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Since beginning our blog in 2016, we’ve tested and reviewed over 100 paddle boards, with the Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit standing out as a unique option.

With a versatile design aimed at ambitious beginners and advanced riders alike, this board offers stability, agility, and smooth gliding on the water.

In this Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit review, we’ll dive into its features, construction, and extensive accessories that make it an appealing choice for paddle board enthusiasts.

Let’s dive into our Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit review.

All-Round iSUP for Ambitious Beginners

Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit

📊 Data & Facts

Board TypeInflatable (iSUP)
BrandChasing Blue (Outdoor Master)
Skill LevelAmbitious Beginners and Advanced
Price RangeMid-range
Intended UseAll-round Board (Allrounder)
Maximum Paddler WeightApprox. 90 kg (198 lbs)
Length320 cm (10’6″”)
Width76 cm (30″”)
Thickness15 cm (6″”)
Volume* (estimated)Approx. 280 Liters
Weight8.56 kg (18.86 lbs)
AccessoriesManual, Backpack-Trolley, Luggage Strap, 3-piece Paddle, Switchable Double-Action Air Pump, Coiled Leash (spiral safety line), Paddle Leash, Removable Center Fin (Plug-in System), Reusable Protective Covers for Side Fins, Waterproof Phone Case with Padding, Mounting Accessories (Action-Cam Mounts and Eyelets incl. Adhesive Pads), Repair Kit

🔄 How did the Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit change over time?

Although there haven’t been significant changes to the Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit, it has been constantly improving since its launch. Some notable updates include:

  • Construction: The Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit has adopted a “Single-Layer + Double-Layer Rails” construction, which improves its stability without being as heavy as double-layer boards.
  • Design: The board’s design has been continuously refined, with a more streamlined 76 cm width for better gliding while maintaining a stable profile for beginners and advanced paddlers alike.
  • Features: This inflatable SUP now comes with an impressive 22 D-rings, two cargo nets, and a removable center fin, providing users with exceptional versatility and adaptability for a wide range of activities.
  • Accessories: The Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit now offers a comprehensive accessory package that includes a backpack trolley, 3-piece paddle, dual-action pump, action cam mounts, and more, ensuring that users have everything they need to start paddling right away.

👍👎 Pro & Con


  • Perfect board for ambitious beginners and advanced paddlers
  • Narrower all-around shape for improved gliding properties
  • 22 D-rings and 2 luggage nets for versatile use
  • Adaptable deck pad and isolated backpack for added convenience
  • Good manufacturing quality
  • 2-year warranty and 30-day return policy


  • Limited weight capacity and stiffness due to single-layer construction
  • The included paddle is quite heavy (stainless steel)

All-Round iSUP for Ambitious Beginners

Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit

🛠 Built & Material

The Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit features a single-layer drop-stitch construction that combines stability and weight savings. The board’s core consists of numerous interwoven polyester threads (drop-stitch) connecting the top and bottom layers.

This single-layer outer shell is reinforced by an additional material layer in the rails (side surfaces), enhancing stiffness, although not quite achieving the same level as double-layered boards.

This construction type offers a good compromise between lightweight design and maximum stiffness, with the Aqua Spirit weighing in at a below-average 8.56 kg.

The lighter weight also allows for easier handling and transportation, especially for smaller and lighter paddlers. Additionally, a top-quality backpack trolley system is included in the package, making travel even more convenient.

⚖️ Weight Limit

The Chasing Blue (Outdoor Master) Aqua Spirit has a maximum paddler weight of approximately 90 kg (198 lbs) as stated by the manufacturer. This inflatable SUP is suitable for ambitious beginners and intermediate paddlers.

It’s important to note that, while the board may be able to support weight above this recommendation, increasing the weight on the paddleboard may cause it to sink deeper into the water, affecting its overall performance and riding characteristics.

All-Round iSUP for Ambitious Beginners

Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit

🏄‍♂️ Intended Use & Riding Characteristics

The Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit is an all-around paddleboard suitable for various uses. It measures 320 cm (10’6″) in length and 76 cm (30″) in width, with a slightly narrower width than average all-round boards.

This design makes it more inclined to glide smoothly through the water while also providing decent stability and agility for beginners.

The 2+1 fin setup offers a good combination of straight-line tracking and maneuverability, enabling the board to adapt to different water conditions and usage types. Its 15 cm (6″) thickness contributes to its buoyancy and stability, allowing paddlers to maintain balance with ease.

As an all-around board, the Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit is well-suited for paddleboarding on calm waters, such as lakes and flat rivers. It can also handle light wave conditions in coastal areas but may not be ideal for extreme conditions or high-performance activities.

The Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit comes equipped with many features and accessories that cater to various uses. This includes two large bungee storage areas, numerous D-rings for attaching gear or kayak seats, and mounting options for action cameras.

These features make the board versatile and practical for a wide range of activities, such as touring, fitness, and yoga sessions.

In summary, the Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit is an excellent all-around paddleboard designed for ambitious beginners and intermediate riders. While its weight limit should be respected, the board offers great versatility and riding characteristics – making it a reliable companion on many water adventures.

