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Navigating the paddleboarding world can be overwhelming, especially when you’re emerging from beginner status into the realm of intermediate.

It’s easy to feel lost among the multitude of options, specifications, and jargon – not to mention concerns about durability, stability, and getting the right board for your needs.

But don’t worry. Your next paddleboarding adventure doesn’t need to be a leap of faith. Instead, let us guide you through the top picks for intermediate paddleboards, handpicked for their outstanding specs and rave reviews from users just like you.

Step up your game with a board that accelerates your progress and sparks a new level of excitement on every ride.

So buckle up and get ready for a deep dive into the world of paddleboards for intermediates. You’re about to discover your perfect match.

#1 Bluefin Cruise Inflatable Paddle Board

StabilityGreat balance between stability and glide
Durability“ESL Fusion-Layer” for UV resistant durability
Weight Limit70 kg (9’8″) – 130 kg (12′)

The Bluefin Cruise Inflatable Paddle Board shines in all the right places, making it our top choice for intermediates.

The board’s stability and gliding performance balanced with the “ESL Fusion-Layer” construction assures a lightweight yet durable experience. Its weight capacity is equally impressive, ranging from 70kg to 130kg depending on the size you choose.

You’ll love the eye-catching modern design, available in a gamut of vibrant colors. The three-detachable fin system is a smart addition that allows for customized tracking and maneuverability based on personal preferences and water conditions.

Offering an excellent combination of well-engineered features, top-notch construction, and included accessories, the Bluefin Cruise truly is the best paddle board option for intermediates.

Its construction standards and inclusions, combined with functionality, firmly place this choice at the pinnacle of performance in its category.

Super Stiff Paddle Board with 5-Year Warranty

Bluefin Cruise

#2 Thurso Surf Waterwalker Paddle Board

StabilityExcellent, ideal for beginners
DurabilityHigh quality construction with carbon reinforcement
Weight Limit105 kg for the largest model

Thurso Surf Waterwalker Paddle Board makes an impeccable number two choice in the paddle boards for the intermediates category.

The all-round board is built with high-quality double-layered dropstitch and woven-dropstitch technology giving it increased stiffness and durability. The board’s stability is elevated by the 2+1 fin setup, a great feature for beginners.

The board’s design offers two large luggage nets which come in handy for longer trips, and the three paddle handles and five D-rings make attaching accessories like a kayak seat or a shoulder strap a breeze.

Additionally, the board comes with a practical set of accessories, which include a backpack trolley and a three-piece carbon paddle that’s adjustable for different rider heights.

Thurso Surf Waterwalker Paddle Board offers laudable performance in calm waters which are ideal for paddling starters. It also handles moderate SUP tours while providing sufficient storage for gear.

Wrapped in a graceful wooden-like finish, this paddle board for intermediates is not only functional but also tastefully elegant – a great package for anyone looking for both quality and aesthetics in their paddleboard journey.

Top-Quality, High-Performance All-Around Inflatable SUP

Thurso Surf Waterwalker

#3 Goosehill Sailor Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

StabilityStable due to rounded nose and straight rail line design
DurabilityConstructed using 3+ layers SCE technology for enhanced durability
Weight LimitApproximately 100 kg

The Goosehill Sailor Stand-up Paddle Board is a superb option within the intermediate category of paddle boards. Its stellar balance supplements the user control, courtesy of its traditional all-round shape, featuring a rounded nose and a straight rail line. Its design enhances water tracking and stability, ensuring a smooth ride for the paddlers.

The board comes with an intrinsic durability, thanks to the use of 3+ layers SCE technology in its construction. Alongside, its double-layered rails add to its durability and provide an added stability. This feature allows the board to withstand regular use and prolong its lifespan, thus enhancing its value.

The Goosehill Sailor caters to a maximum weight of approximately 100 kg, making it a fitting choice for multiple users. Beginners and intermediate paddlers can truly enjoy the versatility this board brings to the table in terms of suitability for varying water conditions.

The board has been meticulously designed, keeping the requirements of a progressing paddler in mind. The straight rails facilitate smooth navigation while ensuring a remarkable glide. The package comes complete with practical accessories, making it an all-inclusive, reasonably priced gift for any paddle boarding enthusiast.

This paddle board, with its stability, performance, and durability emerges as a highly recommended choice for both beginners and intermediate paddle boarders. Making the most of its design, the Goosehill Sailor guarantees an enjoyable and impressive paddling experience.

Great Budget Beginner-friendly Paddleboard for Beginners

Goosehill Sailor

#4 Bluefin Cruise Lite 10′

StabilitySingle touring fin for good straight tracking
DurabilityWoven drop stitch core & double-stringer
Weight LimitApproximately 80 kg

The Bluefin Cruise Lite 10′ has stood out in the paddle boards for intermediates category with its impressive build and performance. Ideally designed for on-water stability, this board features a single touring fin that ensures smooth gliding and good straight tracking.

