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The company Cala (meaning beach) manufactures high quality paddle boards that address the problem of seaweed inundation on the southern beaches of the Caribbean with sustainable production of seaweed-containing boards.

As long-time testers of iSUPs, this is reason enough for us to take a closer look at some of the boards.

This review will be about the Cala Chac 11′, which immediately caught our eye visually because it clearly stands out from the numerous white-blue-turquoise boards.

The founder himself has been paddle boarding since 2010 and is himself in the advertising for his boards with his dog model and also presents his “How-To” videos himself.

The Cala boards are priced at well-known, established manufacturers.

Is the high price really justified? What qualities does the board shine with and what is it not suitable for at all? Of course, we also want to know how the board compares with the many other boards we have tested in recent years.

Versatile Allrounder with high-quality Gear
Cala Chac
9.4/10Our Score

The Cala Chac 11' is suitable for all beginners who want to ride a stable and at the same time gliding allrounder. The board is very nicely finished and the manufacturer's two-year warranty shows confidence in their products. The accessories also have a very good quality and convince with a trolley backpack, 3 removable fins and a carbon paddle.


Short on Time? Here’s the Most Important:

This review is about the allround board from Cala called Cala Chac 11′, which measures 11′ (335 cm) long and 32″ (81 cm) wide, making it a bit longer than a classic allround board.

It is nice and light at 9.4 kg (20.7 lbs) and is easy to transport. The design with “Mexican skulls” is very eye-catching and absolutely extraordinary.

The board comes in a very comprehensive set in a sturdy, large backpack with wheels. Included is also a 3-piece carbon paddle, which is only 775 g (1.7 lbs) light and can be adjusted continuously.

The board is ready for cruising on the water in a matter of minutes using the supplied double-action pump. The fin setup, which is composed of 3 completely removable fins, makes the board flexible to use.

This allows you to switch between 2+1 setup and single fin at any time and thus change the running characteristics noticeably… which effects this has, you will learn in detail in the section “Areas of Application and Driving Characteristics”.

The large luggage net on the nose allows you to take all your provisions with you. In terms of features, the action cam mount on the board tip and the two removable paddle holders on the carrying straps are worth mentioning.

You also have a 3-meter safety leash included in the package. The so-called SUP leash connects securely to your board at all times, even if you go swimming unintentionally.

The deckpad on which you stand is made of EVA material with 20% sea grass content. The Diamond Shape of the surface gives your feet the grip they need to move freely on the water.

A repair kit is included in case you need to unexpectedly patch your board or service the valve.

The technically advanced construction with reinforced rails, Fusion Technology and Cross-Woven Dropstitch, makes the Cala Chac 11’0 a very stiff and durable board.

This increases its tipping stability on the water and makes it very interesting for beginners. The load capacity of the board is correspondingly high, up to a weight of 100 – 110 kg the Cala Chac can be driven well.

Even advanced paddlers can be satisfied with this high-quality board for a very long time.

The set includes: The board, a three-piece adjustable carbon paddle, three removable fins (Smartlock system), a double action air pump, a repair kit, a SUP leash and a large backpack with wheels.

  • very good material quality
  • innovative, stiff and light construction (“Fusion-Technique”)
  • double-layered rails with fabric reinforcement
  • 3 removable fins (Smartlock system)
  • luggage net
  • 2 carrying loops incl. removable paddle holder
  • high load capacity
  • solid tipping stability
  • extensive, high-quality accessory package included (backpack trolley, carbon paddle)
  • action cam mount
  • eye-catching design in Mexican “Dia de Muertos” style (“Day of the Dead”)
  • high purchase price
  • no D-rings for a kayak seat

Cala Chac Review in Detail

The Cala Chac 11′ is an allrounder board from Cala. In terms of design, it appeals more to male paddlers compared to the Cala Maui 10’8, as it offers a dark wood look with skull motif on the nose and other matching decorations on the tail.

The shape is clearly noticeable, as the nose is narrow and long compared to other iSUPs. I will test in detail today how this shape affects the riding characteristics, how the board lies in the water and also how well the accessories fit together.

The most frequently asked questions are also answered and if you still have questions, you can ask them at the very end of the article.

Product Specifications

Board TypeInflatable
SkillBeginner / Advanced
Area of ApplicationAllround
Maximum Paddler Weightca. 110 kg (240 lbs)
Length335 cm (11′)
Width81 cm (32″)
Thickness15 cm (6″)
Volumeno information from the manufacturer, estimated at approx. 300 liters
Weight9.4 kg (20.7 lbs)
Accessoriestrolley board bag, instruction manual, double action pump (switchable), 3-piece carbon paddle (infinitely adjustable), coiled leash incl. key compartment, 3 removable fins (Smartlock system), repair kit incl. valve key


The Cala Chac 11′ allrounder board has an allround shape with 335 cm length and 81 cm width. The nose has a small rocker, with which small waves can be easily paddled.

