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If Bob Marley were still alive, he would surely choose this touring board to paddle along the coast of Jamaica!

Because the CALA Ikatere with its “Rasta style” is without question a real eye-catcher on land and water.

The company is a newcomer on the European market and presents a promising high-quality board range with unusual designs right from the start.

Of course, I don’t let myself be dazzled by the looks, but take a professional look at the complete set delivered. I’ll tell you all the details about the board and the included accessories.

Each board has strengths and weaknesses and therefore a realistic view and analysis is very important to me, my findings I would like to share with you.

Check out our video review of the Cala Ikatere:

Unique very high-quality Touring Paddleboard
Cala Ikatere

The Cala Ikatere is a very high-quality paddleboard. Although the board is quite lightweight, it provides lots of stiffness and stability. The touring paddleboard is great for ambitious beginners and intermediate paddlers looking into mid-range and long paddle tours. In terms of design, the Cala Ikatere is a unique board (you'll either love or hate it!).

Short on Time? Here’s the Most Important:

The shape of the CALA Ikatere with the pointed nose (board tip) and the straight cut tail makes it immediately clear that it is a touring board. With its dimensions of 11’6″ x 32″ x 6″ (approx. 350 x 81 x 15 cm), however, it immediately departs from the well-trodden path of the standard at 2nd glance. The CALA Ikatere is slightly shorter and wider than the average touring model.

Since I have already tested the CALA Kanaloa, I noticed the similarities immediately, of course. The CALA Ikatere is just 3″ (about 7.6 cm) longer, has the same shape and therefore seems like the big brother of the Kanaloa. You can find out why it may still be the better choice for some paddlers in the “Areas of Application and Driving Characteristics” section.

The above-average width is a big advantage, especially for paddlers with little previous experience and in rough conditions, as it makes the tipping stability very solid. The additional D-rings for an optional kayak seat and especially the 3 removable fins in the Smartlock system round out the versatility, as you can switch between single fin and 2+1 fin setup at any time.

The two luggage nets are optimal for long trips with a lot of luggage and an action cam mount (“Mount”) is always a great feature to back up your paddle boarding adventures in the form of pictures and videos to share with the “landlubbers”!

The modern board construction (“Fusion Dropstitch” + “Double Layer Rails”) combines a low overall weight with very good stiffness, making the board robust against the adversities of everyday paddling. I’ll explain all the details in the “Material and Weight” section.

The CALA Ikatere comes with a comprehensive accessory package consisting of the following components:

Paddle board trolley backpack, instruction manual, double action air pump (reversible), 3-piece carbon paddle (infinitely adjustable), coiled leash (spiral safety leash) incl. key compartment, 3 removable fins (Smartlock system), repair kit incl. valve key.

  • very good material quality and stylish “Rastafari” design
  • innovative, stiff and lightweight construction (“Fusion-Technique”)
  • double-layered rails with fabric reinforcement
  • 3 removable fins (Smartlock-System)
  • 2 luggage nets
  • 2 carrying straps incl. removable paddle holder
  • high load capacity
  • solid tipping stability and good gliding characteristics
  • extensive, high-quality accessory package included (backpack trolley, carbon paddle)
  • action cam mount (“mount”)
  • upscale price level
  • still little long-term experience

The CALA Ikatere Review in Detail

Since 2016 we are always on the hunt for innovations in the paddle boarding business, of course we are always especially excited to see new manufacturers with a promising board selection. We do our best to ensure that every reader is able to find the right board for them, regardless of their previous experience.

We too have been faced with the confusing choice of paddle boarding boards and know exactly how difficult the decision is. If you have further individual questions, you can always leave us a comment. We will be happy to help you and try to answer you as soon as possible!

