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If you feel lost when traveling with or without a paddle board in terms of accommodation, restaurants, campsites, ATMs, garages, gas stations or tourist attractions, you forgot to install iOverlander.

And that’s not all you can find here. Worldwide spots from a whole 29 categories in the current environment are noted here. Easy to use, extensively populated by users and really useful.

In our opinion, this app is worthwhile without exception for anyone who spends time in places they are unfamiliar with. The fact that it reliably accompanied a user from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Munich with its entries pretty much sums up iOverlander’s potential.

Features of the App at a Glance

AvailabilityiOS, Android
In-app purchasesNo
Registration requiredNo
Compatibility with smartwatchNo
User ratings4.4 out of 5 stars
Our rating4.8 out of 5 stars
FeaturesRetrieve and enter worldwide spots useful for traveling in general (campsites, lakes, hotels, restaurants, laundromats, banks, supermarkets, embassies, and more)

Structure and Functions of the iOverlander App

iOverlander is only available in English and is available for free via iOS for the iPad and iPhone, and also in the Google Playstore for Android-based tablets and smartphones.

The app can be summed up quite well by saying that it’s always worth taking a look at the nearby entries when traveling, because you can find spots from extensive categories here.

If you are traveling with your paddle board, you can find out where you can find lakes, parking spaces, hotels or restaurants nearby. The app is especially well-stocked with entries on camping spots.

The app is user-based, which means that it lives from the entries of its users. Here, anyone can create an entry that he or she believes can be interesting and helpful for other users.

Therefore, you can even find entries for hardware stores, laundromats or car repair shops here. In principle, this makes sense, because these can also be helpful tips when traveling.

However, iOverlander is almost worthwhile even if you are not on the road and need a quick tip for a walk or for services at home.

To document your own travel history, you can also check in virtually at various spots and the app saves the places you’ve visited. Great if, for example, you later remember a nice evening at a restaurant in your vacation spot and can’t remember which one it was. This is where iOverlander comes in handy.

Design and Usability

Since iOverlander is basically only related to one function, namely the retrieval and entry of spots, both the design and the usability are very simple.

No one gets confused here, because based on the location services, iOverlander recognizes the coordinates and does not need more to get its service up and running.

Once downloaded, a screen opens after the start screen, which lists exactly three few menu items one below the other. First of all, this is the magnifying glass at the very top, with which you can access the most important thing, namely the spots.

There are two options here, once via the map or displaying the whole thing as a list one below the other. However, this is simply personal preference.

When zooming in and out in the desired radius, the map shows through various icons what is located where in the radius. This is done quite nicely, because each category has its own icon.

Places close to nature, like camping are highlighted green with a cottage, dry cleaners blue with an ironing icon, supermarkets with a shopping cart and so on. In the list version, the entries are displayed one below the other according to the respective distance to the current location.

The second menu item is the check-in, under which you can set your own entries and call up your visit history of the various spots.

There are 29 categories for your own entry. And if you still can’t find the right entry, there is another one called “Others”, where you can still get rid of your entry.

Below that you will find the menu item for the settings and the help center. The settings allow among other things the change of the distance units and the setting of the GPS format.

That’s it and iOverlander has already fulfilled its service. A great thing, especially because everything in the display is designed so pleasantly large that you can even steer through the app infallibly from the paddle board through the waterproof phone case, if you want to check whether the area behind the shore makes an exit worthwhile.

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User Reviews

In the Apple App Store, iOverlander boasts 4.4 out of 5 stars, and we think there’s almost more in the way of points.

That’s great and a sign that users actually use iOverlander regularly and are very happy to maintain it. The app is almost universally praised.

One user used iOverlander to get from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Munich in a wonderfully informed manner and used it to find accommodation, restaurants and even a repair shop he needed during his trip.

It is also noted that the user interface is a bit old-fashioned and offline use would be nice, but real criticism is not discernible. Whereas offline use is a valid point in our opinion, because iOverlander needs access to the location first before it gets going.

Alternatives to the iOverlander App

In the form in which iOverlander provides information, you can actually only find it to that extent via Google Maps. But when it comes to spots specifically for paddlers, paddling places could be a good alternative.

The app doesn’t have that incredible range of categories either, but is more paddle board focused in terms of launch sites, parking at the paddling spot, stores or rental stations.


Do I have to pay for iOverlander?

No, iOverlander can be used free of charge after download. There are also no features that are only accessible after additional in-app purchases.
Learn more about iOverlander app review.

Is it possible to record paddling tours with iOverlander?

No, iOverlander does not consider itself as a fitness app. It can be used to find out about useful spots on location.
If you want to record your tour during the trip, you can use a special tracking app like GoSUP or a sports watch.
We have summarized in another article the easiest ways to make a recording. You can find the whole thing here.
Learn more about iOverlander App Review.

Is iOverlander worth it for paddling?

Absolutely. The app is worthwhile for anyone who is out and about in any way and doesn’t know their way around the place. For paddlers, iOverlander is great for information on nearby places to stop or camp.
Lakes are also noted here. Either way, iOverlander is worthwhile if you are traveling with your paddling board or just for a longer time and you need a supermarket, a dry cleaner or a workshop. There’s almost nothing here that you can’t find.
Learn more about iOverlander App Review.

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