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Whether you’re a seasoned paddle boarder or a novice just getting your feet wet, you understand the crucial role of shoes for this activity.

It’s not just about the style. The best paddle boarding shoes need to offer comfort, superior grip, quick-drying features, and durability.

With countless choices on the market, how can you determine which are worth your time and money?

Let us guide you in this deep dive, where we’ve carefully curated the top-rated paddle boarding shoes available.

Ready to find the perfect pair to amp up your paddle boarding adventure? Let’s get started!

#1 VIFUUR Water Sports Unisex Shoes

Material100% Synthetic
TractionRubber Sole
FitSmooth Neck Design

The VIFUUR Water Sports Unisex Shoes are a fantastic choice for paddle boarding enthusiasts thanks to their convenient design and comfort level. They’re crafted from 100% synthetic material, which makes them durable and perfect for water sports. Increased safety is ensured by their rubber sole which offers significant ground traction.

The shoes showcase a smooth neck design to prevent chafing, while breathable and stretchable fabrics secure snug and comfortable fit. The VIFUUR Water Sports Unisex Shoes don’t just offer functionality but style as well, coming in a variety of attractive colors.

Rubber outsole and added protective features make these shoes ideal for beach and water activities. Being lightweight and quick-drying, they stand out in the category making them the best shoes for paddle boarding.

#2 NING MENG Aqua Socks Beach Water Shoes

MaterialBreathable and smooth fabric
TractionHigh-quality thickened and anti-slip sole
FitTrue to size

NING MENG Aqua Socks Beach Water Shoes are an excellent choice for any aquatic venture. Crafted with lightweight and breathable fabric, these shoes are as comfortable as they are practical. The true-to-size fit ensures a snug and secure experience while the vibrant color options add a touch of personality.

The beauty of these kicks lies in their durability and functionality. The rubber soles are thickened to ensure longevity and provide notable anti-slip traction, guaranteeing safety on wet surfaces. This makes them ideal for a variety of activities such as paddle boarding, swimming, and beach strolling.

Quick-drying and built with an ultra-flexible design, the Aqua Socks allow for supreme comfort during your water adventures. Compounded with a weight of just 7.2 ounces and compact dimensions, these shoes are highly portable and travel-friendly.

The NING MENG Aqua Socks Beach Water Shoes are a perfect blend of fashion and function, a great selection for anyone passionate about paddle boarding or other water-based fun. Top-notch in quality and providing a comforting and convenient experience, these are truly worthwhile.

All in all, these shoes are more than a mere footwear choice; they are a testament to comfortable and secure sea-loving adventures. Your feet deserve the NING MENG goodness.

#3 SIMARI Barefoot Water Shoes

MaterialElastic Diving Material
TractionSlip-resistant TPR sole with Mango-texture
FitTrue to size with a soft, snug fit

Built with outdoor lovers in mind, the SIMARI Barefoot Water Shoes are a unique blend of comfort, style, and performance. These shoes are crafted with a high-elastic diving material that provides a soft, snug fit, making them as comfortable as wearing socks.

The traction is exceptional, thanks to its TPR sole that mimics the texture of mangoes, providing excellent grip on slippery spots and security from hot surfaces.

The shoes are incredibly easy to get on and off, featuring a sleek neckline design that pampers your ankles. Portability is another convenience, with a lightweight, compressible form for seamless transport.

Offering a variety of enigmatic styles, the SIMARI Barefoot Water Shoes are a delightful choice for paddlers seeking high-performance footwear polished with a lively finish. Among paddleboarding shoes, these remain a top choice for their striking equilibrium of comfort, traction, and style.

#4 Barerun Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoes

MaterialBreathable Textile Fabric & High-Quality Rubber
TractionAnti-Slip Rubber Soles
FitVarious sizes for Both Men and Women

Barerun’s Barefoot Quick-Dry Water Sports Shoes are celebrated for making aquatic adventures more comfortable. The non-slip, high-quality rubber soles ensure you have unyielding traction, no matter how wet your conditions get. The material used, breathable-textile fabric, keeps your feet fresh, maximizing comfort for those long days out paddle boarding.

These shoes are ideal for those looking for a near-barefoot paddling experience. The snug fit and smooth neck design minimizes chafing, offering an unhindered and comfortable time paddling or partaking in other watersports. Furthermore, they are convenient and easy to take off after a tiring day in the water.

One key attribute of these water sports shoes is the wide range of available sizes, catering to both men and women. This allows paddle boarders of all shapes and sizes to enjoy a fit that’s just right for them. Moreover, with an assortment of colors and patterns on offer, there’s undoubtedly a style that will complement your board.

