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Since 2016, we’ve been putting paddle boards to the test, reviewing more than 100 different boards to help you find the perfect fit.

Among those, the Freein SUP Board stands out as a strong contender for beginners and those looking for versatility.

Its positive features and affordability make it an attractive option for many paddlers.

Let’s dive into our Freein SUP Board review.

Lightweight, Affordable SUP for Ambitious Beginners

Freein SUP Board

πŸ“Š Data & Facts

Board TypeInflatable (iSUP)
Skill LevelBeginner
Price RangeLow
Intended UseAllround
Maximum Paddler Weight10’6: approx. 90 kg (200 lbs)
10′: approx. 75 kg (165 lbs)
Length10’6: 320 cm (10’6″)
10′: 305 cm (10′)
Width79 cm (31″)
Thickness15 cm (6″)
Volume* (estimated)10’6: 280-290 Liters
10′: 250-260 Liters
Weight10’6: 8.5 kg (18.7 lbs)
10′: 8.1 kg (17.8 lbs)
AccessoriesSUP Backpack
4-piece Paddle with extra paddle blade (Kayak extension) and drip guard
Convertible Double-Action Air Pump with Pressure Gauge
Removable Center Fin (US-Box System)
Coiled Leash (spiral safety line)
Valve Adapter (Schrader)
Repair Kit including valve wrench

πŸ”„ How did the Freein SUP Board change over time?

The Freein SUP Board has undergone several changes over the years, continually improving its design and features to provide a better paddling experience for beginners and experienced users alike.

  • Design and Colors: Initially available in limited color options, the Freein SUP is now available in various colors such as Blue, White, Black, Aqua, and Red. This allows users to choose the perfect board for their personal style preference.
  • Dimensions: The Freein SUP now comes in two different lengths – 320 cm (10’6″) and 305 cm (10′) – to cater to the preferences and weight limits of various users.
  • Features: In addition to the standard features such as the deck pad, D-rings, and central carrying handle, the Freein SUP now includes an action-cam holder, an additional set of six D-rings for attaching the included kayak seat, and a removable paddle holder in its design.
  • Accessories: The Freein SUP now comes with a more comprehensive set of accessories, including a SUP backpack, a 4-part paddle with a second paddle blade (kayak extension), a double-action pump with pressure gauge, a removable center fin (US-Box System), a coiled leash, a valve adapter (Schrader), and a repair kit with a valve key.

πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Pro & Con


  • Available in two sizes and various colors
  • Sports a cruising shape for sporty performance
  • 2+1 fin setup with removable middle fin for versatility
  • Three-layer reinforced side panels
  • Rich set of features, including dual-textured deck pad, extra D-rings, and action-cam holder
  • Comprehensive accessory package (including kayak set)


  • Board made of single-layer construction (except for side panels)
  • Aluminum paddle might feel heavy
  • Paddler weight capacity is overrated

Lightweight, Affordable SUP for Ambitious Beginners

Freein SUP Board

πŸ›  Built & Material

The Freein SUP utilizes a drop-stitch construction, a process where warp-knit threads interconnect the board’s top and bottom layers for excellent stability.

The outer layer of the board is made from single-layer UV-resistant PVC, keeping the board lightweight and ensuring longevity.

However, the side panels (rails) are reinforced with three additional layers of PVC to provide a balance between lightness and robustness.

This construction method allows for a more affordable, yet durable board, making it an attractive option for beginners and budget-conscious paddlers.

However, the single-layer outer construction may not provide the same level of stiffness and performance as double-layer boards.

Despite this, the reinforced side panels still produce a good compromise between weight savings and structural strength, resulting in a board that offers decent performance at a more affordable price point.

βš–οΈ Weight Limit

Freein provides the following Freein SUP weight limits:

  • 10′: 75 – 80 kg (165 – 175 lbs)
  • 10’6″: 90 kg (198 lbs)

Although the manufacturer states the maximum weight limit for the 10’6″ board is 130 kg (286 lbs), we don’t recommend pushing the weight limit to the maximum for optimal performance. Here are our recommended weight ranges for each board:

  • 10′: 70 – 80 kg (154 – 176 lbs)
  • 10’6″: 85 – 90 kg (187 – 198 lbs)

These suggested weight limits ensure that the board maintains its desired riding characteristics without sinking too deep or losing stability.

Lightweight, Affordable SUP for Ambitious Beginners

Freein SUP Board

πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ Intended Use & Riding Characteristics

The Freein SUP is best described as a cruising board, striking a balance between the stability of an all-round board and the gliding abilities of a touring board. This makes it well-suited for ambitious beginners who want a single board that can grow with their skills.

With a length of 10’6″ and a width of 31″, the Freein SUP offers a slimmer, more streamlined shape than a traditional all-round board. This shape reduces drag and allows the board to glide smoothly across flat water.

The pointed nose also helps the board glide over waves efficiently. Despite the slender shape, the Freein SUP still provides decent stability thanks to its 2+1 fin configuration.

The two smaller side fins enhance maneuverability and control, while the detachable middle fin improves tracking. This versatile setup allows the Freein SUP to handle a variety of conditions.

The Freein SUP’s blend of stability, glide, and versatility make it a great choice for recreational paddling, exploring calm waters, exercising, and short to medium-length tours.

More advanced paddlers can take advantage of the board’s cruising shape to pick up speed and have some fun gliding across the water.

