the right design and enough space for the necessary movements.

The extra large deck pad is non-slip and thus also allows movements on the board. Through connecting straps, the board can be attached to a yoga dock and gives you the opportunity to train in a group.

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Who is the Aqua Marina Dhyana Yoga paddle boarding suitable for?

The Aqua Marina Dhyana Yoga paddle board is designed to meet the needs of yoga and fitness enthusiasts. It is wide enough for the corresponding exercises and lies stable in the water. Moreover, it has some features that athletes will appreciate in their movements.

The board is also suitable for paddle boarding beginners who want a wide board with the necessary tipping stability. However, athletes who value speed and outstanding riding characteristics should rather look for another board.

Aqua Marina Super Trip

About the Aqua Marina Super Trip

The Aqua Marina Super Trip is a family-friendly paddle board. This is already evident in its great design. With 370 cm (12’2″) in length it brings more than the classic allround paddle board. The advantage is thereby that it is very tilt stable. The whole thing is supported by its width of 87 cm (34″).

So here is even room for more than just one person, because its 415 liter volume results in a load capacity of 180 kilograms (400 lbs). On the Aqua Marina Super Trip especially beginners have their joy, because without much experience in paddle boarding the board is easy to steer, and you can simply keep the balance.

Whether casual paddleboarding with the family or small tours on calm flowing waters, the relaxed and stable fun is at the top of the Aqua Marina Super Trip. The double-layer construction also convinces in terms of quality at a comfortable weight of about 12.3 kilograms (27 lbs).

Who is the Aqua Marina Super Trip suitable for?

If you are a beginner or a family looking for a paddle board, you should take a closer look at the Aqua Marina Super Trip. It really has everything you would expect from a beginner and family friendly allrounder. Tilt stable, easy to steer and the high load capacity ensure safe paddling fun even for heavier and larger beginners or paddling with the family.

Aqua Marina Hyper

About the Aqua Marina Hyper

The Aqua Marina Hyper is available as a touring paddle board in two versions. Both the 11’6” with 350 cm length and the 12’6” in 381 cm are equipped with two air chambers. An increase in stability is thus given, and by a second air chamber also another safety aspect.

However, one notices in the processing unfortunately the glued joints, which are visible and also noticeable. This clouds the aspect of a double chamber paddle boarding in the case.

Both versions bring with 79 cm (31″), or 81 cm (32″) to a decent width for stable position in the water. The length provides in addition in relation to a great maneuverability of the Aqua Marina Hyper and sliding properties that really bring fun on long trips.

Unfortunately, the load capacity of the boards is not so high due to the single-layer construction, which is why the Aqua Marina Hyper can not be exposed to too much load. In return, however, you benefit from nice steering ease.

Thanks to the kickpad, you can also control this accordingly. For its construction, it is with 10-11 kilograms (22-24 lbs) not the lightest in its class, but still easy to transport.

Aqua Marina Stand Up Paddle Board -
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Who is the Aqua Marina Hyper suitable for?

For its low price, the quality of the Aqua Marina Hyper is right, so that especially beginners and families can feel addressed for a purchase. If you don’t want to dig too deep into your pocket and can accept the small losses in construction, you are on your way with a good and stable touring paddle board.

For first long paddling tours and tilt-stable movements it is in any case well designed and the Aqua Marina Hyper also brings speed. Due to its high load capacity of maximum 145 or 160 kilograms (320-350 lbs), even taller and heavier riders will have fun with the Aqua Marina Hyper.

Aqua Marina Triton

About the Aqua Marina Triton

The Aqua Marina Triton is an 11’2” allround paddle board with a width of 81 cm (32″), which however has classic touring board characteristics in its length.

340 cm provide the Aqua Marina Triton with improved straight-line stability, good maneuverability and great gliding characteristics that are superior to classic allrounders.

It is not a pure touring or race paddle board, but as a hybrid of allround and touring, it combines both performance characteristics ideally. To make the most of them, it is recommended not to exceed the rider weight of 90 kilograms (200 lbs) maximum.

