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Ready to make a splash but worried about your precious phone? You’re not alone.

Waterproof smartphone bags are here to the rescue!

Whether you’re stand-up paddling, boating, or even submerging 30 meters deep in a snorkeling adventure, secure your phone with top-notch protection.

Discover the unbeatable, versatile, and durable waterproof smartphone bags that cater to almost every phone model.

Stay with us as we dive into the most recommended phone cases ensuring safety and peace of mind for all your water adventures. Brace yourselves for a thrilling reveal.

#1 Fidlock 6.8″ Waterproof Phone Case

Water ResistanceWaterproof up to 30 meters
SizeCompatible with 6.8″ smartphones
DurabilityRobust, washable, and disinfectant-resistant

The Fidlock 6.8″ Waterproof Phone Case is hands-down the best Waterproof Smartphone Bag. Its patented magnetic closure system ensures your device is kept securely sealed even at depths up to 30 meters. This makes it ideal for a variety of water sporting activities, such as stand-up paddling, boating, surfing, and snorkeling.

The bag allows protection for phones up to 6.8″, accommodating most phone models. What sets this product apart from its competition is its all-around function. It is not only waterproof but also capable of protecting your device from dust, sand, and rough scratches.

Built for extensive use, the case is robust and able to withstand contact with disinfectants—making it even more suitable for medical applications. The Fidlock 6.8″ Waterproof Phone Case offers peace of mind and ultimate protection, making it a highly recommended must-have for your water adventures.

Excellent Waterproof Smartphone Protection

Fidlock Hermetic Medi Dry Bag

#2 Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouch

Water ResistanceCertified IPX8 with triple lock-down technology
Size8.3 inches, fits most phone sizes
DurabilityConstructed from upgraded TPU material

The Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouch is undeniably a top-notch choice in the waterproof smartphone bags category. Its outstanding water resistance, achieved through an IPX8 certification and integrated triple lock-down technology, assures foolproof safeguarding of your phone against water, dust, and sand making it a reliable companion on your outdoor adventures.

Size indeed matters and, at 8.3 inches, this pouch fits most phones, even with their cases on, thereby offering double protection for your device. This feature makes it a versatile option catering to a variety of phone models.

Hiearcool doesn’t compromise on durability either. Built with advanced TPU material, its structure guarantees longevity while ensuring great touch sensitivity. Now, unlock your phone using face ID or make calls, even while the device is secure in the pouch.

Excitingly, the bag delivers an ultra-clear picture quality underwater, courtesy of its high transmittance transparency technology. Perfect for capturing those adventurous snorkeling or kayaking moments!

All considered, Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouch is a superior choice offering outstanding water resistance, compatibility, and durability. A true standout in its class!

#3 Newppon Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch

Water ResistanceIPX8 Certified (100 feet or 30 meter depth)
SizeAccommodates smartphones up to 7.2 inches
DurabilityDual plastic swivel locks for a tight seal

The Newppon Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch is a fantastic product safeguarding your phone from water damage. It’s a top-tier universal dry bag case presented in a convenient 3 pack, offering protection for multiple devices or a backup when you need it.

Its IPX8-rated water resistance assures us this product will keep your phone dry, even when submerged up to 100 feet or 30 meters. This durability extends to protection from sand, snow, dust, dirt, and even sunscreen – ideal for water park trips or beach days.

Apart from its protective qualities, the Newppon pouch is extremely user-friendly. Despite its robust water resistance, it allows full touch screen functionality, not compromising on your smartphone experience.

Compatibility with various mobile devices up to 7.2 inches, and an added neck lanyard for easy carrying, further elevates the practicality of this product. Durable and versatile, the Newppon Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch justifies its position as a popular choice for Waterproof Smartphone Bags.

#4 JOTO Waterproof Pouch Smartphone Dry Bag Case

Water ResistanceIPX8 Certified Waterproof
SizeFits devices up to 6.9″
DurabilityMade with durable polyvinyl chloride

The JOTO Waterproof Pouch Smartphone Dry Bag Case is a solid choice for protecting your smartphone while embarking on water-related adventures. With an IPX8 certification, this case proves its mettle in shielding against water, snow, and dirt, keeping your device dry and clean.