These Barerun Barefoot Water Sports Shoes take the fourth spot on our list for good reasons. They demonstrate a remarkable blend of comfort, grip, and style, suiting myriad activities including beach volleyball, cycling, and even driving. The shoes’ lightweight and compact design make them an essential addition to your gear when you plan to pick up the paddle.

Ideal for an array of outdoor activities, we applaud these shoes for their versatile and protective designs. Barerun’s Barefoot Water Sports Shoes offer excellent value for paddle boarders searching for a shoe that merges style, comfort, and versatility. Their strong, non-slip soles and a variety of aesthetic choices make them a top runner among paddle boarding footwear.

#5 XUKER Neoprene Water Socks

Material3mm Neoprene
TractionAnti-slip Sole
FitErgonomic Design, True to Size

The XUKER Neoprene Water Socks are a comfortable fit for paddle boarding enthusiasts. Made from premium quality 3mm neoprene material, they provide excellent insulation and warmth in cooler waters.

These socks have an anti-slip sole that ensures superior grip and foot protection, making them ideal for paddle boarding. The flexible and ultra-stretchy material guarantees a snug fit and the glued blind stitched seams minimize water entry, keeping your feet dry.

Moreover, these socks come with an abrasion-resistant coating, providing substantial durability. Whether for paddleboarding, swimming, or just strolling along the beach, the XUKER Neoprene Water Socks prove to be a reliable footwear choice.

Beyond their functionality, these neoprene socks are easy to care for. They are hand-washable and dry easily in the open air. Overall, they are a worthwhile investment in the realm of paddle boarding shoes.

#6 OMGear Water Socks Neoprene Socks

Material3mm quality neoprene with 4-way stretchy nylon
TractionRubber printing for anti-slip performance
FitAdjustable strap ensures secure fit and prevents entry of sands

The OMGear Water Socks Neoprene Socks are a high-quality choice for paddle boarding. Crafted with a 3mm thick neoprene fabric, they provide excellent foot protection against cuts, punctures, and the cold, while ensuring long-lasting durability with their robust, 4-way stretchy nylon lamination.

The integration of rubber printing on the soles enhances their performance as it offers abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and reliable grip on different surfaces. This addresses safety concerns by promoting confident and sturdy foot movement.

Their low-cut design coupled with an adjustable strap adds flexibility and comfort, ensuring a secure fit to keep out sand and other small particles. Offering the sensation of being barefoot, these neoprene socks make every water adventure an enjoyable experience.

One of the standout features is the durability of its flatlock stitched seams, enhancing the lifespan of the socks. These neoprene socks indeed make every paddle boarding experience enjoyable and safe, making them a notable choice in the category.

#7 OMGear Aqua Socks

Material83% Nylon, 17% Spandex
TractionReinforced Anti-slip Sole
FitSnug with Sizes from XS to 3XL

OMGear Aqua Socks make a great addition to your water sports gear. They are primarily made from nylon with a hint of spandex, making them super stretchy, breathable, and highly comfortable, something much needed when paddleboarding.

The reinforced anti-slip sole ensures your safety, providing excellent traction on sandy, rugged, or slippery surfaces that make a huge difference when you are out on the water.

Moreover, the elastic fit provided by these socks enables them to snugly adapt to your feet, eliminating the risk of the socks slipping off in the water. Available in a range of sizes from XS to 3XL, they offer a perfect fit for everyone.

In the sea of paddleboarding shoes, OMGear Aqua Socks stand out for their comfort, protection, and durability. They are a great choice for all paddle board lovers.

#8 Cressi Isla 5mm Men’s Diving Boots

MaterialDouble-lined neoprene with rubber reinforcement
TractionHeavy-duty sole for maximum grip
FitVarious sizes with a practical zip from sole to ankle

Cressi Isla 5mm Men’s Diving Boots offer warmth, comfort, and stability making them a reliable choice for water sports enthusiasts. Made from soft, double-lined neoprene and reinforced with rubber, they are designed for rugged use and longevity.

The heavy-duty sole provides excellent traction, making it ideal for traversing rocky terrain or slippery surfaces. A practical zip feature extending from the sole to the ankle ensures that these boots are easy to slip on and off, adding to the convenience and user-friendly nature of this product.

The boots showcase a unique design at the back of the foot to comfortably accommodate scuba diving open-heel fins, making them a particularly strong contender for divers. With multiple sizes and color options available, the Cressi Isla 5mm Men’s Diving Boots cater to a wide audience ensuring a practical and personalized fit.

As an all-around performer, the Cressi Isla diving boots strike the right balance between comfort, durability, and design, making them a truly brilliant choice in the paddle boarding footwear category.

