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Since beginning our paddle board reviews in 2016, we’ve tested more than 100 models, and the Thurso Surf Waterwalker is a standout choice.

With its high-quality construction and various size and color options, this all-around inflatable SUP is perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike.

With its impressive stiffness, practical features, and comprehensive accessories, the Thurso Surf Waterwalker is raising the bar in the paddle boarding world.

Let’s dive into our Thurso Surf Waterwalker review.

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Top-Quality, High-Performance All-Around Inflatable SUP

Thurso Surf Waterwalker

๐Ÿ“Š Data & Facts

Board TypeInflatable (iSUP)
BrandThurso Surf
Skill LevelBeginner and Intermediate
Price RangeUpper Mid-range
Intended UseAllround
Maximum Paddler Weight120: approx. 75 kg (165 lbs)
126: approx. 90 kg (198 lbs)
132: approx. 105 kg (231 lbs)
Length120: 305 cm (10′)
126: 320 cm (10’6″)
132: 335 cm (11′)
Width120: 76 cm (30″)
126: 79 cm (31″)
132: 81 cm (32″)
Thickness15 cm (6″)
Volume* (estimated)120: 240 Liters
126: 270 Liters
132: 300 Liters
Weight120: 10.2 kg (22.44 lbs)
126: 10.9 kg (24.03 lbs)
132: 11.8 kg (26.01 lbs)
3-piece Carbon Paddle
3 removable Fins (Smartlock System)
Coiled Leash (spiral safety line)
Triple-Action Air Pump
Repair Kit

๐Ÿ”„ How did the Thurso Surf Waterwalker change over time?

The Thurso Surf Waterwalker has undergone several changes over time, improving its features and capabilities.

  • New Model: The Thurso Surf Waterwalker now offers three different models, with the addition of the smallest model, Waterwalker 120.
  • Design: The updated series features a revamped deck pad design and is now available in three color variants: Crimson, Turquoise, and Tangerine, while retaining the company’s signature wood finish.
  • Construction: The new Waterwalker models incorporate woven drop-stitch core technology along with carbon rails for improved stiffness and durability.
  • Features: Additional modifications include an action camera mount, more convenient D-ring positioning for the kayak seat, and an improved fin setup using the Smartlock system.
  • Accessories: The package now includes a high-quality Carbon paddle, rucksack trolley, and Triple-Action air pump as part of its standard offering.

๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Ž Pro & Con


  • Available in 3 sizes and 3 colors
  • High-quality construction with Carbon-Rails for stiffness
  • Excellent stability and versatility
  • New Deckpad design and Action-Cam holder
  • High-quality accessories included
  • Suitable for beginners and advanced paddlers


  • Not the cheapest option
  • Minor imperfections in the finishing of some boards

Top-Quality, High-Performance All-Around Inflatable SUP

Thurso Surf Waterwalker

๐Ÿ›  Built & Material

The Thurso Surf Waterwalker series utilizes the Double-Layer-Dropstitch method during board construction, resulting in a strong and durable product. Two PVC layers are fused together for a robust outer shell, while the interconnected composite threads within the core provide substantial stability.

In recent models, the Dropstitch threads are woven together, increasing the board’s overall strength. The inclusion of carbon rails is a significant addition in the construction process of the Waterwalker boards.

Carbon is a lightweight material, yet it bolsters the stiffness and rigidity of the boards. This enhancement not only positively affects the performance but also makes transport and handling more manageable.

Overall, the construction and materials used in the Thurso Surf Waterwalker series boards result in a high-quality, stable, and versatile product suitable for paddlers of varying skill levels.

The boards’ innovation, materials, and inclusion of carbon rails contribute to their durability, making them a valuable investment for both beginners and advanced paddlers.

โš–๏ธ Weight Limit

Thurso Surf provides the following weight limits for the Waterwalker models:

  • Waterwalker 120: 75 kg (165 lbs)
  • Waterwalker 126: 90 kg (198 lbs)
  • Waterwalker 132: 105 kg (231 lbs)

Here we definitely have to commend the manufacturer for providing such detailed information. Exaggerated claims are common with many, but that is clearly not the case here… quite the opposite!