Product Specifications

Board Type Inflatable
Brand Cala
Skill Beginner and Advanced
Price CategoryHigh-priced
Area of Application Touring Board
Max. Paddler Weight120 kg (265 lbs)
Length ca. 350 cm (11’6″)
Width ca. 81 cm (32″)
Thickness 15 cm (6″)
Weight 21 lbs (9.5 kg)
Accessories Paddle board trolley backpack, instruction manual, double stroke air pump (reversible), 3-piece carbon paddle (continuously adjustable), coiled leash (spiral-shaped safety leash) incl. key compartment, 3 removable fins (Smartlock system), repair kit incl. valve key


The CALA Ikatere is a slightly shorter touring board with above average width. The shape with pointed nose and straight tail is completely typical for the board type.

Due to the solid width, the rails (sides) run accordingly curved outwards, which gives the board a small plus in terms of maneuverability.

The already good tipping stability is further enhanced by the possible 2+1 fin setup. The fact that all 3 fins are removable also gives you the option to switch to the typical touring setup with a single fin at any time.

I’m already a fan of this variety and will tell you later exactly the areas of application that result from the different riding characteristics.

The CALA Ikatere has a single air chamber, whose volume is unfortunately not named. From my experience, the capacity is in the range of 320 – 340 liters. For larger and heavier paddlers, these are very good conditions.

The “Noserocker”, i.e. the upward curved board tip, is clearly pronounced and leads to very good control and maneuverability, even in stronger waves. However, the nose does not cut through the water quite as dynamically when the surface is slippery.

Load Capacity

The maximum user weight of the CALA Ikatere is stated at 309 lbs.

Even though the construction is very stiff and the volume is really high, if I were you I would rather subtract about 44 lbs of tolerance so that you can really rely on the optimal performance.

But if the weight is well distributed, for example by using the two luggage nets, I have no doubt that the board carries the 309 lbs.

On short tours and for swimming fun you can also push this limit. Two light adults can also use the board sometimes in pairs. Parents or dog owners also have enough reserves in the load capacity to take company with them on the water!

Unique very high-quality Touring Paddleboard
Cala Ikatere

The Cala Ikatere is a very high-quality paddleboard. Although the board is quite lightweight, it provides lots of stiffness and stability. The touring paddleboard is great for ambitious beginners and intermediate paddlers looking into mid-range and long paddle tours. In terms of design, the Cala Ikatere is a unique board (you'll either love or hate it!).

Areas of Application and Driving Characteristics

Due to the slightly shortened length and the comfortable width, the CALA Ikatere is a very versatile touring board. The tipping stability allows even beginners to get off to a sporty start and provides stability you can rely on at all times on long tours and demanding waters.

Narrower and significantly longer touring models are certainly faster, but they also reach their limits much faster in currents and waves than the CALA Ikatere.

Even when it gets really rough, the board steers very well and relatively agile, anyway, if you mount all 3 fins. The 2+1 fin setup, which is usually the standard for allrounders, provides a lot of resistance in the water, which you feel in the form of stability and agility. The side fins turn out big, which emphasizes these effects even more!

When it gets calm on the water and there is a long, straight stretch ahead of you, you take off the side fins in the Smartlock system in a few seconds and switch to the single fin. A good straight line is the result, but less tipping stability and maneuverability as well.

3 removable fins are for me one of the absolutely successful innovations of recent years, because it allows you to react individually to different conditions.

As I said, I have also tested the CALA Kanaloa and some readers may now wonder about the raison d’être of the CALA Ikatere, because the boards are really very similar!

The slight gain in length certainly leads to a slightly improved glide and more stable straight-line stability, especially when you are riding with a single fin. However, these effects are rather small in practice.

For me, the main argument for the larger board would rather be the higher volume (more load capacity) and the second luggage net, which is absolutely helpful especially on extensive tours with a lot of luggage and leads to the fact that the weight can be distributed more evenly.

The large, stable usable surface is also a great advantage for alternative areas of use (yoga, fitness, fishing, etc.) and emphasizes the all-round capabilities of the board. The options for mounting a kayak seat further expands the performance spectrum. This feature is not normally found on touring boards quite as often.