The double dropstitch core makes the single-layer Aqua Marina Triton stiff, while its single-layer construction makes it very light at 9.7 kilograms (21 lbs).

11'2" Inflatable Stand Up Paddle
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Who is the Aqua Marina Triton suitable for?

Especially beginners and recreational paddlers are optimally on their way with the Aqua Marina Triton. However, those who already have some experience will have just as much fun with the Aqua Marina Triton on long tours and in no waves as advanced paddlers.

The model feels most comfortable on rivers or lakes. On more agile waters such as sea and white water, its performance is somewhat limited.

However, the kickpad ensures that you can already try small tricks in terms of turns and also tight turns with the Aqua Marina Triton.

If you are very light yourself, you can definitely take a child or a four-legged friend on the Aqua Marina Triton.

Aqua Marina Vapor

About the Aqua Marina Vapor

Classic in shape, but more of a short allrounder in terms of its 315 cm length, the 10’4″ Aqua Marina Vapor is a boat you can look forward to tilting stability while paddling dynamically.

This model makes it easier to get started with paddle boarding, as it is quite forgiving of technical mistakes and brings the right sense of security when it comes to balance.

Once you have found that, you can look forward to leisurely tours with the Aqua Marina Vapor, which may well have a few turns. The board is easy to steer and at 8.5 kilograms (19 lbs) is a small lightweight among the allrounders.

A volume of 310 liters and the single-layer construction (+ double-layer rails) of the board with “Noserocker” lead to a very solid load capacity.

The accessory package includes everything you need initially and underlines the good price / performance ratio.

AM AQUA MARINA Vapor - All-Around
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Who is the Aqua Marina Vapor suitable for?

Beginners with a maximum body weight of 90 – 100 kilograms (200-220 lbs) can best take advantage of the performance of the Aqua Marina Vapor.

The balance is quickly found on the board, so you can immediately go on small tours over rivers, canals or lakes. The Aqua Marina Vapor can also handle a bit of current, but it shouldn’t get too wild.

Aqua Marina Coral

About the Aqua Marina Coral

The Aqua Marina Coral is a compact allround paddle board and the smallest model in the manufacturer’s extensive “Advanced All-Around” series. With its dimensions of 310 x 78 x 12 cm (10’2″x31″5″), it is clearly in the below-average range of the board class.

The width is in good proportion to the length, which, together with the round nose, provides for a pronounced tipping stability and agile maneuverability.

The reduced thickness results in a low volume and puts early limits on the payload. For the construction of the board, the manufacturer relies on its well-known “Dropstitch-Light Technology”.

The single-layer outer shell is supplemented by double-layer rails with additional reinforcement (“rail bands”).

The features leave little to be desired. A luggage net, a central carrying loop, 6 additional D-rings for an optional kayak seat and the included shoulder strap and kickpad cover very many facets.

The price-performance ratio is as usual good and is rounded off very nicely by the complete accessory package.

For whom is the Aqua Marina Coral suitable?

With this board, the manufacturer has targeted the ladies. Due to the handy dimensions, the light weight, the manageable payload and the feminine design, the Aqua Marina Coral should meet the taste of the target group well.

Of course, men are also welcome here, but many should quickly reach the limits of the load capacity. For teenagers and light adults, however, the board is ideally suited and versatile.

Aqua Marina Race

About the Aqua Marina Race

The name says it all, the Aqua Marina Race is designed for speed due to its narrow and long construction. The model is available in two versions: 381 cm on 66 cm (12’5″ x 6″) as well as 427 cm on 69 cm (14″ x 27″).

As typical for a race board, the Aqua Marina Race with these dimensions is of course not nearly as tilt-resistant as an allround paddle board. With this board, you get more stable the faster you go.

The thickness of 15 cm (6″) contributes again to the stability, but knowledge in handling should already be present here. The Aqua Marina Race comes with good quality as a double-layer paddle board and manufactured in the dropstitch process on water.

