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The Fusion from Aqua Marina has been one of the most popular models among beginners and hobby paddlers for years and, like many boards from the manufacturer, is regularly revised.

Whether river, sea or lake – this board is really flexible and rightly belongs to the “All-Around” series of the company.

With us, you’ll always stay up to date, benefit from our many years of experience and find out what makes the current model stand out.

In the following review, we take a look at all the details of the board and the included accessories. Of course, we also shed light on all the bright and dark sides of the offering.

Take a look at our video review of the Aqua Marina Fusion:

Very popular Beginner Paddleboard
Aqua Marina Fusion

The Aqua Marina Fusion is one of the most popular beginner paddleboards and is sold around the globe. Over the years, this paddleboard collected thousands of positive reviews. The Aqua Marina Fusion is built quality is proven, is neither cheap nor expensive and got a universally popular design.

Short on Time? Here’s the Most Important:

The Aqua Marina Fusion is a classic allrounder with a slightly above average length. At 10’10” x 32″ x 6″ (330 x 81 x 15 cm), the Fusion is the second-largest model in Aqua Marina’s “All-Around” series.

The shape is, as usual in the board class, rounded at the nose and tail. However, the overall shape is a little less rounded and especially the tail is a little narrower (“pin tail”) than many comparable models. The manufacturer also goes its own way when it comes to the fin setup, with a single fin instead of the all-round typical 2+1 fin setup.

These deviations from the standard of the class give the board running characteristics that are still well suited for medium and even longer distances. The construction of the outer hull (“single layer dropstitch + double layer rails”) is a compromise between light weight and good stiffness. Accordingly, Aqua Marina calls the construction “Dropstitch Light Technology”.

In terms of features, the manufacturer relies on the popular basics (5 D-rings, central carrying loop, luggage net). Especially the possibility to mount a separately available kayak seat on the 4 side D-rings is always highly rated by many paddlers and is often a decisive purchase criterion.

Understandable, because the use as a paddle board kayak is a great way to further expand the already wide range of applications of the allround board.

The Aqua Marina Fusion comes with the following accessories:

Instruction manual, backpack, double stroke air pump (reversible), 3-piece and infinitely adjustable paddle, leash (safety line), removable single fin (plug-in system).

  • Good price/performance ratio
  • Light construction ( single layer dropstitch + double layer rails )
  • 4 additional D-rings (for a separately available kayak seat)
  • High tipping stability
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Manifold fields of application
  • Good straight running
  • Complete accessory package
  • Few accessories included
  • Only surf leash included, no coiled leash

Aqua Marina Fusion Review in Detail

We do our best to make sure that every reader is able to find the right board for them, regardless of their previous experience. We too were once faced with the confusing choice of paddle boards and know exactly how difficult the decision is.

We use our years of growing experience to explain all the facts and features of the boards and accessories.

If you have further individual questions, you can always leave us a comment. We will be happy to help you and try to answer you as soon as possible!

Product Specifications

Board TypeInflatable
BrandAqua Marina
Price CategoryAffordable
Area of ApplicationAllround
Max. Paddler Weight110 kg (240 lbs)
Length330 cm (10’10”)
Width81 cm (32″)
Thickness15 cm (6″)
Weight8.6 kg (19 lbs)
Volume320 liters
AccessoriesInstruction manual, board bag, double action air pump (reversible), 3-piece and infinitely adjustable paddle, leash (safety line), detachable single fin (plug-in system).


The Aqua Marina Fusion is an allround board, the wide and rounded shaped board tip (nose) is the trademark of this class. Nevertheless, it deviates somewhat from the average in its shape (contour) and dimensions.

At 10’10” x 32″ x 6″, it is slightly longer, the rails (side surfaces) are not quite as curved and the tail runs out quite narrow (“pin tail”).

In the course of the revision of the “All-Around” series, the board has become a bit wider. What started at a width of 30″ has now reached the standard range of allround boards with 32″. In my opinion, this is a pleasing development in two respects:

First, the gain in width leads to noticeably better tipping stability, and second, it increases the volume of the individual air chamber by a few liters, which in turn improves the maximum load capacity. Thus, the new Aqua Marina Fusion is suitable for a larger target group than before.

The single fin still keeps the board well on a straight and true course. Thus, for an allrounder, the board also does a good job on longer and straighter courses.

The slightly upturned board tip (“nose rocker”) is a good support when the water surface is choppy, as the nose sinks a little less easily…but this feature is very subtly pronounced.

Very popular Beginner Paddleboard
Aqua Marina Fusion

The Aqua Marina Fusion is one of the most popular beginner paddleboards and is sold around the globe. Over the years, this paddleboard collected thousands of positive reviews. The Aqua Marina Fusion is built quality is proven, is neither cheap nor expensive and got a universally popular design.