Material and Weight

CALA refers to the construction of its boards as “HDX Air System Technology.” To help you understand what’s behind it, I’d like to explain this technology in familiar terms. The core of the board is made in the classic woven “dropstitch technique”, where polyester threads connect the top and bottom and are also woven in an x-shape to form a stable fabric (“X-Woven Dropstitch”).

In a special process, the outer PVC cover is fused with the fabric of the core using pressure and heat (“thermo-fusion process”). As a result, the individual layers are inseparably bonded together, resulting in very good durability and stiffness. CALA has apparently taken an example here from well-known greats of the paddle boarding industry, because the construction is very reminiscent of the so-called “MSL-Fusion” process of Red Paddle.

The side surfaces (rails) are double-layer reinforced, with the outer, visible layer even being fabric-reinforced. The rails are of high importance in terms of strength and robustness, as this area is heavily stressed in everyday paddling. The result of the construction is a stiff and resilient board, which nevertheless turns out surprisingly light at about 21 lbs.

Transport and handling succeeds with ease and is made even more comfortable by the high-quality backpack trolley.


The CALA Ikatere is made of absolutely high-quality materials and components. The construction method is modern, innovative and has many advantages. Thanks to the “Fusion Technology”, the outer shell is like a single cast and layers that peel off from each other are thus a thing of the past.

Of course, the board also has a proud price, so you can rightly expect a first-class choice of materials and workmanship.

On the boards tested so far (Kanaloa, Chac, Maui), there were unfortunately imperfections (glue residue, etc.) on the test boards. Even if these are ultimately only optical trifles, we hope that the manufacturer improves here.

Otherwise, the boards are really good and a lot of fun…it’s a pity if carelessness reduces the overall impression somewhat in this price range.

The quality of the test board made a good impression. Except for minor imperfections, everything was top notch.

As mentioned, CALA is still a newcomer on the European market, so long-term experience will have to show whether the boards can permanently gain a foothold in the premium segment!

Unique very high-quality Touring Paddleboard
Cala Ikatere

The Cala Ikatere is a very high-quality paddleboard. Although the board is quite lightweight, it provides lots of stiffness and stability. The touring paddleboard is great for ambitious beginners and intermediate paddlers looking into mid-range and long paddle tours. In terms of design, the Cala Ikatere is a unique board (you'll either love or hate it!).


If you like unusual designs, CALA boards are definitely the right choice. You will not find inconspicuous blue-white mediocrity in the board range. The Ikatere belongs with its design to the extraordinary paddle boarding and is not only for Reggae and Rasta fans certainly a feast for the eyes.

The top and bottom are printed with a realistic wood decor, which has always inspired many paddlers. The wood look is complemented by the banding in green, yellow and red that decorates the stern and front sections. The center fin is additionally bordered by palm trees on the underside.

On the top of the nose is a lion’s head (“Lion of Judah”), which is an important symbol in the religion of the “Rastafari”. The deckpad is completely black and is only broken up by the yellow lettering of the manufacturer. The black rails, whose fabric shimmers clearly in the sun, are printed with “Touring Series” the board name, size and the logo of CALA (turtle).

With CALA boards there are probably only 2 options, either you love the exclusive design or not. But the Ikatere with its Rasta cover is an eye-catcher in any case!

Other Features

The CALA Ikatere has the following features:

  • Deckpad: The large, anti-slip deckpad made of EVA has the classic diamond structure and provides a good grip even when wet. However, BLOOM’s material is exceptional, this company makes more environmentally friendly plastics…this foam is 20% sea grass. Compared to other materials of this type, I feel it is firmer, but this has a positive effect in terms of good feedback and stability.
  • 8 free D-rings: A total of 6 D-rings are located on the sides of the footprint for flexible mounting of an optional kayak seat. For hanging the included coiled leash (spiral-shaped safety line), there is a stable D-ring at the tail, which is integrated into the rubber patch of the valve. On the underside of the nose there is an additional very thick one (anchor or tow ring). All D-rings are framed with PVC patches and thus additionally reinforced.
On the side of the Cala Ikatere are four D-rings that can be used to attach a kayak seat. However, a kayak seat is not included.
There are D-rings at the back of the board and at the front (on the bottom). The rear D-ring can be used well for attaching the leash.
  • 2 carrying straps with removable paddle holders: In the middle and at the tail of the board there is one carrying loop each made of webbing material. They are surrounded by removable paddle holders made of neoprene, which are decorated with a rubber patch including lettering. The central carrying loop also marks the most stable standing position (“sweet spot”).
At the back of the board is another carrying handle (= paddle holder), which can be used for example to pull the board.
The paddle (or other accessories) can be strapped to the neoprene carrying handles.
The central carrying loop lies exactly in the center of mass of the board. At the same time, the carrying handles serve as paddle holders.
  • 3 removable fins: Both the smaller side fins and the large center fin are removable via the Smartlock system. Smartlock fins are also used by brands such as Bluefin, iRocker and Thurso Surf.
The Cala Ikatere has three Smartlock fins (two side fins and one main fin). All three fins can be attached & removed within 5 seconds each. The board can be ridden with either all three fins or just the main fin.
  • 2 Luggage Nets: In the front area, there is a black elastic deck net attached to 6 D-rings. In the rear area of the stand, there is a smaller luggage net attached to 4 more D-rings. These rings are also edged with PVC patches. So you have enough space to carry enough luggage and provisions even on multi-day tours. Separately available dry bags protect your luggage from water damage. The front luggage net is attached to six D-rings and features a strong looking lion head! At the end of the deck pad is the rear, smaller luggage net.
The front luggage net is attached to six D-rings and impresses with the strong looking lion head!
At the end of the deck pad is the rear, smaller luggage net.
  • Action cam mount: Waterproof action cams (GoPro etc.) are very popular with many water sports enthusiasts to document their adventures in (moving) pictures. So that you still have your hands free, you can mount many compatible models on the mount of the nose of the board.
  • Rubber patch with serial number: Each board has an individual serial number, which is clearly visible next to the fin box of the large center fin on a rubber patch. With this you can register your board with the manufacturer and in case of loss or theft you can also prove that the board belongs to you. For this purpose it is recommended to take a picture of the serial number and to archive the picture.


The accessory package of the CALA Ikatere consists of the following components:

  • CALA Ikatere Trolley Backpack: The silver backpack trolley is decorated with matching design elements and has 2 compartments and well-stored outdoor wheels. In the large main compartment, the rolled up board and the large parts of the equipment find enough space. The contents can be securely fixed by the integrated luggage strap.
  • The additional front pocket with zipper is suitable for storing smaller pieces of equipment (fins, etc.) or your personal belongings. In addition, the model has a handle, a transparent address compartment, 2 side slots with several straps, for example, to fix the paddle parts to the side.
  • With the wide and softly padded carrying straps as well as the adjustable chest and waist strap, the backpack can be adjusted close to the body. The additionally padded back section increases the wearing comfort. The straps can be stowed in a separate back compartment, so they can not get caught anywhere and you are thus also well equipped for air travel.
    For longer walks or trips, the all-terrain wheels on the back of the Cala Ikatere backpack are enormously practical. Overall, a very well thought out and well equipped model that can compete with any other!
  • CALA Ikatere Carbon Paddle: The 3-piece paddle has a shaft made of carbon. The paddle blade and handle are made of reinforced nylon. It is continuously adjustable from 5.5 ft – 6.9 ft and weighs only 1.7 lbs. The handle part with printed scale can be secured bombproof via the adjustable clamp closure. The paddle blade part is connected to the shaft via a click connection (“spring bolt”). The design of the two sides of the paddle blade matches the board perfectly.
  • CALA Ikatere double action air pump with pressure indicator: The double action air pump allows you to pump up your paddle boarding more efficiently. In double-action mode, you pump air into the board both when pulling up and pushing down the handle. The majority of the volume is thus quickly achieved. Towards the end, however, the counterpressure increases considerably and pulling up becomes more and more strenuous. Then simply switch to single action mode by turning the small plug out of the pump housing. It will then only pump when you push down, saving you a lot of effort.
  • 3 Removable CALA Ikatere fins: The two rather stately side fins and the large center fin are removable and are attached to the board via the so-called Smartlock system. The fins make a very robust impression and are even contoured (“elliptical”) in cross-section to achieve the best hydrodynamic properties. For mounting, they are simply inserted into the rail, pressed down and fixed with a small, integrated lever. The system is very fast and convenient. It is also used by numerous other well-known manufacturers (e.g. Bluefin, Thurso Surf, iRocker). The procurement of spare parts for this system is often a bit difficult. Here you can find a guidebook which deals in detail with the purchase of Smartlock fins.
  • CALA Ikatere Coiled-Leash incl. key pocket: With this spiral-shaped safety leash you can connect yourself to the board at the ankle via a stable Velcro sleeve made of neoprene. Should you fall into the water, the leash stretches to its full length (10′ or 305 cm) and prevents the board from drifting without you. A small Velcro pocket in the leash provides additional space for a key.
  • CALA Ikatere Repair Kit incl. Valve Wrench: This small kit consists of black PVC patches, glue and a valve wrench with which you can tighten the valve or replace it completely. Small damages on the board can be repaired with this kit at any time.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to inflate the CALA Ikatere?

Due to the high volume of the CALA Ikatere, you will need about 7 – 10 minutes to inflate it. Learn more about the Cala Ikatere.

How much PSI should the CALA Ikatere be inflated to?

alue of many paddle boarding and corresponds to about 1 bar. The board has been tested up to 20 PSI (1.37 Bar), only very high quality paddle boarding can withstand this high pressure. Learn more about the Cala Ikatere.

Is the CALA Ikatere also suitable for beginners?

Is the CALA Ikatere also suitable for beginners?
Yes, due to the solid width the construction is quite tilt stable, so even ambitious beginners can get started with the CALA Ikatere right away. In the setup with 3 fins, this characteristic becomes especially clear. Learn more about the Cala Ikatere.


The CALA Ikatere has completely convinced me in the test. The manufacturing technology and the choice of materials are high quality, innovative and result in a pleasantly light board that is nevertheless very stiff and resilient. The wide touring board is also an optimal basis for sporty beginners to be able to train their skills without having to experience too much failure.

However, if you want to be very sporty and fast, the width is certainly a disadvantage. For higher speeds, narrower touring boards with a pure single fin setup are the better choice.

The performance spectrum of the board is absolutely designed for versatility and the riding characteristics are a very successful compromise of stability, maneuverability and good glide. The 3 removable fins lead to great flexibility. We always emphasize that there is no board that can do everything well…but the CALA Ikatere goes at least clearly in this direction.

So for those who can’t afford or don’t want the luxury of several specialized paddle boarding boards, this model is a very good allround touring board. Of course, the model is no bargain, but the quality is right and the included accessories are consistently very good. In addition, there is the unusual design, which will certainly find many lovers.

Unique very high-quality Touring Paddleboard
Cala Ikatere

The Cala Ikatere is a very high-quality paddleboard. Although the board is quite lightweight, it provides lots of stiffness and stability. The touring paddleboard is great for ambitious beginners and intermediate paddlers looking into mid-range and long paddle tours. In terms of design, the Cala Ikatere is a unique board (you'll either love or hate it!).

Hi, my name is Max. In 2016, on my first SUP trip, I was still a bit shaky on the SUP board. But quickly the ambition grabbed me and my passion for SUP was ignited. That’s why I founded stand-up-paddling.org the same year. Our mission is to help beginners discover this sport and bring more transparency into the market with our in-depth product reviews.

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