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The Bluefin Voyage is a new type of board that is very different from the other models (such as the Bluefin Cruise or the Bluefin Aura Fit).

In addition to normal touring, the Bluefin Voyage can also be used for whitewater adventures, surfing, yoga, fitness, and most importantly, SUP fishing.

Whether this experiment was successful and the high expectations of Bluefin SUP boards are fulfilled or whether the Voyage is just a collection of compromises, I have tested for you!

Best Fishing Paddleboard
Bluefin Voyage

The Bluefin Voyage is an interesting paddle board for an enormous variety of different uses like whitewater adventures, surfing, yoga, fitness, and most importantly, SUP fishing. The enormous width leads to a high tipping stability, but makes the board slow. The board already includes a lot of high-quality accessories and a 5-year warranty.

Short on Time? Here’s the Most Important:

Try as you might, the Bluefin Voyage can’t be pigeonholed into any of the familiar board types. The field of application is as diverse as your ideas. So here are the hard facts first.

The dimensions of the board are 330 x 99 x 16 cm (10’10” x 38″ x 6″), the contour is rather bulbous due to the curved sides (rails), with a very pointed nose (bow) and straight tail. The rails have separate air chambers, which makes the complete side line of the board slightly raised. The enormous width leads to a very high tipping stability.

The proven 2+1 variant is used for the fin setup. All fins are removable and are attached by clicking in the rail (Smart Lock system).

The Bluefin Voyage comes with the following accessory package: backpack, 4-piece paddle, coiled leash (safety line), double action air pump, 2 fishing rod holders, cooler with fold-out backrest, kayak seat, waterproof cell phone case and repair kit.

  • most versatile application possibilities
  • enormously tilt stable
  • 3 air chambers
  • 5 carrying loops
  • D-rings for kayak seat available
  • high quality accessory package
  • successful features (fishing rod holder, Action cam mount)
  • Relatively heavy
  • Small compromises in running performance, especially on longer distances

The Bluefin Voyage Review in Detail

In the following part of the review, I go into more detail about the board and the included accessories. At the end of the article, I answer frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions, feel free to leave me a comment. I will try to answer you as soon as possible!

Product Specifications

Board TypeInflatable
SkillBeginner and Advanced
Price CategoryAverage
Area of ApplicationAllround
Max. Paddler Weightca. 100 kg (220 lbs)
Length330 cm (10’10”)
Width99 cm (38″)
Thickness16 cm (6″)
Weight17.6 kg (38 lbs)
AccessoriesInstruction manual, transport backpack, double action pump, 3 fins (smart-lock system), 4-piece paddle, coiled leash, 2 fishing rod holders, cooler with backrest (fold-out), kayak seat, waterproof cell phone case, repair kit.


The Bluefin Voyage cannot be clearly assigned to any board type and has 3 independent air chambers. Thus the board remains loadable even if damaged. The separate air chambers of the rails form a raised edge and thus improve the gliding properties, similar to the keel of a boat.

The main chamber is inflated to 15 to 18 PSI. The side chambers, which are on the edge of the board, are inflated to 3 PSI. All three air chambers have individual valves.

Bluefin relies on a 2+1 fin setup with a large center fin and 2 smaller side fins, all of which can be attached or removed via the Smart-Lock system (fin clicks into place).

Viewed from the side, you can see that the board tip is bent upwards. This is called “Noserocker”. This makes the board glide better over the water and the tip does not dive so easily in waves.

The thickness of 6.2″ is above average and gives the board, in combination with the 3 air chambers, a very good stiffness and solid buoyancy.

Load Capacity

The maximum load is given by Bluefin with 180 kg (400 lbs). As always, this limit should not be fully exhausted in order not to worsen the running characteristics of the board. The recommended max. paddler weight is 90 kg according to the manufacturer.

In our opinion, however, the board is also very suitable for paddlers weighing about 100 kilograms (220 lbs). Up to this weight, you can also still take luggage and equipment.

However, due to the typical excellent stiffness of Bluefin boards, I do not see any major problems even for paddlers with 120 kg (265 lbs) and more. Especially if you use the board as a SUP kayak or sailing platform, because in this application the load is less punctual.