The result is a durable paddle board that glides easily over the water with a low weight of only 9.6 kilograms (21 lbs) and is comfortable to transport.

The price is really attractive for a race iSUP, but unfortunately the accessories do not really fit the claim of the intended target group.

AM AQUA MARINA Race 14' Racing iSUP
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For whom is the Aqua Marina Race suitable?

A paddle board of the class like the Aqua Marina Race is only recommended for advanced paddlers. Beginners cannot expect a stable entry due to the dimensions.

However, if you have a good command of a race board, you can look forward to very good directional stability and good tracking at fast speeds with the Aqua Marina Race.

Unfortunately, the paddle is missing in the scope of delivery, so here you may have to reckon with additional costs to the paddle board itself.

Aqua Marina Champion

About the Aqua Marina Champion

Paddle boarders with an interest in windsurfing might find the Aqua Marina Champion appealing. The matching sail is already included with this WindSUP. To be agile and fast on the way, the Aqua Marina Champion is designed quite small.

The length of 300 cm (9’10”) is shorter than classic allrounders, but the board has a comfortable width of 75 cm (29.5″). Overall, this design provides great performance in light winds and when used as a regular paddle board with good straight-line stability.

Overall, the Aqua Marina Champion is a very convincing wind SUP, in which the design has been paid attention to everything that is important for windsurfing without neglecting the driving characteristics of regular paddle board.

In addition, the quality is right through double-layer and dropstitch, which makes the Aqua Marina Champion overall very robust and stiff. So you can expect a durable paddle board here.

For whom is the Aqua Marina Champion suitable?

For beginners, the Aqua Marina WindSUP is worthwhile if you are interested in the windsurfing option. If you are a beginner and only want to learn how to tip stable at first, it is better to go for larger allrounders.

Then the whole thing may go faster. It should be noted that the Aqua Marina WindSUP has a low load capacity, which makes it ideal for its 270 liters only for rather lighter users with a maximum body weight of 85 to 90 kilograms (175-200 lbs).

Aqua Marina Perspective

About the Aqua Marina Perspective

The Aqua Marina Perspective is an innovative paddle board. Its two side chambers provide extreme tipping stability, which makes it unique on the market. The allround paddle board has an exceptionally wide design, while being relatively short at 297 cm (9’8″).

The 220 liter volume of the Aqua Marina Perspective and the very thin construction of only 10 cm (4″) therefore allow a paddler weight of only 65 kilograms (140 lbs) maximum.

So if you want to be sure not to risk wet feet by bending, it is best to stick to this. The focus of the Aqua Marina Perspective is clearly on balance than on performance.

If you expect great performance here, you could quickly get frustrated. It’s not really fast, but the first safe paddle strokes are achieved all the faster for it.

Who is the Aqua Marina Perspective suitable for?

The Aqua Marina Perspective is a beginner paddle board for lightweight users who want to experience first moments of success on the paddle boarding especially fast.

Stability and balanced paddling are guaranteed here. Its 10 cm thickness is a drawback, because if a punctual load due to too much weight in one place is too high, it could already come to slight buckling.

Aqua Marina Vibrant

About the Aqua Marina Vibrant

The Aqua Marina Vibrant is an allround paddle board, which is especially designed for kids. Comfortable 76 cm (30″) width and 266 cm (8’8″) length are especially designed to keep kids safe and stable on the water.

A classic allrounder would be too big for children, which is why the Aqua Marina Vibrant has been adapted in length exactly to these needs. Not only is it easy to learn on, it also has a lot to offer in terms of maneuverability.

In addition, it is also convincing in terms of quality in the double-layer construction, so that the kids can also scrape along walls or stones without the Aqua Marina Vibrant taking significant damage. In addition, the board comes with a child-friendly 6.7 kilograms (14.7 lbs).

Who is the Aqua Marina Vibrant suitable for?

