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Ever stood on water and peered into the secrets beneath?

With paddleboards featuring windows, that fantasy is now a vivid reality.

Ditch dull paddling; embrace a mesmerizing underwater journey without dipping a toe.

Our guide unveils the top boards where robust design meets aquatic wonder—ready for the reveal?

#1 FunWater Tiki Explorer with Window

Window VisibilityClear, wear-resistant PVC
Board Size10’6″ x 33″ x 6″
Weight CapacityUp to 2 people

The FunWater Tiki Explorer with Window stands out as a remarkable choice for those keen on paddleboarding with a view. Its unique transparent window crafted from durable PVC offers paddlers the delights of underwater observation without compromising the board’s overall integrity.

Exceptionally lightweight at only 17.6 pounds, the Tiki Explorer is accessible for users of all skill levels. The dimensions of 10’6″ in length and 33″ in width ensure ample space, enhancing the board’s stability and making it a versatile fit for various activities, such as yoga or casual paddling to explore the aquatic realm.

The design boasts three fins for improved stability and handling, essential for smooth maneuvering across water surfaces. The larger size doesn’t hinder its portability, however, as it comes complete with a convenient travel backpack for ease of transport.

In the wide spectrum of paddleboards with windows, the FunWater Tiki Explorer excels with its superior accessory package. This includes an adjustable paddle, pump, leash, waterproof bag, and even a camera bracket – all designed to enrich your water adventures.

Finally, the Tiki Explorer isn’t just a high-performance watercraft; it’s visually enticing too. The TIKI blue and the see-through window invite the eyes to the wonders below the surface, making it an ideal gift for enthusiasts and a top-grade selection for anyone looking to combine sport and sightseeing on the water.

#2 Cressi Reef wiSUP Set

Window VisibilityCrystal Clear PVC, large elongated design
Board SizeOptions: 8’2″, 9’2″, 10’2″, 12’2″
Weight CapacitySupports up to 264 lb

The Cressi Reef wiSUP Set stands out in the paddleboard market for its innovative window feature that brings the underwater world to your feet. Known for its quality craftsmanship, the Italian brand Cressi has been around since 1946, and it shows. The transparent, durable PVC window is impressively large, offering unparalleled views for those interested in mingling paddleboarding with snorkeling adventures.

Stability is a non-issue thanks to the board’s robust FISH shape design. With its 34″ width and high buoyancy, the Reef wiSUP caters to users across the board—from casual paddlers to those looking to gaze into the marine depths in a tranquil drift. Size options offer versatility, accommodating various preferences and supporting weights up to 264 lb, ensuring that most enthusiasts can enjoy this unique experience.

In terms of durability and ease of use, the SUP’s pre-laminated material adds to the comfort during expeditions. An added crystal clear layer over the window protects against deformations, keeping your view into the aquatic clear on every trip. The included paddle, pump, and backpack sweeten the deal, rounding up the set for immediate excursions once it arrives.

Judging from our analysis, the Cressi Reef wiSUP’s thoughtful design and inclusive packaging show Cressi’s commitment to merging snorkeling with SUP in a way that’s both innovative and user-friendly. If you’re looking for a paddleboard that provides more than just a spot to stand, but a window to explore below, the Cressi Reef wiSUP checks all the right boxes.

Lastly, the two-year limited warranty showcases Cressi’s confidence in their product’s quality. Whether you’re just starting out or are well-versed in the world of paddleboarding, this model is poised to elevate your experience, making it a top choice for those seeking an aquatic adventure that goes beyond the surface.

#3 Hydro-Force Panorama View SUP

Window VisibilityClear built-in viewing window
Board Size11ft. 2in. x 35in. x 6in.
Weight Capacity330 lbs

The Hydro-Force Panorama View SUP stands out in the world of paddleboards with its immersive window feature for underwater viewing. Crafted for a mix of stability and speed, the board’s generous dimensions provide comfort and ease for paddlers of all levels.

The clear viewing window at the heart of its design is a remarkable highlight, allowing adventurers to peer into the aquatic life below, thereby enhancing the paddling experience. Alongside, its durable construction utilizing drop-stitch and Tritech material safeguards the board against wear and tear.

With the complete kit including an adjustable paddle and a handy hand pump, the Panorama View ensures you have everything at hand for a day on the water. The convenience of the included backpack adds to the portability factor, encouraging paddlers to take their board on various excursions.

The addition of practicalities such as the non-slip traction pad and secure elastic cords promotes safety and storage for personal items, rounding off a design that prioritizes a paddler’s experience and convenience. Thus, whether you’re venturing into serene lakes or exploring coastal inlets, the Hydro-Force Panorama View SUP is a robust and dynamic companion on the water.