Its size is thoughtfully designed to accommodate smartphones of up to 6.0″ in diagonal size or devices up to 100 x 170mm, ensuring it is universally compatible. The clear window on both sides allows you full access to your phone’s functionalities; snap pictures, record videos or check your email without removing the phone from the case.

Crafted from durable polyvinyl chloride, the case assures long-term protection even in harsh conditions. The provided neck strap only adds to the overall convenience. Despite having a subsequent model available, the JOTO Waterproof Pouch Smartphone Dry Bag Case remains a popular choice in the waterproof smartphone bag category, backed by glowing customer reviews.

#5 ProCase Floating Waterproof Phone Pouch

Water ResistanceIPX8 certified up to 100 feet underwater
SizeDesigned for phones up to 7 inches in diagonal size
DurabilityConstructed with high-quality TPU material and a secure lock mechanism

The ProCase Floating Waterproof Phone Pouch stands as a solid choice amongst other waterproof smartphone bags on the market. It’s IPX8 certified and can withstand up to 100-feet water depths, keeping your phone dry during swimming, kayaking or boating adventures.

Fitting smartphones up to 7 inches, it offers universal compatibility and ensures top-notch protection for most Apple, Samsung, and Google Pixel models.

One critical, customer-friendly feature is its floatability, which means dropping your phone while in the pouch won’t turn into a sunken treasure hunt. The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) construction provides clear visibility for easy photo-taking while ensuring durability and touch screen functionality, making it a reliable choice in the waterproof phone bag category.

An added convenience is the adjustable neck strap, offering peace of mind and effortless carrying during water-exhilarating activities. Moreover, this pack contains two pouches, translating to double the value right out of the box.

#6 ProCase Waterproof Phone Pouch Case Dry Bag

Water ResistanceFully waterproof with IPX8 certification
SizeFits smartphones up to 7 inches
DurabilityMade with highly durable PVC material

The ProCase Waterproof Phone Pouch Case Dry Bag provides excellent protection for your phone during all water-related activities. Its waterproof capability is impressive, holding up to an IPX8 certification, meaning it can be submerged up to 100 feet.

This case is also durable, being made of high-quality PVC, offering sufficient protection against dust, sand, and snow, in addition to water. It extends its convenience by accommodating smartphones up to 7 inches in size, showing its wide range ability.

Offered in a trendy pink-black combination, it also provides a clear window casing enabling you to operate your phone even when encased. For the eco-conscious, this product is certified as climate pledge friendly.

The ProCase case proves to be a reliable option for waterproof smartphone bags, due to its excellent resistance, durability and user-friendly design. It stands as an excellent solution for smartphone protection during your water adventures.

#7 Takfox Waterproof Phone Pouch

Water ResistanceIPX8 Certified, up to 100 feet
SizeCompatible with smartphones up to 6.5 inches
DurabilityMade of sturdy thermoplastic polyurethane

The Takfox Waterproof Phone Pouch holds a leading position among waterproof smartphone bags due to its universal compatibility and well-built design. The ability to accommodate any smartphone up to 6.5 inches is a big plus, catering a wide range of phone models.

Boasting an IPX8 certified waterproof rating, the pouch can handle depths up to 100 feet, shielding your phone from water, snow, dust, and dirt. Its thermoplastic polyurethane build boosts its durability, extending its longevity even under constant use.

Features like clear transparent windows enhance the usability of your smartphone’s touchscreen, even adding underwater photography to the mix. The inclusion of a sturdy lanyard and a reflective armband enhance its versatility and convenience.

Despite a couple of noted limitations, the Takfox Waterproof Phone Pouch has proven itself as a reliable and highly durable protective smartphone bag in water-dominant environments.

#8 FECEDY Universal Waterproof Cases

Water ResistanceIPX8 certified up to 100 feet
Size7″ x 8.5″
DurabilitySturdy PVC material

FECEDY Universal Waterproof Cases stand out among a plethora of waterproof smartphone bags available online. These pouches are made to protect your electronic devices from water, snow, and dirt. The cases ensure the safety of your phone and tablets up to a depth of 100 feet underwater.

The large size of 7″ x 8.5″ is thoughtful as it can accommodate an iPad Mini or even two iPhone 14 Pro Max Samsung Galaxy phones. This spaciousness is made even more convenient by its use as a waterproof wallet for credit cards or other small, valuable items.

