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Big news at Bluefin… because the company has now completely relaunched and expanded its bestsellers of the Cruise family.

In the run-up there was a lot of speculation in the paddle board scene and through our contacts we were able to get some information. But only with the market launch was finally clear, what has changed everything … and quite a lot!

Since 2016 we have been continuously testing all kinds of paddle boards and if you already know our blog a little bit, then you probably also know that we have always been pretty convinced of the Bluefin boards.

We are therefore very happy to be able to present you the latest 2022 Bluefin Cruise series with its now 4 sizes in 6 different colors down to the last detail!

So that you can compare directly, we have decided on a large, joint test report… so you can also find out directly which model suits you best!

Note: The Bluefin Cruise 2021 boards (10’8 + 12′) are also still available at the moment…the question is how much longer!?

Best Paddleboard 2022
Bluefin Cruise (2022)

The Bluefin Cruise (2022) is one of the best paddle boards on the market. Its workmanship and accessories are of high quality and it comes with an incredible five-year warranty. The Bluefin Cruise 2022 is the improved version of the already great 2021 version and now comes in 4 different sizes and 6 colors. 

Innovations 2022

Since we have known the Bluefin Cruise Boards inside out for a long time, we would like to provide you with a brief summary of changes to the current series in this section. You can find more information about the points in detail in the respective sections below:

  • Size: the Bluefin Cruise now comes in 4 sizes (9’8, 10’4, 10’8 and 12′) with the two smaller ones being brand new additions!
  • Construction: Bluefin now relies on a lighter, modern Fusion (MSL) construction for the new Cruise models.
  • Design and Colors: New series, new look! In addition to an overall revised design, there are now even an incredible 6 different colors!
  • Features: There have been some changes to the features as well: There is now a removable luggage net with reflectors on the front D-rings and 2 additional action cam holders on the rear rings. The deck pad has been extended to the back and the valve is now integrated into the back of the stand…all other feature details can be found below in the section with the same name!
  • Accessories: new board bag, new pump, new paddle…but unfortunately the 2nd paddle blade and a kayak seat are no longer part of the standard delivery!

Short on Time? Here’s the Most Important:

As the name suggests, the Bluefin Cruise 2022 models belong to the cruising boards. With their wider yet streamlined shape, they are a middle ground between allrounders and touring boards. This does not change with the new series.

Quite crucially, however, there are now a total of 4 sizes, of which the two smaller ones are brand new:

  • 9’8″ x 30″ x 6″ (295 x 76 x 16 cm)
  • 10’4″ x 31″ x 6″ (315 x 79 x 16 cm)
  • 10’8″ x 32″ x 6″ (325 x 82 x 16 cm
  • 12’0″ x 32″ x 6″ (366 x 82 x 16 cm)

These differences of course affect the payload, weight, and also the ride characteristics. Again, of course, you’ll learn everything you need to know as we go along. In addition, you have the choice between 6 different colors:

  • Berry Red (Red)
  • Gecko Blue (Turquoise)
  • Legacy Blue
  • Miami Pink
  • Paddle Purple
  • Sunburst Orange

Thus, practically every paddler will find the right format and individual look for his new paddle board companion.

Another and maybe even the most important innovation concerns the construction of the boards. Bluefin now relies on the innovative welded fusion process (MSL), which completely preserves the known stiffness, but makes the boards much lighter!

Everything remains the same with the fin setup, also in the new version 3 removable fins in the Smartlock system provide a lot of flexibility in the adjustment of the driving behavior.

The features alternate between familiar and newly added elements: The deckpad is still double structured, but has been extended to the rear, so that the valve is now integrated…in addition, the kickpad (elevation at the tail) turns out a bit smaller and flatter.

There are still 5 free D-rings (for the leash and an optional kayak seat) and 3 carrying loops (in the middle with paddle holder). The luggage net still has side straps reinforced with neoprene, but is now removable with a carabiner and has reflectors on the front two D-rings and there are 2 new action cam mounts on the rear two.

