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Are you frustrated with cluttered or chaotic storage for your paddleboards?

Struggling to find a practical and convenient solution that takes the brunt out of the board organization? Fear no more!

Whether you’re an avid surfer grappling with overflowing boards in the garage or a SUP enthusiast in need of compact, efficient storage, you’ll no longer be encumbered by disorganization.

Thankfully, SUP wall racks have emerged as our saving grace — they’re sturdy, space-saving, and easy to install.

Together, we’ll dive deep into the world of the best SUP wall racks. We’ll unravel their unique strengths, explore their robust materials and handy features, and highlight the ones that promise to take your SUP storage to the next level.

Stay with us as we navigate the top-rated options bound to transform how you store your boards. Let the decluttering begin!

#1 RAD Sportz Wall Hanger Pro Kayak

MaterialYellow Powder-Coated Steel, Foam Padding
Load Capacity125 lbs
Ease of InstallationEasy; Can be mounted on wall studs

The RAD Sportz Wall Hanger Pro Kayak and Stand Up Paddle Board Foam Padded SUP Rack is the perfect storage solution for your aquatic sports equipment. It offers a versatile design, suitable for wall mounting at home or business settings. Able to support up to 125 pounds, this rack can house even larger-sized paddle boards and kayaks.

The unit is crafted with high-quality yellow powder-coated steel that assures lasting durability. Additional foam padding on the hooks provides extra protection and prevents unwanted scratches on your equipment.

The inclusion of nylon straps and clips assures secure hold of your gear, eliminating worries of accidental falls. Its bright yellow color also adds a vibrant touch to any space. This makes the RAD Sportz Wall Hanger Pro Kayak the go-to choice for SUP Wall Racks and the best value for our consumers.

#2 StoreYourBoard Standup Paddleboard and Surfboard Storage Rack

MaterialSolid alloy steel
Load Capacity50 pounds
Ease of InstallationEasy, includes wood mounting hardware for maximum strength

Constructed from robust alloy steel, the StoreYourBoard Standup Paddleboard and Surfboard Storage Rack is a durable and space-efficient way to store your boards.

The build ensures a notable load capacity of up to 50 pounds, making it suitable for keeping multiple surfboards or SUPs secure.

The thick padding wrapped around the rack prevents your precious boards from getting scratches or markings, even with regular use.

The installation is straightforward, and quality wood mounting hardware ensures maximum stability, making it an optimal choice for securely storing boards on walls or ceilings.

Built to last, this Storage Rack is a viable choice in SUP Wall Racks for its impressive load capacity, sturdy build, and easy installation.

Buying this product also means supporting small businesses, and contributing to diverse market growth.

#3 StoreYourBoard Naked SUP Wall Rack

MaterialAluminum with heavy-duty felt padding
Load Capacity1 Paddleboard
Ease of InstallationEasy, mounts on any wall

StoreYourBoard Naked SUP Wall Rack is your third choice pick in SUP wall racks. It flawlessly blends functionality and style with its slim and compact design. The aluminum construction ensures reliability and rust resistance while heavy-duty felt padding prevents board scratches.

The rack extends 11″ from the wall able to accommodate various types of paddleboards and a 4.5″ tall front lip provides added security. Remarkably, despite its minimalist design, it gives the illusion of the paddleboard floating on the wall. This is an extraordinary feat of design for those who love to display their paddleboards.

Easy to install, it mounts on any wall for those who prefer home, garage, or paddle shop storage. It makes single paddleboard storage simple and is also compatible with other racks for more storage options. As such, this rack showcases the versatility and space efficiency of StoreYourBoard products.

The StoreYourBoard Naked SUP Wall Rack is therefore an excellent choice for paddleboard enthusiasts. Its durability, ease of installation, and minimalist design put it high on the list in the SUP wall racks category. It’s more than just a storage solution, it’s a way to showcase your passion for paddleboarding.

#4 Vahodegn Kayak Steel Storage Rack

MaterialTubular low-carbon Steel
Load Capacity100 pounds
Ease of InstallationEasy (with provided screws and anchors)

The Vahodegn Kayak Steel Storage Rack is a fantastic option for efficient storage and organization of your outdoor equipment. The rack is made of top-quality tubular low-carbon steel, ensuring durability and a maximum load capacity of 100 pounds. This versatility means it can hold various items such as kayaks, SUP boards, and snowboards without issue.

A unique feature is the rack’s EVA arm protector, which aids in preventing any damage to your equipment. The addition of eight screws and eight anchors makes the installation straightforward, so you’ll have your equipment neatly organized in no time. Whether in your garage or utility room, this product is a practical choice.

