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You are probably looking for a compact and affordable beginner board and wonder if the Itiwit X100 10′ is right for you?

In order for you to be able to judge, we are happy to share our expertise with you, in which we put the board to the test. We have been intensively testing paddle boards since 2016 and know how difficult it has become to find the right board in the flood of diverse offers. But no need to despair, we tell you in this written test report all the details and special features of the Itiwit X100 10′ and how it performed in everyday paddling.

Look at our video review of the Itiwit X100 10′:

Of course, the question of who the board is best suited for is always in the foreground!

  • Lies stable in the water
  • Good driving characteristics
  • Very favorable
  • With luggage net
  • Very good workmanship
  • Well suited for light beginners
  • Accessories must be purchased additionally
  • No additional D-rings for a kayak seat

Short on Time? Here’s the Most Important:

Unlike many other beginner paddle boards, the sporty shape of the Itiwit X100 10′ is immediately noticeable. Measuring 305 x 81.5 x 12.5 cm (10′ x 32″ x 4.75″), it belongs to the class of short, wide and rather thin boards. Due to this design, good maneuverability and a stable position in the water are among its distinctive features.

The shortened length and especially the below-average thickness significantly reduce the volume of the board, which is why we recommend it only for lighter paddlers up to about 75 kg (about 165 lbs). If you weigh more, there’s good news, as the model is also available as a larger 11′ variant, which we’ve also already tested.

For teenagers and light adults, the Itiwit X100 10′ offers an optimal combination of running characteristics. The good tip stability offers optimal conditions for unconfident beginners, but thanks to the pointed shape, they can be more nippy later on. Due to the single fin in the plug-in system, the driving behavior is supplemented by improved straight running.

The Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′ comes with the following accessories:

Instructions, backpack, removable single fin (plug-in system), leash (safety line), repair patches and valve wrench.

Paddle and a pump must be purchased separately, as usual with the Itiwit boards!

Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′ Review in Detail

In this board review, I first discuss the board and introduce the included accessories as well as the paddle and air pump, which are best purchased together with the board on Decathlon.com.

Then, at the end of the post, there is a section where I answer common questions about the Itiwit X100 10′. For example, I go into how long it takes to inflate the Itiwit X100 10′ as well as who should grab the Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′ or 11′.

If you have any other questions or uncertainties, feel free to write us in the comments. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Product Specifications

Board TypeInflatable
SkillBeginner and advanced
Price CategoryAffordable
Area of ApplicationAllround
Maximum Paddler Weight75 – 80 kg (176 – 176 lbs)
Length305 cm (10′)
Width81.5 cm (32″)
Thickness12.5 cm (4,75″)
Weight9 kg (20 lbs)
Volume244 liters
Accessoriesboard bag, single fin (plug-in system), leash, repair kit


The Itiwit X100 10′ is a sporty allround board. Compared to typical allround paddle boards such as the Aqua Marina Fusion, it is noticeable that the nose is much more pointed. In addition, the wider footprint has an impact on the tipping stability. But more on that later.

The front of the Itiwit X100 10′.

On the other hand, the Decathlon Board Itiwit X100 10′ is not a full touring board. Other touring boards have much better straight-line stability, making them a better choice for touring paddlers and athletes who like to reach higher speeds.

With a length of 10 ft, a width of 32 inches and a thickness of 4.75 inches, the Itiwit X100 10′ is a very wide board that offers a high degree of tipping stability. This is especially beneficial for beginners.

Load Capacity

The thickness of 4.75 inches is below average these days. The Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′ can fit more air than SUPs only 4 inches thick, but it still has less volume (244 liters) than boards of the same size with 6 inches thickness.

This makes for an overall reduced carrying capacity. The rather short SUP is designed for paddlers with a maximum weight of 165 – 176 pounds.

Heavier paddlers or those who also want to ride with a child, dog or further light adult (sitting) on board, should definitely reach for the bigger brother the Decathlon Itiwit X100 11′.