In our opinion, you can load the boards with easily 10% more without any noticeable limitations.

Reaching the maximum of these recommended weights doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t go further. However, with increased weight, the volume of the board gradually reaches its limit, causing the board to sink deeper and lose its desired riding characteristics.

Top-Quality, High-Performance All-Around Inflatable SUP

Thurso Surf Waterwalker

๐Ÿ„โ€โ™‚๏ธ Intended Use & Riding Characteristics

The Thurso Surf Waterwalker boards are versatile all-around paddleboards, designed for various paddling conditions, such as water, lakes, slow-moving rivers, and calmer coastal waters. Their shape, size, and construction all contribute to the board’s intended use and riding characteristics.

The rounded nose and straight tail design of the Waterwalker boards make them suitable for beginners and intermediates alike, offering excellent stability and maneuverability. The all-around shape ensures that the boards glide smoothly through the water, making them ideal for short to medium-distance touring and fun recreational paddling sessions.

The size of each Waterwalker model affects its performance and intended use:

  • Waterwalker 120: At 305 cm (10′) in length and 76 cm (30″) in width, this board is perfect for smaller and lighter paddlers. It’s easy to maneuver, making it suitable for beginners learning essential techniques, or those who prefer a more playful ride.
  • Waterwalker 126: Measuring 320 cm (10’6″) in length and 79 cm (31″) in width, this model offers a slightly larger platform, providing more stability and support for larger or heavier paddlers, or those who will carry additional weight, such as gear or a child.
  • Waterwalker 132: At 335 cm (11′) in length and 81 cm (32″) in width, this board boasts excellent stability and increased glide performance for taller or heavier paddlers, or those who want to go on longer touring adventures.

The 2+1 fin configuration, featuring three detachable Smartlock fins, allows users to adjust the board’s performance based on their preferences or water conditions. A smaller side-fin setup emphasizes maneuverability and stability, while a single large center fin focuses on straight-line tracking and reduced resistance, ideal for touring or achieving higher speeds.

The Thurso Surf Waterwalker boards offer a versatile range of uses and performance capabilities, making them a top choice for paddlers of all skill levels looking for a reliable and enjoyable ride.

๐ŸŽจ Design

The Thurso Surf Waterwalker features a distinctive and natural-looking wood grain design, making it stand out among other paddleboards. This unique aesthetic is available in three vibrant color options to suit your personal style:

  1. Crimson Red
  2. Tangerine Orange
  3. Turquoise Blue

The deck pad is designed in a three-color diagonal pattern, further enhancing the board’s look. Each board incorporates a sleek middle stripe along the length of the paddleboard, which complements the main color and adds visual depth to the design.

Overall, the Thurso Surf Waterwalker presents an eye-catching and stylish design that matches its high-performance capabilities on the water.

Top-Quality, High-Performance All-Around Inflatable SUP

Thurso Surf Waterwalker

โญ Features

  • Deckpad: The Waterwalker is equipped with a large EVA-foam deck pad, which features a honeycomb texture reminiscent of honeycomb cells and provides a comfortable and secure standing area even when wet.
  • 2 Cargo Nets: Unique to the Waterwalker series, these boards come with two cargo nets located at the front and rear of the board, allowing you to securely store gear, dry bags, water bottles, and other equipment during your paddleboarding adventures.
  • 3 Carry Handles: These conveniently placed carry handles at the nose, middle, and tail of the board provide easy transport and handling in and out of the water. The middle handle also doubles as a paddle holder with an attached Velcro strap.
  • 5 D-rings: The Waterwalker comes with five D-rings for various attachments and accessories. The rear D-ring is designed for attaching the included coiled leash, while the side D-rings can be utilized to attach a kayak seat or optional shoulder strap for easier carrying.
  • Paddle holder: Additionally, the side paddle holder located centrally on the right side of the SUP is practical. The paddle can be secured to these two Velcro straps, preventing it from slipping off the board.
  • 3 Removable Fins with Smartlock System: All three fins (two side fins and one center fin) can be easily attached and removed using the innovative Smartlock system, offering flexibility for different water conditions and paddling experiences.
  • Action Cam Mount: Capture your SUP adventures with the built-in action camera mount on the board’s nose. This versatile mount is compatible with GoPro cameras and other popular action camera brands.