For an allrounder board, the Cala has a rather narrow tapered nose compared to many other boards, which is why you could also classify it as a cruising board!

This feature allows the board to be paddled a little faster than classic all-round boards. The straight running of the board is supported among other things by the straight tail. The board consists of a single air chamber whose capacity I estimate at about 300 liters (no exact information from the manufacturer).

Three fins have an additional effect on the tipping stability of the board and can, with the appropriate driving skills, also be converted to the single fin setup, as all copies can be removed very quickly via the Smartlock system.

Load Capacity

The Cala Chac 11′ is specified for a payload of 140 kg, which is quite high for a board of this size class. The technically high-quality construction of the board makes this value possible, but the load is not recommendable with regard to the riding characteristics.

The maximum pressure with which the board was tested is 20 PSI or 1.37 bar, which is very high in comparison and is currently only technically possible with a few boards.

For optimal use, the manufacturer recommends a pressure of 15 PSI, but thanks to the design, this can easily be exceeded if necessary. Also due to the small plus in volume, the Cala Chac 11′ can be used by passengers up to 110 kg.

Those who want to take a small dog or a child with them on the board are welcome to do so. However, I would not exceed the 110 kg total to paddle safely.

Areas of Application and Driving Characteristics

The Cala Chac 11’0 offers you the optimal combination of maneuverability and easy straight running.

Therefore, it can be used very well for small to medium tours. In any case, the board is also suitable for running water due to its special allrounder or cruising shape, which has a slightly more pointed nose.

Here, however, I am talking about calm rivers, but the Cala Chac still makes a good figure even in small waves.

The three fins that can be used flexibly expand the range of use of the Cala Chac 11′ considerably.

You can use the big fin alone if you want to cruise rather brisk and sporty. A central fin reduces the water resistance to the minimum and the focus is on directional stability and straight running.

With each additional fin, the water resistance increases, so using the large central fin plus the two small fins creates more resistance at the tail, which means more stability and maneuverability.

In practice, this setup has convinced me the most in terms of very balanced riding characteristics.

Especially in wavy lakes and currents and at the sea, when you want to paddle downwind, the three fins are the way to go.

The board is more maneuverable with three fins than with one, since the friction surface of the board is larger, you will find it much easier to turn the board.

If you are paddling on a river with a very low water level, the two side fins can be used alone so that your board does not touch down. The two small fins must always be used together so that the board still runs straight in a stable way.

Because the material is so resistant and robust, the Cala Chac 11’0 can also be used in salt water without any problems.

Due to the high stiffness of the board, the stable width and the extra stability through three fins, you can do very nice tricks and turns with the board.

Even if you have no experience with it as a beginner, the board is well suited for it and you have longer fun with this board than with a standard allrounder.

The Cala Maui 10’8, which we also tested for you, is also suitable for seawater, but appeals more to female tastes or people who like lighter colors.

Stable Allrounder with High-Quality Gear
Cala Maui
9/10Our Score

The Cala Maui 10'8 is suitable for all beginners who want a stable allrounder that has been produced sustainably. Its particular shape makes it slightly more suitable for smaller tours and calm rivers. The high-quality production method of both the board and the accessories explains the comparatively high entry-level price. If you consider that the purchase price also includes a carbon paddle, then the price is quickly put into perspective.

Material and Weight

The material of the Cala Chac 11’0 is UV resistant and salt water resistant. The board, as well as the accessories, should be rinsed with plenty of fresh water after use in salt water.

The single-layer outer shell is welded to the dropstitch core using Fusion Technology under heat and pressure.

This involves pressure welding the outer shell of the board to the inner layer of the board, which contains the threads. The Dropstitch fabric (which are the threads inside the board) is cross woven (Woven Dropstitch).

This process gives the board extreme stiffness and is also used by many manufacturers in the premium sector.

In addition, there are the double reinforced and welded layers of the rails (sidewalls). They fix the board in terms of torsional stiffness.

This is very pronounced and contributes to the optimal stiffness of the board. With all the art, the board is with 9.4 kg in the low weight range to settle, which in view of the extra stiffness so far only a few manufacturers can deliver.


With the CALA Chac, the company once again lives up to its reputation in terms of unusual board design.

The founder, Sebastian Grazzini, has his roots in Latin and South America and so it probably came to the optical influences (“La Catrina cult”), which this board clearly has.

