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A viewing window is of course not a must, but a welcome extra for paddle boards.

So you do not have to go into the water with diving goggles and can still see the underwater world. Ideal to relax on the board.

Below you will find a selection of boards with viewing window.

The 2 Best Paddle Boards With Windows

Bestway Hydro-Force Panorama Inflatable Stand-Up Paddleboard Set with See-Through Window (11’2”...
  • UNIQUE PADDLEBOARD SET: With a built-in window, this...
  • IDEAL FOR ALL SKILL LEVELS: This SUP is best used for...
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: This SUP is constructed with drop...
  • FOR EVERY TYPE OF RIDER: The included aluminum paddle...


What material is the paddle boards window made of?

The window of the paddle boards is basically made of robust PVC. Therefore, the material does not need any special cleaning and is firmly integrated into the board.

It is sufficient to rinse the window with clear water after use and keep it clean. If necessary, you can also wipe it with a dry cloth.

Can you see the underwater world through the paddle board’s viewing window?

If the water is relatively clear, then you can see the underwater world well. In addition, of course, you should keep the viewing window free of dirt. In addition, it also depends on the light conditions.

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