Load Capacity

According to the manufacturer, the maximum load capacity of the Aqua Marina Fusion is 150 kg (330 lbs), which is certainly correct in relation to the absolute limit of the load capacity. However, the board is definitely not the right choice for stand up paddlers weighing 150 kilograms (330 lbs). In terms of optimal performance, I see the maximum recommended user weight rather in the range of up to 110 kg (240 lbs). 

The volume of the board is indeed stately at 320 liters, but the construction is not quite as stiff as completely 2-layer versions. Therefore, with a high load, there is always the risk that the board deforms or sags.

From 110 kg (240 lbs) at the latest, you should therefore consider a larger board. With the Aqua Marina Monster you will also find a suitable specimen within the product family. This is more fun, and you can easily take a child or a second light adult on the board.

Areas of Application and Driving Characteristics

The Aqua Marina Fusion falls into the category of allround boards. These paddle boards are, as the name implies, for many purposes and therefore ideal for beginners and hobby paddlers. The slightly larger paddle board fits well with water sports enthusiasts up to a maximum of 110 kilograms (240 lbs) who are looking for an all-purpose board.

Not only beginners, but also enthusiastic hobby paddlers are often quickly convinced by this inflatable model, as it is perfectly equipped for both short trips and longer tours!

For any beginner, the first challenge on the way to becoming a paddle boarding pro is keeping your balance. The solid width allows for quick progress. After a short time, however, you will automatically become more confident and then also increasingly benefit from the good running characteristics of the board.

Last but not least because of the single fin, the straight line is quite pronounced, so you can tackle medium tours at any time.

Of course, the Aqua Marina Fusion is not a touring board, the width and the rounded nose already physically slow down the gliding ability. But given the high stability, the board does well on longer routes and leaves some all-rounders behind!

The large surface of the board also invites some alternative forms of use. It can also be used as a bathing island for children at any time and is also well suited for a picnic or yoga or fitness program in the middle of the lake for a change. With an optionally available kayak seat, the board is transformed into a stable paddle board kayak in no time.

Best conditions for an allrounder are basically lakes, canals and flowing waters with calm currents. While the board can handle somewhat choppy conditions, the not very pronounced “nose rocker” is not enough for stronger waves.

For heavier and changing currents, again, the single fin setup is not very well suited, as maneuverability generally increases with the number of fins.

For families, however, the Aqua Marina Fusion is a great candidate, because it is suitable for several children at the same time and is resilient enough to carry a parent + child on a small tour!

Material and Weight

The construction of the Aqua Marina Fusion is composed of a single-layer outer shell (“single-layer”) made of sturdy, UV-resistant PVC and the double-layer reinforced rails (sides).

The core is manufactured using the so-called “dropstitch” process, in which a great many polyester threads connect the upper and lower sides and are additionally woven together. Although this is hardly worth mentioning, as practically all inflatable paddle boards (iSUPs) are manufactured using this technique nowadays.

By the way, Aqua Marina calls this manufacturing process “Dropstitch Light Technology”.

The result is a lightweight board that, at only 8.6 kilograms (19 lbs), is very easy to carry short and also transport. In terms of stiffness, however, the Fusion cannot compete with double-layer boards (which are heavier) or the modern Fusion boards (same weight, but higher production costs).

Very popular Beginner Paddleboard
Aqua Marina Fusion

The Aqua Marina Fusion is one of the most popular beginner paddleboards and is sold around the globe. Over the years, this paddleboard collected thousands of positive reviews. The Aqua Marina Fusion is built quality is proven, is neither cheap nor expensive and got a universally popular design.


Aqua Marina is a real big player in the water sports sector with years of experience and huge margins. The build quality is, in our experience, mostly good. However, individual outliers can occur with the huge quantities.

The individual quality must therefore always be checked after delivery.

Important points here are: material transitions (deckpad, rails, D-rings, etc.) and especially the glued seams. Glue residues are only a visual problem, but you should always complain about bubbles or detachment.

But as I said: Our Aqua Marina test boards generally made a very good impression.


The design of the Aqua Marina Fusion has also been revised in the new version and the look of the “All-Around” series has been unified overall. The board is designed in a palette of different shades of red and orange, which is contrasted by white and black elements.

The print on the front, reminiscent of a wavy water surface from afar, turns out to be a dot pattern upon closer inspection.

The eye-catcher of the top is certainly the red deckpad, which is bordered by lateral black and white stripes. The rails and the running surface are plain orange.

