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Lost in the sea of options when it comes to picking the right pants for paddleboarding?

It’s an essential part of your gear, directly affecting your comfort, performance, and overall experience.

Don’t settle for less and expect a bumpy ride!

From durable material and fitting design to quick-drying capabilities, each detail should meet your specific needs.

Join us as we reveal the cream of the crop in the world of paddleboarding pants and ensure your next paddling adventure is smooth sailing.

Dive in to discover your perfect match!

#1 DIVE & SAIL Wetsuit Shorts Pants

Material90% premium SCR neoprene, 10% nylon
FitAdjustable high waist design, size Large for men
Quick Drying Capability2mm thickness neoprene material

The DIVE & SAIL Wetsuit Shorts Pants stand out as the best pants for paddle boarding. They feature a high-quality mix of 90% premium SCR neoprene and 10% nylon, offering superior elasticity and longevity. The 2mm thickness makes them quick-drying.

The flatlock stitching and high waist design enhance comfort and fit, proving ideal for a wide range of water activities including paddle boarding. The adjustable waist makes for easy wearing and removal.

Backed by an average customer rating of 4.4, these shorts not only provide exceptional warmth in water but also guard against skin irritation. With excellent reviews about sizing and comfort for women and for cooler water conditions for men, they are certainly a catch! Ensure to check the sizing guide for the perfect fit.

#2 GoldFin Women Neoprene Shorts

Material90% Neoprene and 10% Nylon Fabric
FitHigh Waist, Compression Fit
Quick Drying CapabilityFast Drying Neoprene Material

GoldFin Women’s Neoprene Shorts are an excellent addition to anyone’s paddle boarding gear collection. The shorts are made with a superior blend of neoprene and nylon fabric, ensuring that the pants are both comfortable and durable. The high waist cut of the shorts, combined with a compression fit, ensures that the shorts are comfortable and secure, making them an ideal choice for both beginners and experienced paddlers.

One of the stand-out features of the GoldFin shorts is their quick drying capability. Thanks to the use of innovative neoprene fabric, the shorts dry out quickly once out of the water. This feature makes them a reliable companion for long paddle boarding sessions, keeping the wearer dry and comfortable throughout the day.

The versatile nature of these shorts makes them suitable for a range of water activities besides paddle boarding. You can use them for swimming, kayaking, snorkeling and more. Coupled with high-quality customer service support from GoldFin, these shorts are a top choice for those seeking a high-performance option.

Given their high user ratings and multitude of features, it’s evident why GoldFin Women’s Neoprene Shorts fall as our second pick in the category of pants for paddle boarding. They are a reliable, comfortable, and versatile choice for any paddler, striking a perfect balance between function and style.

#3 Ubestyle UPF 50+ Swim Tights

Material82% Nylon, 18% Spandex
FitSlim, with medium compression
Quick Drying CapabilityYes, with superior breathability

The Ubestyle UPF 50+ Swim Tights are an excellent choice for those who spend a lot of time in the water. These swim tights work well in both saltwater and chlorine, boasting an impressive material mix of 82% Nylon and 18% Spandex, which makes them both durable and flexible.

Their slim fit and medium compression provide perfect shaping and support, making them a solid choice for various water activities. With superior breathability and quick-drying properties, they prevent discomfort and chafing.

Featuring a UPF rating of 50+, they protect you against 98% of UVA and UVB rays, helping you avoid sun damage. Altogether, the Ubestyle UPF 50+ Swim Tights stand as an excellent selection when looking for paddle boarding pants.

#4 GoldFin Wetsuit Pants Women

Material90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon
FitCompression, Various sizes available
Quick Drying CapabilityYes

GoldFin Wetsuit Pants Women are an excellent choice for those delving into various water activities. Constructed with a combination of 90% neoprene and 10% nylon fabric, these pants check all the boxes for sound insulation, maintaining warmth in cold water conditions.

The four-way stretch design with a thickness of 2mm enhances flexibility in the water, enabling fluid movements. The tight compression fit aids in performance and unique control during water activities. Along with offering excellent stretch, they secure skin names by preventing water-irritation, essentially due to the flatlock stitch design adopted.

Available in medium size and a pull-on style for ease of use, these pants are the ticket to a warm and comfortable experience during your water adventures. Overall, GoldFin Wetsuit Pants Women meets all the criteria – material, fit, and quick drying capability – making them an ideal addition to your paddleboarding gear.

#5 GoldFin Wetsuit Pants Men

Material90% Neoprene and 10% Nylon
FitCompression, available in X-Large
Quick Drying CapabilityHigh

Crafted for various water activities like snorkeling, diving, and kayaking, the GoldFin Wetsuit Pants for men stand out in the realm of water sports gear. Made from a blend of 90% neoprene and 10% nylon fabric, these pants offer a cozy and warm experience even in chilly water. The 1.5mm neoprene thickness alongside the three-layer super-elastic fabric ensures impressive stretchability, catering to all your active movements in water.

Owing to flatlock stitch construction, the GoldFin Wetsuit Pants offer high durability and prevent skin irritation during rigorous activities. They give you peace of mind as you enjoy your water escapades, thanks to their skin-friendly, breathable fabric. It also imparts an appealing shape recovery and a superb compression fit, ensuring comfort both on land and in water.

