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Since beginning our paddle board reviews in 2016, we’ve tested more than 100 SUPs, and the Tigerxbang SUP Board truly stands out.

This beginner-friendly, all-around inflatable board offers an excellent balance of performance and affordability.

With its versatile design, solid construction, and comprehensive accessory package, the Tigerxbang SUP Board caters to a wide range of paddlers.

Let’s dive into our Tigerxbang SUP Board review.

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Stylish, Budget-Friendly Beginner SUP Board

Tigerxbang SUP Board

πŸ“Š Data & Facts

Board TypeInflatable (iSUP)
Skill LevelBeginner
Price RangeAffordable (Entry-Level)
Intended UseAllround
Maximum Paddler Weight90 kg (198 lbs)
Length320 cm (10’6″)
Width80 cm (32″)
Thickness15 cm (6″)
Volume* (estimated)Approximately 260 Liters
Weight11.5 kg (25.35 lbs)
AccessoriesSUP Backpack, 3-piece adjustable Paddle, double-action air pump, removable center fin (Slide-In system), 2 x inflatable side fins protection, kayak seat (black-white model only), coiled leash, repair kit (without glue) including valve key in a waterproof box

πŸ”„ How did the Tigerxbang SUP Board change over time?

The Tigerxbang SUP board has remained consistent in its features and performance since its introduction. However, it has become available in various unique and colorful designs to suit the preferences of different users.

πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Pro & Con


  • Affordable price
  • Complete 2-layer outer shell construction (“Double-Layer-Board”)
  • Available in 4 different and unique designs
  • Large storage net
  • High stability and stiffness
  • Versatile usage (“Allround-Shape”)


  • Paddle with an aluminum shaft
  • Maximum weight capacity may be overstated

Stylish, Budget-Friendly Beginner SUP Board

Tigerxbang SUP Board

πŸ›  Built & Material

Tigerxbang SUP boards feature a popular “Double-Layer-Dropstitch” construction. This means that the outer shell is made of 2-layer PVC (“Double-Layer”), and the core is made of many interwoven polyester threads (“Dropstitch”). Even the side surfaces (Rails) consist of 2 sturdy PVC layers (2 x 0.9 mm).

This manufacturing technique is well-received and proven, but not commonly found in the affordable price range. It speaks for the excellent value for money offered by Tigerxbang SUP boards.

The boards weigh 11.5 kg, reflecting the good quality of the materials used. The handling is manageable for adults but may be challenging for children and teenagers.

The solid, double-layer construction of the Tigerxbang SUP boards is impressive, considering the price. The materials used are clearly identified (2 x 0.9 mm PVC with 1000 deniers), which is always a good sign.

While you cannot expect perfection at this price range, the overall quality of the boards is reassuring. However, the accessories’ quality is suitable for beginners and might need to be upgraded as the paddler progresses in the sport.

βš–οΈ Weight Limit

Tigerxbang officially states a maximum weight limit of 150 kg (330 lbs) for their SUP Boards. However, for the best riding experience, we don’t recommend pushing this weight limit to its maximum.

Based on our experience, we recommend a maximum user weight of 90 kg (198 lbs) for optimal use. Of course, a few kilograms more is not a major issue, but at a 150 kg weight load, the board will undoubtedly lose its shape and performance capabilities.

Even larger boards struggle under such a load!

Stylish, Budget-Friendly Beginner SUP Board

Tigerxbang SUP Board

πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ Intended Use & Riding Characteristics

Tigerxbang SUP Boards are designed as classic all-around boards. Their broad and rounded shape, along with the 2+1 fin setup, makes them an excellent choice for beginners, providing a balanced performance for testing out various uses.

The SUP Boards are best used in calmer waters and can handle smaller waves easily. However, they are not suitable for long-distance touring, as their shape is too broad and not streamlined enough.

These boards are particularly suitable for families, providing an uncomplicated and enjoyable experience on vacation or during a trip to the lake. They are sturdy, durable, and can handle a lot of wear and tear, making them a great option for larger children and teenagers as well.

🎨 Design

The Tigerxbang SUP Boards come in different, sometimes unique, and vibrant designs, allowing every user to find their preferred style. Some of the available designs include:

  • Black and White
  • Blue-Green-Yellow Gradient
  • Green with Floral Pattern and Flamingo
  • Multicolor with Hawaiian Tiki-Style Pattern

These various designs and color options let you choose a board that matches your personal preference while also standing out on the water.