Constructed from robust PVC material, these cases offer not just water resistance but also durability. They include a soft hanging rope and an easy-to-use buckle, providing transport ease while enhancing their water protection capacity.

An aspect that makes FECEDY Universal Waterproof Cases a unique choice is their ability to offer full-touch screen functionality even when submerged, a feature hard to come by in the waterproof smartphone bag realm.

To maximize your delight, FECEDY offers a 4-pack of these fabulous bags in different color styles. This makes them the perfect protectors for your gadgets during various summer outdoor activities.

#9 Outdoor Products Smartphone Watertight Case

Water ResistanceWaterproof seal but not intended for full submersion
Size7.9 x 4.89 x 1.02 inches, fits up to 6-inch screen smartphones
DurabilityMade from shatterproof polycarbonate material

Outdoor Products Smartphone Watertight Case is an indispensable outdoor gear for those typically exposed to the elements. The case promises to keep your smartphone safeguarded against moisture, dust, and other environmental hazards.

Made from ultra-clear shatterproof polycarbonate material, this case prioritizes protecting your mobile device against accidental drops and impacts. This is especially valuable during precarious outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or kayaking.

An additional woven sport leash with a swivel clip adds an extra layer of convenience, allowing you to secure it to your backpack or belt loop. It embodies a perfect blend of robustness and ingenuity, which makes it one of the prime options in the Waterproof Smartphone Bags category.

Despite the excellent features, it’s important to remember that while it does provide a waterproof seal, it isn’t meant for full submersion. However, that said, it’s still an excellent choice for those looking for reliable protection against water damage during outdoor activities.

#10 MoKo Waterproof Phone Pouch

Water ResistanceIPX8 Certified
SizeCompatible with devices up to 8″
DurabilityMade from sturdy PVC material

The MoKo Waterproof Phone Pouch is a wonderfully functional choice for those who enjoy water-based activities, but want to keep their devices safe and dry. Flaunting an impressive IPX8 certification, this phone pouch provides robust protection from water, dust, and dirt. It stands out for its compatibility with a vast array of smartphones, fitting devices up to 8″.

Crafted from robust PVC, it promises durability and longevity, assuring you that it’s not just another disposable accessory. Its highlight is that it allows full touch-screen functionality, letting you shoot photos or reply to emails easily.

With a wider strap design than typical waterproof phone pouches, the MoKo pouch offers a comfortable wearing experience. In the tough but expansive category of waterproof smartphone bags, it’s a very competitive contender.

Checklist: What makes a great Waterproof Smartphone Bag

  • Water Resistance: The main function of a Waterproof Smartphone Bag is to protect your phone from water damage. Look for an IPX8 certification which indicates the ability to keep your device dry even when submerged underwater up to 100 feet.
  • Size: The bag should accommodate various device sizes. Consider your smartphone’s dimensions and ensure the bag can securely encase it. Bags that can accommodate devices up to 8 inches offer a broad size compatibility, catering to most phone models.
  • Durability: A solid Waterproof Smartphone Bag is expected to be made from robust and long-lasting materials. Many are crafted from high-quality PVC or TPU material, proving its ability to withstand constant use and contact with disinfectants.
  • Functionality: In addition to being waterproof, an effective Smartphone Bag should provide full touchscreen functionality. This allows you to use your phone without the need to remove it from the pouch, which could expose it to potential damage.
  • Convenience: Watch out for extra features that might significantly enhance your user experience. Bags that are offered with features like a sturdy lanyard for easy carrying or the inclusion of multiple bags in a pack provide added value.


What features should you consider when buying a Waterproof Smartphone Bag?

When buying a Waterproof Smartphone Bag, consider its water resistance, size, durability, functionality, and convenience features like carrying straps or multiple bags in a pack.

Why are Waterproof Smartphone Bags necessary for water-based activities?

Waterproof Smartphone Bags are necessary to protect your phone from water damage and other elements like dust or sand during water-based activities.

Can you operate your phone while it’s in a Waterproof Smartphone Bag?

Yes, most Waterproof Smartphone Bags allow full touchscreen functionality, so you can use your phone without removing it from the bag.

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