Taking into account these strong features and the positive customer feedback, these are undoubtedly some superlative paddle boarding shoes, worthy of your consideration.

#9 HISEA Unisex Waterproof Garden Shoes

Material5mm Neoprene and High-grade Rubber
TractionHigh traction, Anti-slip Bump Pattern Sole
FitStretch-Fit Comfort Topline, Lower Ankle Profile

These are the HISEA Unisex Waterproof Garden Shoes, a viable paddle boarding footwear option. Made with a combination of 5mm neoprene and high-grade rubber, they offer 100% waterproof protection. These materials assure durability and flexibility and most importantly keep your feet dry.

The shoes are designed with a bump pattern sole which not only prevents slipping but also ensures excellent traction even on uneven terrains. This is crucial for paddle boarding as it provides stability and grip when on board.

Comfort is a major selling point for these shoes. The stretch-fit comfort topline and lower ankle profile ensure an easy and secure fit. This design reduces restrictions on the movements of the foot and calf, making paddling easier and more efficient.

What sets these shoes apart in the world of paddle boarding is their breathability and overall comfort. They wick away moisture and sweat, keeping the feet dry and comfortable even during long hours of use. They also have a pull-on design, making them easy to put on and take off.

HISEA Unisex Waterproof Garden Shoes provide an optimal blend of waterproof protection, comfort, and high traction on wet surfaces, making them a solid choice for paddle boarding. As our number 9 choice, these shoes are a fantastic value in paddle boarding footwear.

#10 Cressi Minorca Neoprene Booties for Paddle Boarding

Material3mm Neoprene
TractionAnti-Slip and Durable Rubber Sole
FitVarious Sizes Available, Note: Sizing May Run Large/Small

For paddle boarding enthusiasts, finding the proper footwear is crucial. Enter Cressi Minorca Neoprene Booties, tailored specifically for this purpose. Crafted with a 3mm neoprene material, these booties are durable, guaranteeing seasons of comfortable paddle boarding.

The booties flaunt a good grip with their anti-slip sole made of heavy-duty and long-lasting rubber, ensuring your footing is steady even on wet surfaces. It’s perfect for enhancing your balance and precision while standing or sitting on the board.

When it comes to fitting, Cressi’s product stands out with its range of sizes. However, do note that sizing may vary depending on country standards. Making sure you refer to the provided size chart when ordering will make for a good fit.

For both novices and experts who engage in paddle boarding frequently, these booties are the quintessential piece of footwear. Their comfort, durability, and strong grip definitely make them a strong contender even in the competitive market of paddle boarding shoes.

Finally, given that these booties are designed by Cressi, a pioneer in water sports gear, guarantee an excellent design and quality that won’t disappoint. It’s fair to say that with Cressi Minorca Neoprene Booties, you’ll be stepping up your paddle boarding experience.

Checklist: What makes great Shoes for Paddle Boarding

  • Material: Material greatly determines the durability and functionality of the shoes. Quality materials like synthetic and neoprene, seen in options like VIFUUR’s or XUKER’s, provide superior durability and keep the feet dry.
  • Traction: The soles of paddle boarding shoes must provide a robust grip on slippery surfaces. High-traction, anti-slip soles, like those on NING MENG or OMGear shoes, promote safe and sturdy foot movement.
  • Fit: Paddle boarding shoes should offer a snug and comfortable fit. Shoes featuring a soft neck design or true-to-size fit, such as SIMARI Barefoot Water Shoes, guarantee a secure foothold.
  • Style: While functionality is paramount, the design adds to the appeal. Boring monochrome or vibrant multi-color – the choice matters. Products like Barerun Barefoot Shoes offer a variety of appealing designs and colors.
  • Portability: Light, compressible shoes like those from NING MENG or SIMARI are easier to transport. This feature makes them travel-friendly, an advantage during outdoor water adventures.
  • Flexibility: Paddle boarding shoes need to be flexible enough to ease movements while on a board. This makes features like the 4-way stretchy nylon in OMGear Neoprene socks crucial.


What should I look for in shoes for paddle boarding?

The best shoes for paddle boarding should offer comfort, superior grip, quick-drying features, and durability. They should also fit snugly and be easy to wear and remove.

Are certain materials better for paddle boarding shoes?

Yes, durable materials like synthetic and neoprene are ideal for paddle boarding shoes, as they offer superior durability and keep the feet dry.

Does the size and fit of paddle boarding shoes matter?

Yes, paddle boarding shoes should offer a snug and comfortable fit to ensure secure foot hold and prevent chafing. Various sizes cater to both men and women.

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