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The Mistral paddle Board from Lidl is a very affordable paddle board with a large scope of delivery and thus attracts mainly beginners who do not want to dig too deep into their pockets for their first paddle board.

Since 2016, we have presented hundreds of paddle boards for all possible purposes on this blog and can safely say that there are several reasons against buying the Lidl paddle board.

Look at our video review of the Lidl Mistral:

Below-average Paddleboard with better Alternatives available
Lidl Mistral
9.4/10Our Score

The Lidl Paddleboard is very popular among beginners. However, there are several drawbacks to this board such as low-quality included gear, issues with quality and durability, no extended warranties being offered, and it's board shape. We recommend checking out better Lidl paddleboard alternatives. You can find more about the models we recommend here.

Nevertheless, in this board review we present you the most important features of the board and tell you why the Lidl paddle board does not convince us.

Short on Time? Here’s the Most Important:

  • Reasonable price.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • Lies stable in the water.
  • Large scope of delivery.
  • With kayak option.
  • Backpack could be better padded.
  • The included paddle is quite heavy.
  • Workmanship flaws on new board (paint residue, bubbles & scratches).

Mistral Paddle Board From Lidl Review in Detail

The Lidl paddle board is characterized by the wide design, which in combination with the three fins, provides tilt stability. The wide and round nose is a classic feature for an allrounder paddle board. The Mistral paddle board from Lidl is therefore suitable for beginners.

In this presentation, I go into detail about the specific features of the paddle board and also mention various features of the individual parts from the included accessory set. At the end, there is also a FAQ with interesting questions that relate specifically to this board.

If anyone has any unanswered questions, feel free to ask them in the comments and I’ll try to answer them as soon as possible.

Board Type Inflatable
Brand Mistral
Skill Beginner
Price CategoryAffordable
Area of Application Allround board (allrounder)
Max. Paddler Weightca. 95 kg (210 lbs)
Length 320 cm (10’6″)
84 cm (33″)
Thickness 15 cm (6″)
Weight 10.8 kg (24 lbs)
Accessories Instruction manual, backpack, double action air pump, 3-piece and continuously adjustable paddle, leash (safety line), removable single fin (plug-in system), repair kit incl. valve key


The paddle board is characterized by its wide construction and round nose. Tilt stability is thereby given and offers beginners the necessary safety for the first paddling experiences.

The Lidl paddle Board is an allrounder. Allround paddle boards can be used in a variety of ways.

If you want to be a bit more sporty, you should go for touring boards, as these are better suited for longer trips and the construction is also adapted to this.

The Mistral board from Lidl is therefore not designed for high speeds, but it offers beginners suitable advantages due to its robustness. The paddle board is 32 inches wide and has a thickness of 6 inches.

The board has two air chambers. This provides additional rigidity and safety. The safety comes from the fact that in the very unlikely event of a broken air chamber, the other air chamber can still keep the board afloat.

Load Capacity

The maximum payload is given by Lidl as 330 lbs. This is an optimistic figure that refers to the maximum payload, but not the paddler weight. We recommend the board up to a paddler weight of about 210 lbs.

The paddle board is suitable for sporadic use in calm waters. You can gain your first paddling experiences with the Mistral and the large scope of delivery guarantees that you can immediately use it in a versatile way.

The scope of delivery also includes a kayak seat and an extra paddle blade, which can be used to convert the paddle into a double paddle. The kayak seat attaches to the eyelets on the left and right side of the board center.

Compared to last year’s model, the kayak seat of the Lidl Mistral paddle 2021 is significantly better padded.

Areas of Application and Driving Characteristics

The paddle board is an allrounder and therefore especially designed for beginners. Lakes, canals and calm coastal waters can be navigated.

For sporty ambitions or plans for longer tours, one should resort to touring boards. These are better suited to sporting ambitions than the Allrounder due to their narrower construction and more pointed board tip.

The nose is wide and rounded and slows down the Lidl paddle board somewhat in terms of speed. However, this is super for beginners, as higher stability is guaranteed.

The paddle board is equipped with three fins. The central removable US fin is about 10 inches long, 0.34 inches thick and 9 inches high.

The side fins are 6 inches long and 2.5 inches high. With the US fin box system, assembling the fin is a little more involved. Here, parts can also be lost, but for this fin system, there is a large cross-manufacturer selection of fins.

It is a pity that the two side fins can not be removed. This ensures that the rolled up board cover has a slightly larger pack size. Over time, the protruding fins will also affect the interior of the backpack somewhat.

Material and Weight

The paddle board is made with the drop stitch process and is made of a PVC layer.

The board consists of a PVC layer, which speaks for less weight. Thus, however, the paddle board is less rigid than double layer paddle boards and also less robust.

