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Eager to experience the thrill of paddleboarding?

Perfecting your equipment is the first step towards an unforgettable journey.

One dynamic element you shouldn’t dismiss? An electric pump for your paddle board.

Imagine inflating your board hassle-free in minutes, saving your energy for the paddling adventure!

So, kick off your worries about manually inflating your paddle board.

Stay with us as we introduce to you the top electric pumps that make your paddle boarding setup a breeze, ensuring smooth sailing on your every outing.

Get ready to uncover the ideal pump that will meet your demands and elevate your paddle boarding experience to new heights.

#1 OutdoorMaster The Shark SUP E-Pump

Pump Speed350 l/min (low pressure), 70 l/min (high pressure)
Power Source12V car cigarette lighter
Pressure CapacityUp to 20 PSI

The OutdoorMaster The Shark SUP E-Pump is a fantastic addition to any SUP enthusiast’s kit. This versatile electric pump is designed to inflate paddle boards and other inflatable items with ease and efficiency.

Running on a 12V car cigarette lighter, this pump is capable of inflating objects to a high pressure of 20 PSI. This powerful pressure capacity coupled with two technically advanced motors ensures a quick and reliable inflation process.

With an active cooling system included to prevent overheating, longevity and durability of the pump are guaranteed. Extra features such as a digital display, automatic shut-off function, and multiple valve adapters for versatility further contribute to its being an excellent choice within the electric pumps for paddle boards category.

Compact, lightweight, and complete with a hose, power cable, and storage bag, the OutdoorMaster The Shark is an invaluable tool providing both convenience and time-saving benefits to paddle boarders.

High-Speed Multi-Use Electric Pump

OutdoorMaster The Shark

#2 OutdoorMaster Dolphin Electric Pump

Pump Speed350 l/min (low pressure), 70 l/min (high pressure)
Power SourceCar’s 12V DC connector (cigarette lighter)
Pressure Capacity20 PSI

OutdoorMaster Dolphin is a spectacular stand in the world of electric pumps for Paddle Boards. Boasting an impressive pump speed, it rapidly inflates your board. This speed is balanced by a substantial pressure capacity of 20 PSI, providing an optimum level of airtightness.

The pump derives its power source from a car’s 12V DC connector (cigarette lighter). This feature ensures on-the-move utility, making OutdoorMaster Dolphin perfect for trips and expeditions.

Finally, the model brings durability and efficiency together, framing it as a reliable choice. With its striking balance of speed and power, the OutdoorMaster Dolphin electric pump makes a great addition to your paddle boarding gear!

OutdoorMaster Dolphin shines as a noteworthy competitor in the electric pumps for Paddle Boards category and indeed deserves to be amongst the top choices.

Budget-Friendly High-Performance Paddleboard Pump

OutdoorMaster Dolphin

#3 OutdoorMaster Cachalot 20PSI High-Pressure SUP Air Pump

Pump SpeedFirst Stage: 350L/min, Second Stage: 70L/min
Power Source12V DC Car Connector
Pressure Capacity20 PSI

The OutdoorMaster 20PSI High-Pressure SUP Air Pump, commonly known as The Cachalot, is a solid competitor among electric pumps for paddle boards. With its sturdy construction and CE certification, it guarantees reliability for your water sports escapades. What makes it stand out is its dual-stage inflation system, delivering high speed and high pressure for quick and effortless inflation.

The Cachalot is designed with user convenience in mind, featuring an LCD display for easy pressure setting and monitoring. Powered by a 12V DC car connector, it can be used anywhere, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Possessing an efficient deflation function, the Cachalot is not just for inflation but also makes packing up fast and stress-free. Despite being feature-packed, it remains lightweight and compact, proving to be a reliable companion for your water sports adventures.

Robust, Budget-Friendly Paddleboard Pump

OutdoorMaster Cachalot

#4 Tuomico 20PSI High Pressure SUP Electric Air Pump

Pump SpeedCan inflate a regular iSUP (10’6″) in about 10 minutes
Power Source12V car power cord
Pressure CapacityUp to 20 PSI

The Tuomico 20PSI High Pressure SUP Electric Air Pump is a standout in the electric pumps for paddle boards category. Functioning as both inflator and deflator, it deftly handles a variety of inflatables, making it a versatile purchase.

