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In our hands-on test, it took us 6-8 minutes to inflate the Aqua Marina Fusion to 15 PSI.

The Aqua Marina Fusion is a popular all-around board, suitable for both beginners and more experienced paddlers, with a maximum paddler weight of around 110 kg.

Inflation time may vary based on factors such as the pump used, the individual’s physical fitness, and the desired PSI level.

With its lightweight and versatile design, the Aqua Marina Fusion provides an enjoyable paddling experience for users of all skill levels.

Popular, Lightweight Beginner’s iSUP

Aqua Marina Fusion

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Inflating The Aqua Marina Fusion

It took our reviewer 6-8 minutes to inflate the Aqua Marina Fusion to 15 PSI.

Aqua Marina Fusion Volume VS Other Paddle Boards

Volume vs Inflation Time: The time it takes to inflate the board significantly depends on the board’s volume, which is determined by its dimensions and shape. In addition to personal physical ability, the efficiency and capacity of the pump used can also influence the inflation duration.

Paddle Board Volume (estimated)
Aqua Marina Fusion (10’10) 320 Liter
Bluefin Cruise 10’8 290 Liter
Thurso Surf Waterwalker 126 (10’6) 270 Liter
Decathlon Itiwit X100 11′ 335 Liter
MOAI Allround 11′ 280 Liter

How To Inflate The Aqua Marina Fusion Faster Or Easier

There are several ways to make the inflation process of the Aqua Marina Fusion faster and easier. Here are some methods to consider:

  1. Use Double Action: Using the double-action mode of the included Doppelhub-Luftpumpe allows for quicker inflation, filling most of the board’s volume rapidly. Once higher pressures are reached, switching to the single-action mode makes pumping easier.
  2. Better Pump: While the provided pump is adequate, investing in a higher quality pump with a larger volume can further ease the inflation process, allowing for faster and less labor-intensive inflation.
  3. Workout more: Improving your physical fitness can actually help you inflate your paddle board more efficiently. A solid upper-body workout routine can equip you with the stamina needed to pump faster and more effectively.
  4. Electric Pump: To eliminate manual labor from the inflation process, you might consider using an electric pump. These pumps can inflate your paddle board in just a matter of minutes without breaking a sweat.


The Aqua Marina Fusion inflates quickly, allowing an efficient start to your paddling experience. With methods to further accelerate inflation, this versatile board remains a popular choice for paddlers at any skill level.

Popular, Lightweight Beginner’s iSUP

Aqua Marina Fusion

Read the full review

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