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You can find Bluefin Cruise replacement fins on the Bluefin online shop. Other brands with compatible fins such as iRocker, Thurso Surf, Cala and Eisbach Riders are also places to buy a replacement fin. Also, Bluefin provided its customers with a 3D model of the fin you can print using a 3D printer.

For the Bluefin Cruise and some more boards, the British SUP brand relies on the so-called Smart-Lock fin system. The fins included in the Bluefin Cruise package differ slightly from normal slide-in fins and are also not compatible with the standard slid-in fin system, as it is mainly used on inexpensive SUP boards.

The Smart-Lock fin system is great because it just takes five to ten seconds to install a fin. In comparison, even skilled paddleboarders will need 45 seconds for a US box fin or about 15 to 30 seconds for a standard slide-in fin. As slide-in fins can vary a bit in size, often they are the hardest to install.

In social networks and Bluefin’s customer support, the fact that at times it was not possible to reorder replacement fins in the Bluefin online store caused some resentment.

When the fin was lost during the previous tour and was damaged, it’s not only inconvenient, but also annoying to learn that you can’t reorder them immediately.

Since without a central fin, your Bluefin Cruise will just keep spinning, you’ll definitely need a replacement for the next tour. You don’t necessarily need to replace the side fins. The board tracks even better without the side fins installed, which is great for longer paddle tours.

#1 Check the Bluefin Online Store

Bluefin has now taken steps that ensure that this will not happen again and therefore tries to ensure continuous availability.

So, it’s best to check out the Bluefin online shop first. Maybe you can find the fins (main or side fins) there.

However, there are quite some alternatives to relying on Bluefin’s replacement fins for the Bluefin Cruise models.

#2 Get a Compatible Fin of Another Brands

The first alternatives are brands which also use the Smart Lock or similar systems. iRocker, Thurso Surf and Cala are the most well-known ones using the Smart Lock System. Note that some brands call it “Quick Lock System” instead.

However, the fin systems are identical and Thurso Surf, Cala, Bluefin and iRocker fins using one of the systems are interchangeable and can be installed in any of the boards.

#3 Get the Eisbach Riders Touring Smart-Lock Fin

The second alternatives are fins that can be used with the Bluefin Cruise Smart Lock system. Eisbach Riders offers a special touring fin designed to improve track of the Bluefin Cruise.

This fin is also compatible with the Smart Lock or Quick Lock System and can easily be ordered online and is delivered quickly.

#4 3d-Print Your Own Fin

The third alternative is to 3D print your own replacement fin. This is a more difficult and time-consuming process, and not to forget depends on you owning or having access to an expensive 3D printer.

However, some people already printed their own fins when the demand for Bluefin Cruise replacement fins has been at it’s peak and most other brands with matching fins also couldn’t keep up with the increased demand.

You can download the file here.

Owners of a Bluefin Cruise Carbon model don’t have to worry when it comes to hard-to-find replacement fins. The Bluefin Cruise Carbon 10’8, 12′ and Tandem use the standard US Box system which offers a huge variety of fins.

Almost all SUP brands have their own compatible fins. Also, most surfboard brands rely on this system as well.

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