The included accessory package includes many newly developed parts, now falls slightly smaller and comes with the following:

Manual, board bag, 3-piece fiberglass paddle, 3 removable fins (Smartlock system), reversible double action air pump with pressure gauge (manometer), coiled leash (spiral safety line), waterproof phone case, repair kit.

  • 4 sizes, 6 colors
  • very good material and processing quality
  • modern, welded construction of the outer shell (MSL Fusion)
  • much lighter than its predecessors
  • proven cruising shape for versatile use
  • 3 removable fins (Smartlock system)
  • very good stiffness
  • well-balanced ratio between tipping stability and good gliding characteristics
  • various features (removable luggage net, very non-slip deckpad with kickpad, 3 handles + 1 paddle holder, 3 action cam holders, 4 D-rings for a kayak seat)
  • high quality accessories (among others good backpack + fiberglass paddle)
  • 5 years warranty
  • not all colors are always available in every size
  • accessory package is smaller (no kayak seat and no double paddle anymore)

Bluefin Cruise 2022 Review in Detail

Our goal is to give you all the facts and features of the boards in detail. You will benefit from our years of experience in testing paddle boards.

Through our good contacts to the manufacturers you will get some information that you won’t find anywhere else in this form.

If you have further individual questions, please feel free to leave us a comment. We will try to answer you as soon as possible!

Product Specifications

Board TypeInflatable
SkillBeginner / Advanced
Area of ApplicationAllround / Touring
Maximum Paddler Weight9’8: ca. 70-80 kg | 10’4: ca. 80-90 kg | 10’8: ca. 100-110 kg | 12′: ca. 120-130 kg
Length295 cm (9’8″) | 315 cm (10’4″) | 325 cm (10’8″) | 366 cm (12’0″)
Width9’8: 76 cm (30″) | 10’4: 79 cm (31″) | 10’8 + 12′: 82 cm (32″)
Thickness15 cm (6″)
VolumeNo manufacturer’s information, estimated: approx. 250 liters (9’8″) | 270 liters (10’4) | 290 liters (10’8) | 320 liters (12′)
Weight9,18 kg (9’8) | 10,41 kg (10’4) | 10,93 kg (10’8) | 12,38 kg (12′)
AccessoriesManual, board bag, 3-piece fiberglass paddle, 3 detachable fins (Smartlock system), switchable double-action pump with pressure gauge, coiled leash, waterproof phone case, repair kit


Cruising boards are characterized by the combination of a touring shape with a pointed nose as well as a straight tail and allrounder dimensions. Due to this middle ground, they convince with a good basic stability and yet better gliding properties.

In relation to the length, all Bluefin Cruise boards have a balanced width, so that they offer sufficient basic stability even for beginners.

For the fin setup, the manufacturer has long relied on 3 removable copies in the Smartlock system. This allows you to additionally adjust the running characteristics to your needs and the conditions on site.

You can find out more about the exact effects of the different variants later in the section “Areas of Application and Driving Characteristics”.

The volume of the individual air chambers naturally varies with the board size, so that the boards have different buoyancy accordingly.

Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not provide any information about the capacity, which is why we can only estimate it with the help of our experience. You can find these values in the table above.

The new Bluefin Cruise boards again have a so-called “Noserocker”, i.e. a slightly bent up board tip. This allows the nose to glide better over the water surface in rough conditions and waves!

Load Capacity

Bluefin gives the following values as limits regarding the load capacity:

  • 9.8: 130 kg (286 lbs)
  • 10.4: 140 kg (308 lbs)
  • 10.8: 150 kg (330 lbs)
  • 12.0: 175 kg (385 lbs)

The Bluefin Cruise boards have always been among the stiffest and most resilient inflatable SUPs, but we can’t advise you to push them to the limit for best performance.

