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Everything the paddling analysis heart desires is combined in this app.

But not only paddlers, also water sports enthusiasts who are otherwise on or in the water have the right app at the start with Watersports Tracker.

A total of 15 water sports can be tracked and evaluated here. So it’s hard to imagine that the right one is not included. Even the free version of the app has a lot to offer.

In our opinion, Watersports Tracker is worthwhile for all athletically ambitious paddlers and even more so for all those who want to move on or in the cool water in a different way and want to know how healthy and effective the trip really was in the end.

And those who are short of using their expensive Apple Watch will also be happy here, because the watch also works if desired – but doesn’t have to.

And of course, the Apple Health fitness rings are also filled properly, otherwise it would only be half as useful, and that really doesn’t sum up Watersports Tracker.

Features of the App at a Glance

NameWatersports Tracker
In-app purchasesYes
Registration requiredNo
Compatibility with smartwatch Yes
User ratings4.6 out of 5 stars
Our rating4.7 out of 5 stars
FeaturesTracking of 15 water sports (e.g. paddle boarding, kayaking, canoeing, rafting, windsurfing, kitesurfing, surfing, sailing, yachting, jet skiing, foiling, swimming, wakeboarding, water skiing) by distance, duration, maximum speed and average speed, fitness analysis (heart rate, pulse), addition of Apple Health fitness rings, audio feedback for analysis, map view and analysis, filing of photos of the tour, comparison of performances of own tours

Structure and Functions of the Watersports Tracker App

Watersports Tracker has been around since 2017 and can definitely be called an all-around app for recording and analyzing actually all water sports. It is available in English in the iOS App Store and offers a nice all-round program from tracking to analysis.

You can choose from a whole 15 water sports before Watersports Tracker starts its work. So there is nothing left to be desired here if you are versatile in and on the water.

The download is free of charge and there is no need to register. If you want to use the full range of functions, you have to subscribe via in-app purchases.

However, a one-week free trial is available for a short time to see if the app meets your needs.

After that, you can either take out a one-year subscription for around 25 euros (~£21), six months for just under 22 euros (~£18), or three months for just under 18 euros (~£15).

If you don’t want to sign up for a subscription, Watersports Tracker offers a basic function so that you can use the app on a smaller scale.

This includes the recording of distance, duration and speed of the corresponding water sports session in a count view. If that’s enough, this is a really great free app for a rough overview of your performance, which you can also save in Health.

Otherwise, there is of course a lot more for all those who invest in the app with a subscription. Here you get the map analysis of your trip, an animated replay of the tour on the map, the maximum speeds, average speeds, stages and can export the data as a GPX file. If you own an Apple Watch, you can also track your fitness data via it.

If you have already recorded at least two tours, you can compare them with each other and thus document your progress. A great function that offers a nice added value beyond the pure recording and analysis.

So that you do not forget the impressions of the tour, you can also save photos from the road with the tour and add notes. And friends and family can of course also participate, because the tour can be shared via all channels.

Design and Usability

The design of Watersports Tracker is simple and plain. Black fonts, turquoise icons and all that on a white background immediately direct the eye to what it needs to see. The essentials are accessible in three icons at the bottom of the screen.

Here you will first find the “Sessions” button under which you can call up your recorded tours. Next to it and prominently in the middle is the most important button when you are on the road and want to get started, namely the “Start” button.

Once pressed, a drop-down menu opens with all the water sports listed below each other, from which you can choose for the respective purpose. The list is so large that it is more than easy to find the right sport, even if the iPhone is stored in the waterproof phone case.

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Once you’ve selected the right sport, you’re greeted with a friendly female “Activity started” audio. It sounds a bit like you want to go into space, but it’s actually very cool and gives you a nice motivational boost. The recording starts right away.

The session can be paused or stopped and saved at will. Once it is finished, the summary opens and the option to share the whole thing with friends and family. This is possible via all conceivable channels, even directly as an Instagram Story.

You can also find the map view of the tour here and access map analysis, an animated map summary, stages, top speeds, notes, heart rate, photos, calories burned and graph statistics.

But that’s not all, here you can also compare the tour with a previous one, set tags or export the tour. Sounds like a lot of bulk, but is surprisingly simple and clearly listed below each other.

The third icon at the bottom of the screen is called “Me”, behind which all tours of the last 30 days are summarized by statistics in hexagonal graphics and bar graphs reveal at a glance how fast, slow and long or short you were on the road.

That was also the essentials of Watersports Tracker. At the top of the screen, you can still make settings by unit or set Siri shortcuts via a menu. This is also really handy if you don’t feel like picking up your phone to ask the app to start.

Otherwise, you can also set reminders here, which send a reminder to get the app to work when you are at a certain location. Of course, location services have to be enabled for this.

All in all, the app is practical, simple, and nicely sized and clearly designed, which makes it really easy to use. However, Watersports Tracker can’t do everything without location services, so it can’t be used in offline mode – but of course it has to be live for its purpose.

User Reviews

Watersports Tracker has received a very positive 4.6 stars out of 5 in the Apple App Store so far. That definitely speaks for a good-humored fan base. Once again, it’s a shame that users don’t carry out anything with praise outside of the pure star rating, but critics do all the more.

Four out of five review texts leave negative experiences and opinions about the file export of the tours, which does not work, lost records and the simple layout (which we, however, praise again).

That records are lost should not happen, of course. Because then the whole purpose of the app would be gone. However, the developers also respond quite regularly and address the criticisms.

The app has recorded 25 updates for improvements in the last 27 months. So, they are on it and very keen to create an unrestricted positive user experience.

Alternatives to the Watersports Tracker App

With its many water sports categories, the Watersports Tracker app already offers an extensive range in the water sports sector.

If you don’t need all that to that extent and would rather look for a paddle board specific tracking app, you can take a closer look at Paddle Logger for example. Here you have an almost identical range of functions, but more focused on paddle sports.

However, waterproof sports watches or smartwatches are also worthwhile for recording. In this article, we have summarized for you which methods are available and what distinguishes them.


Do I have to pay for Watersports Tracker?

You can download the app for free and use it for free to a limited extent. If you only want a rough overview of your touring activity, this is enough.
However, a detailed analysis can be purchased from Watersports Tracker with a subscription package starting at around 18 euros (~£15), giving you a few more options for analyzing your sessions.
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Is it possible to record paddle tours with Watersports Tracker?

Yes, that’s the gist of Watersports Tracker. Here, all relevant data about the route, stages and health data are recorded and analyzed. The whole thing is also possible in parallel via the Apple Watch, with which the app is compatible.
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Is the Watersports Tracker app worth it for paddling?

Absolutely. In both free and paid use, Watersports Tracker gives you a great overview of your paddle tour according to all the important criteria and you can also store the fitness data for it in the Health app.
This way, the rings are filled realistically and neatly even with the paddle tour. A nice feature is also that you can compare your own tours with each other in terms of data.
So you always have a good view of whether you were faster or slower last time, for example, or paddled under a different heart rate.
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