Its durability is unquestionable, all thanks to a woven drop stitch core and a double-stringer structure that injects added stiffness. The board can carry a weight of approximately 80 kg, making it versatile for diverse user profiles.

This paddle board may not be number one on our list, but it certainly boasts features that make it a cut above many. It allows for relaxed cruising with a minimal learning curve, thanks to its slightly rounded nose and straight tail. With the Bluefin Cruise Lite 10′, your aqua-adventuring experience is bound to be taken to the next level.

Stiff, Lightweight SUP with unparalleled Portability

Bluefin Cruise Lite

#5 Aqua Marina Fusion Inflatable SUP

StabilityGood due to rounded nose and pin-tail shape
DurabilitySingle-layer dropstitch material with double-layered rails
Weight Limit242 lbs (110 kg)

Popular among hobbyists and touted as a great all-around pick, the Aqua Marina Fusion Inflatable SUP certainly lives up to its reputation. Measuring at 10’10” in length and 32″ in width, this paddle board provides stellar stability even for beginners. Its thoughtful construction involving ‘Dropstitch Light Technology’, strikes an impressive balance between stiffness and lightness.

The Fusion doesn’t compromise on its utility features either. The wider deckpad boasts a diamond pattern for grip, and the central carry handles simplify transportation. On top of that, additional D-rings add versatility, facilitating the addition of a kayak seat and securing equipment.

But perhaps the best part about the Fusion Inflatable SUP is its accessory package. It includes a spacious SUP backpack, a speedy dual-action pump, a sturdy three-piece adjustable paddle, and a useful leash. Despite a few limitations, it provides intermediate paddlers with a reliable and versatile SUP for leisure, fitness, and light wave riding.

Popular, Lightweight Beginner’s iSUP

Aqua Marina Fusion

#6 Wowsea Flyfish F2

StabilityExcellent due to its width and fin setup
DurabilityRobust, thanks to double-layer dropstitch technology
Weight LimitOne paddler up to 127 kg or 280 lbs

The Wowsea Flyfish F2 is an inflatable stand-up paddleboard (iSUP) designed with the intermediate paddler in mind. With a perfect balance between stability and maneuverability, it offers great glide and ideal for those looking for a touring and cruising board. The 12′ length and 32″ width provide a stable base, perfect for tackling more challenging waters.

Utilizing double-layer dropstitch technology, Wowsea has paved the way for a powerful, durable board that withstands inflation pressure of up to 22 PSI. Its 2+1 fin setup with Smartlock system ensures a good mix of stability, maneuverability, and tracking. Undeniably, the board’s design and construction quality offer an exceptional boost to its performance.

While the board itself is an impressive feat, the Wowsea Flyfish F2 also includes a set of high-quality accessories. From the three-piece fiberglass paddle to the triple-action air pump and even a 10-liter dry bag, you have everything you need for a successful paddling experience.

Resilient, versatile, and user-friendly, the Wowsea Flyfish F2 certainly serves as a reliable board for ambitious beginners and intermediates. It’s not at the top of our list, but it still holds a significant place, offering an excellent price-performance ratio and solid construction. The Flyfish F2 is certain to provide a delightful paddleboarding experience.

Affordable iSUP for Ambitious Beginners

Wowsea Flyfish F2

#7 Wowsea Flyfish F1 Paddle Board

StabilityGreat for learners with secure grip deck pad
DurabilityDouble-layer dropstitch technology provides excellent rigidity and durability
Weight LimitSuitable for paddlers between 100 and 110 kg

The Wowsea Flyfish F1 Paddle Board is a fantastic option for intermediate paddlers seeking both versatility and quality. Users have praised its uncanny stability, making it a learner-friendly paddle board. Thanks to the diamond-textured deck pad and crocodile skin texture, the chances of slipping are minimal, even under wet conditions.

Constructed with double-layer dropstitch technology, this paddle board assures rigidity and exceptional durability. Its advanced construction makes it a tough, long-lasting choice that can withstand regular use, all while retaining optimal performance.

Weight capacity can sometimes be a crucial factor when selecting a paddle board. The Wowsea Flyfish F1 can comfortably accommodate riders between 100 and 110 kg, which is an excellent range for most individuals.

Packed with beneficial features and notable consistency, the Wowsea Flyfish F1 is a worthwhile investment for those wanting to take their paddleboarding experience to the next level. Crafted with attention to detail, and designed for durability, stability, and convenience, the Wowsea Flyfish F1 rightly deserves its place in the intermediate category of paddle boards.