Stylish, Budget-Friendly Beginner SUP Board

Tigerxbang SUP Board

⭐ Features

  • Sturdy Double-Layer Construction: The Tigerxbang SUP Board is built with a double-layer PVC material, providing high durability and great stiffness for superior performance, which is not commonly found in this price range.
  • Deck pad: The standing surface is made of 5 mm thick, non-slip EVA, and the diamond structure ensures a secure footing even in wet conditions.
  • Classic All-Round Shape: The board has a well-balanced all-round shape with a rounded nose and tail, ensuring high stability and easy maneuverability, making it ideal for beginners or those looking for a versatile board.
  • Removable 2+1 Fin Setup: Equipped with three fins in a 2+1 configuration, the Tigerxbang SUP Board offers enhanced stability and tracking. The removable center fin allows for easy storage and transportation.
  • Large Cargo Net: The Tigerxbang SUP Board features an exceptionally large cargo net on the front, allowing you to securely store your gear and belongings during your paddling adventures.

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  • 2 or 6 free D-rings: Each model comes with 2 free D-rings, one at the rear for attaching the coiled leash and one on the underside of the nose for towing purposes. The black and white model has an additional 4 D-rings on the sides of the standing surface for securing the included kayak seat.
  • 1-2 carrying handles: Positioned directly at the center of gravity on all models, there is a central carrying handle with a neoprene covering. This is also the location of the so-called “Sweet Spot,” indicating the most stable standing position. The black and white board has an additional carrying handle on the nose.

πŸŽ’ Accessory

  • Tigerxbang SUP Backpack: The included SUP backpack is a simple yet functional bag with adjustable and lightly padded straps. It has a large compartment with a zippered closure for storing your board and accessories. The backpack measures 95 x 35 x 25 cm.
  • Tigerxbang 3-Piece Adjustable Paddle: The provided aluminum paddle is adjustable, allowing for customization to your height. This beginner-level paddle weighs 1 kg and is made with a durable aluminum shaft and robust plastic blade and handle.
  • Tigerxbang Double-Action Air Pump: The included double-action pump quickly inflates the board with air in both pushing and pulling motions. It also features a pressure gauge that displays accurate air pressure readings, ensuring the proper inflation level for your board.
  • Removable Tigerxbang Center Fin: The removable center fin is easily installed and taken out using a slide-in system, allowing for quick setup and convenient storage when not in use.
  • 2 x Inflatable Tigerxbang Side Fin Protectors: These inflatable protectors help safeguard the fixed side fins during storage and transportation, preventing potential damage and extending their lifespan.
  • Coiled Leash: The included coiled leash ensures safety by keeping the board in proximity if you fall off, preventing the board from drifting away.
  • Tigerxbang Repair Kit: The repair kit contains color-matched PVC patches, a valve wrench, and other essential items for minor repairs. Although it does not come with glue, the kit can still be handy for addressing minor damages to your board.

Stylish, Budget-Friendly Beginner SUP Board

Tigerxbang SUP Board

πŸ’¬ FAQ

How long does it take to inflate the Tigerxbang SUP Board?

Inflating the Tigerxbang SUP Board may take around 5-8 minutes, depending on your speed and efficiency with the included double-action air pump.

What pressure should I inflate the Tigerxbang SUP Board to?

Inflate the Tigerxbang SUP Board to a suitable pressure of 15 PSI for optimal performance and rigidity.

Is the Tigerxbang SUP Board good for beginners?

Yes, the Tigerxbang SUP Board is an excellent choice for beginners due to its beginner-friendly design, high stability, affordable price, and versatile all-around shape.

What’s the weight limit of the Tigerxbang SUP Board?

The official weight limit of the Tigerxbang SUP Board is 150 kg (330 lbs), but for optimal performance, it’s recommended for users up to 90 kg (198 lbs).


The Tigerxbang SUP board is an impressive and affordable option for beginners and all-around paddlers.

Its double-layer construction, versatile design, and comprehensive accessory package stand out in the entry-level market.

With unique and vibrant designs available, users are sure to find a style that suits their taste.

Although the maximum weight capacity may be overstated, the Tigerxbang SUP board offers an excellent balance of performance and durability.

For those seeking a beginner-friendly, cost-effective SUP board, the Tigerxbang is a top contender.

Stylish, Budget-Friendly Beginner SUP Board

Tigerxbang SUP Board

Water is Benjamin's element. In 2019, he made his first attempts on a SUP board and since then he's constantly learning. For him, stand-up paddling is a great way to combine a workout and feel relaxed at the same time. The perfect balance to everyday life!

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