The model is specially designed for children. First paddle strokes can be easily learned on the Aqua Marina Vibrant and the board is also great on later longer tours.

It is not quite as dynamic as touring boards for adults, but it is extremely stable and a long companion even beyond the first attempts. The Aqua Marina Vibrant reliably carries a rider weight of up to 60 kilograms 130 lbs).

Aqua Marina Blade

About the Aqua Marina Blade

After the Aqua Marina Champion, the Aqua Marina Blade is the second WindSUP in Aqua Marina’s portfolio. The board combines allround paddle board with windsurfing.

The integrated mast base insert allows the windsurfing sail to be mounted, which is also included. So you can surf with the Aqua Marina Blade in light winds or do great tours on flowing waters with small waves as a normal paddle board.

The construction is double-layered, which makes it very robust and stiff. This gives the advantage of a comparatively high load capacity of up to 100 kilograms (220 lbs).

With its dimensions of 330 cm (10’9″) long by 80 cm (31.5″) wide and 15 cm (6″) thick, the Aqua Marina Blade comes to a volume of 315 liters. Due to the mast base insert, however, the board weighs in at a rather high 20.8 kilograms (46 lbs).

Who is the Aqua Marina Blade suitable for?

Beginners and advanced sailors who would also like to use the paddle board for windsurfing have a great windSUP in the Aqua Marina Blade. Both as a classic allround paddle board the board makes a good figure as well as in light winds up to level 4 on the Beaufort scale.

Its dimensions make it versatile, so you can also take the Aqua Marina Blade relaxed and tilt-stable tours on slow flowing waters. A small minus point is the rather high weight, which in turn makes it not quite so relaxed in transport.

Aqua Marina Rapid

About the Aqua Marina Rapid

The Aqua Marina Rapid is a river and whitewater paddle board with an optimal mix of stability, maneuverability and extreme stiffness.

The angular and wide design of 84 cm (33″) with a blunt hull gives it exactly the stability you need for whitewater paddle boarding. On the other hand, at 289 cm (9’5″), it is considerably shorter than the classic paddle board, but this is to the benefit of the desired maneuverability when riding in dynamic waters.

The robust double-layer board does not belong to the speed professionals, but is ideal for fast turns within its actual purpose.

Aqua Marina BT-18RP Rapid 9.6 Foot
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For whom is the Aqua Marina Rapid?

Beginners in river or white water paddle boarding will appreciate the features of the Aqua Marina Rapid. Its extraordinarily high tipping stability and very good maneuverability ensure fast feelings of happiness in these areas of use.

Aqua Marina Peace

About the Aqua Marina Peace

The Aqua Marina Peace is a pure paddle boarding yoga board. The straight design with a length of 300 cm (9’10”) on a width of 100 cm (39.4″) is designed to perform exercises on the board with plenty of room to tilt.

That you should not go on a tour with the rectangular shape, you will notice at the latest when you paddle. Of course, you can easily paddle to your yoga spot on the water, but the Aqua Marina Peace is not designed for anything other than SUP yoga and the short way there.

With 430 liters of volume and a load capacity of 170 kilograms (275 lbs), even two adults have space. The construction is double-layered and the Aqua Marina Peace is accordingly quite stiff. With a tare weight of only 11 kilograms (24 lbs), the board is comparatively light for a model in its class.

Who is the Aqua Marina Peace suitable for?

This model is a paddle board, which is only suitable for SUP yoga. Real driving performance is not possible with the floating yoga mat, because the focus is on space and stable execution of balance exercises.

However, once you have the Aqua Marina Peace, you can of course use it for just floating around or relaxing in the sun.

Aqua Marina Mega

About the Aqua Marina Mega

There is room for up to 7 adults on the Aqua Marina Mega. The XXL paddle board is one of the best on the market and impresses with a really low purchase price.

Who this powerhouse of 550 cm x 120 cm x 20 cm (18″ x 3’11” x 7’8″) can paddle in a large group, because the huge volume of 1400 liters provides enough buoyancy that up to 7 riders can go on tour simultaneously.