Unleashing exceptional control and agility due to the three-layer super elastic fabric, the GoldFin Wetsuit Pants makes your underwater movements smoother than ever. It brings out the best of your performance, no matter what the water activity is. Moreover, with a stylish gray color choice, it adds to your water sports style quotient as well.

GoldFin takes pride in its excellent customer service, addressing any query or concern within 24 hours. This commitment to customer satisfaction, in conjunction with a fantastic product, makes the GoldFin Wetsuit Pants a significant mark in the market. They are not just another pair of water sports pants; they are a comfortable, durable, and high-performing asset to your water sports kit.

To sum it up, the GoldFin Wetsuit Pants for Men is our number five pick for a reason. They are all about versatility, durability, and superb comfort. So, if you’re into various water sports and need a reliable pair of pants that offer warmth, flexibility, and a snug fit, don’t overlook the GoldFin Wetsuit Pants for Men. They have proven to be worth the investment for every water enthusiast.

#6 ATTRACO High Waisted Swim Pants

Material82% Nylon, 18% Spandex
FitHigh waist, elastic, and available in multiple sizes
Quick Drying CapabilityYes, these swim pants are quick-drying

Swim leggings have become a staple for water enthusiasts thanks to their stylish edge, and the ATTRACO High Waisted Swim Pants are no exception. They provide a perfect blend of style and functionality, essential for activities like paddleboarding.

The swim pants excel in terms of different criteria; the nylon-spandex material ensures both durability and a comfortable fit, while the high waist design is appreciated for providing excellent tummy control. They’re not waterproof, but these pants do dry quite rapidly, making them practical for paddleboarding.

Lightweight and highly elastic, these swim leggings do not restrict movement and allow the flexibility necessary for water adventures. Moreover, they promise sun protection making them perfect for hitting the waves any time of the day.

In the realm of swimwear for paddleboarding, ATTRACO High Waisted Swim Pants are a notable contender by offering unmatched comfort and protection.

#7 Cressi Hunter Camouflage Patterned Rash Guard Pants

MaterialStrong and Elastic Synthetic Fabric
FitAnatomical cuts with snug fitting foot loops
Quick Drying CapabilityYes

Cressi’s Hunter Camouflage Patterned Rash Guard Pants are a go-to choice for paddle boarders. Made of a robust yet elastic synthetic fabric, these pants ensures durability and flexibility that can withstand various water activities. Notably, they feature anatomical cuts for a comfortable fit, with snug footwear loops to prevent ride-ups.

The pants aren’t only about fit and comfort but also a shield for the adventurous water-sports person. They effectively protect against the wind and harmful UPF ultraviolet rays, helping you stay safe during your outings. Plus, a knee protection pad adds to their durability while providing added safety.

The Cressi Hunter Pants show off their mimetic patterns, adding a fun aesthetic that enables you to blend with marine life. This feature can particularly augment the experiences of spearfishers, snorkelers or plain sight-seers who wish to observe marine life undisturbed and up-close.

Crafted in Italy and manufactured in Asia, these pants reflect Cressi’s commitment to quality and design innovation. As a well-known pioneer in water-sports equipment, Cressi’s competitive edge is undeniably felt with these pants.

In conclusion, Cressi’s Hunter Camouflage Patterned Rash Guard Pants add value to the paddleboarding experience. Built for comfort, safety, and durability, they ultimately deliver on their promise for a seamless adventure – be it for spearfishing, snorkeling, or an invigorating paddle boarding session. This makes them a top choice for enthusiasts seeking high-quality paddle boarding pants.

Checklist: What makes great Pants for Paddle Boarding

  • Material: Prioritize durable materials like neoprene, nylon, or a blend for longevity and elasticity. They should provide insulation for warmth especially in cold water conditions. For UV protection, look for UPF-rated materials.
  • Fit: Ensure the pants offer a comfortable yet secure fit. High-waist or adjustable waist designs, compression types, and various sizes availability can enhance the fit. Features like foot loops can also provide extra convenience.
  • Quick Drying Capability: Go for pants that have superior quick-drying capabilities to keep you dry out of the water. This feature is key for long paddleboarding sessions and comfort throughout the day.
  • Resilience: Choose pants that are flexible and offer resistance to wind, UV rays, and chafing. They should also offer breathability and have stretchability features for easy underwater movements.
  • Extra Features: Consider pants with additional features for style and function. Mimetic patterns can enhance experience by helping you blend with marine life. Options with knee protection pads can offer extra safety.


What are good materials for paddleboarding pants?

High-quality materials like neoprene and nylon are ideal for paddleboarding pants due to their durability, elasticity, and ability to provide insulation in colder water conditions.

What features make for an excellent fit in paddleboarding pants?

Good paddleboarding pants should offer a comfortable and secure fit. High-waist or adjustable waist designs and compression types can enhance the fit. Consider extra features like foot loops for convenience.

How important is the quick-drying feature in paddleboarding pants?

Quick-drying capabilities are crucial in paddleboarding pants. This feature keeps you dry out of the water and provides comfort throughout longer paddleboarding sessions.

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