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With GeoSUP, you get a comprehensive app that not only evaluates paddling tours in terms of fitness data, but also connects a large worldwide paddling community.

The paid app has been around since 2017 and is extremely popular among paddlers around the world.

With GeoSUP, you can not only record and retrieve the data of your own tours, but also actively and manually set additional information, share it with each other and thus make it accessible to other paddlers. You can also invite outsiders virtually live to your own tour.

In our opinion, GeoSUP is almost unbeatable as a paddle-specific app. A more comprehensive offer is hard to find and is especially great for paddling fans who also travel a lot with their board. Over 5000 tours worldwide are already stored on GeoSUP. We especially like what a great opportunity the app offers and also constantly continues to work on bringing paddling fans from all over the world into the exchange.

Features of the App at a Glance

Price4,49 £
In-App PurchasesNo
Registration requiredYes
Compatibility with smartwatchNo
User ratings4.3 out of 5 stars
Our rating4.5 out of 5 stars
FeaturesRecord training stats (duration, distance traveled, speed measurements, wind speed), interact with worldwide community via a live feed, share your tour data with other users within the app as well as friends and family via SMS. Photos, videos and specific tour data (highlights, possible dangers, refreshment stops, etc.) can be set and also accessed by other users, Google Maps view, message function for exchange within the community.

Structure and Functions of the GeoSUP App

GeoSUP not only allows you to record your paddle tour extensively, it also allows you to interact with other paddlers and share route information. But one thing at a time, because GeoSUP has so much more to offer beyond that.

The app can be downloaded for a fee of 5.49 euros from the Apple App Store. The developer is currently still working on an Android version. In addition, GeoSUP is currently only available in English. If that doesn’t scare you off, you can get right on your paddle board after downloading the app and get started.

GeoSUP then tracks the tour data in terms of speed, distance and transmits live wind speeds. If you want to have friends or family virtually live with you, you can invite them to the paddle tour via an SMS link.

In addition, you can scroll live through the feed to see which tour other paddlers are currently on and also upload geo-tagged photos, videos, the data of your own tour, tips on possible danger points or places to stop. From this information it is then possible for other paddlers to extract helpful points for their own tour planning.

So you can not only network live with other paddlers during the tour, but also benefit from the information of other users. In addition, the data can also be used to see where you are in the ranking among other paddlers and compare yourself and your tours with each other, so to speak.

You can also use the integrated message function to exchange information with each other worldwide. More than 5,000 tours are currently stored worldwide on GeoSUP.

Design and Usability

GeoSUP offers many options and thus also functions for your own paddle tour. Therefore, the interface here is naturally somewhat more complex than with apps that track via the smartwatch, for example. To start recording, the home screen opens, over which you can unfailingly click on a large white-green circle. This field fills the screen pleasantly large, so it is quite easy to activate the recording even through the waterproof phone case.

Hiearcool Waterproof Phone Pouch,
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The basic color design keeps GeoSUP in black, green and white. An overall coherent and sporty image, which also suits water sports.

The app then starts recording the tour from the first paddle stroke in the hour, minute and second counter. Right next to it, you can see how much time has passed since you started recording. Directly below you will find the information about the speed, each divided into current, maximum speed and average speed. Below that, the meters covered and the wind speed are displayed.

On the same control panel, there are six larger icons, under which you can additionally, for example, call up the current location, access the dashboard, take photos or videos, or pause the recording. At the very bottom of the screen, you will find the menu, where you can access the live feed, tours of others near your own location, your own profile and other menu items via another five icons. Overall, everything is still very clear, even if it may sound like a lot.

If you click on the live feed icon, for example, you will find the current tours of other users listed simply below each other and can also switch to the tours that you are actively following as well as your own.

Among the tours displayed, you also have the option to select views of specific countries and tour categories via a drop-down menu filter on the side. The map view uses classic Google Maps and can be set between standard and satellite view.

Those who would like to share the tour with friends or families can use the “Live Share” button under the tour details and activate the function via the typical iPhone slider. Below that, one can type a message to the person or more and simply add the respective contact from the phonebook to send the tracking SMS.

For the fact that GeoSUP is such a comprehensive tool with numerous functions, the usability is really still very clearly designed. Of course, you have to work a little in advance until you have all the functions out and can operate without detours, but that is done really quickly.

You can also set some things in GeoSUP according to your own preferences, so that you are not completely overwhelmed by all the possibilities. For example, you can hide certain countries and tour categories in the settings, if they are not interesting for you.

User Reviews

GeoSUP has now been around since 2017 and has already been improved over 15 times. This speaks for a top developer team, which responds to user reviews. These are extremely positive in the Apple App Store with 4.3 out of 5 stars.

Basically, the functions are praised for delivering what they promise. Most of the points have been deducted for minor technical difficulties, which are absolutely within the bounds for such a complex app. The feedback from the developer and the constant improvements show that they are constantly working hard to ensure that the app functions perfectly.

But GeoSUP is also one of the tracking apps that lives from the contributions of other users. With over 5,000 tours, GeoSUP is more than respectable, but measured by the worldwide use, it may happen that one or the other would like a few more tours, depending on the location.

GeoSUP is rightly one of the most popular apps among paddlers. It is therefore worthwhile to stay tuned, as one can assume that the user numbers will continue to increase.

Alternatives to the GeoSUP App

As a paddler, you can hardly ask for more functions than GeoSUP offers. Almost everything is possible here. If you are looking for a free version with similar functions, you can take a closer look at GoPaddling, for example.

In addition to recording fitness data, this app also thrives on the collaboration of paddlers who share their tours and recordings with the community. It’s not quite as polished and big-networked here as GeoSUP, but it’s also growing.

Otherwise, there are also great ways to record your paddle tour via waterproof sports watches or smartwatches. We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the individual methods in this article.


Do I have to pay for GeoSUP?

Yes, GeoSUP costs the user with all its functions 5.49 euros in the download. The app is currently only available to Apple users, but the development team is working on an Android version.
Learn more about the GeoSUP App.

Is it possible to record tours with GeoSUP?

With GeoSUP, you can even record your paddling tours very extensively.
Not only automatically in terms of fitness evaluation, but also manually and proactively for other users in terms of location-marked photos, videos, information about interesting spots on the tour, possible danger spots and great highlights.
In addition, friends and families can also share the records outside of the app.
Learn more about the GeoSUP App.

Is the GeoSUP app worth it for paddling?

In our opinion, GeoSUP is an absolutely worthwhile app for paddlers. If you don’t mind the 5.49 Euro (~£4.6) investment, you can look forward to a great paddling community here.
At the moment, GeoSUP is only available in English and makes sense especially if you take your paddle board with you on vacation a lot. Then you are well equipped with GeoSUP almost anywhere in the world.
Learn more about the GeoSUP App.

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