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SUP Carrier Straps – a necessity for any watersports enthusiast.

They ease the transportation of your favorite watercraft, preventing damage and boosting convenience – a little thing that makes a world of difference.

Curious? Then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’re guiding you to the best SUP Carrier Straps available today!

We’ve inspected a slew of straps from durable materials to adjustable lengths that cater to every preference and need.

Get ready! Your perfect SUP Carrier Strap is just a scroll away.

#1 Tactical Element SUP Carrier Strap

MaterialDurable Polyester
Load CapacityVarious Sizes and Types of Watercraft

The Tactical Element SUP Carrier Strap is a must-have for any water sports enthusiast. Its reliable polyester material and adjustable length make it a versatile solution for carrying different types of watercraft, including SUP boards, surfboards, and even kayaks.

Offering a user-friendly design, this strap features adjustable loops and snap hooks ensuring a secure hold for your watercraft. Its standout feature is the handy integrated paddle holder. This accessory allows users to keep their hands free during transport – a thoughtfully invaluable addition to your gear.

Designed with comfort in mind, the shoulder strap provides padding for a soft carrying experience. Protection pads called placement points are also included to prevent any potential scratches on your watercraft, adding to its great feature list.

However, it should be noted that the padding on the shoulder strap may be a bit thin for frequent long walks. Nevertheless, for shorter distances, the comfort it offers is sufficient.

To sum it up, the Tactical Element SUP Carrier Strap stands out in its category. With its top-notch material, easy-to-use design, dependable load capacity, and integrated paddle holder, it is the best SUP Carrier Strap that offers exceptional value for its affordable price.

Adjustable SUP Carrying Strap with Paddle Holder

Tactical Element SUP Carrying Strap

#2 SUP-Now Paddleboard Carrier Strap

MaterialMetal and Triple-Padded Neoprene
Load CapacitySuitable for all paddleboard sizes

SUP-Now Paddleboard Carrier Strap makes transporting your board effortless, offering unrivaled comfort and convenience. Manufactured with a combination of metal and triple-padded neoprene material, this strap is highly durable and comfortable to use.

This carrier strap features an adjustable length, catering to paddleboards of all sizes. It comes with two industrial-strength Velcro straps to secure your paddle, augmenting the strap’s functionality further. The all-metal hardware construction, makes it stand out among its peers in terms of reliability and longevity.

Reinforced by a lifetime warranty, SUP-Now guarantees total satisfaction with this product. Additionally, its commitment to environmental conservation is a notable advantage, as tree planting accompanies every purchase. All these elements make the SUP-Now Paddleboard Carrier Strap an admirable option within this category.

#3 OCEANBROAD SUP Kayak Carry Strap

MaterialHigh-quality Polypropylene
Load Capacity45 lbs. (Approximately)

The OCEANBROAD SUP Kayak Carry Strap stands out with its high-quality polypropylene material, ensuring durability and longevity. It features an upgraded 2023 design that further enhances the user experience with sturdy, non-slip shoulder straps and wider, thicker pads. These improvements allow for a comfortable, secure, and injury-free way to transport your paddle board, canoe, or surfboard.

Besides, this strap is versatile, offering adjustability to accommodate different board heights and sizes. The addition of looped straps and a clip allow for added stability, making it easier to carry your board.

Interestingly, its multifunctional design includes a paddle holder and a bottle opener. Eliminating the need to carry paddles separately makes convenience one of its standout features.

In summary, the OCEANBROAD SUP Kayak Carry Strap is a great choice in the paddleboard carrying category with its multifunctional features, durable materials, and customer-rated ease of use. Its practical and thoughtful design is perfect for anyone seeking a reliable carrying solution for their watersport gear.

#4 Gradient Fitness Kayak Paddle Board Shoulder Strap

MaterialDurable Nylon
Load CapacityCapabilities for Kayak/SUP/Surfboard

Built to last, the Gradient Fitness Kayak Paddle Board Shoulder Strap caters well to water sports aficionados. The blend of durability and comfort it offers guarantees an easy carrying experience for your equipment regardless of location.

