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Since starting our blog in 2016, we’ve reviewed more than 100 paddle boards, and the Penguin Competition has captured our attention.

Our hands-on experience shows that this board is designed for advanced users and offers impressive performance.

The Penguin Competition provides excellent speed, stiffness, and stability, perfect for racing and touring enthusiasts.

Let’s dive into our Penguin Competition review.

High-Speed Paddle Board for Touring

Penguin Competition

📊 Data & Facts

Board TypeInflatable (iSUP)
Skill LevelAdvanced
Price RangeUpper Mid-range
Intended UseRace / Touring
Maximum Paddler Weight90 – 100 kg (198 – 220 lbs)
Length427 cm (14′)
Width76 cm (30″)
Thickness15 cm (6″)
Volume* (estimated)265 Liters
Weight12.17 kg (2021: 11.5 kg)
AccessoriesSUP Backpack-Trolley, switchable double-action air pump with pressure indicator, coiled leash, single fin (US Box System), repair kit including valve wrench, 2021: shoulder strap + fin pin

🔄 How did the Penguin Competition change over time?

The Penguin Competition has undergone several changes between its 2020 and 2021 models.

  • Design: The 2021 model features a completely redesigned color scheme, now incorporating two shades of turquoise and a yellow tone for a sportier look.
  • Features: New features for the 2021 model include an action-cam mount with an additional D-ring, a shoulder strap that attaches to two side-mounted D-rings, and an upgraded backpack-trolley for improved comfort and functionality. The single fin can now be converted to a click fin using the included fin pin.
  • Weight: Thanks to the revised material construction, the 2021 Penguin Competition weighs 11.5 kg, which is lighter than the 2020 model.

👍👎 Pro & Con


  • Excellent tracking and extreme rigidity
  • Competition-ready performance
  • Reaches high speeds
  • Backpack-trolley with wheels (2021: improved padding)
  • New for 2021: Action-cam mount with D-ring, fin pin (converts to click fin), shoulder strap


  • No paddle included in the set
  • Not suitable for beginners
  • Relatively high price

High-Speed Paddle Board for Touring

Penguin Competition

🛠 Built & Material

The Penguin Competition features innovative construction technology based on Fusion Carbon Hybrid technology, ensuring optimal stiffness and performance for advanced paddlers. This board is constructed using a single-layer drop-stitch method, with additional longitudinal reinforcements (stringers) on the top and bottom of the board for increased stability.

The board also features a double rail system with carbon reinforcement sandwiched between the two rails, offering additional rigidity and stability. The outer rail not only provides an aesthetically pleasing design but also protects the board from abrasion and paddle strikes, ensuring long-lasting durability.

The board’s lightweight construction (11.5 kg for the 2021 model) makes it easy to transport and handle, without sacrificing durability or performance. The combination of high-quality materials and advanced construction techniques results in a reliable, high-performance board suitable for advanced paddlers taking part in races and touring adventures.

⚖️ Weight Limit

The Penguin Competition has an official maximum weight limit of 110 kg (242 lbs) for paddlers. However, for the best performance and optimal experience, we recommend considering an average paddler weight of 90-100 kg (198-220 lbs).

This is because when you’re going on longer paddling tours, you’ll likely carry additional gear, such as drinks, food, and extra clothing, which can quickly add up in weight.

High-Speed Paddle Board for Touring

Penguin Competition

🏄‍♂️ Intended Use & Riding Characteristics

The Penguin Competition is designed for advanced paddlers seeking high performance, speed, and agility on the water. With its extra-long 427 cm (14′) length and sleek 76 cm (30″) width, this board is perfect for race and touring purposes.

The board’s upward-curved, pointed nose and straight rails ensure excellent straight-line tracking, while the tapered tail allows for agile maneuverability. However, it’s important to note that the Penguin Competition is not suitable for beginners due to the board’s reduced stability.

Intended primarily for racing and touring, the Penguin Competition is well-suited for ambitious paddlers who are dedicated to achieving high speeds during competitions, extensive tours, or training sessions. Keep in mind that the lack of width and reduced stability make this board less suitable for beginners, who would benefit more from a wider, more stable all-round board.

The Penguin Competition features a single central fin, which not only allows for quick and easy turns but also provides a variety of fin options on the market for fine-tuning the board’s performance. This adjustability is particularly important for competitive paddlers who strive for a customized experience on the water.

🎨 Design

The Penguin Competition sports a modern design that combines aesthetics with high-performance construction. Its sleek profile is accentuated by a striking combination of various shades of blue. Black and white contrast stripes on the nose and rear of the board, along with orange accents and eye-catching Penguin logos on the top, bottom, and rails, contribute to its sporty and stylish appearance.

The 2021 model of the Penguin Competition features an updated design that includes a refreshing blend of turquoise and yellow tones, a reimagined deck pad, and a more prominent “P” logo on the standing area. Overall, the Penguin Competition showcases a harmonious and visually stunning design that complements its racing capabilities.