Areas of Application and Driving Characteristics

The hybrid of allround and touring SUP is well suited for different areas of use. The very wide built Itiwit X100 10′ can be used for trips over lakes, canals, rivers (with slow flow speed), coastal waters, shorter and medium length tours.

Itiwit X100 10′ is a very good board to learn stand up paddling on. This is because the wide design gives the board a high level of tipping stability, which makes it easier for beginners to keep their balance.

The fin of the Itiwit X100 10′ is relatively large, which makes the Itiwit very maneuverable.
The Decathlon SUP Itiwit X100 10′ has a pointed nose that offers low water resistance.

On the other hand, the Itiwit X100 10′ is also well suited for touring. The tapered design gives the board a lot of directional stability and good straight-line stability. This shape is especially handy for touring, as most of a trip consists of straight-line riding.

The good tracking of the Itiwit X100 10′ ensures that the board deviates less from the course. This way, there is less need to change paddle sides when riding, which makes for better performance.

Material and Weight

In the production of the Itiwit X100 10′, the dropstitch production process is used, which is today’s standard. Namely, the boards made using this production technique are particularly tear-resistant, stable and durable.

The actual outer shell is single-layered (“single-layer”) and is stabilized by a central reinforcing strip (“stringer”) and by double-layered sides (“rails”).

Another advantage is the light weight of the boards made by this production process. The Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′ also weighs only 20 pounds, which makes it much lighter than other boards such as the Bluefin Cruise or Thurso Surf Waterwalker. Therefore, this is also a good SUP board for women, lighter adults and children.

The light weight is noticeable during transport, but also on the water. For this reason, the already maneuverable board is namely even more turning.


Decathlon traditionally makes very precise statements about the material used. In principle, it is always a good sign when a manufacturer clearly states the material quality. In terms of build, Decathlon offers the Itiwit X100 10′ at a very realistic price.

The tested board was very well made considering the price range. There were no notable imperfections to be found. The material transitions and glued seams made a good impression.


The Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′ is available in a variety of color combinations, though not all are always available. Overall, I find the design of the boards quite harmonious and pleasantly simple. The respective base color is complemented in each case by a matching, darker shade on the rails (sides).

The standing surface is white in the rear area and is visually separated again with a colored strip from the rest of the deckpad. On the bottom and in the area of the nose, the darker PVC strip (“stringer”) is visually nicely integrated into the look. In my opinion, the boards have a well-done, modern and sporty design.

Other Features

The Itiwit X100 10′ offers a number of other features that I would like to touch on briefly:

  • Carrying Handle: There is a carrying handle in the center of the board that feels very comfortable.
The carrying handle makes a good impression.
  • Deckpad: The Itiwit X100 10′ is equipped with an EVA deckpad that feels comfortable on the feet and provides traction even when wet. A special feature are the two grooved surfaces in the middle of the board, which provide a very good grip.
The EVA deck pad has a diamond structure and also provides good grip in wet conditions.
  • Luggage Net: In the front area is further between four D-rings a bungee cord clamped, under which a drybag, a waterproof backpack or even a water bottle can be clamped. In the front area there is a small luggage net.
  • 2 Free Attachment Loops: At the rear there is a small loop for hooking the leash. Another is on the underside of the nose to find. Here you can tie down the board, tow it or attach a SUP anchor. 
  • Removable Single Fin: The large single fin is removable via the plug system.
  • Valve on the Nose: The valve is positioned on the nose so that you can also roll up the board from the tail.


The Itiwit X100 10′ comes with a backpack, a repair kit and a leash. Unlike other SUP boards, which are especially aimed at beginners, there is no paddle or pump included with the Itiwit X100 10′.

The scope of delivery only includes the leash, the fin, the backpack and a repair kit. The Decathlon paddle and air pump must be purchased separately.

However, Decathlon.de offers an air pump and also a paddle, which are also very cheap. Below I will also go into detail about this SUP paddle and air pump.