🎨 Design

The Freein SUP board features a classic design with sporty accents that are both visually appealing and functional.

The deck pad comes in various color options, including blue, white, black, aqua, and red. The double texture of the diamond and crocodile skin pattern on the deck pad ensures efficient water drainage and adds extra grip for the paddler.

Additionally, the Freein SUP logo and branding can be found on the deck pad, nose, sides, and underside of the board. Overall, the design is simple yet elegant, making it perfect for a wide range of users.

Lightweight, Affordable SUP for Ambitious Beginners

Freein SUP Board

⭐ Features

  • Double textured Deckpad: The Freein SUP board’s deck pad features a unique dual-textured design, combining diamond-shaped and crocodile skin patterns. This combination effectively repels water and provides additional grip for the paddler, ensuring a secure and comfortable experience.
  • 7 D-Rings: The provided seven D-rings offer convenient and secure attachment points for various accessories. The rear D-ring is designed for the coiled leash, while the six additional rings located near the board’s standing area allow for easy attachment of the included kayak seat.
  • Central Carry Handle with Removable Paddle Holder: The board’s central carry handle doubles as a removable paddle holder, featuring a neoprene-covered strap with a Velcro closure. This innovative design allows users to easily transport the board and paddle together while keeping their hands free for other tasks.
  • 2+1 Fin Setup with Removable Center Fin: The board is equipped with a 2+1 fin setup, featuring two fixed side fins and one removable center fin in the US-Box system. This versatile combination ensures easy maneuverability and stability in various water conditions.
  • Cargo Net: A flexible cargo net is attached to the board’s front area using four D-rings. This adjustable net provides ample storage space for essential gear, making the Freein SUP board an ideal option for longer journeys.
  • Action Cam Holder: The board comes with an action cam mount located at the nose, accommodating most standard action cameras like GoPro. Capture your SUP adventures with ease and make lasting memories with this useful feature.

πŸŽ’ Accessory

The Freein SUP comes with an extremely comprehensive accessory package that includes the following equipment:

  • Freein SUP Board Manual: The comprehensive guide comes with detailed instructions on setting up the Freein SUP Board, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable experience for beginners.
  • Freein SUP Board Backpack: The color-matching backpack is equipped with a spacious main compartment with adjustable luggage straps, making it easy to store and transport the board. Featuring padded handles and straps for comfortable carrying, this backpack is tailored for convenience and utility. Dimensions and color details may vary depending on the model.
  • Freein SUP Board 4-Piece Paddle: The adjustable paddle (160 cm to 215 cm) features an aluminum shaft and a sturdy plastic blade. With a weight of around 855 g as a single paddle and 1070 g as a double paddle, it offers an optimal balance between performance and weight.
  • Freein SUP Kayak Seat: So that the kayaking fun can start straight away, a simple but lightly padded seat is included in the package. It is simply attached and adjusted at the desired location on the 6 D-rings using the straps and their hooks. 6 attachment points are very rare. The seat is quite narrow compared to the backrest.
  • Freein SUP Board Dual-Action Pump: Make inflating your board a breeze with the included dual-action pump. It incorporates a pressure gauge (manometer) that allows you to check the pressure while inflating, ensuring your board is always in optimal shape.
  • Freein SUP Board Removable Center Fin: The removable center fin in a dolphin shape offers improved tracking and stability. It uses the US-Box system for easy installation and removal.
  • Freein SUP Board Coiled Leash: The coiled safety leash ensures your board stays close in case of a fall, so you can quickly get back on your feet.
  • Freein SUP Board Valve Adapter: This handy adapter allows you to inflate your SUP Board with a variety of pumps, ensuring you always have options when preparing to hit the water.
  • Freein SUP Board Repair Kit: The repair kit includes everything you need for minor repairs, such as PVC patches, a valve wrench, and other essential components, keeping your board in excellent shape.

Lightweight, Affordable SUP for Ambitious Beginners

Freein SUP Board

πŸ’¬ FAQ

How long does it take to inflate the Freein SUP Board?

It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to inflate the Freein SUP Board, depending on the size and pump used.

What pressure should I inflate the Freein SUP Board to?

Inflate the Freein Sup Board to a recommended pressure of 14-18 PSI for optimal stability and performance.

Is the Freein SUP Board good for beginners?

Yes, the Freein Sup Board is a great option for beginners due to its stable design, affordable price, and versatile features that cater to various skill levels.

What’s the weight limit of the Freein SUP Board?

The Freein Sup Board’s official weight limits are 10′ at 165-175 lbs and 10’6″ at 198 lbs. However, for optimal performance, we recommend: 10′ for 154-176 lbs and 10’6″ for 187-198 lbs.


The Freein SUP Board is an affordable and versatile option for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

With various color options and two different sizes, it caters to multiple preferences and weight limits.

A rich set of features, including an action-cam holder and dual-textured deck pad, adds to its functionality.

The comprehensive accessory package, including a dedicated kayak set, only adds to its value.

While not as stiff and performance-driven as double-layered boards, the Freein SUP still offers a great paddling experience for those on a budget.

Lightweight, Affordable SUP for Ambitious Beginners

Freein SUP Board

Water is Benjamin's element. In 2019, he made his first attempts on a SUP board and since then he's constantly learning. For him, stand-up paddling is a great way to combine a workout and feel relaxed at the same time. The perfect balance to everyday life!

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