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The design of a paddleboard plays an extremely important role for many paddlers.

Also, Penguin Watersports was asked again and again, if they also have a board especially for girls or boys.

The company now offers the popular Lancer allround model in addition to the standard model in 2 gender-specific color combinations (Sir Lancer & Lady Lancer).

These variants are identical in construction to the also newly revised Penguin Lancer.

High-quality and cool-looking Beginner Paddleboard
Penguin Lancer

Both the Penguin Lancer and the included accessories of the Lancer are very well-made. The board is very well-built and durable, but with just 10 kilograms (22 lbs) relatively light-weight. It got a cool design and offers many features. With its wide built, the paddleboard is best suited for beginners. 


Since we have been trying since 2016 to offer you the greatest possible and ever-growing variety of reviews, we have decided to dedicate a separate, joint review to the men’s and women’s version of the classic!

Penguin Watersports has provided us with the Sir Lancer for this purpose.

Cool-looking All-rounder for demanding Beginners
Penguin Sir Lancer

The Penguin Sir Lancer (and the similar built model Penguin Lady Lancer) are new designs of the popular model Penguin Lancer. What combines all the different designs of the board are a great construction quality, lightweight built, and the whole set of included high-quality paddleboard accessory products (including one of the most comfortable backpacks we've seen so far).

Short on Time? Here’s the Most Important:

The Penguin Lancer has already been very popular for several years, often in demand, and has proven its qualities in the form of good rankings in our paddleboard reviews.

So in principle, there was not much to improve on the Penguin Sir Lancer and the Lady Lancer. The differences to the standard model therefore relate purely to the design, which is aimed at the still existing, different preferences of women and men.

At 11’2 x 33″ x 6″ (340 x 84 x 15 cm), the Penguin Sir Lancer or Lady Lancer belongs to the all-rounders that deviate somewhat from the standard.

They are slightly longer than many comparative models, but still offer excellent tipping stability due to the likewise above-average width. The silhouette (shape) appears overall significantly less rounded than on many other all-rounders for beginners.

The side surfaces (rails) run somewhat straighter, which is reflected in better tracking stability, and the tail has a straight finish (“whale tail”).

The fin setup with a single fin in the US-box system, which becomes a click fin thanks to a newly developed pin, is also not quite typical for the board class.

Due to these deviations, Penguin likes to call the boards of the Lancer series “all round cruisers”, which describes the compromise between stability and improved running characteristics quite well.

Apart from the newly designed look, the Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer also offers some innovations in the new season. In addition to an action cam mount (“Mount”), the boards now come with a riser that attaches to 2 side D-rings.

The heavy paddle with aluminum shaft has been replaced by a lighter and more powerful fiberglass model (Fiberglas) and the already very comfortable backpacks have also been revised.

The Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer comes with the following accessories: backpack, double action air pump (reversible), 3-piece fiberglass paddle, coiled leash (spiral safety line), single fin + fin pin (US-box system), repair kit incl. valve wrench

  • Very good material and workmanship quality
  • Light but stable construction ( stringer construction + double layered rails )
  • Good stiffness
  • High load capacity, perfect for bigger and heavier paddlers
  • Single fin with pin (conversion to click fin)
  • Good straight running
  • Additional D-rings (for included shoulder strap)
  • Attractive design in 2 versions (Sir & Lady)
  • High quality accessories included
  • Action cam holder (mount)
  • Paddle adjustable only in predefined steps
  • No D-rings for a kayak seat
  • Only one carrying handle

Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer Review in Detail

We do our best to make sure that every reader is able to find the right board for them, regardless of their previous experience.

We, too, were once faced with the confusing choice of paddleboards and know exactly how difficult the decision is. For over 5 years, we have been using our ever-growing experience to explain all the facts and features of the boards and accessories to you.

If you have further individual questions, you can always leave us a comment. We will be happy to help you and try to answer you as soon as possible!