The Aqua Marina lettering, the brand logo, the board name and size can be found in white and black on all sides of the board.

I personally find the design harmonious, the individual sporty accents fit pleasantly into the overall picture. For fans of the colors used, the board is certainly well done!

In general, however, I think that you can see in the design of Aqua Marina paddle boards that they are intended to be as “suitable for the masses” as possible, but of course that is only my subjective perception!

Other Features

The Aqua Marina Fusion has the following additional features:

  • Deckpad: The large standing surface is made of anti-slip EVA and offers a secure stand. The now familiar “diamond embossing” improves grip and drains water well.
  • Central Carrying Loops: The board has a central carrying loop made of soft coated material and is decorated with an Aqua Marina rubber patch. This is also the center of gravity of the board if you are carrying it alone. The central strap also marks the optimal standing position, the so-called “sweet spot”. If you place your feet to the left and right of it, you will enjoy the greatest possible stability.
  • 5 free D-rings: The 4 side-mounted D-rings on the deck pad are used to mount a kayak seat (optional).
  • At the tail, there is a large, stable D-ring for attaching the included leash (safety line). This is framed with a triangular PVC patch for additional reinforcement.
  • Single Fin: The single center fin is removable via a plug-in system (slide-in system).
  • Adjustable Luggage Net: In the front area there is a black, elastic and adjustable cover net, which is attached to 4 further D-rings. These rings are also edged with triangular PVC patches in matching colors. Here you can safely stow equipment or provisions. To keep everything nice and dry, you should rather stow your luggage in a waterproof dry bag.


The Aqua Marina Fusion comes with the following accessories:

  • Aqua Marina Fusion Paddle Board Backpack (Premium Zip Backpack Size M): The set includes a black backpack with some white design applications on the front.
    In addition to the large main compartment with a full wrap-around zipper, there is a small slip pocket inside to hold the fin and instruction manual.
    The contents can be securely fixed with 2 integrated, adjustable luggage straps. Furthermore, the backpack has 2 carrying loops (on top and on the side), lightly padded, adjustable carrying straps and a chest strap.
    A spacious beginner model that makes a really good impression overall. Dimensions: 36 x 17 x 9 inches.
  • Switchable Aqua Marina Fusion Double-Stroke Air Pump With Pressure Gauge (Liquid Air V1): With the included black and red double-stroke air pump, you can pump air into the board both when pulling up and when pushing down.
    If this becomes increasingly difficult towards the end, you can unscrew the plug in the housing and thus switch to the less strenuous single-stroke mode. In this mode, the pump only works when you push down on the ergonomically designed handle section.
    From a certain threshold, the pressure gauge (pressure indicator) shows the pressure reached, and you can precisely set the desired value. This type of air pump is now the standard. Volume: 2.2 liters; Maximum pressure: 20 PSI
  • 3-Piece Aqua Marina Fusion Paddle (Sports III): The 3-piece paddle called “Sports III” is continuously adjustable from 175 to 210 cm (68.9″ – 86.8″). There is a printed length scale on the handle section.
    The shaft is made of 1.2 mm thick aluminum and has a diameter of 29 mm (1.14″). The paddle blade as well as the handle are made of plastic (reinforced polypropylene). A sturdy, but with 1100 g (38.8 oz) quite heavy paddle for beginners! Paddle blade dimensions: 40 x 20 cm (15.7″ x 7.9″)
  • Removable Aqua Marina Fusion Single Fin: The large dolphin-shaped center fin (8.6 x 7 inches) is removable and attaches to the board via the plug-in system.
    For mounting, it is simply pushed into the fin box (slide-in system) and fixed with a small clip, which is additionally secured against loss by a small cord. This system has clear advantages over the US box system (with screw and threaded plate) in terms of speed. On the other hand, there are fewer models available for retrofitting.
  • Aqua Marina Fusion Leash (Safety Leash): With the help of the Velcro sleeve, you can connect to the board at the ankle. In case of a fall into the water, the board stays close to you, which is very important for your safety and can also prevent a loss.
    Unfortunately, the 5 mm line of this model is not spiral, but always full length (8′ or 244 cm). This means that there is a possibility that the leash will be in your way from time to time, and you might get caught somewhere with it. Popular coiled leashes can be found here.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to inflate the Aqua Marina Fusion?

You should be ready to go in about 6 – 8 minutes using the reversible double stroke air pump.
However, that always depends a bit on how long you can power through the double stroke mode. Learn more about the Aqua Marina Fusion.

How much PSI should the Aqua Marina Fusion be pumped up to?

The recommended pressure is 15 PSI. This standard value has been established for many paddle boards and is equivalent to approximately 1 bar. Learn more about the Aqua Marina Fusion.

