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Moai is one of the younger paddle board manufacturers and is based in the Netherlands.

The name of the company comes from the name of the very well-known monolithic human figures (“Moais”) on the Easter Islands and is supposed to make the reference to the Polynesian roots of paddle boarding.

The range consists mainly of allrounder boards of different sizes, but you will also find touring boards in the range, one of which I will introduce you to in this review.

Hundreds of boards have already been tested on this blog, so the team here has built up a good expertise that flows into the test.

For you, I’ve taken a close look at the board’s handling characteristics, construction and all the accessories, and in this written review I’ll tell you the exact details, strengths, and weaknesses of the board.

At the end, I’ll clarify the most common questions for you and if you want to know a little more about it, then you can of course ask your own questions, which I’ll be happy to answer.

Great-looking Touring Board of High Quality
Moai Touring 12'6
9.6/10Our Score

The Moai Touring 12'6 convinces with its high load capacity, the high-quality and innovative construction, the high stiffness, the solid width, the two flexible luggage nets, the backpack trolley and the fiberglass paddle. The board is also suitable for beginners with its extended width and carries large and heavy users with its high volume.

Short on Time? Here’s the Most Important:

The outline of the Moai 12.6 looks like a classic touring board with a tapered nose and tail. However, if you take a closer look at the dimensions of 381 x 81 x 15 cm (12’6″ x 32″ x 6″), you’ll notice that the board’s design is significantly wider than many comparable models.

Due to the strongly bulbous line of the sides, it reaches a value of 81 cm at the widest point of the footprint, which we are more familiar with from allrounder boards.

The board thus combines the good running characteristics of a touring board with the stability of an allrounder. Of course, both with slight compromises.

Nevertheless, the Moai Touring 12.6 is a possible candidate for ambitious beginners who want to start paddle boarding directly with a tourer.

Due to the solid dimensions, a large volume results, accordingly, the board is particularly well suited for larger, heavier paddlers. The proven single fin in the US box system is used for the fin setup.

This significantly improves the gliding characteristics in terms of straight line and tracking, but the stability and maneuverability are somewhat reduced by this setup.

Due to the close cooperation with Waves 4 Change, an African charity organization, a certain amount per sold Moai board goes directly to charity!

The Moai 12.6 comes with the following accessories:

Instruction manual, backpack trolley, infinitely adjustable fiberglass paddle, switchable double action air pump, removable single fin (US box system), coiled leash (spiral safety line), repair kit incl. valve wrench.

  • high quality and workmanship
  • 2-layer structure of the outer shell
  • innovative manufacturing technology (“Thermo-Fusion”)
  • very good stiffness
  • comparatively light board weight
  • high load capacity, perfect for big and heavy paddlers
  • good gliding behavior
  • high stability
  • 2 luggage nets (removable)
  • backpack can be used as a trolley
  • complete accessory package incl. fiberglass paddle
  • only one carrying handle
  • Carrying capacity specified a little too high

Moai Touring 12’6 Review in Detail

In the following part of the review, I go into more detail about the board and the included accessories.

At the end of the article, I answer frequently asked questions. We do our best to make sure that every reader is able to find the right board for them, regardless of their previous experience.

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave me a comment. I will try to answer you as soon as possible!

Product Specifications

Board TypeInflatable
Skillsporty Beginner / Advanced
Area of ApplicationTouring board (Touring)
Maximum Paddler Weight120-130 kg (265-285 lbs)
Length381 cm (12’6″)
Width81 cm (32″)
Thickness15 cm (6″)
Volume350 liters
Weight9,5 kg (21 lbs)
AccessoriesInstruction manual, board bag trolley, infinitely adjustable fiberglass paddle, switchable double action pump, removable single fin (US box system), coiled leash, repair kit incl. valve wrench


Already at first glance it becomes clear that the Moai Touring 12.6 is a touring board. The silhouette with its pronounced board tip and likewise tapered tail is almost reminiscent of the outline of a kayak.

However, the side line is very curved and ensures that the width of 81 cm is well above average.

The fin setup with a large single fin is characteristic of the board class and reinforces the directional stability and ensures that the Moai Touring 12’6 remains stable on course.

Due to the curved rails (side surfaces), it is nevertheless also quite easy to steer and turn for a touring board.