#4 Cressi Reef Window 10’2”

Window VisibilityExpanded, deformation-free crystal clear PVC for maximum underwater viewing
Board SizeFish-shaped, pre-laminated 34” wide board
Weight CapacityHigh buoyancy with a curved bow and a 9″ drift for stable navigation

The Cressi Reef Window WISUP Set Blue 10’2” takes paddleboarding to another level with its innovative underwater viewing feature. Standing on this board is like having a snorkel experience without being submerged. Its standout window is an expansive, clear portal that allows paddlers to explore the underworld from above.

Durability is not compromised for the sake of transparency. The thick PVC window, reinforced along the edges, maintains a deformation-free view even as it endures the pressures of regular use and varying water conditions. The meticulous design ensures that the exploration can continue for lengthy paddle sessions without discomfort—thanks to the comfort of the fish-shaped design, which is a generous 34″ wide for stability.

Comfort on the water is further enhanced by the board’s highly buoyant nature, boasting a curved bow and a stable 9″ drift. These features provide an assuring steadiness, beneficial for both paddling veterans seeking calm waters and newcomers learning to navigate.

While it’s optimized for visibility and usability, the Cressi Reef Window SUP also champions the cause of environment-friendly exploration. The board invites paddlers to witness the beauty of marine life responsibly, fostering a non-invasive approach to enjoying the underwater world.

Combining Cressi’s reputable manufacturing with thoughtfully engineered features, the Reef Window SUP distinguishes itself in the paddleboarding market. Its unique window, user-friendly design, and eco-conscious ethos make it one of the most intriguing options for those drawn to nature, adventure, and the allure of the sea’s depths.

#5 Crystal Kayak Vision Board

Window VisibilityClear underwater viewing window with storage compartment
Board Size11 ft (length) x 32 in (width) x 6 in (height)
Weight CapacitySupports up to 300 lbs

The Crystal Kayak Vision Board is an 11ft marvel that redefines aquatic exploration for paddleboard enthusiasts. Its standout feature is the underwater viewing window, which not only allows for a glimpse into the marine world but doubles as an inventive storage area.

Constructed with military-grade PVC and complemented by aluminum accessories, the Vision Board exhibits a remarkable balance between stability and weight, securely supporting up to 300 lbs while maintaining a manageable weight of only 23 pounds.

Appropriate for all skill levels, this SUP ensures enjoyable moments atop lakes, rivers, and ocean waves. Its fully rigid inflation rivals a hard board’s steadiness, offering superior performance without the usual bulk.

Accompanied by a comprehensive kit, including a deluxe travel bag, an expandable lightweight paddle, and more, the Vision Board merges convenience with adventure.

The 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty accompanying the board emphasizes the brand’s confidence in its durable construction, ensuring a product that’s not only innovative but reliable for your water escapades.

Checklist: What Makes a Great Paddleboard with a Window

  • Window Quality: Prioritize a board with a clear, wear-resistant window. A durable PVC or reinforced material ensures enduring visibility and resistance to scratches or impact while submerged views are enjoyed.
  • Board Stability: For an enjoyable and safe experience, select a board with a wide base and ample length to provide better stability, especially important for beginners or when gliding over choppy waters.
  • Load Capacity: Confirm the weight capacity meets your needs, whether it’s for solo use or accommodating multiple paddlers. A higher capacity ensures versatility and safety while out on the water.
  • Portability: Choose a board that is lightweight yet resilient. Many come with backpacks for ease of transport, making them ideal for travel and remote paddling locations.
  • Accessory Package: Consider boards that come with a complete accessory set including paddles, pumps, leashes, and waterproof bags for a cost-effective and hassle-free start to your paddling adventure.
  • Manufacturer Warranty: Look for a board with a solid warranty as it indicates the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. A warranty can provide peace of mind and protection for your investment.


Are paddleboards with windows suitable for beginners?

Yes, paddleboards with windows often feature wide bases and ample length, offering enhanced stability ideal for beginners.

Can you observe marine life with a paddleboard window?

Absolutely, paddleboards with windows are designed to allow clear underwater viewing, perfect for observing marine life.

Is it easy to transport a paddleboard with a window?

Many paddleboards with windows are lightweight and come with carry backpacks, making them easy to transport to various paddling locations.

Water is Benjamin's element. In 2019, he made his first attempts on a SUP board and since then he's constantly learning. For him, stand-up paddling is a great way to combine a workout and feel relaxed at the same time. The perfect balance to everyday life!

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