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Race paddle boards are inspired by the sleek racing boats used in rowing. The elongated lightweight construction, together with the streamlined underwater hulls, ensures little water resistance and thus higher speeds.

Due to their length of 15′ and more in some cases, racing boards are extremely true to track and therefore a good choice for longer tours.

This board class used to be reserved for hardboards. Due to better production methods, many inflatable paddle boards can also be found in this category today.

The sophisticated construction as well as the high material costs for the large boards are reflected in the high price of the boards.

Paddle boards for racing are the boards for real speed maximizers. Where touring boards still make sacrifices in favor of certain stability, race paddle boards are fully designed for speed. The up to 15′ long racing boards get the tipping stability only during the ride (running stability).

In the following, we will go into what is important with Race paddle boards and present our favorites among the Race boards.

Best Race Paddle Boards

#1 Bluefin Sprint Carbon

Stiffest Race iSUP we've seen so far
Bluefin Sprint Carbon

The Bluefin Sprint Carbon is a very good race board for advanced paddlers looking for the experience of a hardboard on the water, but the comfort of an inflatable paddleboard when transporting and storing it. This ultra-stiff paddleboard has great tracking. Due to the level of workmanship and its carbon reinforced rails, this board is as close to a race hardboard as you can get. You should consider the 5-year warranty and included high-quality SUP equipment.

#2 Penguin Competition

Top-performing Race Paddleboard
Penguin Competition

The Penguin Competition is a great race board that meets all criteria advanced paddlers are looking or in a racing paddleboard. Except for a paddle, all accessories are included in the large accessory set. With its extra-long, pointed design, this board reaches high speeds and is a great choice for races and longer tours.

#3 Bluefin Sprint

Great Race Paddleboard with five-year Warranty
Bluefin Sprint

The Bluefin Sprint is one of the best race paddleboards on the market. The very high-quality workmanship, the extensive accessory package and the uncompromising focus on maximum speed are the biggest arguments for the board from Bluefin. This race board also comes with a five-year warranty.

Checklist: What’s Important about Racing Paddle Boards.

  • Glide: Racing boards are highly specialized high-speed models. Their shape (outline) is very narrow and tapered. The more streamlined the faster and more true to track the boards run. However, keep in mind that very narrow boards also offer very little stability and require a sporty, dynamic riding style and very well-trained balance skills.
  • Sufficient volume and load: For racing boards to perform to their full potential, it’s critical that you don’t load them too heavily. If they sink too deeply, the gliding ability deteriorates enormously. In the respective board tests, we give you very important clues with regard to the maximum load.
  • Material structure and stiffness: High-quality materials and modern manufacturing techniques that lead to a resilient lightweight construction are immensely important for racing boards. Only if the board is very stiff, it can perfectly cut through the water and has a low resistance.
  • Kickpad: The length of racing boards leads to reduced maneuverability. To counteract this, some models are equipped with a so-called “kickpad”. When you shift your weight to this elevation in the back of the footprint, the tip lifts a bit and you can practically turn it in place.
  • Fin Setup: The single fin is absolutely dominant in the racing board class. It ensures good straight-line stability and high speeds. In terms of shape, however, the individual models differ from each other.
  • Scope of delivery: Racing paddle boards are designed for very experienced and sporty paddlers. Accordingly, there are many offers with few accessories. Especially with the paddle, you should choose a good and lightweight model. Here, only a carbon paddle really makes sense to fully exploit the performance of the board.
  • Price: Racing boards form the “king class” among the paddle boards. The quality must be absolutely first class in every respect. Consequently, the price level is quite high.

Which is the Best Race Paddle Boards?

The Bluefin Sprint Carbon is currently the best race paddle boards on the market. The inflatable paddle board is made of high-quality materials and is well-made.

Furthermore, the amount of high-quality accessories, the tracking, the modern design and the stability speaks for the board, which (with an additional kayak seat) can also be used as a kayak.

The Bluefin Sprint is a good compromise between maximum speed and tipping stability, which is ensured, among other things, by the setup with three fins. The Bluefin Sprint is suitable for advanced and professional paddlers.


How expensive is a good racing paddle board?

Of course there are also price differences for racing boards. In general, however, it can be said that the material selection, construction and processing of racing models are located in the top range.

Only in this way can a first-class performance of the boards be achieved. Accordingly, they are priced in the upper range (premium boards)!
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Are there inflatable racing paddle boards?

Yes, lots of them! The technical progress is evident in the paddle board field, especially in inflatable boards.
Sophisticated techniques and very resilient materials are used in the manufacture of modern paddle boards.

Inflatable racing paddle boards are very powerful and now almost reach the level of hardboards made of solid materials in terms of running characteristics.
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Which brands make good racing paddle boards?

Quality is absolutely essential when it comes to racing boards. Accordingly, when choosing, you should go for the range of renowned and well-known brand manufacturers.

The know-how is certainly greatest with specialized companies. In addition, almost all well-known brands maintain their own teams with paddle board professionals who participate in international competitions and thus have a large, practical wealth of experience.

In this overview of the best paddle boards we have compiled our current favorites of the various brands and have of course also paid attention to a very good price/performance ratio.
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