Due to the large dimensions, the volume of the individual air chamber is lush at 350 liters. Thus, the board has a high buoyancy and is very suitable for large and heavy paddlers.

The double-layer welded material construction provides high stiffness and makes the board robust and resilient.

Load Capacity

The maximum user weight of the Moai Touring 12.6 is stated at 170 kg. Despite the high volume and the solid material quality, this is a bit too high.

Certainly, the board does not sink even under this load, but the driving characteristics are then definitely no longer optimal.

In my opinion, the recommended maximum user weight is in the range of 120 – 130 kg. However, 150 kg may still be feasible in less challenging conditions and on smaller paddle boards.

To take advantage of the good performance of a touring board, however, it is important that the board stays in shape and has a consistently stable contact surface on the water.

For small tours, however, the carrying capacity is still high enough to start with two or with a dog.

Great-looking Touring Board of High Quality
Moai Touring 12'6
9.6/10Our Score

The Moai Touring 12'6 convinces with its high load capacity, the high-quality and innovative construction, the high stiffness, the solid width, the two flexible luggage nets, the backpack trolley and the fiberglass paddle. The board is also suitable for beginners with its extended width and carries large and heavy users with its high volume.

Areas of Application and Driving Characteristics

Basically, you can use the Moai Touring 12’6″ in a variety of ways like an allrounder board.

From relaxed, small swim trips to long, sporty tours, it does everything well. The above-average width provides the necessary basic stability in every situation.

Due to the pointed nose and the single fin, however, the board’s greatest strength lies in its improved glide. Sporty users can reach a good speed and still enjoy the stability.

Compared to narrower touring boards, however, slight sacrifices have to be accepted in terms of speed and straight-line stability due to the extended width.

On the other hand, the Moai Touring 12.6 with its two adjustable luggage nets is excellent for SUP touring.

The load capacity is high enough to carry enough provisions and luggage even on tours lasting several days. The high tipping stability is also an advantage for this type of use.

In my opinion, wide touring paddle boards are among the most flexible all-rounders among paddle boards.

Due to the stable position in the water, even enthusiastic beginners can confidently master the wobbly early days on these models and still directly enjoy the gliding ride of a tourer.

The large usable area is also advantageous for many applications. There is enough space to use the board as a platform for many other sporting activities.

For example, you can do your yoga asanas or fitness routine on it.

Material and Weight

The construction of the Moai 12.6 is called “double layer dropstitch”. The core of the board consists of a multitude of interwoven polyester threads (“dropstitch”).

A special, innovative process (“Thermo-Fusion”) is used to manufacture the outer shell:

In this technique, 2 thinner layers of PVC are bonded together under high pressure and heat. Solvents and adhesives can be completely dispensed with in this process.

This production is accordingly very environmentally friendly, reduces the board weight by up to 20% and still ensures a very high stiffness!

The weight of the Moai 12.6 Touring is therefore a very low 9.5 kg. This value is amazing considering the size and the high-quality material construction of the board. Handling is correspondingly problem-free.


The Moai 12’6 Touring impressed me in the test with its consistently clean workmanship. The transitions to the side surfaces (rails) are flawless. In this point there is nothing to criticize for me.

The “Thermo-Fusion process” is innovative and has one major advantage above all. The most common weak point of inflatable paddle boards (iSUPs) are basically the glued areas.

By welding the individual layers together, the outer shell is practically as if made of one piece…this technology combines the advantages of single-layer and double-layer boards, so to speak.


The company also emphasizes the Polynesian tradition of paddle boarding in the design of the Moai paddle boards by using typical patterns and ornaments. These can be found on the Touring 12.6 on the nose and on the underside.

The white base color of the board is complemented on top by the 3-color deckpad in various shades of turquoise and orange.

The rails are plain white and are decorated by the company logo, which you will also find above the footprint and on the tread again. The mentioned pattern in the style of “Maori tribals” characterizes the design of the bottom.

Overall, the Moai Touring 12.6 is a good example of the very popular surf-style paddle board design. Here design elements from the South Seas are used again and again.