  • Itiwit X100 10′ SUP Backpack: The included backpack measures 35 x 15 cm x 8 inches and offers enough space for the rolled up board, all accessories, change of clothes, provisions and other equipment. The included backpack has thick padding on the shoulder straps and offers good carrying comfort. Overall, the backpack looks high quality and can be used for other purposes as well.
  • Itiwit X100 10′ Leash: When you purchase the Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′, it also includes a tether leash that attaches to the board with one end and the ankle or under the knee with the other end. Unlike a spiral coiled leash, this one is already at full length. This can be a little less comfortable when paddling, as it makes the leash more likely to get in the way and also easier to snag on obstacles. The leash ensures that the board does not float away in the event of a fall into the water. Wind, current and waves can accelerate the SUP so much that it is almost impossible to catch up with it while swimming.
  • Removable Itiwit X100 10′ Center Fin: The single fin is removable and is attached to the board via the plug-in system. For mounting, the fin is slid into the fin box within seconds (slide-in system) and fixed with a small clip. Compared to the US box system (with screw and threaded plate), the plug-in system clearly has the advantage of saving time. However, the selection of replacement fins is somewhat smaller or not quite as varied as with the US box system.

Additional Paddle

On Decathlon’s website, an additional SUP paddle can be purchased. The height-adjustable paddle can be set to lengths between 5.5 ft and 7.2 ft and is therefore suitable for paddlers up to two meters tall.

The paddle is made entirely of aluminum, which makes this very robust. With a weight of 2 pounds, the Decathlon SUP paddle is comparatively light. For transport, the paddle can be disassembled into two individual parts.

Additional Air Pump

In addition, a suitable air pump can be purchased in the online store of Decathlon. This air pump is a double stroke pump, which can pump air into the board when pushing down and when pulling up.

With this air pump, inflating the Itiwit X100 10′ takes only about 4 minutes. You can find a comparison test of Itiwit SUP pumps here.

Who Should Choose the Decathlon Itiwit x100 10’ or 11’?

The Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′ is the smaller SUP with a low weight and costs less than the Decathlon Itiwit X100 11′. However, the Itiwit X100 10′ is designed to carry a maximum load of only 165-176 pounds, those who weigh more or want to ride with a child, dog or second light adult (sitting) on the board should reach for the Itiwit X100 11′. Male and female paddlers weighing less than 165-176 pounds , can reach for the less expensive Itiwit X100 10′.

You can find more details on the different versions of the Itiwit X100 here.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Finally, I’ll answer questions that I came across during my research or that came up in the comments. If you have any other questions, feel free to drop me a line in the comments below. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

How much PSI is the Itiwit X100 10′ inflated to?

The Itiwit X100 10′ is inflated to 15 PSI. This corresponds to an air pressure of a little more than one bar. With the appropriate double stroke pump, which can be purchased at decathlon.de, this is done in about four minutes. Learn more about the Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′.

Which air pump fits the port of the Itiwit X100 10′?

The Itiwit X100 10′ is equipped with a HR valve. The rotary valve is the standard for SUP boards. Accordingly, all SUP air pumps and electric SUP pumps can be used for inflation. Learn more about the Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′.


The Itiwit X100 10′ is a robust SUP board for beginners. The 10 ft long allrounder, which is available in red and turquoise, is a very good choice for lightweight beginners. The SUP board from Decathlon convinces especially with the sporty design, the very good price-performance ratio and the high tipping stability, which makes paddling on the board easier, especially for beginners.

Not for nothing could the Itiwit X100 also convince in our paddle board test.

The scope of delivery of the Decathlon SUP board includes only a backpack, a leash and a repair kit. Beginners must accordingly still an air pump (for example, this one from Decathlon) and a paddle (such as this model from Decathlon) additionally acquire.

Hi, my name is Max. In 2016, on my first SUP trip, I was still a bit shaky on the SUP board. But quickly the ambition grabbed me and my passion for SUP was ignited. That’s why I founded stand-up-paddling.org the same year. Our mission is to help beginners discover this sport and bring more transparency into the market with our in-depth product reviews.

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Hello Max,

I am looking for a paddle board for my two week camping trip in sweden. I am a beginner for paddle boarding and have only done it three times so far. I weigh 70kg and am 1,74 m tall.

