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Developed by a paddling enthusiast for paddling enthusiasts. And that’s more than evident in Paddle Logger: easy to use, simple design and no fiddling around with the display.

Where David Walker has hidden all the great features in his Paddle Logger app is not so recognizable at first glance, so simple and user-friendly it is.

In our opinion, there is nothing missing here that you need for the comprehensive and uncomplicated recording of your paddle tour.

Alarm functions for your own safety and personal touch included. A really worthwhile app for all paddlers from beginners to professionals. We’ll explain why in more detail here.

Features of the app at a glance

NamePaddle Logger
In-app purchasesYes
Registration requiredNo
Compatibility with smartwatch Yes
User ratings4.5 out of 5 stars
Our rating4.8 out of 5 stars
FeaturesRecord workout stats (duration, distance traveled, speed evaluations, heart rate), sync with Apple HealthKit, map views, upload photos, paddle trip sharing feature with phonebook contacts, virtual paddling events, alarm triggering in dangerous situations

Structure and Functions of the Paddle Logger App

Paddle Logger works both on the iPhone and via the Apple Watch and is currently only available in English. In addition, Paddle Logger can currently only be downloaded via iOS. An Android version is still being tinkered with.

With the recording, Paddle Logger tracks all tour details in detail either via the smartphone, the Apple Watch or if you have both, then via both end devices.

All data is reliably transferred to the Apple HealthKit and the fitness rings with the paddling session are thus neatly filled. In free use, Paddle Logger only measures the duration and distance. If you want to access all functions, you can add it per month, per half year or even per year.

After that, Paddle Logger unfolds all its capabilities and also provides information about heart rate, average and maximum speed and allows uploading photos of the tour. In addition, you can place your personal pins on the map as a reminder and take part in virtual paddling events by paddling the corresponding route yourself.

In both versions, however, it is possible to send the correspondingly collected data to contacts from the phone book and thus inform friends and family virtually about one’s own paddling experience.

What’s also really great is the setting that allows Paddle Logger to either send an alert to the user should they fail to respond, or to send an immediate alert itself to the specified emergency contact should you find yourself in trouble while out on the water. This is a feature that makes the in-app purchases more than worthwhile from here on out at the latest.

Design and Usability

Paddle Logger only needs one click after opening the app on the iPhone and then you’re good to go. If you don’t want to click, just tell Siri and you’re off to your first paddle. Paddle Logger stands out in the first place because it is the first tracking app that actually starts its work via just one click.

When you open Paddle Logger, a large green circle with a white “GO” immediately appears in the display. The really convenient size makes starting the functions via the iPhone more than comfortable, even through the waterproof phone case. The app can be started via the Apple Watch using exactly the same principle.

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If you want, you can still make a setting beforehand under the start circle as to whether Paddle Logger should trigger an alarm if you have not checked in at your final destination via the app after either one hour, 90 minutes or 2 ½ hours.

Those with the Pro version can also set a slider to notify contacts when you start your tour.

That’s basically all there is to do here. Without much fuss, a green circle remains on the display after starting the tour, showing the time and distance of the paddle tour. Once you’re done, you simply click on the green circle and Paddle Logger asks if you want to pause, end or continue the tour.

Below the circle is a large camera icon for uploading photos of the paddle tour, and a maps icon that lets you see where the tour has gone so far via the simple Apple Maps default view or the satellite view.

If you want to stop recording, the display automatically shows the map together with all measured data at a glance. A new click is not necessary for this. You can also add the means of transport you used on the tour.

Here, the selection ranges not only from paddle board to dragon boat, you can even create your paddle board including manufacturer, color and size. So you can see in the logbook at any time that you were on the road, for example, with his blue Bluefin Cruise 10’8.

This gives the whole thing another really personal touch. In the same window, you can also send your paddle tour directly to selected contacts via WhatsApp or email & Co. using the “Share” button.

With only three main menu items at the bottom of the screen and the plain white design with green accents and black font, the Paddle Logger app comes across as surprisingly simple, which really makes it more than pleasant in terms of usability and clarity.

It really makes you wonder how the developer managed to fit so many great features into such a simple design. It is also practical that you can either immediately put the iPhone in the waterproof case in the Drybag and operate everything compressed via the Apple Watch or still enjoy the great clear presentation including map view via the iPhone.

User Reviews

In the Apple App Store, Paddle Logger is rated with 4.6 out of 5 possible stars. We think this is right and our personal assessment is even closer to the full score. Points were deducted from the now almost 3000 user reviews for minor technical difficulties or individual wishes, for example, that you also want to control your own music via Paddle Logger or do not want a connection to the Health app.

Another positive aspect is that the Paddle Logger development team comments on almost every review in a user-friendly and accessible way. Be it reviews on suggestions for improvement or praise.

The overall picture here is coherent and you can absolutely tell that Paddle Logger was developed by a paddling enthusiast. The personal touch and the trust that Paddle Logger wants to establish between the app and the users is convincingly implemented at all points.

Alternatives to the Paddle Logger App

Paddle Logger itself already offers a great all-around program, which is operable via both the iPhone and Apple Watch. However, those who only want to rely on the Apple Watch, for example, can take a closer look at GeoSUP.

For those who don’t own a smartwatch and only want to collect data via the iPhone or an Android-based smartphone, Go Paddling could be a good choice. Whether smartphone, waterproof sports watch or smartwatch: We have summarized the advantages and disadvantages of the individual methods in this article.

In our post about the best paddling apps, we also present many apps that are useful for paddlers and water sports enthusiasts in general.


Is there a charge for Paddle Logger?

The download of Paddle Logger is free with some basic features. The full feature set can be accessed via in-app purchases.
The whole thing is currently available for either 7,49 Euro (~£6.5) per month, 21,99 Euro (~£18.5) for six months or for 37,99 Euro (~£31.5) at the end of the year.
Learn more about the Paddle Logger App.

Can you record trips with Paddle Logger?

Yes, Paddle Logger records the fitness data of the paddle tour and also shows via Apple Maps the exact course of the tour.
In addition, you can also set your personal pins to clearly remember where you have already been on tour with your paddle board.
Learn more about the Paddle Logger App.

Is the Paddle Logger app worth it for paddling?

Paddle Logger is absolutely worth it for paddling in our opinion. You can tell with this app that the developer David Walker is a big paddling friend himself.
What’s really nice here is that you can also create your paddle board exactly by manufacturer, color and size.
Learn more about the Paddle Logger App.

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