Best Fishing Paddleboard
Bluefin Voyage

The Bluefin Voyage is an interesting paddle board for an enormous variety of different uses like whitewater adventures, surfing, yoga, fitness, and most importantly, SUP fishing. The enormous width leads to a high tipping stability, but makes the board slow. The board already includes a lot of high-quality accessories and a 5-year warranty.

Areas of Application and Driving Characteristics

In principle, the Bluefin Voyage can be used like an all-round board. Beginners are able to keep the balance very quickly due to the considerable width. On long distances, however, you will notice that the board is not very streamlined due to its wide design.

Although the glide improves somewhat due to the pointed nose and the raised rails, the board is still not designed for the long distance standing. High speeds are not achievable.

On the other hand, the board is very maneuverable and tilt-stable, which is really optimal for use in whitewater (white water) and for surfing. Due to the curved, somewhat bulbous side line, changes of direction and turns are no problem.

Another field of application is the use of the board as a yoga and fitness platform. Here, too, the tilt stability comes into its own and offers you the necessary safety you need for training. Unfortunately, the deck pad is not continuous over the entire length and also the central carrying strap, the D-rings and the fishing rod holder on the stand surface interfere somewhat here.

The Bluefin Voyage comes with 2 fishing rod holders that can be easily attached in the receptacles on the deck pad. This allows you to fish with several rods at the same time and also trolling comes into question.

In combination with the included kayak seat, the board becomes a very stable fishing kayak in no time. And even without the seat you have enough space to go on fishing tour.

Basically, however, I recommend this only for experienced users. The combination of needle-sharp fishing hooks, razor-sharp fishing equipment and an inflatable SUP board can quickly go wrong! That’s why you shouldn’t do without a life jacket when fishing.

The included cooler keeps your catch and food cool, provides storage space for bait and can be used as a comfortable seat. For this purpose, the backrest can even be folded out. The cooler has very many details for anglers (see accessories).

However, if you are really good at your hobby, the Bluefin Voyage is a very suitable fishing board and can be used for all fishing techniques. Even trolling is possible with it. With it you are miles ahead of any shore angler.

Basically, with the 3 removable fins you always have the option to switch between single fin and 2+1 fin setup. A single center fin always strengthens the straight running and 3 fins improve stability and maneuverability. For regular use as a paddle board you can test the single fin, but for use as a SUP kayak and for fishing we would rather recommend all 3 fins.

Material and Weight

The outer shell of the Bluefin is completely made of 2-layer, robust PVC (double-layer). The layers are glued together (laminated) and UV-resistant coated. The rails are also made of double-layer PVC and additionally stabilize the construction.

The core of the board is made with the so-called “dropstitch technique”. In this process, many nylon threads are woven very tightly together inside the board (11200 threads/sqm). This technique leads to an even improved stiffness and resilience of the board.

The weight of 17.3 kg (38 lbs) is in the upper range. This is due to the size of the board and very solid material quality and ensures a good longevity.


We personally have had only good experiences with Bluefin. The processing and material quality is convincing. Glue residues, discoloration, unclean edges, etc. have never occurred to us on the boards, even after years of use!


Bluefin sticks to the well-known color combination of different blue tones in combination with white. The cover pad in different shades of gray and black is marked with the size and the board name. The manufacturer has applied its logo in the tip area.

The underside is designed in a matching color. In the middle runs a design band, which bears the lettering of Bluefin SUP. The surrounding, curved rails are in strong blue and also labeled with the manufacturer’s name.

I think the design fits in well with Bluefin’s product range… but there’s always room for debate about taste!

Other Features

The Bluefin Voyage has the following additional features:

  • Deckpad: The standing surface is made of anti-slip EVA with diamond embossing and crocodile surface.
  • 7 D-rings: 4 rings for securing the kayak seat are located on the side of the deck pad. The two rings in the middle of the footprint are for securing the cooler. At the tail you will find another D-ring to which you can attach the leash. This gives you absolute flexibility in the use of the board.
  • 5 Carrying Loops: In the middle of the board is a central carrying loop. 2 more are attached to the left and right of the deck pad and again one each at the nose and tail.
  • Luggage Net: In the front area is a large deck net. Here you can safely stow equipment or provisions.
  • 2+1 Fin Setup: Removable center fin (Smart-Lock system).
  • Action cam mount: In the front area you can attach your GoPro or other action cam and shoo photos and videos at any time. The small D-ring serves to secure the camera.