If there are already so many different sizes, you should also use this selection. From our experience, there are hardly any restrictions to be expected up to the following limits:

  • 9.8: 70 – 80 kg
  • 10.4: 80 – 90 kg
  • 10.8: 100 – 110 kg
  • 12.0: 120 – 130 kg

This does not mean that the board has to stop, but with more load the volume slowly reaches its limits and the boards sink deeper and start to lose their desired handling characteristics.

The distribution of the weight also plays an important role, because with a single paddler the load always acts much more punctually on the construction than with 2 people or with a dog.

So if you are concerned about flawless gliding properties, then you should also consider the larger model early on!

Areas of Application and Driving Characteristics

For some professionals cruising boards are nothing half and nothing whole…we completely disagree! For more ambitious beginners and paddlers who want or need to leave it at a single board, there are simply hardly more versatile models.

The middle ground of (almost) allround stability and (almost) touring gliding characteristics offers an excellent future perspective… even with improving skills.

So if you want to have fun with your board for a long time, a Bluefin Cruise has always been the best choice. The fin setup is always decisive for the riding performance. And that’s where the 3 removable fins provide plenty of leeway.

With 3 fins you always emphasize the tipping stability and maneuverability. The single fin, on the other hand, improves tracking and has less drag, which is perfect for touring and higher speeds.

If the water gets shallow at times, you can also mount only the smaller side fins on the Bluefin Cruise boards for a short time and thus reduce the draft to a maximum.

These options invite you to experiment and you will very quickly find out for yourself how different it feels and what suits which situation best. With the kickpad, i.e. the increase of the footprint at the tail, you have another playing and practice field for spectacular turns.

When you shift your weight to this with a lunge, the nose lifts and you can turn the boards around quickly and in place with a lot of practice.

Another popular option for versatile use is also always the conversion to a paddle board kayak. For this, 4 side D-rings are already attached.

A matching seat and also the 2nd paddle blade (double paddle) are unfortunately no longer included, however, but are on the surcharge list!

Now let’s move on to the individual features that result from the deviations in the dimensions. The Bluefin Cruise 9.8 is overall the most compact model. Accordingly, it is light, agile and maneuverable on the water.

Even very small and light adults, as well as larger children and teenagers get along great with it. The narrower design makes it much easier for shorter paddlers to achieve a vertical paddle angle. The 10.4 board is also a bit narrower.

Nevertheless, it is also significantly longer, which is noticeable in the form of a higher load capacity and better directional stability.

A very good and faster alternative to the compact allrounder board. The previous and probably also in the future the absolute bestseller is then the 10.8 model.

In our opinion, still a very balanced model with pronounced basic stability and smooth glide. If you are a bit bigger and heavier and want to take a child or the dog with you, for example, this is a first-class model.

The 12er Bluefin Cruise with its length then already has clear touring genes. If longer distances with good speeds are on the agenda or you simply need a high load capacity, this model is perfect. Its 366 cm make it glide well and straight, but it is not as maneuverable as its shorter siblings.

So you see that the new Bluefin Cruise family has something for everyone. This means that practically all waters and areas of use are open to you…of course, you have to set the priority regarding the riding characteristics yourself. The first point of reference for the right board should always be your stature!

Material and Weight

Here there is really very good news. As can be observed with many manufacturers, the trend for the Bluefin Cruise is moving towards a construction that is referred to as “MSL-Fusion” in technical jargon.

We would like to explain what this means as simply and comprehensibly as possible.

First of all, let’s start with the familiar inner workings that have now become completely commonplace among inflatable paddle boards.

The core of the board consists of a multitude of vertically running threads of composite material (“Composite”), which connect and stabilize the upper and lower side (“Dropstitch core”). Bluefin uses one of the densest patterns on the market here.

So far so familiar, the special features lie in the construction of the outer shell. Here, the UV-resistant coated PVC is fused with the fabric cover of the core without glue, but with considerable pressure and heat, and thus inseparably bonded.

The main advantage of this technique, apart from the excellent bonding of the layers, is the low weight.