Product Specifications

Board TypeInflatable
BrandPenguin Watersports
SkillBeginner and Advanced
Price CategoryAverage
Area of ApplicationAllround
Max. Paddler Weight120 kg (265 lbs)
Length340 cm (11’2″)
Width84 cm (33″)
Thickness15 cm (6″)
Weightca. 10 kg (22 lbs)
Volume245 liters
Accessoriesbackpack, double stroke air pump (reversible), 3-piece fiberglass paddle, coiled leash (spiral safety line), single fin + fin pin (US box system), repair kit incl. valve key


When classifying the board type, it becomes clear that the Penguin Sir or Lady Lancer lies somewhat between the known classes.

The rounded nose (board tip) and the dimensions of 11’2 x 33″ x 6″ (340 x 84 x 15 cm) are characteristic for a somewhat longer all-rounders. The straight tail (“whale tail”), the slightly less curved side line and especially the single fin also allow the classification as a cruising board.

The term “all-rounders cruiser”, which Penguin likes to use for its Lancer board family, is therefore quite appropriate.

Its single air chamber holds 245 liters and ensures good buoyancy values that are still sufficient even for paddlers with an above-average build. The construction (stringer construction + 2-layer rails) combines a light board weight with a good, loadable stiffness.

The nose is slightly bent upwards (“Noserocker”), so that the board tip does not sink so easily even in choppy water and stronger waves.

Cool-looking All-rounder for demanding Beginners
Penguin Sir Lancer

The Penguin Sir Lancer (and the similar built model Penguin Lady Lancer) are new designs of the popular model Penguin Lancer. What combines all the different designs of the board are a great construction quality, lightweight built, and the whole set of included high-quality paddleboard accessory products (including one of the most comfortable backpacks we've seen so far).

Load Capacity

The recommended paddler weight for the Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer is given by the manufacturer as up to 265 lbs (120 kg). I would like to make this somewhat inaccurate statement a bit more precise.

Our experience and the comparison with similarly dimensioned and constructed boards shows that you will feel absolutely no changes in the running behavior up to 220 lbs (100 kg).

The board can certainly be loaded up to the specified limit of 265 lbs (120 kg), but above 220 lbs (100 kg) it will increasingly lie deeper in the water and show more sliding resistance. The special construction is reinforced in various areas, but overall not quite as stiff as a consistent two-layer construction.

Above 220 lbs (100 kg), it is therefore worth considering a larger board with more volume. In the Penguin board range, for example, the big brother Penguin X-Lancer is a good choice.

Areas of Application and Driving Characteristics

Basically, the Penguin Lady & Sir Lancer is designed for varied areas of use and diverse conditions due to its width of a stately 33″ (84 cm) and the rounded nose.

The tipping stability is absolutely sufficient for every beginner to stand safely on the board in a short time. However, due to the extended length, the straighter side line and especially due to the single fin, it has a slightly better glide than many comparison models.

A significantly improved tracking is the result of these features, which is especially evident on longer distances. For somewhat more ambitious beginners, this mixture can be very attractive. This is because, as a rule, many paddlers quickly develop a desire for somewhat snappier running characteristics after the shaky early days.

As with everything in life, every advantage also brings a disadvantage. The good straight running of the boards leads to a somewhat reduced maneuverability. However, this effect is negligible in practice, as steering and targeted changes of direction with the corresponding paddle strokes work without any problems.

For beginners who would also like to experience touring, I find the combination of the various features very successful in any case. The “Noserocker” ensures that the board remains on top and well controllable even in waves. Thus, you can explore a variety of different waters and enjoy a high degree of stability in any situation.

But if you want to be even sportier, the Penguin X-Lancer or even the Penguin Cleaver can definitely be worth a look.

Material and Weight

As with many boards of the Family-Line, the construction of the Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer uses the so-called “stringer construction”. The actual outer shell is made of a single PVC layer (“single layer”). For stiffening, an additional PVC strip (“stringer”) was glued lengthwise and the rails were reinforced with double layers.

The core of the board consists of a multitude of interwoven polyester threads (“dropstitch”). This manufacturing method results in good stiffness and is still comparatively light. At 22 lbs (10 kg), the weight of the Penguin Lady & Sir Lancer is in the lower comparative range and enables easy handling and uncomplicated transport.


The “stringer construction” is one of the special manufacturing processes and results in good stiffness, although it can’t quite keep up with the consistently double-layered. On the other hand, the light weight and the fact that the boards are very easy to roll up are clear advantages. This construction is a successful compromise between “single-layer” and “double-layer” construction.