More Features

The Moai Touring 12.6 has the following features:

  • Deckpad: On the top of the board is an anti-slip deck pad made of EVA.
  • Free D-ring: At the tail is a D-ring for hanging a leash (safety line).
  • Central strap: There is a central strap in the middle of the board. This is the center of gravity of the board if you carry it alone, and also shows you the most stable position for your feet. The strap is made of nylon, covered with neoprene, and bears the manufacturer’s logo.
  • Detachable single fin: A single fin in the US box system is included.
  • 2 luggage nets: The larger deck net is located in the front area, and another, slightly smaller net is located in the rear area between the deck pad and the valve. Both are attached to 4 D-rings each and are adjustable and removable via a mechanism. Here you can safely stow equipment or provisions (best in a dry bag).


The accessory package of the Moai Touring 12.6 consists of the following components:

  • Moai Touring 12.6 Backpack or Trolley: The set includes a black-petrol colored backpack trolley. The large main compartment with all-round zipper is ideal for the rolled-up board and large pieces of equipment. Furthermore, the backpack has two handles (top and side), multiple straps (inside and outside) to hold the contents in place, adjustable, lightly padded straps and a waist strap. If the luggage is too heavy for you, you can simply pull the backpack behind you as a trolley thanks to the two integrated wheels. A really good model with matching design elements, which will make your way to the water much easier.
  • Moai Touring 12.6 Fiberglass Paddle: The shaft of this infinitely adjustable (175 – 215 cm) model is made of fiberglass. The turquoise paddle blade with a width of 19.5 cm is made of sturdy plastic and features the characteristic tribal print you already know from the board. At 896 g, this is a somewhat lighter and powerful specimen for ambitious beginners and advanced riders. The V-shape of the paddle blade displaces the water symmetrically and ensures a more energy-efficient paddling.
  • Moai Touring 12.6 switchable double action pump with pressure gauge: Included in the set is a “Bravo” brand switchable double action air pump with pressure gauge (manometer). With this you can pump air into the board both when pulling up and when pushing down. When the back pressure increases towards the end, you can switch this pump to single action mode by unscrewing the small plug on the housing and save your strength. You can also pump air out of the board by screwing the hose onto the other opening on the handle section.
  • Removable Moai Touring 12.6 fin: The single center fin is removable and attaches to the board with a screw via the US box system. To install, the fin is secured with a threaded plate pre-positioned in the rail and screwed into the fin box. In contrast to the plug-in system, the assembly takes a little longer, but there are also a lot of different models for retrofitting.
  • Moai Touring 12.6 coiled-leash: This spiral-shaped safety leash connects your ankle to the board via a stable cuff. If you fall into the water, it stretches to its full length (10′ or about 305 cm) and keeps your board close to you.
  • Moai Touring 12.6 repair kit: This small kit consists of color-matched PVC patches and an accompanying PVC glue to make minor repairs to your board in a pinch. With the included valve wrench you can check the valve for tightness and replace it in case of a defect.


How long does it take to inflate the Moai Touring 12.6?

Due to the fairly high volume, you’ll need about 7 minutes to inflate the board. Learn more about the Moai Touring 12.6.

How much PSI should the Moai Touring 12.6 be inflated to?

The recommended pressure is 15 PSI. This is the standard value of many paddle boards and corresponds to about 1 bar. Learn more about the Moai Touring 12.6.

Is the Moai Touring 12.6 also suitable for beginners?

Yes, due to the solid width the construction is quite tilt stable, so even beginners can start right away with this touring board! Learn more about the Moai Touring 12.6.


The Moai 12.6 has convinced me of itself in the test. The main arguments for this board are for me:

The high load capacity, the high-quality and innovative construction (“Thermo-Fusion”), the high stiffness, the solid width, the two flexible luggage nets, the backpack trolley and the fiberglass paddle.

With its extended width, the board is also suitable for beginners and with its high volume it also carries large and heavy users.

However, in terms of speed, the model is at a disadvantage compared to much narrower touring boards. The performance profile of the board is very versatile and especially the large surface is advantageous for many areas of use.

The price/performance ratio is completely appropriate in relation to the good quality. For a successful start, all equipment is available in very good quality, so that you can paddle directly after delivery!

Great-looking Touring Board of High Quality
Moai Touring 12'6
9.6/10Our Score

The Moai Touring 12'6 convinces with its high load capacity, the high-quality and innovative construction, the high stiffness, the solid width, the two flexible luggage nets, the backpack trolley and the fiberglass paddle. The board is also suitable for beginners with its extended width and carries large and heavy users with its high volume.