In the area of the nose decorates the board a Mexican skull with sombrero and also in the rear area of the top and bottom are the classic symbols of the “Dia des Muertos” (Mexican, folk festival-like Day of the Dead) to find.

The nose has an arrow-shaped red decoration on both sides, which also delineates the black deckpad to the rear and provides some loosening up on the tread.

The wood look of the board surface looks realistic and known to many fans. The black rails are decorated by the printed data on the board (All Around Series, board name and size) and with the turtle logo of CALA.

Up close, you can clearly see the fabric reinforcement of the sides, which has a very positive effect on the look.

The designs of the CALA boards are certainly a matter of taste, but you will certainly not get lost in the crowd with any specimen… quite the opposite!


The Cala Chac 11’0 is overall well made. However, in the area of the deck pad and at the carrying straps (under the paddle holders) some small glue residues could be found on our test board. Even if this is only visually noticeable, the manufacturer should definitely eliminate this in the future.

On the underside, you can see very well that the mounts for the three fins are cleanly set and all elements have been attached symmetrically and straight. The described production of the CALA Chac clearly belongs to the most modern processes in the production of high-quality paddle boards. In my opinion, it is even conceivable that the “fusion technology” will essentially prevail in the future.

The advantages (light weight, no need for solvents and adhesives) are clear and result in an outer shell that is robust and resilient. A common problem is that the conventionally bonded layers detach from each other over time. With fusion, this is virtually eliminated.

The CALA boards are not cheap, but the 2 year warranty also gives you a realistic value.

Versatile Allrounder with high-quality Gear
Cala Chac
9.4/10Our Score

The Cala Chac 11' is suitable for all beginners who want to ride a stable and at the same time gliding allrounder. The board is very nicely finished and the manufacturer's two-year warranty shows confidence in their products. The accessories also have a very good quality and convince with a trolley backpack, 3 removable fins and a carbon paddle.


Other Features

  • EVA Deckpad: The standing surface of the Cala Chac is about 60% covered with EVA deckpad, which gives the paddler plenty of room to move around. The deckpad is long enough to carry a second person or a child. The EVA plastic is 20% seaweed, which is incorporated into the board instead of flooding the beaches of the Caribbean. The diamond structure gives the deck pad extra grip and drains water well.
  • Middle carrying handle with removable paddle holder: a handle made of webbing material adorns the middle of the board. The handle’s neoprene paddle holder is removable with Velcro, so you can secure the paddle in it and thus fix it to the board when you take a break.The handle and paddle holder are finished in black for quick drying and decorated with the Cala logo in white. The middle strap serves as a guide for the most stable position on the board and as a carrying handle for transporting the board out of the water.
  • Additional carrying handle with removable paddle holder at the tail: At the rear end of the board is still an additional handle mounted in transverse position. Here you can move the board in the water. Also at this handle the paddle holder can be used or removed.
  • D-ring: At the rear end of the board is a D-ring mounted, so you can secure the board with the included coiled leash (spiral-shaped safety line) or tow another board.
  • Additional D-ring: A D-ring on the front of the underside of the board can be used for landing (tying down on the jetty or beach). Another option would be for you to tie the board to an anchor or buoy on the water.
  • Luggage net with D-rings: To secure your accessories in a waterproof packed bag (dry-bag), the front of the board has a luggage net made of black elastic with handy D-rings, to which small items or waterproof bags can also be attached with small carabiners.
  • Action cam mount: At the front of the board there is an action cam mount to which, for example, a GoPro action cam can be attached, with which you can put your adventures in action film-ready scene.
  • 3 removable fins: Both the smaller side fins and the large center fin are removable via the Smartlock system.
  • Rubber patch with serial number: You need this serial number to register your board for warranty on the manufacturer’s homepage. In case of theft or loss, you can also document at any time that you are the owner of this unique specimen, for example, by taking a photo of the serial number!


The Cala Chac 11′ comes with the following accessories:

