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In our team, hardly anyone sets off on a paddle tour without being accompanied by an app. But not only that, the app market also has a lot to offer when traveling.

It’s hard to find useful information about paddle spots, the waters and touring conditions in general faster and less complicated.

And the whole thing partly even worldwide. We have had almost all of them on our smartphones and tried them out.

In this article we present our favorites of the best paddle apps and many more that might also be worthwhile for you as a paddler when it comes to specific information on weather, wave and wind conditions and offer great reading material on the subject of paddle boards.

What Paddling Apps Are Available?

The app market for paddlers is now enormous. Depending on what you expect from an app for the paddling tour, you will either be happy with just one or you will get several apps to be accompanied and informed as extensively as possible.

In most cases, the apps are about tracking the tours. This means that the distance covered, the duration, the speed and the fitness data are recorded. In principle, the heart rate and the calories burned are usually covered.

Some apps go one step further and even let you know how efficient your paddle strokes are, how many you have done and how often you have changed sides.

In addition to the classic tracking or fitness apps, you can also download applications that are specifically designed for the execution of the tours themselves.

This means that the map views and menus provide you with information about specific routes with entry and exit points, locks, transfer possibilities, campsites in the vicinity, refreshment stops, waterway descriptions or navigation rules.

The main goal of these apps is to ensure that you are well and safely prepared and that there are no surprises waiting for you on your paddling tour. Not all paddling apps are designed for all operating systems and devices.

Some are only available for iOs and not necessarily for Android at the same time. Some can integrate smartwatches in addition, others work exclusively on smartwatches.

Sounds confusing, but don’t worry, because we’ll give you the clear summary about the app market for paddlers here.

Clicking on the corresponding link will take you to the detailed review of the app if you want to learn more about whether it’s worth downloading for you.

The 11 Best paddling Apps

Go Paddling

From users for users is the principle of Go Paddling. Here you get completely free info on worldwide paddling spots, can create paddling tours yourself, share your route data with friends and create your own profile to share your paddling tours and tips with the Go Paddling community as well.

The app runs on iOS and Android operating systems and without a smartwatch. A great thing for paddlers who value functionality and few bells and whistles for their trip planning.

Check out the detailed review of the Go Paddling app


GeoSUP is popular worldwide and connects the paddling community with virtual live tours, among other things. For a one-time fee, you can not only share your own tours with all the information about places to stop, highlights, danger spots, etc., but also benefit from those of the community.

GeoSUP also tracks your fitness data, including wind speeds. For paddlers an almost unbeatable app, even if at the moment only for iOS users. However, an Android version is already being diligently worked on.

Check out the detailed review of the GeoSUP app

Watersports Tracker

Watersports Tracker analyzes and evaluates 15 water sports, optionally also in connection with the Apple Watch. The simple and user-friendly app is available in English and free to download from the Apple App Store.

If you want to take advantage of the app’s full potential, you can choose from one of the subscription options starting at 18 euros. Then, in addition to the route analysis, you also get the map analysis including animated tour playback, stages and can export the data as a GPX file.

Check out the detailed review of the Watersports Tracker app

Paddle Logger

Simple, user-friendly and a real asset in the paddling app world. Fitness and tour data by speed, duration, heart rate and distance are the core model of Paddle Logger plus virtual paddling events for the whole community. An absolutely awesome feature on top is the alarm trigger in dangerous situations.

The app is only available for Apple owners at the moment, it is also compatible with the smartwatch, but unfortunately it is only available in English.

You can download Paddle Logger for free and convince yourself of the whole variety of the app via in-app purchases. Perfect for beginners and professionals with a desire for reliable tracking and personal touch.

Check out the detailed review of the Paddle Logger app


Worldwide useful spots for your trip are available with iOverlander. The app is not specifically designed for paddle travelers, but travelers in general. That’s why you’ll find everything from campgrounds to lakes to laundromats in 29 categories.

An absolutely top developed and reliable app, which is actually helpful on almost the whole world. Available free of charge in the Apple and Google Playstore, without in-app purchases and with a permanent place on our smartphones.

Check out the detailed review of the iOverlander app

Runtastic (Adidas Running)

Probably hardly any athlete doesn’t know it. And Runtastic is actually super useful for paddlers as well. With the app you can track almost everything on your paddling tour. Starting with your fitness data up to the covered distance.