This strap stands out from the rest due to its special features: a softly padded shoulder piece and tri-glide pieces that are adjustable to accommodate boards and kayaks of all widths. Even better, it comes with holders for your paddles that ensure a truly hands-free experience.

Made from sturdy nylon material, the strap is designed to endure the hardship of outdoor usage. With metal hardware that is both reinforced and padded, it promises not to impair your board’s surface.

Primarily designed for comfort, it evenly distributes the weight across your shoulder, making it less strenuous to carry the equipment over longer durations.

Combining the paddle holders, easy adjustability, and comfort features, the Gradient Fitness Kayak Paddle Board Shoulder Strap is undeniably a solid choice when it comes to SUP Carrier Straps. Its focus on ensuring a pain-free carrying experience truly sets it apart!

#5 GOBUROS Paddle Board Carrying Strap

MaterialQuality Nylon
Load CapacityHeavy-duty Metal Hardware

The GOBUROS Paddle Board Carrying Strap offers an unparalleled level of convenience and functionality. Made from quality nylon and featuring heavy-duty metal hardware, these straps ensure durability and longevity. They are adjustable to accommodate a variety of sizes and types of water sports equipment such as paddle boards, kayaks, canoes, surfboards, and more.

An added advantage is the provided detachable storage bag, a handy feature for carrying small essential items. The strap is also equipped with extra fastener straps for securing paddles.

Notably, the design includes a soft shoulder pad for comfort and a buckle pad for protecting your equipment from scratches. With this strap, you’ll find transporting your board is significantly easier, leaving your hands free and your mind at ease, knowing your equipment is secured tightly.

While some minor improvements can be made, they do not take away from the overall excellent quality of this strap. The GOBUROS Paddle Board Carrying Strap stands out amongst SUP carrier straps, making it a great choice for both beginners and professionals.

#6 ZipSeven SUP Carrier Shoulder Strap

MaterialDurable fabric with soft shoulder pad
LengthAdjustable from 29.5 to 59 inches
Load CapacitySuitable for SUP boards, surfboards, inflatable rafts, bags

Given its thoughtful design and its rugged build, the ZipSeven SUP Carrier Shoulder Strap comes across as a reliable carrying solution for all types of surfers and paddle board enthusiasts. It hosts an adjustable length and a quick-release metal hook, ensuring easy attachment and detachment.

The padded shoulder strap significantly enhances comfort levels, and the durability of the carrier strap is evident with the use of a robust, metal hook; a feature that sets it apart from similar offerings utilizing weaker plastic hooks.

Users have praised the ZipSeven SUP Carrier Shoulder Strap for its functionality and comfort, making it a popular choice within the SUP Carrier Straps category. With its combination of comfort, durability, and adjustability, this product will surely satisfy your carrying needs.

#7 Rosefray Paddle Board Carrier

MaterialNylon and Neoprene
Load CapacitySuitable for most boards

The Rosefray Paddle Board Carrier is a fantastic addition for paddleboard enthusiasts. Tailored from robust nylon, its structure offers durability and strength. An adjustable length ensures comfort and a firm fit regardless of the board’s size or user’s height. Safety isn’t compromised either, with reinforced metal bearing buckles and a secure wrap.

Comfort is also emphasized. Neoprene padding on the shoulder and buckle pads provides a soft cushion, enabling convenient carriage of paddleboards, longboards, or kayaks. The Rosefray Paddle Board Carrier offers versatility in color options and single or double strap choices, catering to individual preferences and needs.

Stored easily in the included bag, the Rosefray Paddle Board Carrier features a compact and user-friendly design, making it an excellent choice in the SUP carrier strap category.

#8 Jinvun Paddle Board SUP Strap

MaterialHeavy-duty Nylon
Load CapacitySuitable for Paddleboards, Surfboards, and Kayaks

The Jinvun Paddle Board SUP Strap is a convenient solution for outdoor enthusiasts transporting their watercraft for adventure. Featuring a universal design, it caters not only to paddleboard carriers but also accommodates surfboards and kayaks.

Constructed with heavy-duty nylon, durability is a key advantage of this carrier strap. Tear and rip-resistant, it’s designed for consistent outdoor use, including exposure to beach and lake environments.