My budget is around 450€. Would the Itiwit X100 10′ fit me, or should I rather take the X100 11′? Or would I rather go for the WOWSEA AN14/15?

Thank you


Hi Chang,

With your weight plus luggage, provisions and paddles, the X100 10′ might just be enough…we recommend it up to a maximum of 80 kg. However, I’m personally not a fan of testing the limit with the payload. I think the X100 11′ would be the better, more stable and stiffer choice, especially for beginners!

Due to the pointed nose and the single fin, it glides quite well despite the width and has the sportier future perspective. Another advantage is also that you can buy a higher quality paddle right away.

The Wowsea Bluesky S1 (AN15) I also find very suitable. Since you have little previous experience, the better tilt stability and maneuverability (3 fins) may be an advantage! Also, this is already a little more glide than a classic allrounder (such as the Wowsea Trophy T1).

Ultimately, you have to decide what is more important to you: high stability (Bluesky S1) or better glide for touring + custom accessories (Itiwit X100 11′).

Many greetings,


Hello Benjamin,

thank you for the helpful tips. Through your website and videos I learned a lot. Thanks!

I have one more question, if I want to go more into the channels and plenty also at sea, from stability for beginners would WOWSEA Trophy T1 be better than Decathlon Itiwit X100 11′ and better than WOWSEA AN14/15 for me?

Is three fins of stability much better than single fin?

thank you and greetings


Hey Chang,

We’d love to…great if you like our site and the info helps you out.

Sure, 3 fins have an absolutely positive effect on the tipping stability and maneuverability. That’s why this setup is the absolute standard for most allrounders. So if you like to have a very good basic stability, the Wowsea Trophy T1 is definitely the best choice!

In addition, the board has a really good stiffness, a high load capacity and really good accessories (fiberglass paddle and triple action air pump). The price-performance ratio is excellent!

Many greetings,


Hi Max and Bejamin, what a great site from you guys!!!

We want to move to paddle boarding now too, have tried it a few times as well. We, that’s the kids (15, 163, 45kg / 14, 173, 63kg / 11, 147, 35kg / 6, 130, 28kg) and us (175, 70kg and 170, 58kg).

We want to use the boards a) for vacations at the lake and maybe sea and in the further now and then make tours on the canals. We already have an Itiwit x100 10′ and now look for a second.

Decathlon now has a new 9′ board. Can you guys comment on this?
We are wavering between the 9′ and a second 10′.

Or do you guys have another recommendation?
Would be great to read from you guys!

Sunny greetings, Wiebke


Hello Wiebke,

Thank you very much for the praise, we are very pleased. For completeness, it must be said that besides Max and me, many other enthusiastic paddlers are responsible for the great site!

With the Itiwit X100 10′ you have already made a good start. If you are happy with it, then I would stick with it as well. The Itiwit X100 11′ is thicker and has better stiffness and load capacity due to its much higher volume. We only recommend the 10′ up to a max of 80 kg. The 9′ I would basically recommend only for very light adults and teenagers.

From there, the 11′ would also be a nice addition, on which even 2 of you can go out sometimes. Another alternative could be the Aqua Marina Fusion. This is more of a loadable allrounder, but due to the single fin it has an above average straight line…good for medium tours.

It also takes waves better at sea due to the noserocker (upturned board tip) and has the mounting option for a kayak seat.

Unfortunately, we have not yet been able to test the new Decathlon Light Touring models ourselves. But I am in theory by the compact dimensions with rounder silhouette and the 2 fin setup so far rather skeptical and would recommend them only if long distances to the water must be covered (low weight and very small pack size)…

Many greetings,


Oh suuper!!! Thank you! That really helps a lot. Then I guess it will be the 11′ ???? .

Thank you so much for your detailed message!
All the best to you guys! Many greetings to you ..all ????