You can also create your own workouts, participate in virtual paddling events and challenges, and interact with the Runtastic community. The app can be downloaded free of charge by iOS and Android users and unfolds its full potential via in-app purchases.

Super exciting for sports-affine paddlers who also have a passionate penchant for social media. Because linking with your own Facebook account is almost a must when you’ve been out and about with Runtastic.

Check out the detailed test of the Runtastic app


As an Apple user, you can track at least 24 water sports with Waterspeed according to distance, speed, distance, course and speeds. In addition, you get information about the weather situation, including wind conditions.

You can also connect your Apple Watch to Waterspeed and sync your data with your iPad and Apple Health. An absolutely convincing app with excellent support and, above all, absolute meticulousness in terms of reliable and accurate recording.

Waterspeed unlocks all features in the PRO version. For beginners ideal even in the free use, for advanced with a desire for extensive statistics is worth a subscription.

Check out the detailed test of the Waterspeed app

More Useful Apps for Paddling and Water Sports


Windy visualizes worldwide weather and wind conditions in over 40 different maps and is also used by professionals like pilots. Available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Playstore. The full scope is available with a paid subscription.


The app provides worldwide wind and weather forecasts every three hours, including tides and waves with up to 10 days preview. Super especially for paddlers and surfers: Windfinder notifies you when the right conditions for your project are imminent. Free for iOs and Adroid with subscription upgrade to Windfinder Plus.


With RiverApp you get information about water levels and temperatures of rivers in 18 countries. Over 15000 are already in there and are available to both Apple and Android users for free download and full use with a paid subscription.

My tide

You can view all current water levels and forecasts free of charge as an Apple and Android user with the app. Push notifications about the levels can also be set so you know when it’s safe to put your paddle board in the water.


Free with optional in-app purchases, MagicSeeWeed is available for you to download from Apple and the Google Playstore. The concept is long-range surf forecasts in terms of waves, water temperatures, wind directions and speeds, which are therefore also ideal for paddlers to use.


With Maps.me you can use on- and offline with iOs and Android operating systems. The app is based on a map system that allows you to plan and save your routes. You also get information about the surroundings (train stations, sights, toilets, etc.). The download is free and in-app purchases are possible.

The Best Alternatives to paddling Apps

Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of apps for tracking your paddling trips, you can just go with a smartwatch or sports watch. In the best case, it is waterproof, so that you still have something from it as long as possible after the trip on the water.

Smart Watch, Fitness Tracker with
If you click this link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

We have taken a close look at the sports watch market and show you here our best list of models that are ideal for paddling.

The classic travel guide will also help you prepare.

Paddle The California Coast Guide
If you click this link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.


Are paddling apps worth it?

Paddling apps or sports apps that also allow you to track your paddling or plan your trip are definitely worth downloading.

No matter if you are a beginner and just want to record your first small laps for fun or if you are an ambitious advanced athlete and want to track your successes as they develop.

Apps that focus specifically on trip and tour planning are also a real asset on the go when it comes to spot, water and environment information.
Learn more about the best paddling apps.

How to record paddling trips?

You can record your trips with tracker apps or alternatively with a waterproof sports watch or smartwatch. Some apps run on both the smartphone and the smartwatch, so you can use them to record your tours on both devices.

However, there are also paddling apps that are specifically designed for use with a smartwatch only. Some apps are not available for all operating systems. Check out our app list above to make sure the app you’re looking for is available for your smartphone.
If you don’t need such a comprehensive display, sports watches are absolutely sufficient.
Learn more about the best paddling apps.

What can paddling apps do?

Paddling apps record your trips and then usually make the data available for you to share with friends or family. In most cases, the data collected includes distance traveled, duration, speed, calories burned, and your heart rate.

Some apps, which are specifically geared towards paddling and not so much sports in general, also give you information about the number and thus the efficiency of your paddle strokes. You can especially use the apps to track your progress by comparing your trip data with past records.

In addition, many apps also offer great networking with the paddling community in parts around the world, which exchange with each other in the apps and provide information. The apps stores also provide you with tools that help you plan your tours.

Depending on the app, you will find useful information about paddling spots, the water, navigation rules, bans, dangerous spots, locks, information about the surroundings such as campsites and much more, which will make it easier for you to plan your tour.
Learn more about the best paddling apps.

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