Adjustability allows for a customizable fit, accommodating both shorter and taller individuals comfortably. Moreover, the hook and loop closure system and reinforced buckles ensure your board remains secure while on the move.

With the inclusion of a water-resistant padded neoprene shoulder pad, your comfort is a priority during transportation. Plus, it doubles as a protective measure against possible water damage.

In conclusion, the Jinvun Paddle Board SUP Strap is an excellent choice within the carrier strap arena. User-friendly and robust, it offers a convenient and comfortable way to transport your watercraft adventures.

#9 PPXIA Paddle Board Carry Strap

MaterialHigh-quality Nylon
Load CapacitySuitable for Paddleboards, Surfboards, Longboards, and Kayaks

The PPXIA Paddle Board Carry Strap is a highly-practical SUP Carrier Strap. This standout product boasts comfortable, adjustable nylon straps to ensure suitability for various users and equipment.

This strap is also constructed to handle paddleboards, surfboards, longboards, and kayaks. The adaptability and variety of uses make it a highly versatile option in this category.

Additionally, the PPXIA Paddle Board Carry Strap flaunts a robust safety lock buckle, reinforcing durability and long product life. This design also includes soft, high-quality neoprene shoulder pads that distribute weight evenly, making long-distance hauls significantly easier.

Furthermore, the PPXIA Paddle Board Carry Strap offers a range of colors, infusing a touch of personalization into this utility-oriented product.

Considering all these attributes, this carrier strap is an admirable choice, bridging the gap between functionality and comfort.

#10 LINGVUM Paddle Board Carrier

MaterialHeavy-duty Nylon with Neoprene Padding
LengthAdjustable up to 48.4″
Bundle straps adjustable up to 45.2″
Load CapacityUnspecified, fits most paddleboards and surfboards

If you’re a water adventurer and you own a paddleboard, the LINGVUM Paddle Board Carrier strap is an invaluable essential. It securely and conveniently allows you to tote your board around. Made with durable, wear-resistant nylon, it offers excellent resilience for outdoor usage.

Its length is adjustable up to 48.4 inches and can accommodate most paddleboards, offering you a versatile carrying solution. The strap also features separate holders and Velcro to secure your paddle, offering hands-free carrying.

In terms of comfort, the carrier excels with a padded shoulder strap easing pressure and preventing slippage. This design innovation provides a relieving blend of utility and comfort.

Durable hardware hooks ensure the carrier strap holds up well over time. With its lightweight and portability, the LINGVUM Paddle Board Carrier indeed stands out as a solid choice within the realm of SUP carrier straps.

Checklist: What makes great SUP Carrier Straps

  • Material: The strap material needs to be durable and should ideally be made of strong materials like nylon, polyester, or neoprene. This ensures the straps can carry your watercraft without breaking or tearing.
  • Design: Choose a SUP Carrier Strap with an easy-to-use design. This could be incorporating adjustability, a user-friendly buckle or clip system for securing watercraft, a dedicated holder for paddles, or extra features for added convenience.
  • Length and Capacity: The strap length should be adjustable to cater to your requirements. Similarly, the load capacity should be enough to carry various sizes and types of watercraft like SUP boards, surfboards, and kayaks.
  • Comfort: SUP Carrier Straps should offer comfort to the carrier. This can be provided through shoulder padding or distributing the weight evenly across your shoulder.
  • Extra Features: Look for SUP Carrier Straps that come with extra features such as a storage bag, a bottle opener, or tree planting initiatives that show a commitment towards environmental health and protection.


Why are SUP Carrier Straps necessary?

SUP Carrier Straps are essential for conveniently and safely transporting your watercraft like SUP boards, surfboards, or kayaks, preventing potential damages.

What materials are suitable for SUP Carrier Straps?

SUP Carrier Straps should ideally be made from robust materials like nylon, polyester, or neoprene to ensure durability and prevent tearing.

What are some desired features in SUP Carrier Straps?

Desired features in SUP Carrier Straps include adjustability, easy-to-use design, sufficient load capacity, a comfortable shoulder pad, and extra features like a storage bag.

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