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Yes, the Bluefin Cruise is a good choice for beginners.

We’ve tested the Bluefin Cruise hands-on, so we can tell!

But what makes a good beginner paddle board?

Let’s dive into the criteria and see how the Bluefin Cruise measures up.

Super Stiff Paddle Board with 5-Year Warranty

Bluefin Cruise

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What makes a good Paddle Board for Beginners?

  • Board Type: New SUP users often prefer all-round boards due to their wide standing area and rounded tips. Alternatives include cruising and wide touring boards, which are also beginner-friendly.
  • Dimensions: The ideal width for beginners is around 80 cm to ensure stability and ease in maintaining balance. Though less stable, narrower boards glide better. A thickness of 15 cm (6 inches) offers optimal buoyancy and stability.
  • Weight Limit: Beginners should select a board with a volume and load capacity suited to their weight. Our SUP board tests offer realistic assessments and a formula to calculate the appropriate user weight based on the board’s volume.
  • Stiffness: Boards with high stiffness offer a stable standing area. Double or multi-layer boards provide better stiffness compared to single-layer ones, ensuring a smoother glide and less deformation under load.
  • Included Accessory: Beginner sets often feature accessories like a SUP backpack, pump, paddle, and leash. Some sets even include a kayak seat, but quality can differ significantly between packages.
  • Price: While prices vary, they often reflect the board’s quality and durability. Beginners are advised to avoid extremely cheap options, as investing in a quality board prevents the need for early replacements.

Is the Bluefin Cruise a Good Choice for Beginners?

#1 Board Type

The Bluefin Cruise falls under the category of cruising boards, combining a wide standing area and a sleeker shape to provide high stability while maintaining good gliding performance.

This is ideal for helping beginners get off to a successful start and ensures that these boards won’t become dull for more skilled riders quickly.

#2 Dimensions

The 10’8 paddleboard for example boasts a width up to 82 cm (depends on the model) and a thickness of 15 cm, fitting well within the recommended dimensions for beginners.

It offers a balanced blend of stability and buoyancy, making it easier for beginners to maintain their balance while on water.

#3 Weight Limit

Bluefin Cruise has a substantial weight limit that can comfortably accommodate beginners of various weight categories.

This feature ensures a stable and safe paddling experience for newcomers.

#4 Stiffness

Equipped with a high level of stiffness due to its fusion construction, the Bluefin Cruise offers enhanced stability.

This makes it a reliable choice for beginners seeking a smooth and stable gliding experience.

#5 Included Accessory

The set comes with a host of useful accessories including a backpack, pump, paddle, leash, waterproof phone case and a repair kit.

Beginners will find everything they need to start their SUP journey with this set, making it a hassle-free choice for newcomers.

#6 Price

Though it is not the cheapest option available, the Bluefin Cruise offers great value for money.

It provides a blend of quality, durability, and a range of accessories that justify its price point, hence a prudent investment for beginners.


The Bluefin Cruise is a top paddle board for beginners, offering affordability and quality. It assures stability and good tracking, essential features for newcomers.

Complete with a reasonable price tag and a high-quality build inclusive of necessary accessories, it stands as a value-packed option for new paddlers.

Super Stiff Paddle Board with 5-Year Warranty

Bluefin Cruise

Read the full review

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