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The Itiwit X500 13’0″ is a touring paddle board that is also available in a second tandem SUP called Decathlon Itiwit X500 15′.

The Itiwit X500 comes with accessories included, already packed in a backpack.

Due to its length, the Itiwit X500 has a very good straight running. This makes it optimal for long tours.

The board is inflated with an air pressure of 17 PSI and provides in combination with the length for an enormous stiffness.

Short on Time? Here’s the Most Important:

The Itiwit X500 13’0″ is a sporty model for SUP fans who want to switch from a beginner or allround to a touring board.

The construction is very dynamic and the classic touring shape ensures a very good straight line run. The center fin provides additional support and also keeps the paddle boarding optimally on track. Thus, longer tours can be covered relaxed and quickly.

Decathlon convinces with a good price-performance ratio, which is also given with the Itiwit X500. Here you get a high-quality board for a low price. The accessories are not as extensive as in entry-level models, since it is assumed that, for example, pump and paddle are already present in more experienced paddlers.

  • good price-performance ratio
  • light and stable
  • high load capacity
  • innovative, large luggage net
  • small range of accessories

Decathlon Itiwit X500 13′ Review in Detail

The Itiwit X500 13’0″ holds some exciting features that I would like to present to you in the following review. As always, the most important data is clearly listed in the table. At the end you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the Itiwit X500.

If you still have questions, feel free to use the comment function and write me what else you would like to know. I will answer as soon as possible.

Product Specifications

Board Type Inflatable
Brand Penguin
Skill Advanced
Price CategoryAffordable
Area of Application Touring
Max. Paddler Weight120-140 kg (265-310 lbs)
Length 396 cm (13′)
Width 79 cm (31″)
Thickness 15 cm (6″)
Volume 335 Liter
Weight 12 kg (27 lbs)
Accessories Backpack, fin, leash, PVC patches for repairs, valve key


The construction of the Itiwit X500 13’0″ corresponds to that of a classic touring board with a length of 13′ , width of 30″ and thickness of 6″. The nose and tail taper to a point.

Overall, the iSUP has a long and slim shape. This design allows the Itiwit X500 to develop an optimal glide and thus achieve high speed.

The width and length of the board provides a high volume and thus a good buoyancy of the SUP. This makes it possible to carry a lot of luggage and equipment on longer trips.

Load Capacity

The dimensions and the capacity of 335 liters, make the X500 a very stiff, stable and robust paddle boarding. According to the manufacturer, the board can carry a maximum load of 320 kg (705 lbs).

While this is a bit optimistic, the recommended maximum paddler weight is also 140 kg, which is a comparatively high load capacity.

In addition, there are sufficient capacities to also take a dog or a child. Even tandem paddling is possible if two lighter adults want to ride together.

The iSUP is inflated to 17 PSI, which is just over 1.1 bar. This puts the recommended pressure 2 PSI above the average 15 PSI found on most SUPs. This makes the board even stiffer and hardly gives way under load, which is very good, especially considering the length.

Areas of Application and Driving Characteristics

The Itiwit X500 13’0″ is suitable for touring and longer distances, as the board has good straight-line stability due to its construction. In addition, higher speed can be achieved with touring boards, which is an advantage for longer tours.

The wide footprint of the SUP improves the tipping stability on the water and also the thickness helps to fit more air into the board, making it more stable and also increasing the stability.

The performance on the water is improved by the high air pressure in the iSUP and the stiffness achieved as a result. This in turn is crucial for the speed that the paddle boarding can reach, and with the Itiwit X500 it is very good.

Material and Weight

The Itiwit X500 13’0″ is made of sturdy PVC material, polyester and foam. The deckpad is made of EVA, a soft plastic that features high heat and aging resistance and also provides non-slip grip.

For the size of the board, the Itiwit X500 is relatively light at only about 27 lbs. This makes it easy to transport on one of the three carrying handles.

Design and Workmanship

The design is as innovative as the features of the Itiwit X500 13’0″. The matte green coloring with orange highlights give the impression of an amphibious craft and perfectly fit the paddle boarding to its intended use of longer tours on rivers.

Both the board and accessories are really well made. The reinforced dropstitch construction provides high stiffness, good stability and sufficient abrasion resistance.

Other Features

The Itiwit X500 13’0″ offers some exciting extras, which I have summarized for you:

  • Deck Net: The luggage net is designed to be exceptionally large. The bungee cord is tied multiple times in a crisscross pattern and offers plenty of room for a lot of luggage. There are also fine mesh mesh inserts on the sides that can safely stow smaller items.
  • Carrying handles: The board has padded carrying handles not only in the middle, but also at the ends. This has the advantage that the paddle boarding can also be carried well in pairs and the handles lie well in the hand due to the padding.
  • Deckpad: The deckpad is also very generous and extends almost over the entire board. The pattern is very fine and provides a good grip to ensure a safe and non-slip standing surface even in wet conditions.
  • Safety loop: Unlike other boards, the Itiwit X500 13’0″ has a loop at the rear end of the board to which, for example, the paddle boarding leash can be attached.


  • Decathlon Itiwit X500 13’0″ SUP Backpack: The backpack is made of strong and stable material. It is kept relatively compact with 35″ in height, about 18″ in width and 10″ in depth. The carrying straps are pleasantly padded, but the back padding is missing.
  • Decathlon Itiwit X500 13’0″ Fin: The Itiwit X500 13’0″ features a large center fin. Decathlon uses a plug-in system for attachment, into which the fin can be fixed extremely easily and securely within a few seconds.
  • Decathlon Itiwit X500 13’0″ SUP Leash: The included leash is a high quality coil leash made of a very durable material. The cuff is also well padded and comfortable to wear on the ankle or calf.


Is the Itiwit X500 13’0” suitable for beginners?

The Itiwit X500 13’0″ is a board for advanced riders who have already had their first experience on paddle boarding. This is also noticeable in the accessories, where the pump and paddle are not included. Learn more about the Itiwit X500 13′.

Is it possible to ride the Itiwit X500 13’0” in waves?

The Itiwit X500 13’0″ is designed for longer trips, the design allows it to glide quickly over calmer waters. Balancing in waves requires experience and skill and the board is rather unsuitable. Learn more about the Itiwit X500 13′.

How long does it take to inflate the Itiwit X500 13’0”?

With a double action pump, the Itiwit X500 13’0″ can be inflated in about 7 minutes. Learn more about the Itiwit X500 13′.


Decathlon is very innovative in the design and construction of its boards, as a result there are some features that improve the paddle boarding and make it stand out compared to others, such as the luggage net.

The scope of delivery is not as extensive as is the case with beginner boards, for example. Accordingly, a pump must be purchased separately. Here, a double-action pump is recommended, with which the board can be pumped up to the appropriate 17 PSI in about 7 minutes.

The paddle is also missing and must be purchased separately. For advanced paddlers, I would definitely advise upgrading and investing directly in a fiberglass or carbon paddle.

Nevertheless, the price-performance ratio is definitely given with the Itiwit X500 13’0″. The X500 is a touring paddle boarding for advanced paddlers, most of whom already have a pump and paddle or could take the opportunity to upgrade their accessories.

Hi, my name is Max. In 2016, on my first SUP trip, I was still a bit shaky on the SUP board. But quickly the ambition grabbed me and my passion for SUP was ignited. That’s why I founded stand-up-paddling.org the same year. Our mission is to help beginners discover this sport and bring more transparency into the market with our in-depth product reviews.

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