The built-in digital pressure LCD screen allows for accurate readings down to 0.01 PSI, simplifying the inflation process. Moreover, the auto shut-off function eliminates the risk of over inflation, an intuitive, user-friendly feature.

This pump also includes five universal valve adapters, emphasizing its adaptability, while the 3.3-foot high-pressure hose and 11.2-foot DC car power cord ensure convenience during use. Portability is another plus, thanks to its compact design and lightweight, only 1.8 kilograms.

Finally, it fulfills the essential need for durability, made from robust plastic material. The Tuomico 20PSI High Pressure SUP Electric Air Pump masters the blend of performance, versatility, and convenience, making it a remarkable choice amongst electric pumps for paddle boards.

#5 Polotrag Professional Air Compressor

Pump Speed350 l/min (low pressure), 70 l/min (high pressure)
Power Source12V Electric (ciagerette lighter)
Pressure Capacity20 PSI

The Polotrag Professional Air Compressor is a versatile and reliable solution for inflating paddle boards. Delivering a fast inflation speed thanks to its air flow capacity, it makes the task effortlessly easy and time-saving. The included digital display provides users with precise control over the pressure level, removing any guesswork.

The machine operates on corded electric, ensuring you’ll never run out of juice when it comes to inflating your equipment. The maximum pressure capacity of 20 PSI is more than sufficient for inflating not only paddle boards but also air mattresses, kayaks, and yoga balls with the given six nozzles.

Auto-shutoff function is a huge advantage, as the machine will immediately stop once the desired pressure is reached. Hence, it guarantees safety and prevents any potential over-inflation. Lightweight and compact, the Polotrag Professional Air Compressor is a must-have for any paddle board or inflatable equipment owner.

#6 Morpilot 20PSI Paddle Board Pump

Pump Speed0 to 15 PSI in 7 minutes
Power SourceAC/DC charge, removable battery
Pressure CapacityMax 20 PSI

The Morpilot 20PSI Paddle Board Pump is a worthwhile choice for inflatable paddle boards. Made from durable ABS material, this pump is not only hard-wearing but also portable, so you can easily bring it to your paddleboarding locations.

The dual-stage inflation is particularly impressive. In the 1st stage, it offers a maximum speed of 420L/min, and in the 2nd stage, it offers a maximum pressure of 90L/min. This means you can inflate your paddle board from 0 to 15 PSI in just 7 minutes. This efficiency makes the Morpilot 20PSI pump quicker than many competitors.

What sets Morpilot 20PSI apart is its intelligent preset feature. The digital display lets you adjust the pressure as per your requirement, and the pump will automatically shut down when the desired pressure is reached, saving your time and energy.

Morpilot 20PSI Paddle Board Pump’s design aims at ensuring a leak-proof seal, thanks to its bi-directional swivel head and seal ring. So you don’t need to worry about air loss while inflating your paddle board.

Lastly, note the three power supply options, which provide utmost flexibility. It can be used with the AC charge mode, DC charge mode, or with a removable battery for cordless operation. This pump is a reliable choice for inflating paddle boards swiftly and correctly.

#7 Swonder 20PSI High-Pressure Electric Air Pump

Pump SpeedDual-stage inflation mode: 350 l/min (low pressure), 70 l/min (high pressure)
Power Source12 V Corded Electric
Pressure Capacity0 to 20 PSI

The Swonder 20PSI High-Pressure Electric Air Pump stands out in the group of electric pumps for paddle boards with its handy, easy-to-use operations. It impresses with its adjustable PSI settings and a dual-stage inflation mode that speeds up inflation.

The pump’s power source is corded electric, which simply requires you to plug it into any standard 12V DC socket. Coupled with a long hose, you’ll find the setup convenient and straightforward.

Its outstanding pressure capacity ranging from 0 to 20 PSI makes it a great fit for various equipment including paddle boards, kayaks, and tents. You can trust that it ceases operation when it hits your set target, offering peace of mind.