๐ŸŽ’ Accessory

  • Thurso Surf Waterwalker Manual: A detailed guide about setting up the Thurso Surf Waterwalker is included for easy assembly and use.
  • Thurso Surf Waterwalker Backpack-Trolley: The stylish backpack-trolley in anthracite features a large main compartment with a surrounding zipper for easy access and storage of the board, pump, and paddle. Additionally, there’s an interior spacious mesh pocket and a smaller front pocket with a transparent compartment for organizing smaller items. Comfortable padded handles and straps, integrated wheels, and a collapsible stand make transporting it a breeze. The backpack trolley is designed to perfectly fit your Thurso Surf Waterwalker and its accessories.
  • 3-piece Thurso Surf Waterwalker Carbon Paddle: This adjustable paddle (180 cm to 220 cm) is made with a lightweight carbon shaft and efficient paddle blade, weighing only 900 grams. The paddle can be easily disassembled into three parts for compact storage and transport.
  • Thurso Surf Waterwalker Triple-Action Pump: The included triple-action pump features two cylinders and three operating modes, allowing for fast and efficient inflation of the board. As the pressure increases, you can easily switch between modes to reduce resistance. The pump also includes a foldable stand and detachable handles for compact storage.
  • 3 Removable Thurso Surf Waterwalker Fins (Smartlock-System): The dolphin-shaped fins can be easily installed and removed using the practical Smartlock-System. These fins provide excellent stability and maneuverability, perfect for all-round use.
  • Thurso Surf Waterwalker Coiled Leash: The spiral safety leash keeps your board close in case you fall into the water, ensuring easy retrieval. The leash can be securely fastened around your ankle or below the knee and is designed to match the color of your board.
  • Thurso Surf Waterwalker Repair Kit: This essential repair kit contains PVC patches, adhesive, a brush, a valve wrench, and spare parts for Smartlock fin boxes, allowing for minor repairs if necessary.

Top-Quality, High-Performance All-Around Inflatable SUP

Thurso Surf Waterwalker

๐Ÿ’ฌ FAQ

How long does it take to inflate the Thurso Surf Waterwalker?

It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to inflate the Thurso Surf Waterwalker, depending on the size of the board.

What pressure should I inflate the Thurso Surf Waterwalker to?

Inflate the Thurso Surf Waterwalker to a recommended pressure of 15 PSI for optimal rigidity and stability.

Is the Thurso Surf Waterwalker good for beginners?

Yes, the Thurso Surf Waterwalker is excellent for beginners thanks to its stability, diverse size options, high-quality accessories, and versatile features that support skill growth.

What’s the weight limit of the Thurso Surf Waterwalker?

Official weight limits are: Waterwalker 120 at 165 lbs, Waterwalker 126 at 198 lbs, and Waterwalker 132 at 231 lbs.


The Thurso Surf Waterwalker stands out for its high-quality construction, innovative features, and stylish design.

Offering three size and color options caters to a wide range of paddler preferences and skill levels.

The board’s versatility ensures an enjoyable ride in various water conditions, perfect for beginners and advanced riders alike.

Investing in a Thurso Surf Waterwalker promises durability, performance, and a comprehensive accessories package to enhance your paddleboarding experience.

Top-Quality, High-Performance All-Around Inflatable SUP

Thurso Surf Waterwalker

Water is Benjamin's element. In 2019, he made his first attempts on a SUP board and since then he's constantly learning. For him, stand-up paddling is a great way to combine a workout and feel relaxed at the same time. The perfect balance to everyday life!

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