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Attention paddlers: Since recently Moai offers this popular allrounder also as a “WS version” with a modified design in different shades of pink and pink (see 2nd price check button 👆).

The board as well as some parts of the accessories differ only visually from the standard version tested here…see the Design section for all the details!

With the Moai Allround 10’6 I would like to introduce you to a completely characteristically built allround board of the Dutch paddle boards manufacturer in more detail.

The previously tested specimens of Moai SUP have proven to be high-quality manufactured representatives of the mid-class. Whether this board can keep up in terms of quality and workmanship, I have tested for you.

It comes with a complete accessory package to you, so you can directly on the water. Of course, I have also tested all the equipment for practicality!

Great-looking Beginner Paddleboard with top Gear
Moai Allround 10'6
9.4/10Our Score

The Moai Allround 10.6 meets the expectations of a high-quality, modern allrounder in every respect (shape, dimensions, material and construction) and is ideally suited for beginners. Special highlights are the design and the high-quality accessories.

Little time? Here is the Most Important

With its dimensions of 320 x 81 x 15 cm (10’6″ x 32″ x 6″), the Moai Allround 10.6 is fully within the average range of the board type. Its silhouette with a wide and rounded tip (nose) and the likewise rounded tail meets all expectations of an allrounder board.

The design and the width of 81 cm ensure a very high tipping stability, ideal for beginners and versatile use.

Due to the thickness of 15 cm (6″) and the stable, 2-layer welded construction (“Double-Layer-Fusion”), the board achieves good values in terms of stiffness and buoyancy.

The board is equipped with 3 fins in the so-called 2+1 setup, whereby the center fin is removable via the US box system. This feature is also the classic for allrounder boards.

Moai SUP works closely with the charity organization “Waves 4 Change”. As a result, a certain portion of the sales price goes directly to charity!

The Moai Allround 10.6 comes with a complete accessory package, which consists of the following components:

Backpack trolley, infinitely adjustable fiberglass paddle, switchable double action pump, removable center fin (US box system), coiled leash (spiral safety line), repair kit including valve wrench.

  • high quality and workmanship
  • welded construction of the outer shell (“fusion technology”)
  • good price/performance ratio
  • high stiffness
  • comparatively light weight
  • versatile use
  • high tipping stability
  • 4 free D-rings for attaching a kayak seat (not included in the set)
  • complete accessory package incl. trolley backpack and fiberglass paddle
  • not always available

The Moai Allround 10.6 at a Glance

Since 2016, we have been intensively involved with the topic of paddle boarding and are very happy to share our ever-growing experience with you. In the following part of the review, I go into more detail about the board and the included accessories. At the end of the article I answer frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave me a comment. I will try to answer you as soon as possible!

Product Specifications

Board TypeInflatable
Area of ApplicationAllrounder
Max. Paddler Weight85 kg (188 lbs) – 90kg (20 lbs)
Length320 cm (10′4)
Width81 cm (32″)
Thickness15 cm (6″)
Volume260 liters
Weight8,5 kg (19 lbs)
AccessoriesInstruction manual, board bag, 3-piece fiberglass paddle, double-action air pump, fin (us-box system), coiled leasht, extensive repair kit with valve key and spare pressure gauge


The Moai Allround 10.6 is an absolutely classic allrounder with its completely average dimensions and the well-known contour (shape). The rounded board tip (nose) and the solid width make the board a perfect companion for any beginner…these boards are by far the best-selling.

Its construction provides a successful mix of stability and good running characteristics, but for allrounder boards the focus is primarily on a very high tipping stability.

The board has a total of 3 fins (2+1), the two small side fins are fixed and the large center fin is removable via the US box system. This means you are ready to go on the water in a short time. This setup is also completely characteristic for this board class.

The Moai Allround 10.6 has a thickness of 15 cm or 6″ and has a single air chamber with 260 liters of volume.

These values are particularly important in terms of load capacity and basic stability and are in a good range.

Load Capacity

Moai states the maximum payload of the Allrounder 10.6 to be 130 kg. In my opinion, this is a bit too generous despite the solid material construction. The board offers ideal conditions for paddlers with a weight of about 85 – 90 kg.

If you weigh significantly more, you should look around at the larger allrounder boards. Also in this segment Moai has suitable specimens in the assortment!