  • Cala Chac 11′ backpack with wheels (trolley): This sturdy and roomy backpack is finished in light gray and adorned with white design appliques. It has a separate, large pocket in the front to store your smaller belongings in. The large lashing strap lets you fix the board well. Two side pockets with mesh are also practical. You can store wet things that still need to dry or things that you want to get to quickly.Also here are small straps installed, with which you can secure the contents. With the wide and soft padded straps and the adjustable chest and waist strap, the backpack can be adjusted close to the body and worn comfortably. The trolley holds the entire set in the large main compartment with all-round zipper and can also be checked as luggage. Stable wheels for use as a trolley optimally round off the transport option of the board.
  • Cala Chac 11′ double action air pump with pressure gauge:The set includes a switchable double action air pump with pressure gauge. With this you can pump air into the board both when pulling up and pushing down. When the back pressure increases towards the end, you can switch this pump to single action mode and save your strength by unscrewing the plug from the housing. You can also pump air out of the board by screwing the hose to the other opening on the handle section. A pressure gauge on the top serves as a guide. As soon as it becomes difficult to pump or when the pressure gauge is between 5 and 8 PSI, you can switch over and now only pump air into the board when releasing the piston. Pumping is much easier and you can now pump in the remaining PSI to achieve the full stiffness. The pressure gauge shows you reliably when you have reached the recommended pressure of 15 PSI, so you can also take small breaks in between.
  • 3 removable Cala Chac 11′ Fins: Both the two rather stately side fins as well as the large center fin are removable and are attached to the board via the so-called Smartlock system. The fins make a very robust impression and are even contoured (“elliptical”) in cross-section to achieve the best hydrodynamic properties. For mounting, they are simply inserted into the rail, pressed down and fixed with a small, integrated lever. The system is very fast and convenient. It is also used by numerous other well-known manufacturers (e.g. Bluefin, Thurso Surf, iRocker etc.). The procurement of spare parts for this system is often a bit nerve-wracking. In the guide “SUP Smartlock Finen nachbestellen” we tell you more about the topic and of course a few alternative sources.
  • Cala Chac 11′ carbon paddle: The included carbon paddle is infinitely adjustable from 170 cm to 210 cm in length and can be disassembled into 3 parts. The lower part with paddle blade is connected to shaft by a simple click system. The handle part can be securely fixed by the adjustable clamp fastener. The paddle weighs only 775g and clearly belongs to the light models for advanced paddlers.
  • Cala Chac 11′ coiled SUP leash: The iSUP leash ensures the connection between you and your board at all times. Due to the spiral winding, it is reduced to the most necessary space. If you unexpectedly fall off your board, the leash stretches to a maximum of 10 feet and keeps the board close to you.
  • Cala Chac 11′ repair kit: In the highly unlikely event that your board has a hole or crack, you can now easily patch it yourself with this repair kit. Also included is a valve wrench for tightening or changing the valve.


Is the Cala Chac 11′ suitable for beginners?

Keeping balance is the main issue for most beginners. Due to its good width and great tipping stability, the Cala Chac 11′ is very suitable for ambitious beginners.

How long does it take to inflate the Cala Chac 11′?

The double action pump of the Cala Chac 11′ allows you to inflate the board within 5 to 10 minutes. Experienced, strong paddlers can certainly pump 15 PSI into the small board in less than 5 minutes.

Can the Cala Chac 11′ be used in waves?

Smaller waves can be easily paddled with the Cala Chac 11′, the Chac cuts through these small waves like butter. In high waves in the ocean and on the high seas, however, things look quite different. On the subject of which iSUPs are suitable for wave surfing, we have made our own test.


The Cala Chac 11′ is suitable for all beginners who want to have a stable and at the same time gliding allrounder.

The board is very nicely finished and speaks for a durable board. The two-year warranty of the manufacturer shows the confidence in its products.

The backpack trolley is very high quality and body-fitting. The quality and workmanship of the pump and leash are sturdy and clean.

If you consider that the purchase price also includes a high-quality, adjustable and 3-piece carbon paddle, then the high price is quickly put into perspective.

The unusual ornamentation speaks for the manufacturer’s connection with its habitat and its sense for detail. The unusual look together with the above-average stiffness of the board, its sleek shape and riding characteristics are convincing.

The board is very well suited for demanding beginners who are concerned about the sustainability of the materials used and strive for sporty goals.

The possibility to vary the fin setup individually invites you to discover the possibilities and opens up a varied range of applications.

Beginners who are willing to spend a little more money for a plus in quality and want to call a robust iSUP with high-quality accessories that last a long time, their own, are very well advised with this board.

Versatile Allrounder with high-quality Gear
Cala Chac
9.4/10Our Score

The Cala Chac 11' is suitable for all beginners who want to ride a stable and at the same time gliding allrounder. The board is very nicely finished and the manufacturer's two-year warranty shows confidence in their products. The accessories also have a very good quality and convince with a trolley backpack, 3 removable fins and a carbon paddle.


Hi, my name is Max. In 2016, on my first SUP trip, I was still a bit shaky on the SUP board. But quickly the ambition grabbed me and my passion for SUP was ignited. That’s why I founded stand-up-paddling.org the same year. Our mission is to help beginners discover this sport and bring more transparency into the market with our in-depth product reviews.