High-Speed Paddle Board for Touring

Penguin Competition

⭐ Features

  • Extended Length and Sleek Design: At 427 cm (14′), the Penguin Competition is over a meter longer than a standard all-round board, making it perfect for advanced paddlers who crave speed and performance during races and touring.
  • Ultra-lightweight Construction: Using innovative Fusion Carbon Hybrid technology, the Penguin Competition weighs only 12.17 kg (2021 model: 11.5 kg), providing extreme stiffness without compromising on maneuverability.
  • Straight-Line Stability and Extreme Stiffness: The pointed, upwards curving nose and the pin tail, combined with only a single, centrally-attached fin, deliver excellent straight-line stability and responsive turning.
  • Deck Pad: The top of the Competition is covered with an EVA deck pad. The EVA deck pad is a special coating that ensures a secure grip on the board even when wet. In this case, it features a diamond embossed surface, providing an excellent grip on the board.
  • Cargo Net: An extra-large cargo net spans between six D-rings at the bow. This provides ample space for extensive equipment or a large dry bag.
  • D-ring: The included leash is best attached to the single D-ring at the rear. Directly in front of it is the valve for inflation.
  • Central Carry Handle: The stylish handle with logo inscription allows easy transport of the board from land to water. If you happen to fall off the board during training, grabbing the board is easily done using this handle. However, the Penguin Competition doesn’t feature any additional handles or loops.

The following features have been added completely new to the Penguin Competition 2021:

  • Action-Cam Mount: A GoPro or another compatible action camera can be attached to the appropriate mount on the nose. You can capture your adventures in the form of pictures and videos.
  • Three additional D-rings: For securing the included carrying strap, the board now features 2 smaller side D-rings. Another one is located at the Action-Cam mount, allowing you to secure the board during a break, for example.
  • Fin Pin: With this small pin, you can quickly transform the single fin into a click-fin.

🎒 Accessory

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The Penguin Competition comes with a large trolley backpack, double-action air pump with pressure gauge, coiled leash, single fin (US-Box System), repair kit including a valve wrench, and a new shoulder strap and fin pin for the 2021 version.

  • Penguin Competition Manual: Detailed instructions on setting up and using your Penguin Competition are included.
  • Penguin Competition SUP Backpack-Trolley: The large backpack comes with integrated wheels, allowing it to be easily pulled like a trolley. Padded shoulder straps with additional chest and hip straps provide ultimate comfort while carrying. The backpack features a main compartment for the rolled-up board and additional storage for your gear.
  • Penguin Competition Double Action Air Pump: This pump allows for quick inflation with both up-and-down strokes, saving time and energy during setup. The integrated pressure gauge ensures accurate inflation levels.
  • Penguin Competition Coiled Leash: Essential for advanced paddlers, the coiled leash securely attaches to your ankle or below the knee, keeping the board close if you fall into the water.
  • Penguin Competition Single Fin (US-Box System): The removable single fin attaches easily for optimal performance while racing or touring. An array of fins is available for further customization.
  • Penguin Competition Shoulder Strap: With this well-padded, adjustable carrying strap (including 4 plastic D-rings), you can easily sling the board over your shoulder. To do this, simply attach the plastic hook fasteners to the two side D-rings on the board.
  • Penguin Competition Fin Pin: In the 2021 model, you can transform the single fin into a click-fin with the help of an innovative fin pin. You can then quickly secure it in the US box, making you ready to go much faster.
  • Penguin Competition Repair Kit: Including all the essentials for minor repairs, this kit features a valve wrench and color-matched PVC patches.

High-Speed Paddle Board for Touring

Penguin Competition


How long does it take to inflate the Penguin Competition?

Inflating the Penguin Competition can take between 5-10 minutes, using the provided double-action air pump.

What pressure should I inflate the Penguin Competition to?

Inflate the Penguin Competition to 15 PSI for optimal rigidity.

Is the Penguin Competition good for beginners?

No, the Penguin Competition is not suitable for beginners due to its reduced stability. It’s designed for advanced paddlers seeking high performance, speed, and agility.

What’s the weight limit of the Penguin Competition?

The official maximum weight limit for the Penguin Competition is 110 kg (242 lbs). However, for best performance, an average paddler weight of 90-100 kg (198-220 lbs) is recommended.


The Penguin Competition paddle board is designed to impress, specifically for advanced paddlers looking for high performance and speed.

Its innovative construction, sleek design, and racing capabilities make it a top choice for enthusiasts in the sport.

The 2021 model introduces useful new features, like the action-cam mount and lighter weight.

However, with a relatively high price and being unsuitable for novices, this board is tailored towards competitive, experienced individuals.

If you’re passionate about racing and touring, the Penguin Competition won’t disappoint.

High-Speed Paddle Board for Touring

Penguin Competition

Water is Benjamin's element. In 2019, he made his first attempts on a SUP board and since then he's constantly learning. For him, stand-up paddling is a great way to combine a workout and feel relaxed at the same time. The perfect balance to everyday life!

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