The board weighs 24 lbs unfilled and the weight is average to light compared to other boards in the allrounder class.

Lighter paddle boards are easier to transport, but in return the carrying capacity and stiffness is also lower. The stiffness of a paddle board is crucial for the speed and maneuverability of the board.

Design and Workmanship

The price-performance ratio of the Lidl Mistral 2021 paddle board is good at first glance.

Unfortunately, however, we noticed numerous defects (bubbles, scratches, paint stains, etc.) already after unpacking. This is not usually the case with boards from other paddle board brands.

In the Lidl online store, a free return and the return period of 90 days is specified.

The design is otherwise kept relatively simple. The front is mostly colored in blue. The lower board side is very simple and kept in gray. In addition, the Mistral logo is depicted there centrally in blue outlines.

On the deckpad you can see the lettering “mistral” in white.

Below-average Paddleboard with better Alternatives available
Lidl Mistral
9.4/10Our Score

The Lidl Paddleboard is very popular among beginners. However, there are several drawbacks to this board such as low-quality included gear, issues with quality and durability, no extended warranties being offered, and it's board shape. We recommend checking out better Lidl paddleboard alternatives. You can find more about the models we recommend here.

Other Features

  • Deckpad: The paddle board is covered in the middle with an EVA deckpad. This consisted of small Mistral logos in 2020, which was rather impractical. The Lidl Mistral 2021 has a classic diamond structure, which provides a good grip.
  • Luggage net: A luggage net is attached in the front area of the paddle board. Another advantage here is the included drybag, as you can stow your stuff while paddling with this included feature.
  • D-Rings: There is one D-ring in the front and one in the back, to which you can attach the included leash. Additional D-rings are located centrally on the board to attach the kayak seat.
  • Carrying Handles: There is a carry handle centrally located on the front of the paddle board.


The scope of delivery of the Lidl Mistral 2021 turns out to be quite extensive.

  • Mistral Lidl paddle Board Paddle: The included paddle is adjustable in length (approx. 5.5-6.7 ft) and convertible into a double paddle (approx. 7.5 ft). The conversion is specifically for the use of the kayak function. The shaft is made of aluminum and the paddle blade is made of nylon and fiberglass. The handle is made of polyvinyl chloride. Overall, however, the paddle is very heavy, so advanced paddlers will surely swap this for a carbon paddle.
  • Mistral Lidl paddle Board Leash: The scope of delivery includes a leash. This is sometimes also referred to as a safety leash. The leash is attached to D-rings in the front or back of the paddle board as well as the ankle.
  • Mistral Lidl paddle Board Backpack: The included backpack measures 37 x 17 x 10 inches and thus offers enough space for the rolled up board as well as the accessories. For longer distances on foot, however, a better padding of the shoulder straps would have been very good.
  • Mistral Lidl paddle Board Kayak Seat: Included is a kayak seat, which is much better padded than the seat from the previous model.
  • Mistral Lidl paddle Board Air Pump: The included Mistral air pump is a double stroke air pump. This means that air can be pumped into the board when pushing down and pulling up.
  • Mistral Lidl Repair Kit: Also included is a repair kit with PVC glue, PVC patches and a valve wrench.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to inflate the Mistral paddle board from Lidl?

The included double stroke pump allows you to inflate the paddle board in about 10 minutes. Learn more about the Mistral Lidl Paddle Board.

Is the Mistral paddle from Lidl also suitable for beginners?

The board is aimed specifically at beginners. The board lies safely in the water with its very wide and rounded design. Especially for families, children and beginners, the Mistral Lidl paddle board is therefore a good choice.

Sporty beginners and people who would like to go on regular tours are ill-advised with the Lidl Mistral paddle baord. Here, sporty boards from the cruiser or touring class are better suited. Learn more about the Mistral Lidl Paddle Board.

Can you also ride in waves with the Lidl Mistral?

Yes, you can also ride in waves with the Lidl Mistral paddle boarding. Learn more about the Mistral Lidl Paddle Board.

How good is the Lidl paddle board?

We tested the Lidl paddle board in the video and found 5 reasons against the Lidl paddle board. Learn more. Good alternatives to the Lidl paddle boarding are the Bluefin Cruise and the Goosehill Sailor. Learn more about the Mistral Lidl Paddle Board.

Who is the Lidl paddle board suitable for?

With its length, width and stated carrying capacity, the Lidl paddle Board seems to be a good paddle board suitable for beginners and heavier paddlers. However, we tested the board and found some reasons not to use this board. Learn more. Learn more about the Mistral Lidl Paddle Board.

What do I have to consider when buying a paddle?