Areas of Application and Riding Characteristics

Allrounder boards are, as the name suggests, built for wide and varied areas of use. That is exactly why they are so popular.

Especially on lakes, canals and other waters with a calm surface, you can gain the best experience as a beginner and gradually improve your technique.

No board type is more versatile than the allrounder…a high basic stability allows you to progress quickly, so that after a short time nothing stands in the way of your first, relaxed tour.

When you are more confident, you can dare to use the Moai Allrounder 10.6 on slow flowing waters and conquer smaller waves. It forgives technical beginner mistakes and accompanies you safely through many beautiful experiences on the water.

Unfortunately, allrounders are no gliding wonders due to their wide cut design. The high degree of stability goes hand in hand with increased water resistance, so you can’t reach very high speeds.

This type of board is not designed for top performance, but offers you the best compromise to be able to cope with all conditions.

With its double-layered outer shell, the Moai Allround 10.6 achieves good stiffness, is durable and robustly constructed and can accompany you for many years and waters, even if you might be interested in more specialized paddle boards as you gain experience.

A good allrounder board opens up the complete spectrum for you to discover paddle boarding, especially in the beginning.

Great-looking Beginner Paddleboard with top Gear
Moai Allround 10'6
9.4/10Our Score

The Moai Allround 10.6 meets the expectations of a high-quality, modern allrounder in every respect (shape, dimensions, material and construction) and is ideally suited for beginners. Special highlights are the design and the high-quality accessories.

Material and Weight

In technical jargon, the construction of the Moai Allround 10.6 is called “Double-Layer-Fusion”. This means that the outer shell is made of 2-layer welded PVC and the core is made of very many interwoven polyester threads (“dropstitch”).

In contrast to the classic “double-layer technique”, thinner material can be used when welding the individual layers and adhesive is largely dispensed with.

This manufacturing technique is becoming increasingly popular for high-quality paddle boards. A reduced weight with full retention of stiffness is the trump card of this process.

The weight of the Moai Allround 10.6 is therefore only 8.5 kg. This value is below average considering the size and the high-quality material construction of the board and is an indication that the processed PVC layers are quite thin. The light weight significantly simplifies handling on land.


The tested model of the Moai Allround 10.6 was completely high-quality and cleanly processed. Looking at the reviews on Amazon and other platforms, the absolute majority of customers seem to share my assessment. The “Fusion Process” is very innovative and has definite advantages.

The material quality and construction of the board can always compete with other high-quality specimens in the price range. Overall, this board is a representative of the mid-class and therefore one can also assume a good level of workmanship.


The basic color of the board is white. On the upper side, the look is characterized by the large 3-colored stand in various shades of turquoise and orange, as well as the front design element in “tribal style”. This pattern also characterizes the design of the running surface of the board.

The side surfaces (rails) are plain white and are decorated with the company logo, which you can also find on the board tip and on the bottom again. Overall, I find the design with clear reference to the Polynesian roots of paddle boarding very appealing.

Note: By the way, if you like pink boards, you should take a look at the new Moai Allround 10’6 WS. This model is designed in a delicate pink base tone and is set off by various intense pink elements.

So that the overall package is also visually correct, the backpack trolley was set on the combination of gray and black. Even with the color of the paddle blade (black), the manufacturer replaces the otherwise turquoise elements of the standard version.

Other Features

The Moai Allround 10.6 has the following additional features:

  • Deckpad: The standing surface is made of anti-slip EVA and ensures a safe stand even when wet.
  • 5 free D-rings: There is a D-ring at the tail for attaching the leash (safety line). 4 additional D-rings are located on the side of the stand and are used to attach a kayak seat, which is not included.
  • Central carrying strap: Directly on the board’s center of gravity is the neoprene-covered carrying strap. This is also where the so-called “sweet spot” is located and shows you the most stable stance position.
  • 2+1 fin setup with removable center fin: The 2 smaller side fins are firmly glued and the large center fin is removable (US box system).
  • Luggage net: In the front area of the top is the elastic cover net, which is attached to 4 D-rings and is adjustable and removable via a mechanism. Here you can safely store equipment or provisions. So that everything stays nice and dry, you should pack your luggage in a dry bag waterproof!