Moreover, the Rack isn’t solely for boards and kayaks. With a sizable gap and a tall front lip, this product becomes a versatile storage solution for items like bicycles, tools, and sports equipment. As such, it proves its worth as a terrific all-around solution for those storage woes.

The design and style of the rack also bring an aesthetic boost to any space it’s placed in. Its sleek design is comfortable for holding larger items and can easily be customized to add some extra flair to your space. Ultimately, your organization and design needs are well covered by the Vahodegn Kayak Steel Storage Rack.

To sum it up, the Vahodegn Kayak Steel Storage Rack’s versatility, durability, and customization options make it a great storage solution. With a solid load capacity, this rack is an amazing addition to your SUP wall rack collection, guaranteeing reliable and space-saving storage for various types of sporting and outdoor equipment.

#5 Best Marine Kayak Storage Racks

MaterialCoated Steel and Nylon
Load Capacity125 pounds
Ease of InstallationEasy, with no additional assembly required

The Best Marine Kayak Storage Racks, from the Boston-based, family-owned company Best Marine, excel in offering a highly durable and versatile solution for storing kayaks and SUP paddle boards.

Specifically designed for heavier kayaks and paddle boards, they can comfortably carry up to 125 pounds.

Constructed from coated steel and nylon, these racks offer impressive longevity. The racks provide flexibility, able to be installed on a variety of surfaces from sheds and decks to docks and garages.

The adjustable support straps ensure a secure fit and protect your equipment from potential scratches.

Installing the racks is a breeze; you just need to locate the studs in your wall and insert three screws per rack.

This stress-free installation, combined with the solid construction, makes these racks a strong contender in the SUP Wall Racks category.

#6 StoreYourBoard Adjustable Surfboard Storage Rack

MaterialSolid Steel
Load Capacity100 lbs
Ease of InstallationUser friendly with included hardware

StoreYourBoard’s Adjustable Surfboard Storage Rack is an excellent choice for organizing and safely storing up to four surfboards.

Its solid steel construction offers superior durability while the 100 lbs total carrying capacity caters to most surfboards. With adjustable levels, this rack can hold shortboards, longboards, fishboards, and even funboards.

The features are driven by user convenience. The rack comes complete with an easy installation design. The attachments ensure that your boards are secured neatly, and are rubber-coated to maintain your surfboards’ quality by preventing any scratching or denting.

Proudly designed in the USA, the StoreYourBoard Adjustable Surfboard rack is a hassle-free and reliable solution when it comes to surfboard storage and organization. It addresses all the critical factors of an efficient SUP Wall Rack.

#7 Wintek Heavy Duty Wall Mount Storage Hook Rack

Materialpowder-coated tubular steel
Load Capacity100 lbs per pair
Ease of Installationcomes with screws and plastic anchors

The Wintek Wall Mount Hook Rack defines efficient organization for your SUP boards and other large or bulky items.

Constructed of durable, powder-coated tubular steel, it assures substantial support, holding up to 100 lbs per hook. The rust resistance adds longevity, giving you reliable storage solutions over time.

This wall rack offers hassle-free installation due to the inclusive screws and anchors. Moreover, each hook measures 10″H x 16″D, providing ample space for storage. The arm protector additionally safeguards your stored items from scratches or damage.

The Wintek wall rack delivers sturdiness and versatility, being a handy storage option for both indoor and outdoor settings. It’s not only a top-notch SUP wall rack choice but a versatile storage solution for a garage or storage area.

Praised for its ease of installation and value for money, this product resonates with customers’ needs. The Wintek Hook Rack undeniably encapsulates an operable and clutter-free storage environment.

#8 Yes4All Heavy Duty Steel Wall Mount Paddle Board Rack

MaterialHeavy-Gauge Steel with Anti-Rust Black Powder Coating
Load CapacityUp to 40 lbs per Rack Arm
Ease of InstallationComes with Screws and Anchors for convenient Mounting

Say hello to a clutter-free garage! Yes4All Heavy Duty Steel Wall Mount Paddle Board Rack leaves you in awe with its robust construction, snuggly fitting multiple surfboards, snowboards, or longboards. Skillfully created with steady, corrosion-resistant steel, it’s a strong and lasting storage option.