Hey Wiebke,

I’m so glad if I could be of any help to you.
You’re very welcome…many greetings back and a paddle boarding summer ☀️


Hello everyone,

I am very undecided between the 10′ and 11′ from Decathlon. I am 1.74 m tall and weigh 63 kg and accordingly yes the 10′ would fit better. But I think I would also like to use it with friends and since they do not have their own sup, they would then be with me on it.

At the same time, I am concerned about the handling of the board alone, because I would also like to explore the Hamburg channels with it. Do you have a tip?



Hi Rebecca,

You’re right, from a pure weight standpoint, the 10′ alone would be enough for you. But due to its below average thickness (12.5 cm), it is not as loadable (max 80 kg) and overall not as stiff!

Personally, I think the Itiwit X100 11′ is the more powerful board anyway. Since you have much more reserves in the load and it also runs through the length much better (straight running and tracking)…optimal for channels. The 11′ is for your height absolutely no problem in handling…quite the opposite. I would advise you to go for it!

Best regards,



Thank you so much for this great site! I’m a paddle board newbie (so far only ridden on vacation) and would like to buy me (just under 70kg) now my own board. However, it should also be able to be driven by my husband (86kg) and father (just under 120kg).

In addition, I would eventually want to ride together with my husband on it (150kg load capacity would be great). Based on your many different best lists, I would now have the Aqua Marina Monster from 2021, the F2 Line Up 11,5 , the F2 Union 11,5 or the Itiwit X100 11 in mind. I have no special demands on maneuverability or the like, it should just be fun and like to last a few years.

Would you guys have any recommendations for me? Or am I overlooking a better board in this price range?

Thanks a lot in advance!
Greetings, Rebecca


Hi Rebecca,

Thank you for the praise, we are always very pleased! Of course I’ll help you! This is of course a bit tricky, because you’re aiming for quite a wide range in terms of load capacity. Great that you have already picked out yourself boards that come into question.

For me, therefore, the decision, at least in this price range, would be absolutely clear: Aqua Marina Monster!

Reasons: Versatility (allrounder), enough space, high load capacity, good quality, lots of positive feedback and long-term experience, D-rings for kayak seat, 1a price/performance ratio.

I hope I could help you further. Have fun with the board!

Best regards,


Hello everyone,
I am in my mid 50’s weigh a tender 97kg at an amazing 175cm.I have had a little experience with a very cheap 300cm, 76cm and 15cm board. Very wobbly and almost submarine.

Now I am wavering between the Itiwit x100 11′ and the Aqua Marina Monster.

I will ride alone on the Alster and the small canals.
Had actually already decided for Decathlon but somehow I like the Monster also. But if something goes wrong, I can go to a Decathlon store.
Can you give me some advice ? Regardless of the accessories.

Thanks in advance
Kind regards


Hello Karsten,

I’m sure you didn’t have much fun with the 300 cm board. That’s exactly why we so often criticize the manufacturer’s specifications on the load capacity. Countless boards of this size are advertised with a load capacity of 120 – 150 kg ????

The Decathlon Itiwit X100 11′ is just more of a very wide touring board and well suited for your weight class. It has a balanced mix of good glide and stability.

The Aqua Marina Monster is a size larger and has an immense load capacity. You could take someone lighter on tour with you. Due to the single fin and the straight rails (sides) it runs pretty true to track, smooth and is also well suited for medium tours.

Due to the length, however, it is not very maneuverable! If you expect more in this respect, then the Aqua Marina Fusion from the same series is the better candidate! Its load capacity is also good enough for you and it has rather allrounder driving characteristics (tipping stability, versatility).

Many greetings,


Hello Benjamin,
first of all many thanks for your info.

It has helped me a lot and I’m leaning more and more towards the Monster. Then I can at least take someone with me when I’m ready and get it done.

What does it need to be more maneuverable, or do I need that when I drive along a river or times on a lake?

I’m still too inexperienced to see the big picture.
Kind regards


Hello Karsten,

You will need maneuverability if you prefer routes with many changes of direction, and this is also an advantage in waves and strong, changing currents.

For your intended use, the Aqua Marina Monster is very well suited. It is stable, runs true to track and glides well!

Many greetings,