Moai paddle boards are generally delivered with a complete accessory package:

  • Moai Allround 10.6 Trolley Backpack: The newly designed black-turquoise trolley backpack has the same design elements as the board and has two handles (top and side), padded and adjustable straps and several straps (inside and outside) to fix the contents. In the large main compartment with all-round zipper you can store the board including accessories. This model belongs to the high-quality specimens and is a welcome relief with its integrated wheels.
  • Moai Allround 10.6 fiberglass paddle: The paddle is continuously adjustable from 175 to 215 cm. The shaft of this 3-piece model is made of lightweight and sturdy fiberglass (glass fiber), and the turquoise and 19.5 cm wide paddle blade is made of sturdy plastic. Here you will also find the characteristic “tribal print”, which you already know from the board and the trolley backpack. This high-quality model weighs 896 g and is thus somewhat lighter and significantly more powerful than an aluminum paddle.
  • Moai Allround 10.6 switchable double action pump with pressure gauge: The included pump (Bravo) is a so-called double action air pump and equipped with a pressure gauge (manometer). At the beginning of the pumping process, you can set it to pump air into the board both when pulling up and when pushing down. This double-action mode fills most of the volume in a short time. As the back pressure increases, however, pulling up becomes more and more difficult. You can then switch the pump to single action mode by unscrewing a plug on the housing, so that it only works when pushing down. This mode saves you a lot of power! You can also pump air out of the board by screwing the hose onto the other opening on the handle section.
  • Removable Moai Allround 10.6 center fin: The set also includes a removable dolphin-shaped center fin. To mount it, you first have to place the threaded plate in the rail, to which the inserted fin is then screwed with the help of a small screw. In contrast to the plug-in system (slide-in system), this system requires a little more routine and time. A big advantage, however, is that there are plenty of spare parts and fin models for the US box system to retrofit.
  • Moai Allround 10.6 Coiled-Leash: This spiral-shaped safety leash connects your ankle to the board via a stable and well-padded cuff. If you fall in the water, it stretches to full length (10′ or 305 cm) and keeps your board close to you.
  • Moai Allround 10.6 Repair Kit: This small kit consists of 2 white PVC patches, a small tube of glue and a valve wrench. With this you can repair small damages on the board yourself. With the key you can also check the valve for tightness and replace it in case of a defect.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions about the Moai Allround 10.6 answered

“Is there a warranty on the Moai Allround 10.6?

Moai provides 1 year warranty on the boards. A proper warranty is always an important indication that the manufacturer is convinced of its own quality!
Learn more about the Moai Allround 10.6.

How long does it take to inflate the Moai Allround 10.6?

Using the double action air pump pump, the board should be inflated to the recommended 15 PSI (about 1 bar) within 5-7 minutes.
Learn more about the Moai Allround 10.6.

Is the Moai Allround 10.6 also suitable for beginners?

Yes, the board is due to its design even suitable for beginners. The set includes everything you need for a successful start!
Learn more about the Moai Allround 10.6


The Moai Allround 10.6 is, so to speak, a clichéd allrounder board. What may sound unspectacular and boring now, but is really meant positively! The board meets my expectations of a high-quality, modern allrounder in every respect (shape, dimensions, material and construction).

As a beginner without prior experience, this market segment is often very confusing, as there are now an enormous number of manufacturers and offers.

Partly these beginner boards are cheaply processed and are in practice only a short time a pleasure. Therefore, it is pleasing that there are qualitatively very good boards like the Moai Allround 10.6, so that you are well positioned from the beginning.

With it you can easily master the first steps and try out pretty much all the varieties of paddle boarding. Its basic stability is high and it is maneuverable. The whole construction is solid and well thought out.

Everything is included in the accessory package, so you can get started right away. The trolley backpack is a highlight here and not always included even with much more expensive boards.

The included fiberglass paddle also meets higher demands. In terms of price, the Moai Allround 10.6 is in the midfield and offers a successful price / performance ratio, especially for beginners.

I know that without experience one often tends to cheaper boards. However, this can quickly turn into a boomerang due to the lack of quality and spoil your fun. If you can, you should never be too frugal with paddle boards, if possible!

Great-looking Beginner Paddleboard with top Gear
Moai Allround 10'6
9.4/10Our Score

The Moai Allround 10.6 meets the expectations of a high-quality, modern allrounder in every respect (shape, dimensions, material and construction) and is ideally suited for beginners. Special highlights are the design and the high-quality accessories.