The fusion technique thus allows much less material to be used without any loss in stiffness, which, together with the reduction in adhesives and solvents, is of course kinder to resources and the environment.

As a result, one of the few points of criticism, namely the high weight of the predecessors, is now a thing of the past.

Although Bluefin still relies on thick-walled material quality, the tare weight is now in the pleasantly light mid-range and allows for easy transport and handling: 9.18 kg (9’8) | 10.41 kg (10’4) | 10.93 kg (10’8) | 12.38 kg (12′)

Best Paddleboard 2022
Bluefin Cruise (2022)

The Bluefin Cruise (2022) is one of the best paddle boards on the market. Its workmanship and accessories are of high quality and it comes with an incredible five-year warranty. The Bluefin Cruise 2022 is the improved version of the already great 2021 version and now comes in 4 different sizes and 6 colors. 


There was nothing to complain about in the build quality of our test boards. It is very pleasing that Bluefin was also able to confirm this good impression with the new versions. The use of MSL Fusion technology is completely logical and up-to-date.

Even when we tested the first Fusion boards, it was clear to us that this construction, with its obvious advantages, would sooner or later become established among all well-known manufacturers. In the meantime, this can be observed very well.

Another compelling argument in favor of the Bluefin boards is still the far above-average warranty of 5 years. This drastically relativizes the purchase price and shows how much the manufacturer stands behind the quality of its products. Especially in the long run, this fact is worth money and should definitely play a role in your considerations.

Sustainability is of course also an important topic of our time and therefore we do not want to conceal the fact that the company now replaces a large part of its packaging materials with paper and cardboard. In addition, Bluefin now plants a tree for every board sold…which should certainly add up to a decent forest.


In addition to the already mentioned innovations, the design of the Bluefin Cruise 2022 boards has also contained a complete fresh cell cure and now comes across very modern.

You are now spoiled for choice between 6 different colors: Berry Red (red), Gecko Blue (turquoise), Legacy Blue (blue), Miami Pink (pink), Paddle Purple (purple), Sunburst Orange!

To describe each element in the respective color would of course go beyond the scope here, so only the most important. The deckpad in black and various shades of gray carries the name and size and is set off by various, graphic slashes and zones.

The respective main color shapes the look of all sides and is complemented on the nose by a matching geometric stroke pattern.

The side surfaces (rails) are somewhat simpler, monochromatic and labeled with the details of the manufacturer and the model. The treads are enhanced by a design banderole with Bluefin Cruise lettering and logo. The geometric patterns and slashes of the top are echoed in the side areas in partially complementary colors.

Overall, the design and color combinations are much more striking and elaborate than before…a real eye-catcher. The individual color selection allows you to perfectly emphasize your style.

Other Features

Bluefin Cruise 2022 models have the following common features:

  • Deckpad with Kickpad: On the top of the board is an anti-slip EVA foam deckpad. The well-known double texture of diamond and crocodile skin structure ensures reliable water drainage and provides additional grip. Compared to its predecessors, the footprint has now been extended to the rear, so that the valve also had to be integrated into it. The kickpad turns out a little narrower and less high, especially on the smaller boards.
  • 3 carrying loops (+ paddle holder in the middle): The center handle is wrapped with a solid neoprene sleeve that also acts as a paddle holder and is decorated with a Bluefin rubber patch. This center strap sits directly on the board’s center of gravity, so you can carry it well balanced under your arm. It also marks the optimal stance position, the so-called “sweet spot”. If you place your feet to the left and right of it, you will enjoy the greatest possible stability. In the front and in the back there is another padded neoprene handle with rubber patch…these make handling and transport even easier.
  • 5 free D-rings: For attaching the included coiled leash (spiral-shaped safety line), there is a solid D-ring at the tail, under the rear handle. 4 more are located on the sides and provided with a labeled rubber patch for an optional kayak seat.
  • 3 Removable fins: Both the small side fins and the large center fin are removable via the Smartlock system.
  • Removable luggage net: There is a deck net in the front area that is attached to 4 other D-rings. The front two D-rings are equipped with reflectors. The rear two are anchored in the new 2 additional action cam holders. The luggage net can be removed at any time via a snap hook. The side edges are reinforced with a neoprene-covered strap. Here you can safely store a lot of equipment or provisions. So that everything stays nice and dry, you should but everything in a waterproof dry bag.
  • Additional action cam mount on the nose: In addition to the two mounts integrated into the deck net, there is another one on the front of the board tip with a screw thread and a small D-ring. Thus you have a total of 3 places and perspectives for just about any standard action cam available. Ideal for photo / video freaks, bloggers and vloggers!