🎨 Design

The Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit presents a clean, harmonious design with a predominantly white color scheme, accented by various shades of blue. This maritime-inspired color palette is not only visually appealing but also perfectly matches its performance on the water.

The intricately designed deck pad is the highlight of the board’s appearance, featuring multiple design elements and textures. Overall, the Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit’s design is eye-catching and well-suited for those looking for a sleek and stylish paddleboard option.

This design is synonymous with the board’s impressive features and high-quality performance.

All-Round iSUP for Ambitious Beginners

Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit

⭐ Features

  • Deckpad: The Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit’s deckpad is crafted from slip-resistant EVA material, featuring different textures and design elements that provide both excellent grip and visual appeal. Its unique design ensures extra stability and traction for riders during their paddling adventures.
  • 10 D-rings: This paddleboard boasts an incredible 10 D-rings, providing unparalleled flexibility for users to attach and secure various accessories such as a kayak seat, safety leash, and other equipment. This impressive number of attachment points ensures endless customization options for riders.
  • 7 Carry Handles: The board comes with 7 carry handles for easy transportation and maneuverability both in and out of the water. These padded, quick-drying handles are adorned with the manufacturer’s name and ensure maximum comfort when carrying the board.
  • 2+1 Fin Setup: The Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit utilizes a 2+1 fin setup, with a large removable center fin and two fixed side fins. This configuration offers excellent maneuverability while still providing impressive straight-line tracking for an all-around paddleboard.
  • 2 Cargo Nets: The board is equipped with two cargo nets, one at the front and another at the rear, which are connected to 6 D-rings each. These nets provide ample storage space for riders to secure their belongings and gear during paddling sessions.
  • Action-Cam Holders and Mounting Accessories: The Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit comes with a comprehensive set of action-cam holders, mounting rails, and attachment points, which can be affixed to the board using the included adhesive pads. This feature allows users to capture their paddling adventures from various angles and perspectives.

🎒 Accessory

  • Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit Manual: A comprehensive guide on how to set up the Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit, making it easy for beginners and experienced paddlers alike.
  • Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit SUP Backpack-Trolley: This unique accessory features a dark blue backpack with a narrower and taller design (100 x 36 x 31 cm) and a rounded top. It comes with a large main compartment with adjustable luggage straps, making it perfect for carrying the board and additional gear. The backpack also includes integrated wheels, so you can easily tow it like a trolley. Additional features include padded carrying straps, an insulated side wall for heat protection, and several additional pockets for easy organization and storage.
  • 3-piece Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit Paddle: The included adjustable paddle (183 cm to 218 cm) is made from stainless steel and robust plastic, making it durable and perfect for beginners. The paddle is also buoyant, allowing it to float in case it falls into the water.
  • Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit Double-action Pump: This dual-action pump allows for rapid inflation and deflation of the board, making it quick and easy to get on the water. The pump includes an integrated pressure gauge, ensuring the ideal air pressure for your board.
  • Removable Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit Center Fin: The 9-inch dolphin-shaped center fin is easily removable using the slide-in system, allowing for easy transport and storage.
  • Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit Coiled Leash: The spiral safety leash ensures that your board stays close to you in case of a fall, securely fastening around your ankle or below the knee.
  • Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit Paddle Leash: A rare accessory, this paddle leash allows you to secure your paddle to your wrist, preventing it from drifting away in the water.
  • Chasing Blue Waterproof Phone Case: This padded and waterproof phone case keeps your smartphone safe and dry while still allowing for touchscreen functionality.
  • Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit Mounting Accessories: The mounting accessories include various action-cam holders, smaller attachment loops, and adhesive pads for a customizable setup.
  • Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit Repair Kit: The repair kit consists of white PVC patches, a valve wrench, and other essential components for minor repairs.

All-Round iSUP for Ambitious Beginners

Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit


How long does it take to inflate the Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit?

It takes approximately 5-10 minutes to inflate the Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit using the included double-action pump.

What pressure should I inflate the Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit to?

Inflate the Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit to an ideal pressure of 13-15 PSI for optimal performance and rigidity.

Is the Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit good for beginners?

Yes, the Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit is perfect for ambitious beginners and advanced paddlers, offering stability, agility, and smooth gliding on the water.

What’s the weight limit of the Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit?

The Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit has a maximum paddler weight limit of approximately 90 kg (198 lbs) as stated by the manufacturer.


The Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit is an outstanding all-around paddleboard for ambitious beginners and advanced paddlers alike.

Its sleek design, solid construction, and extensive features make it a reliable and enjoyable choice.

Despite some limitations due to its single-layer construction, the board offers versatility and impressive riding characteristics.

Moreover, the comprehensive accessory package, including a backpack trolley and action-cam mounts, ensures users have everything needed for a great paddleboarding experience.

Overall, the Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit stands out as an appealing option for SUP enthusiasts.

All-Round iSUP for Ambitious Beginners

Chasing Blue Aqua Spirit

Water is Benjamin's element. In 2019, he made his first attempts on a SUP board and since then he's constantly learning. For him, stand-up paddling is a great way to combine a workout and feel relaxed at the same time. The perfect balance to everyday life!

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