Among its notable features include 6 different nozzles and 3 gaskets for compatibility, all packaged in a lightweight, plastic body. Considering its versatility and exceptional convenience, the Swonder Electric Air Pump is a strong contender in the category.

#8 SereneLife 20PSI High Pressure SUP Electric Air Pump

Pump Speed350 l/min (low pressure), 70 l/min (high pressure)
Power SourceDC 12 volt
Pressure CapacityUp to 20 PSI

The SereneLife 20PSI High Pressure SUP Electric Air Pump offers a solution for easy and quick inflation of paddle boards and other inflatables. With options to power via either a DC 12-volt source or a car outlet, it’s versatile and convenient for a range of settings. This pump boasts a maximum pressure of 20 PSI, which is more than ample for inflatable paddle boards.

Equipped with a digital LCD and controls, the SereneLife Pump guarantees an accurate operation. It comes with six valve adapters, making it adaptable for a variety of inflatables. With adjustable PSI settings, you have full control over the inflation pressure, ensuring your inflatables never get overfilled.

The pump’s compact design means storage will never be an issue, even in limited spaces. It’s a part of a comprehensive package that includes a premium SUP paddle board and other accessories- everything you need to get started with stand-up paddle boarding. What a great addition to your electric paddle board pump collection.

#9 Hydsto 20PSI SUP Electric Air Pump

Pump SpeedCan inflate a car tire in 1 minute and fully inflate a flat car tire in 5 minutes
Power Source4000mAh rechargeable battery
Pressure Capacity20 PSI maximum

The Hydsto 20PSI SUP Electric Air Pump serves as a versatile tool, designed to handle a wide range of inflatables from paddleboards to car tires. Its 150 PSI maximum pressure, bolstered by a 4000mAh rechargeable battery, ensures optimum performance for various inflating tasks.

Boasting an auto shut-off feature along with a dual large LCD digital display, this pump promotes user convenience. Pre-set your desired tire pressure and the pump ceases operation when that value is reached.

Offering 8 diverse inflation/deflation modes accessible with multiple air nozzles, the Hydsto 20PSI SUP Electric Air Pump accommodates various inflation needs. It also includes a bonus wind pump mode for inflating items, adding to its versatility factor.

For peace of mind, Hydsto backs this product with a 90-day worry-free refund and replacement policy. Within its overall compact dimensions, weighing just 1.55 kg, this portable pump boasts a textured exterior for easy grip and handling.

Ultimately, this pump makes a remarkable air inflating tool, offering prompt, reliable, and versatile solutions, suitable for various outdoor and recreational inflating needs.

Checklist: What makes a great Electric Pump for Paddle Boards

  • Pump Speed: Consider the time the pump takes to inflate your paddle board. Faster pump speed offers convenience by saving your time, allowing for more time in the water.
  • Power Source: Look for a pump with a reliable power source. Pumps that can be powered by a car’s 12V DC connector are convenient, providing on-the-move utility, perfect for trips and expeditions.
  • Pressure Capacity: A pump’s ability to inflate objects to a high pressure is crucial. A high pressure capacity can ensure a quick and reliable inflation process.
  • Additional Features: Features like a digital display, automatic shut-off function, and multiple valve adapters add to the pump’s versatility. These features contribute to its ease of use and safety while inflating your paddle board.
  • Portability: The size and weight of the pump matter for transportation and storage. Compact and lightweight pumps are easy to carry around, making them ideal for people who enjoy paddleboarding in different locations.


Why should I consider an electric pump for my paddle board?

An electric pump saves your energy by inflating your paddle board quickly and conveniently, giving you more time to enjoy the water.

What key aspects should I look for in an electric pump for paddle boards?

Consider pump speed, power source, pressure capacity, additional features for safety and convenience, as well as the pump’s portability.

What are the advantages of using an electric pump with multiple valve adapters?

Multiple valve adapters offer versatility, enabling the electric pump to be used for various inflatables, not just paddle boards.

Water is Benjamin's element. In 2019, he made his first attempts on a SUP board and since then he's constantly learning. For him, stand-up paddling is a great way to combine a workout and feel relaxed at the same time. The perfect balance to everyday life!

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