Overall, the tested Sir Lancer confirms the very good impression we have had so far of all paddle boarding from Penguin. The workmanship is really impeccable, all transitions of components and materials are very cleanly executed! Penguin had 2020 less than 1% returns + complaints, a very clear indication of very good quality!


The two different designs quickly make it clear how the naming came about and are the reason why the manufacturer has expanded the selection options for the Lancer series. One can certainly argue about “gender marketing” nowadays. One thing is for sure though, that the preferences of women and men are also indispensable in the paddle boarding sector…personally I really like both boards!

Sir Lancer

The version for guys and men is designed in a combination of 2 different strong petrol tones. On the top and bottom the color transitions resemble a “brush stroke”. The continuous dark cover pad is somewhat loosened up by a white “P”.

The white borders (PVC patches) of the D-rings and the likewise white luggage net create an interesting visual contrast. Very nice I personally find the circumferential white band to the sides (rails), which are labeled with the board name + size and the manufacturer including logo. The Penguin lettering in black sets the otherwise plain tread in scene.

Lady Lancer

The model designed to please the ladies is designed in a wide range of different shades of pink and rose. On the top and bottom, an additional graphic leaf pattern in white is the highlight. The optically waisted deck pad in 2 different shades of pink and the “P” in the back is also an eye-catcher.

On this feminine board, the rails are designed in white and bear the name and size of the board as well as the manufacturer’s lettering and logo in black and gray. In addition to the leaf pattern and the outline of the fin box, the Penguin lettering again completes the look of the tread.

Cool-looking All-rounder for demanding Beginners
Penguin Sir Lancer

The Penguin Sir Lancer (and the similar built model Penguin Lady Lancer) are new designs of the popular model Penguin Lancer. What combines all the different designs of the board are a great construction quality, lightweight built, and the whole set of included high-quality paddleboard accessory products (including one of the most comfortable backpacks we've seen so far).

Other Features

The Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer each has the following features:

  • Deckpad: the standing surface is made of EVA (foam), also offers good slip resistance due to the deep diamond structure and drains accumulating water very well.
  • 2 free D-rings: The most important D-ring is located at the tail, because that is where the included coiled leash (spiral-shaped safety line) is attached. On the action cam mount on the nose is another D-ring attached to which you can tie the board somewhere, for example. All copies are reinforced by PVC patches.
  • 2 Additional D-Rings for the Shoulder Strap: To attach the included shoulder strap, the boards have 2 smaller, side D-rings.
  • Central Carrying Loop: In the middle of the board is a central carrying loop made of neoprene with rubber patch and Penguin lettering. This is the center of gravity of the board, so you can carry it well on its own. At the same time, this loop also shows you the most stable standing position (“sweet spot”).
  • Removable Single Fin: A large single fin for the US-Box-System is included. With a small pin it can be converted into a click fin.
  • Luggage Net: For some luggage and provisions, a stretchable luggage net is attached to 4 additional and also reinforced D-rings in the front area of the top. So you can take luggage and provisions safely on the water. If you use a dry bag, everything is guaranteed to stay nice and dry.
  • Action Cam Mount: A GoPro or other compatible action cam can be attached to the matching holder on the nose. With snapshots and videos all adventures can be captured.


The accessory package is identical for the Penguin Sir Lancer and the Lady Lancer and includes the following components:

  • Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer Backpack: The already very good paddle boarding backpack has been redesigned again for the Lancer 2021 and the additional models (Lady & Sir Lancer). The back section and the wide, adjustable carrying straps as well as the hip belt are padded even more comfortably. It is very roomy, can be opened wide by large, solid zipper and packed comfortably. In addition, it has front and side sturdy straps with which the volume can be reduced, so that the contents do not slip during transport. An exceptionally high quality model with very good carrying comfort.
  • 3-piece Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer Fiberglass Paddle: The 3-piece paddle has a shaft made of glass fiber (fiberglass). The paddle blade, like the handle, is made of sturdy PVC. It is adjustable in preset steps from 5’9 to 7′ (175 – 215 cm). The model is much lighter and higher quality than the aluminum paddle of the Lancer previous year models.
  • Switchable Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer Double Action Air Pump With Pressure Indicator: The double action air pump allows you to pump up your paddleboard more efficiently. In double-action mode, you pump air into the board both when pulling up and pushing down the handle. The majority of the volume is thus quickly achieved. Towards the end, the counter pressure increases significantly, and pulling up in particular becomes more and more strenuous. Then simply switch to single action mode so that the pump only works when pushing down. This saves you a lot of energy.
  • Removable Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer Single Fin Incl. Fin Pin: The large dolphin-shaped single fin is removable and is attached via the US-box system. For mounting, the threaded plate must first be placed in the rail, to which the inserted fin is then screwed with the help of a small screw. In contrast to the plug-in system (slide-in system), this system requires a little more routine and time. Thanks to the included new pin, however, the fin can also be converted to a click fin, which is then simply pressed into the box in seconds and still sits really tight! An advantage is also that there are plenty of spare parts and fin models for retrofitting for the US-box system. This system is the well-tried classic and has also been used for surfboards for a long time.
  • Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer Coiled-Leash: The safety line is spiral-shaped. It only stretches to its full length when you fall into the water. It connects you to the board via a sturdy Velcro cuff at the ankle and prevents it from drifting away from you.
  • Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer Shoulder Strap: To be able to casually hang the board over your shoulder, an adjustable and well-padded shoulder strap (incl. 4 plastic D-rings) is included. It is easily attached to the two side D-rings on the board with the plastic hook fasteners.
  • Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer Repair Kit: This small kit consists of color matching PVC patches and a valve wrench. Unfortunately, the glue is missing, so you can repair small damages on the board yourself. With the key, you can check the valve for tightness and also replace it if it is defective.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to inflate the Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer?

With the included double action air pump, it will take you about 5 – 7 minutes to inflate a board to the recommended 15 PSI (about 1 bar). Learn more about the Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer.

Is the Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer also suitable for beginners?

Yes, the boards are perfect for beginners as they have a high tipping stability and are versatile. However, the adjustments to the dimensions and shape also give the boards riding characteristics that are well suited for longer tours. Learn more about the Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer.

Is there another board in the Penguin Lancer series?

Yes, the Sir Lancer and the Lady Lancer are brand new additions this season. They are identical in construction to the Penguin Lancer and have identical features. The differences only refer to the design of the respective board. Learn more about the Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer.


The Penguin Sir & Lady Lancer complements the design selection of the popular and proven model for years, with two alternatives that are tailored to the wishes of most male and female paddlers.

The boards are therefore predestined for the paddleboarding partner’s look and also a good option for parents to equip daughter and son with the same, high-quality and yet individually fitting board. Those who prefer a classic look can of course also opt for the identical and also revised Penguin Lancer.

What unites all models are the revised features of the new season: an action cam mount, an included shoulder strap, the new fiberglass paddle and the once again improved carrying comfort of the backpack round out the performance spectrum.

I find the fin pin particularly smart, which transforms the included single fin into a click fin in no time, with which you are ready to go in seconds despite the US-box system.

The fact that the paddle is only adjustable in predefined steps is a (very) small point of criticism for me. More carrying straps and additional D-rings for a kayak seat would also be desirable.

Overall, however, it must be said that the board and also the accessory package are very good quality and the price is absolutely justified.

The construction of “stringer construction + double-layered rails” has been used by the manufacturer for years. It combines lightweight construction with a good stiffness, nevertheless, please be guided by the load capacity we describe.

Like its older sibling, both the Lady Lancer and Sir Lancer are allrounders that do well on longer rides. The gain in length and the setup with single fin lead to a good, spurt-stable glide.

Cool-looking All-rounder for demanding Beginners
Penguin Sir Lancer

The Penguin Sir Lancer (and the similar built model Penguin Lady Lancer) are new designs of the popular model Penguin Lancer. What combines all the different designs of the board are a great construction quality, lightweight built, and the whole set of included high-quality paddleboard accessory products (including one of the most comfortable backpacks we've seen so far).

Hi, my name is Max. In 2016, on my first SUP trip, I was still a bit shaky on the SUP board. But quickly the ambition grabbed me and my passion for SUP was ignited. That’s why I founded stand-up-paddling.org the same year. Our mission is to help beginners discover this sport and bring more transparency into the market with our in-depth product reviews.

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