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The Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′ comes with a leash, a repair tool kit and a backpack to store and transport the paddleboard.

The Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′ is one of the most popular paddleboards on the markets for beginners. As most beginners need all the paddleboard gear to go on their first trips, in this post we’ll take a look at which paddleboard gear is included with the Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′.

Decathlon’s approach to include accessories is different from other brands. While most paddleboard companies ship their boards with lots of gear, while Decathlon just included the very basics and expect paddlers to buy the missing gear themselves.

If you purchase the Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′, you’ll get the board, a leash, a repair tool kit and a backpack to store and transport the paddleboard.

But you’ll have to buy a pump, (a PFD), paddle as well as any extra accessories yourself.

By the way, Decathlon ships the 11′ model with the same model. Also, we did a separate post comparing the Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′ with the 11′ version. If you’re curious, check this out.

Many people approached us because of this and our recommendation to buy the Decathlon Itiwit X100 boards, if you are looking for an affordable board.

Sure, you can argue with our recommendation, considering that there are additional costs when buying a Decathlon board. That’s true, just to get the same quality of included gear other brands offer, you’d have to spend about £50 to £100.

However, there are also three major pros of not shipping the board with too many accessories.

The first pro is that, you can use existing gear, get some spare accessory products from friends & family or shop around at second-hand marketplaces to find some really affordable gear.

That’s fine, however, the next point is more crucial.

The second advantage is that, you can decide to get yourself decent ones. Without having gear included, you can choose your own. You can decide to spend money on accessory which are important to you.

E.g. you can invest in the best available SUP backpack if you’ll carry the board over long distances. Or, you can purchase an electric pump, if you don’t plan to use the manual one anyway.

And, third, we are not sure about Decathlon, but most brands ship their paddleboards with low-quality gear. Especially in the affordable pricing area, most paddleboards come with cheap accessory products. Included paddles are especially prone to that.

That’s bad as the gear is very critical for paddleboarding.

  • Without a good paddle, building up speed to way more difficult. When using a heavy paddle, you’ll need so much excess energy by lifting a few hundred additional grams for thousands and thousands of times. Doing a longer paddle tour, using a heavy paddle, is a difference of lifting hundreds of kilograms or even tons.
  • Carrying a cheap backpack is painful as the straps will cut in your shoulders.
  • Inflating the paddleboard with a low-quality air pump takes way more power than it has to.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on gear, choose a Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′.

As no gear is included in the package price, you can get your own accessories. You can use existing or second-hand products from friends & family, or even buy some paddleboard equipment cheaply at second-hand marketplaces.

To sum it up, the Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′ is a great choice. There is not much gear included, but that’s no reason stopping you from getting a board for yourself.

Click here to find more detailed information about the Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′.

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