Is the Aqua Marina Fusion suitable for beginners?

Yes, the board is perfect for beginners as it has high tipping stability and is versatile. It is also a good starter model for slightly larger and heavier paddlers. However, due to the single fin and length, it also runs pretty well on longer distances! Learn more about the Aqua Marina Fusion.


We don’t really need to talk much about the qualities of the Aqua Marina Fusion, because the board has already proven these for many years and has always been one of the most popular models.

Aqua Marina paddle boards have about the same image as Volkswagen (VW)…proven quality, not cheap and not expensive, little experimentation, universally popular design, good equipment!

This is not meant negatively at all, on the contrary, long-term experience is very valuable in the paddle board field!

The Aqua Marina Fusion has become a little wider in the current version and thus also more resilient, which I personally like very much, because now the all-round character and the tilt stability comes even better to the fore. The single fin rounds off the overall package with better directional stability.

In terms of stiffness, however, it could still be improved. If a double-layer construction were used here, the weight would be higher or, in the case of a fusion construction, the production costs, but the extra stiffness definitely pays off on the water.

A very minor criticism for me is that the leash is not spiral, which I would generally find much more practical.

The accessory package includes everything you need, although the quality of the paddle is still a little room for improvement, but that is completely normal in this price range. Overall, the complete set is also attractively priced and should absolutely satisfy the majority of paddle board beginners!

Very popular Beginner Paddleboard
Aqua Marina Fusion

The Aqua Marina Fusion is one of the most popular beginner paddleboards and is sold around the globe. Over the years, this paddleboard collected thousands of positive reviews. The Aqua Marina Fusion is built quality is proven, is neither cheap nor expensive and got a universally popular design.

Hi, my name is Max. In 2016, on my first SUP trip, I was still a bit shaky on the SUP board. But quickly the ambition grabbed me and my passion for SUP was ignited. That’s why I founded stand-up-paddling.org the same year. Our mission is to help beginners discover this sport and bring more transparency into the market with our in-depth product reviews.

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Hello, I am 1.80m and weigh 82kg. Would like to buy a beginner board and waver between the Decathlon Itiwit x100 Touring and the Aqua Marina Fusion 2021.

Which one can you recommend me?

Greetings Daniel


Hello Daniel,

That’s really not so easy…I can actually recommend both. With the Itiwit X100 we recommend from 80 kg at the latest in any case the 11′…it is wider than the Fusion and therefore a bit more tilt-resistant. But due to the pointed nose it still glides well and I therefore see it in this point about on par…maybe even with a small advantage.

The Fusion is just from the shape but an allrounder board. Due to the single fin, it also has good tracking…plus the accessories are included in the set.

If you buy more high-quality accessories (pump + paddle) for the Itiwit X100 11′, then the future perspective is certainly better with this board, if you want to be more ambitious on the road.

Ultimately, however, there is also a lot of taste…I hope I could still help you a little!

Many greetings,


Hello, unfortunately I still can not decide between the Beast and Fusion, maybe you have another recommendation. My wife 167cm about 60 kg and I 178cm about 78 kg would like to use the board together mainly on lakes possibly also with children.

I would be very happy about a feedback.



Hey Tobi,

So if the use for two is absolutely in the foreground, then I would advise you overall to an even larger model. At Aqua Marina, the Atlas or the Monster would be suitable candidates for this.

The Aqua Marina Beast we recommend only up to 100 kg (see new test video from Max in the text). The Aqua Marina Fusion is bigger, but even here the sensible limit is 120 kg, which is below the load you need. If you or your wife will be paddling mostly alone and you’ll only be on the board as a couple once in a while, though, the Fusion might be enough.

You can also find more tandem boards in our review of paddle boards for 2 people.

Many greetings,


Hello Benjamin,
thank you very much for your quick reply. Since I think I have not expressed myself correctly, we will probably use the board mostly individually. I’m more concerned about whether then the Fusion is recommended for both of us?



Hey Tobi,
Oh, then that was indeed a misunderstanding. So weight-wise, when used alone, both copies would be sufficient for you, although the handling of the Aqua Marina Beast your wife will certainly be easier.

The Fusion is a bit longer and therefore has a slightly better straight line. Qualitatively, however, it is somewhat inferior to the Aqua Marina Beast. The Beast belongs to the so-called “All-Around Advanced” series, which differs from the “All-Around” series, to which the Fusion belongs, by the more stable construction (additional reinforcement of the rails), the extended features (structured deckpad with kickpad) and the more powerful pump. This is also why the Beast is a tad more expensive!

I hope I could help you with it!

Many greetings,