Buying a paddle board is not easy, especially for beginners. The different areas of use (allrounder, race, surf & co), large number of paddle board brands, different board types, and price ranges make it difficult especially for beginners. But with our paddle board guide and our paddle board review you will quickly find the perfect paddle board. Learn more about the Mistral Lidl Paddle Board.

Alternatives to the Lidl Mistral Paddle Board

So, all in all, there are a few reasons that speak against the Lidl Mistral paddle board. But don’t worry, on this blog we have already presented hundreds of boards and can therefore recommend the following paddle boarding for beginners with a clear conscience:

#1 Bluefin Cruise 10’8

The Bluefin Cruise is one of the best beginner and intermediate paddle boards on the market.

The board comes with a lot of high-quality accessories (including a kayak set), is top-quality, has performed well in several paddle boarding tests and has already been tested in practice by many buyers.

Best Paddleboard 2022 for most Paddlers
Bluefin Cruise 10'8
9.4/10Our Score

The Bluefin Cruise is one of the best SUP boards on the market. What convinces me most about the Cruise SUPs is the high-quality workmanship of the boards and accessories. Clearly, no quality has been spared here. Last but not least, the Bluefin Cruise comes with an incredible five-year warranty.


  • Also, the Bluefin Cruise is significantly stiffer than the Lidl Mistral board, which has a positive effect on the maximum load capacity and performance.
  • With its sleek cruiser design and pointed nose, the Bluefin Cruise is the better choice for sporty beginners. The Bluefin Cruise has better water displacement than the very rounded Lidl Mistral board.
  • Last but not least, the board also comes from an established brand that has already made a name for itself with its paddle boarding.

#2 Goosehill Sailor

The affordable Goosehill Sailor is a great and very popular paddleboard. Especially, for beginners, this board is an interesting choice.

The board is both stable in the water and provides good tracking.

Popular and affordable Paddleboard(s)
Goosehill Sailor
9.4/10Our Score

The Goosehill Sailor (as well as the similar built model Goosehill Rainbow) are classic all-around boards that are well suited for beginners. There is some exaggeration when it comes to load capacity, but overall the board seems to be stiff and received many positive reviews. Given the affordable price, both paddleboards are great boards to start with.


  • The Goosehill Sailor a light-weight board which just weighs 9.3 kg (20.5 lbs). However, even with the light weight, the board is very stiff.
  • In our review, we found the workmanship to be great. We haven’t found any issues when checking out the paddleboard very closely.
  • The package of included gear consists of less accessory products compared to the Lidl paddleboard.

#3 Aqua Marina Fusion

Another alternative to the Lidl Paddleboard is the Aqua Marina Fusion. The Fusion is another popular board, and it’s indeed a great performer for a very affordable price.

Very popular Beginner Paddleboard
Aqua Marina Fusion
9.4/10Our Score

The Aqua Marina Fusion is one of the most popular beginner paddleboards and is sold around the globe. Over the years, this paddleboard collected thousands of positive reviews. The Aqua Marina Fusion is built quality is proven, is neither cheap nor expensive and got a universally popular design.


  • The Aqua Marina Fusion is significantly lighter than the Lidl Paddleboard. And, therefore, also easier to transport and carry.
  • We really liked the bit sleeker shape, which makes the board perform better in the water.
  • Last but not least, Aqua Marina is a very seasoned paddleboard brand. In fact, Aqua Marina been one of the very first establishing inflatable paddleboards. Therefore, they got lots of experience in producing long-lasting Inflatables.

#4 MOAI Allround 11′

The MOAI Allround 11′ is a great mix of all-rounder and touring paddleboard. We like the shape of the board as it combines advantages of both kinds of paddleboards.

Excellent Mix of Allrounder and Touring Paddleboard
MOAI Allround 11'
9.4/10Our Score

The MOAI Allround 11' closes the gap between all-rounders and touring boards. The paddleboard of the Dutch brand combines many advantages of both board types. The MOAI Allround 11' is very well-built and comes with a whole accessory package (including a very high-quality backpack and a lightweight fiberglass paddle).


  • The board’s shape is more catered towards touring compared to the Lidl paddleboard. Therefore, you can paddle faster with MOAI’s 11′ SUP.
  • With the modern fusion built, the MOAI Allround 11′ is lighter than the Lidl paddleboard while being even more stiff.
  • All the included gear of MOAI paddleboards is very high-quality, although, there aren’t as many accessory products included as in the Lidl deal.

Those are some great paddleboards.

You can read more about Lidl paddleboard alternatives here.