The rack can vividly display three boards, each stored on a thick foam-padded arm. This padding not only prevents unpleasant scratches but provides a better grip, ensuring your boards don’t slip off unintentionally. The 34.25″ height, 5.51″ width, and 3.54″ depth mean there’s plenty of space with a secure hold of up to 40 lbs per arm.

What’s more, its innovative design allows for easy adjustments and customization to accommodate different board sizes. The removable arms with a simple push-pin mechanism make this task a breeze.

The inclined arms use gravity to keep everything securely in place, minimizing falling risks. Well thought out, isn’t it?

Indubitably, the Yes4All Paddle Board Rack is a practical choice in the SUP Wall Rack category, providing a durable and safe storage solution. Despite it not being at the very top of our list, it’s been impressing our users with its balance of durability, functionality, and value for money.

#9 StoreYourBoard G-SUP Wall Mounted Standup Paddleboard Storage Rack

MaterialHeavy-duty Aluminum and Steel
Load CapacityUp to 100 lbs per Level and a Total of 400 lbs
Ease of InstallationEasy with Clear Instructions

The StoreYourBoard G-SUP Wall Mounted Standup Paddleboard Storage Rack sets a high standard among SUP Wall Racks.

With a keen focus on customization, its adjustable levels blended with 45 mounting points, allow you to shape your storage attachments to fit your different paddleboards.

Made from heavy-duty aluminum and steel, this rack doesn’t compromise durability for flexibility, handling up to 100 lbs per level or 400 lbs in total.

Built-in metal loops on each storage level facilitate greater security for your paddleboards, accommodating cable locks or bungee cords.

The StoreYourBoard G-SUP handles a variety of paddleboards, including racing, touring, inflatable, yoga, and flatwater paddleboards.

Benefiting from a patent-pending design, this SUP wall rack stands out as a reliable choice for teasing order from the chaos of your paddleboard collection.

#10 Onefeng Sports SUP Wall Rack

MaterialAluminium with Foam Paddle Cradles
Load Capacity100 lbs
Ease of InstallationIncludes Step-by-step Instructions, Screws and Anchors

Highly versatile, the Onefeng Sports SUP Wall Rack is a fantastic storage solution for surfboards and similar sporting equipment.

Constructed from durable aluminum, with foam paddle cradles, this rack ensures your equipment remains safeguarded from potential damage. The 18.8″L x 5.9″W dimensions and maximum load capacity of 100 lbs further symbolize its robustness and versatility.

The easy installation process is another thoughtful feature, as the product accompanies step-by-step instructions, screws, and anchors. This rack has certainly marked its efficiency in catering to your storage needs, providing the right space and support for your equipment.

One notable drawback is a minor manufacturing defect observed by a customer, which could potentially lead to scratches on boards. Regardless, the Onefeng Sports SUP Wall Rack remains a robust and reliable choice in the SUP Wall Racks category.

Checklist: What makes a great SUP Wall Rack

  • Material: High-quality materials such as steel, aluminum or coated steel should be used in the rack’s construction to ensure durability and sturdiness. Some racks even feature anti-rust coating, which proves beneficial for longevity.
  • Load Capacity: Depending on your needs, pay attention to the rack’s load capacity. Weight limits can range from being able to support only one paddle board to much heavier capacities holding up to 125 pounds, making them suitable for multiple SUPs or larger-sized paddle boards.
  • Ease of Installation: SUP wall racks should come with the necessary screws and anchors, offering easy and convenient mounting. Some racks can be mounted on wall studs while others can be installed on any wall structure. Verify if the product comes with clear installation instructions too.
  • Design and Features: Check for useful features like foam padding or protective arm wrappings to prevent scratches and damage to your SUPs. Flexible and adjustable level design can allow you to customize your storage to fit different board sizes, enhancing functionality and convenience.
  • Versatility: Some wall racks can serve as multipurpose storage solutions, holding not only paddleboards but also other sporting or outdoor equipment like kayaks, bicycles, and snowboards. If you have a variety of gear, consider these versatile racks for efficient storage and organization.


What are the key features to look for in a good SUP wall rack?

A great SUP Wall Rack should have high-grade material for durability, a suitable load capacity for your needs, ease of installation, functional features like padding for protection, and versatility for storing other equipment.

Can SUP wall racks hold other equipment apart from paddleboards?

Yes, many SUP wall racks are designed to hold a range of sporting equipment including kayaks, snowboards, and even bicycles, making them versatile storage solutions.

What can be done to prevent scratching or damaging of paddleboards on SUP wall racks?

Foam padding or protective arm wrappings on a SUP wall rack can help prevent scratches and damage to your paddleboards.

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