In the complete set are also 6 paddles included. The design of the Aqua Marina Mega by the keel-shaped tail improves the aerodynamic running characteristics, so that you can make good progress even with 7 passengers.

Double-layer dropstitch provides the necessary rigidity to safely use the enormous 650 kilograms (1430 lbs) of load available.

For whom is the Aqua Marina Mega suitable?

At least 4 people should be on the Aqua Marina to be able to handle the board well. The skill level is irrelevant, because you stand on this model anyway tilt stable. Besides paddle boarding for up to 7 people, the Aqua Marina Mega is also suitable as a small fitness island.

Aqua Marina Echo

About the Aqua Marina Echo

From the 2018 series of Aqua Marina, the Echo is a solid allrounder board with quite classic dimensions of 320 cm (10’5″) in length and 81 cm (32″) in width.

This makes it great for learning first paddle boarding moves and later touring. Only the 10 cm (4″) in thickness and single layer construction make the 206 liter Aqua Marina Echo not quite as strong in terms of its load.

Only 80 kilograms (175 lbs) of load is recommended here, but it would be even better to stay a little below that, so as not to provoke the stiffness. With a tare weight of 9 kilograms (20 lbs), the Aqua Marina Echo is comparatively light and thus easy to handle.

Aqua Marina BT-18EC Echo 10.6 Foot
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Who is the Aqua Marina Echo suitable for?

As usual for allround boards, the Aqua Marina Echo is aimed at the experience levels of beginners and advanced. It is sufficiently tilt-resistant, but also brings decent maneuverability.

Thanks to the kickpad, you can make even better use of the turns with the Aqua Marina Echo with a little skill. In addition, the board has an action cam mount, which is especially interesting for advanced riders.

Aqua Marina Drift

About the Aqua Marina Drift

The Aqua Marina Drift is a paddle board designed specifically for fishing. With reinforced raised sidewalls, this tilt-resistant allrounder sits securely on the water while SUP fishing and maintains balance.

Even equipment that comes with the board for fishing has enough space on the 97 cm (38’2″) wide paddle board and are additionally secured by the elevations from falling into the water.

The construction of the Aqua Marina Drift is designed in its properties for extreme tilt stability, which is due to the width again at the expense of speed.

Therefore, the model is a great paddle board for all areas of use where it depends on pronounced balance, in addition to fishing so, for example, in whitewater SUP or SUP yoga.

The double-layer construction and the dropstitch process make the Aqua Marina robust and durable, with still quite light 12.3 kilograms (27 lbs) net weight.

Who is the Aqua Marina Drift suitable for?

With the Aqua Marina Drift, you can very quickly make your first tilt-stable paddling attempts as a complete beginner, but beyond that it is rather limited to its purposes for which it is designed.

With its already quite extreme width, it is not designed for long tours. However, with a load capacity of 130 kilograms (285 lbs), it is the perfect companion for medium-heavy users who also have the extensive accessories for paddle board with them.

A cooler bag is already included in the scope of delivery. In SUP fitness and whitewater paddle board can benefit from the enormous tilt stability just as excellent. For touring, however, it is better to go for a cruise or touring board or a narrower allrounder with classic dimensions.


Where can I get Aqua Marina spare parts?

You can get spare parts for your Aqua Marina paddle board from the company’s partner stores online and, depending on the model, also from brick-and-mortar stores.

To find an Aqua Marina dealer near you, you can also search directly on the Aqua Marina website. Learn more about Aqua Marina paddle boarders.

Which Aqua Marina paddle boarding boards are suitable for advanced users?

The Aqua Marina models Atlas, Thrive or Triton, for example, are also well suited for advanced riders.

Otherwise, the Race models from Aqua Marina are ideal if you already have more experience in paddle boarding and would like to set speed as a goal. Learn more about Aqua Marina paddle boarders.

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