Hi, my name is Max. In 2016, on my first SUP trip, I was still a bit shaky on the SUP board. But quickly the ambition grabbed me and my passion for SUP was ignited. That’s why I founded stand-up-paddling.org the same year. Our mission is to help beginners discover this sport and bring more transparency into the market with our in-depth product reviews.

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after reviewing some tests and posts and the budget I set to start at max 350 €, I find three alternatives. The Wowsea AN 14/15, the Tigerxbang all around and the Kesser Wave.

I’m 1.90 tall, weigh 85 kilos, beginner and looking for a board that is so smooth that my son with 1.45 can still ride it.

Which of the three would you recommend, or would you have another alternative within budget.

Thanks a lot and best regards


Hello Sebastian,

So with your pre-selection, I would definitely advise the Wowsea Bluesky S1 (formerly AN 15). In this price range, the Wowsea boards are absolutely top. We have years of good experience and get the same feedback again and again!

Alternatively, you can also look at the Trophy T1 … the small additional price is worth it in view of the much better accessories in any case!

Many greetings,



I purchased the Mistral board as B goods super cheap.
Unfortunately, after inflating the board there is a 15cm wide bubble on the base. Would not bother me if it was not bad.

What do you think of it? Is it likely that it will tear further and is no longer usable?


Hello Frank,

I am very sorry for you, but this does not sound good at all and is not to be tolerated at all!

It can be assumed that the problem will quickly worsen due to temperature fluctuations alone. In warmer temperatures, experience shows that the bladder expands more and more.

I had the same problem years ago even with my first very cheap Lidl board. If possible, you should definitely claim or return the board!

Many greetings,


Hi Benjamin! Great site; after I am now for days already researching I have the feeling that you get here really objective assessments. And that you also take the time to answer questions is awesome! Maybe I may also add my question:

Am 1.78 and 74 kg heavy and looking for a paddle board on which I can have a bit of fun at the lake with my daughter (4 years, about 15 kg). Would now most likely tend to the Aqua Marina Fusion or ITIWIT X100 11″. The Bluefin Cruise is too expensive for me and due to the Brexit the UK import also complicated (customs).

The ITIWIT X100 11″ would come with the standard Decathlon pump and the carbon paddle at EUR 470, -; the Fusion in the set around EUR 390. Price / performance seems to me but the ITIWIT better (better paddle and pump). Would that also rather be your recommendation?


Hello Michael,

Thanks for the praise, great that you like our site so much. I see you also made great use of the test reports to get a differentiated picture!

I totally agree with you on that. The Itiwit X100 11′ offers you the better overall package in your composition. Plus, its wide touring shape means it won’t get boring quickly as your skills increase. Qualitatively, the Aqua Marina Fusion is also good, but it is just more of an allrounder with standard accessories.

Nice that you have recognized that it can also be an advantage that the Itiwit paddle boards are offered without accessories. This gives you the opportunity to start directly with high-quality equipment. Especially with the good paddle you will have fun longer!

Just for your information: The Bluefin Cruise 10.8 boards are now shipped within the EU (from the Netherlands)! The company has always taken over the customs fees (in case of doubt by asking the support), but now the customs problem is finally solved!

I wish you a great paddle board summer and a lot of fun with your new board!

Best regards,



I would also like to share my experience with 2 paddle boards from Mistral times. The first was the Mistral Limbo D (bought at Decathlon) on sale for 449€ in a complete set. The bag was extremely inferior so that the first seams already loosened during the 2nd transport. With the supplied pump I could easily inflate the board and also suck the air again.

Unfortunately, after the second inflate a bubble (plate-sized) below non-slip tread. So I went back to Decathlon to exchange the Board. To my amazement, there were already 3 other customers in front of me who wanted to complain about the board (with one the pump no longer worked, with the others I do not know the reason). The employee of Decathlon also told me that the Limbo D was extremely often complained in recent weeks and Mistral obviously has quality problems. Therefore, we have let us refund the purchase price.

The second attempt was the Mistral Floral from Lidl which I had seen on the same day by chance as available in the Lidl online store for 299€. Basically the same board with a great design, 3 fins, extra seat and double paddle (for “kayak use”). After receipt directly inflated and found no bubble or the like. Left it overnight and the next morning there was again a large bubble in a different place below the tread on the top of the board. The sup was sent back again.

Conclusion: we will no longer buy a cheap set offer, because I can not imagine that you can have several years of pleasure on these things. The quality is really inferior and not good enough even for sporadic use 1-2 times a year.


Hey Dennis,

Thank you for sharing in detail your unfortunately unpleasant experience. I fully share your assessment and hope that you find a good board that will accompany you for a long time.

If you need any advice in this regard, feel free to get back to me!

I’m happy to publish your comment and hope that it will help other readers.

Best regards,