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Since its launch, Go Paddling has become increasingly popular among paddlers, canoeists and kayakers.

The more than 25,000 worldwide spot information comes here directly from the users, which we particularly like. In addition, the simple and functional operation and the focus on the essentials are a plus point for us.

Without a lot of bells and whistles, you have everything quickly available in the free app and can enter your tours and spots yourself and also share them with friends.

In our opinion, the app is worthwhile for all paddlers and water sports enthusiasts who are looking for new paddling spots or want to share their own spots with the community.

Features of the App at a Glance

NameGo Paddling
AvailabilityiOS, Android
In-app purchasesNo
Registration requiredNo
Compatibility with smartwatchNo
User ratings4.4 out of 5 stars (though was recently reset)
Our rating4 out of 5 stars
FeaturesFind paddling spots, create paddling tours, share tour data with friends, create profile.
Features of Go Paddling App

Structure and Functions of the Go Paddling App

The pleasing thing about the Go Paddling app is first of all that it is free. There are also no in-app purchases to be made here to unlock certain features. Everything is fully usable for everyone.

Once opened, you can also get started right away. In the lower control panel, you can directly enter the “Paddling Locations” with the left button.

If you have activated the location services, the map of your location and the specific surroundings are displayed right away. Thus, no awkward clicks are necessary, even through the waterproof cell phone case.

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Small red dots with and without numbers reveal that something can be clicked on the map. Depending on the dot, different information is hidden behind it. This can be the name of the body of water, launching points or locks.

Depending on how extensive the details behind the points are and what type of spot it is, you also get a list with corresponding check marks to indicate whether parking is free or subject to a fee, whether there is a campsite nearby or whether catering is available at the spot.

Also the exact coordinates are displayed and any comments, if any were left. Here you can also share the details of the spot with friends via various channels, for example via WhatsApp or by e-mail and add comments and photos yourself.

Using the magnifying glass next to the map in the control panel, you can search directly for specific spots to retrieve the respective information.

In the menu, you can also create your own tour under the “Trip Plans” button and also save favorites to be able to call them up more quickly at any time.
If you want, you can also register under the menu item “Help/About”. You need to enter your full name, e-mail address and a user name.

Design and Usability

The design of the Go Paddling app is kept simple and functional and easy to understand. Nothing here distracts from the important functions with too many bells and whistles. When opening the app, you only get a hint to always wear a life jacket, which you have to confirm by clicking on it.

After that, you are where you should be in the first step, namely on the map. In the view, you can switch between the map and satellite options as usual and zoom in and out using the familiar touchscreen movement.

Sometimes you have to be a bit more patient when zooming until you can click on a certain spot, since the red dots of the spots are still quite small despite zooming in. So you need a bit of intuition here, especially if you have already stowed the smartphone in the waterproof case.

The language of the Go Paddling app is limited to English. However, those who are familiar with it will have no problems here. The 5 main menu items allow you to quickly get to where you want to be. Since Go Paddling is fortunately completely free, you only have to get used to small ads.

So far, these have only been displayed in the details of the spots and are placed so far down that they do not interfere with the operation at all. Thus, there are no annoying pop-ups that overlay the view, which you have to scroll through or awkwardly click away through the waterproof cell phone cover.

All in all, the handling of Go Paddling is very good. However, there is still room for improvement, because the information about the spots could be equipped with more information and also the number of spots itself is still expandable. However, this depends on the actions of the users. There is upward potential if every user participates here.

What would be still nice is, a selectable option with which equipment exactly one is on the way. Not all canoe and kayak waters and spots are automatically suitable for paddlers.

All in all, the Go Paddling app is worthwhile for basic information about the water environment, as long as details about the specific environment can already be found in the app.

In addition, you can also quickly enter your tour experiences here in a simple and uncomplicated way. Under the menu item “Help/About”, you can preset the unit from miles to kilometers for your tours.

User Ratings

Go Paddling has recently reset its ratings. There is no understandable reason for this, as it actually did well with 4.2 out of 5 stars in the Apple App Store. The reviews are quite positive across the board. Only the potential for content expansion causes points to be deducted here and there. However, as mentioned, this is dependent on the action of its users to feed Go Paddling with more and correct information and pictures.

Alternatives to the Go Paddling App

As an alternative to Go Paddling, you can also look at other apps, such as GoSUP or Paddle Logger, which we will present in a separate review shortly. For paddling tour planning, you can also check the internet to find suitable spots.

A sports watch or smartwatch also performs well here when it comes to recording the tour. Tours can also be tracked with the smartphone itself via GPS and certain sports apps, if you are not afraid to take the phone on board. But that shouldn’t happen with a waterproof phone case.

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If you click this link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.


Is there a charge for Go Paddling?

No, all features on Go Paddling are free and accessible to everyone even without registration.
Learn more about the Go Paddling App.

Is it possible to record tours with Go Paddling?

Direct recording of a paddling tour is not done by the Go Paddling app, here the tours are entered manually with all information by the user himself.
Learn more about the Go Paddling App.

Is the Go Paddling App worthwhile for Paddling?

For a free service it is not wrong to have the Go Paddling App on your smartphone. Since the launch of the app, more and more spots have been added peu à peu, which contain good and helpful information about possible waters and entry points.

If users continue to diligently leave their experiences and knowledge in the app, Go Paddling will certainly become even more worthwhile for paddling.
Learn more about the Go Paddling App.

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