  • Bluefin Voyage Backpack: The color-matching backpack with exterior pocket and sturdy zippers has a high-quality finish and features a carrying strap and comfortably padded carrying straps. All accessories will find room in it. A good and practical model.
  • 4-piece Bluefin Voyage Fiberglas Paddle: The high-quality paddle is continuously adjustable from 5.6′ – 7.2′. The shaft is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) and the paddle blade is made of PU plastic. Due to the use of fiberglass, the paddle is stable and yet quite light. With the enclosed second paddle blade, it becomes a kayak paddle (double paddle) in no time.
  • Bluefin Voyage Double Stroke Air Pump With Pressure Indicator: The set includes a double action air pump with pressure gauge. With this, you can pump air into the board both when pulling up and when pushing down. If this becomes too strenuous, you can switch it to single action mode and only pump air into the board when pushing down.
  • 3 Removable Bluefin Voyage Fin: The center fin and the two side fins are inserted into the rail in seconds and secured with the small lever (Smartlock system). This has the advantage of speed compared to the US box system (with screw and threaded plate). However, also the disadvantage that there is not so much choice for retrofitting another fin!
  • Bluefin Voyage Coiled-Leash: The included leash (safety leash) has a strong velcro to connect your ankle with the board. The spiral-shaped leash (coiled-leash), which stretches to the complete length when falling into the water, prevents the board from drifting without you. Please always use a leash!
  • 2x Bluefin Voyage Fishing Rod Holders: The two fishing rod holders can be attached without tools in the mounts provided. The rods find a good hold in it and are flexibly adjustable.
  • Bluefin Voyage Cooler: In the included cooler box you can store your fishing utensils. It also has a fold-out backrest so you can sit comfortably. In the lid, there is a compartment for bait and small reels to store fishing leaders and rigs. Also included is a small can, some straps for securing and quite a few mounting materials.
  • Bluefin Voyage Kayak Seat: To use the board as a powerful SUP kayak, you can attach the comfortably padded seat to the side D-rings in a few easy steps. Together with the double paddle an optimal extension of the areas of application.
  • Waterproof Bluefin Voyage Cell Phone Case: In this transparent case your smartphone finds a protected place and can even be operated through the foil. With the loop you can hang your phone around you and have it quickly at hand when needed. A very useful gimmick.
  • Bluefin Voyage Repairkit: This small set in the blue screw box consists of 2 PVC patches, a small tube with glue and a valve wrench. You can repair small defects yourself and check or replace the valve.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to inflate the Bluefin Voyage?

With the included pump, the Bluefin Voyage should be ready to go in about 8-10 minutes.
Learn more about the Bluefin Voyage.

How much PSI should the Bluefin Voyage be inflated to?

The recommended pressure of the Bluefin Voyage is 15-18 PSI for the central air chamber and 3.5 PSI for each of the two rail chambers. Learn more about the Bluefin Voyage.

Is the Bluefin Voyage suitable for beginners?

Definitely yes! Due to the immense width of the Bluefin Voyage, keeping the balance succeeds within a very short time. Learn more about the Bluefin Voyage.


The Bluefin Voyage is a very well made paddle board for an enormous variety of different uses. First and foremost, I am convinced by the excellent tilt stability, you have when standing on it directly a safe feeling as if you were on a platform. Every beginner will feel comfortable on it after a very short time.

Of course, compromises and slight performance degradations are always the price of versatility. So if you’re looking for a highly specialized board (especially for touring), the Bluefin Voyage is the wrong choice. Nevertheless, it has convinced me in the test by the many, sometimes surprising possibilities.

So if you are looking for a stable board to try out almost all areas of SUP use, you will find a loyal companion in the Bluefin Voyage. A board that can do everything uncompromisingly well still does not exist.

Best Fishing Paddleboard
Bluefin Voyage

The Bluefin Voyage is an interesting paddle board for an enormous variety of different uses like whitewater adventures, surfing, yoga, fitness, and most importantly, SUP fishing. The enormous width leads to a high tipping stability, but makes the board slow. The board already includes a lot of high-quality accessories and a 5-year warranty.

Hi, my name is Max. In 2016, on my first SUP trip, I was still a bit shaky on the SUP board. But quickly the ambition grabbed me and my passion for SUP was ignited. That’s why I founded stand-up-paddling.org the same year. Our mission is to help beginners discover this sport and bring more transparency into the market with our in-depth product reviews.

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