Sporty Hybrid Cruiser with lots of Accessories

WOWSEA Flyfish F1

#8 Wowsea Poseidon P1, P2, P3 Stand-up Paddleboards

StabilityStable and adjustable for different user’s preferences
DurabilityDouble-layered PVC material for strong construction
Weight LimitP1: 80-90 kg, P2: 90-100 kg, P3: 120 kg

The Wowsea Poseidon P1, P2, and P3 present a superior line of stand-up paddleboards. This series encompasses everything intermediate paddleboarders need, namely stability, versatility, and durability. The double-layer PVC material equates to longevity and strength.

At 10’8” (P2) and 11’ (P3) lengths, these boards accommodate weights up to 100kg and 120kg, respectively. They offer ample balance and glide performance perfect for a variety of activities. Whether you’re cruising, doing yoga, or fitness paddling, these boards have you covered.

Their unique Smartlock system features three removable fins, allowing customization of the board’s performance and stability. This, paired with a striking diamond and crocodile skin textured deck pad for superior grip, makes the Wowsea Poseidon series a commendable choice for intermediate paddlers.

#9 FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light Paddle Board

StabilityUser-friendly and stable, even for beginners
DurabilityUltra-light, military-grade double wall PVC for long service life
Weight LimitHigh weight capacity of 330lb, suitable for all skill levels

The FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light Paddle Board is a top-notch choice for intermediate paddlers. Made from military-grade double-wall PVC, it’s lighter than most comparable boards, ensuring excellent maneuverability on the water.

With a generous weight limit of up to 330 pounds, it can easily accommodate a wide variety of riders. It also comes equipped with useful accessories such as the adjustable paddle, pump, and carry bag.

Despite being inflatable, seasoned riders can still expect a similar feel to hardboards without compromising on performance. The FunWater paddle board adapts well to different water conditions, making it great for various water sports, cruising, and even fishing.

In conclusion, with a remarkable blend of stability, durability, and inclusivity, the FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light Paddle Board is a laudable choice for anyone transitioning from a beginner to an intermediate level.

#10 TAHE Breeze Wing AIR Premium Inflatable Paddleboard

StabilityDesigned with an 11′ x 32″ x 6″ thickness hull
DurabilityConstructed using premium Drop Stitch Technology
Weight LimitMaximum of 250 pounds

The TAHE Breeze Wing AIR Paddleboard is a complete package that comes with all the necessary accessories for stand-up paddleboarding.

Engineered for superior stability, the board features a hull design offering optimal glide and tracking capacity. Its construction with Dual Layer Stringer Technology and drop stitch materials ensures long-lasting durability.

Weighing in at just 23 pounds, the paddleboard can comfortably hold users up to 250 pounds. This lightweight, inflatable design lends itself to easy transport and storage. With adjustable paddles, carrying handles, and gear storage options, it is a practical choice for intermediates looking for convenience and versatility.

The robust construction, exceptional stability, and comprehensive package make the TAHE Breeze Wing AIR a worthy addition to our curated list of intermediate paddle boards.

Suitable for multiple water conditions, it promises enjoyable cruising sessions. Remember, though, as our number ten choice, there may be options that outperform it in certain areas.

Checklist: What makes a great Paddle Board for Intermediates

  • Stability: For intermediate paddlers, a paddle board should have a good balance between stability and glide. Rounded nose and straight rail line designs, as well as thoughtful fin setups, contribute to excellent stability. A stable board aids user maneuverability and control.
  • Durability: Consider materials and construction technology of the board. Boards built with high-quality double-layered dropstitch, ESL Fusion-layer, or double-layer PVC material generally offer exceptional durability. This can translate to overall better value and prolonged usage.
  • Weight Limit: The board’s weight limit is an important factor as it varies per design. It usually depends on the size and the type of board you choose. Weight capacity should comfortably accommodate the rider’s weight for optimal performance and safety.
  • Design: Features such as detachable fins, large luggage nets, multiple D-rings and paddle handles, and the board’s overall aesthetic appeal could enhance the user experience. Certain designs allow for customized tracking, and maneuverability, and facilitate the addition of accessories essential to specific water activities.
  • Materials: A paddle board’s material impacts its performance and durability. Look for military-grade, double-wall PVC, or woven drop stitch core for long service life, optimal rigidity, and increased stiffness. These materials assure excellent performance without compromising lightness and portability.


What makes a good paddle board for intermediate users?

A good board for intermediates has a balance between stability and glide, durable construction, and suits the user’s weight limit. It should also have a design that enhances the user’s experience.

What materials are typically used for high-quality paddle boards?

High-quality paddle boards are typically made from military-grade, double-wall PVC, or woven drop stitch core. These materials ensure durability, stiffness, and good performance.

What design features enhance the experience for intermediate paddle boarders?

Features like detachable fins, large luggage nets, multiple D-rings and paddle handles, and an aesthetically pleasing design can enhance the paddleboarding experience for intermediates.

Water is Benjamin's element. In 2019, he made his first attempts on a SUP board and since then he's constantly learning. For him, stand-up paddling is a great way to combine a workout and feel relaxed at the same time. The perfect balance to everyday life!

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