The accessory package of the Bluefin Cruise 2022 models fits qualitatively excellent to the boards and includes the following components:

  • Bluefin Cruise Manual: All important steps for the assembly, the handling of the set as well as interesting facts about the warranty can be found in this detailed manual.
  • Bluefin Cruise board bag: The included board bag in black, anthracite and light blue is also brand new. In addition to the large main compartment with 2 integrated, adjustable luggage straps, it has another large front compartment…both with all-around zippers and a handy loop on the closers. On the side of each there is another slip-in compartment (for example, for the paddle parts) with 2 adjustable straps above. On the bottom is a hole covered with an eyelet, in case you have to pack the board wet. There are also 4 small rubberized feet. On top and on the side you will find padded carrying straps. The straps are double adjustable, wide and well padded on average. They are completed by a chest strap and a waist strap. For even better carrying comfort, the back section is also padded. Overall, a good and especially very spacious model! Dimensions: 90 x 46 x 30 cm.
  • 3-piece Bluefin Cruise fiberglass paddle (“Drive”): The shaft of this model, which can be disassembled into 3 parts and is infinitely adjustable, is made of fiberglass (glass fiber) and the paddle blade and ergonomically shaped handle are made of sturdy nylon. The paddle can be fixed by a clamp closure at a length of 175 to 210 cm. The paddle blade part is double secured with a clamp and a click lock. At 975 g (weighed 950 g), it is lighter and overall more powerful than the aluminum models of cheaper boards.
  • Bluefin Cruise switchable double action pump with pressure indicator (“Swift Pro”): Also new is the included SUP pump, a so-called double-action air pump with pressure gauge (pressure gauge). At the beginning of the pumping process, you can set it to pump air into the board both when pulling up and pushing down. This double-action mode fills most of the volume in a short time. However, as the back pressure increases, pulling up becomes more and more difficult. You can then switch the pump to single action mode by unscrewing the plug, so that it only works when pushing down. This mode saves you quite a bit of power! You can also pump air out of the board by screwing the hose onto the other opening on the handle section (“deflate”). Especially practical is the fact that the base and the handles can be removed for space-saving transport. The handles can even be attached to the side of the housing. The pump was delivered in a small bag, which can also be reused.
  • 3 removable Bluefin Cruise fins (Smartlock system): The dolphin-shaped fins can be inserted into the box in seconds and are fixed with a small lever. This variant is called Smartlock system. Smartlock fins are very quick and practical to install. The only criticism here is the procurement of spare parts…but in this guide you will find some helpful information about it.
  • Bluefin Cruise Coiled-Leash: This spiral-shaped safety leash connects you to the board at the ankle or below the knee via a wide, well-padded Velcro cuff. If you fall into the water, it stretches to full length and keeps the board close to you. Please wear the leash at all times (Safety First!). There is also a small pocket hidden in the Velcro closure for a key or some coin.
  • Bluefin Cruise waterproof phone case: In this case your smartphone finds a protected place and can even be operated through the transparent, elastic viewing window. With the loop you can hang your phone around you and have it quickly at hand when needed. A very useful gimmick. Please make sure that you don’t lose the small clasps.
  • Bluefin Cruise Repairkit: This small kit consists of color matching PVC patches, 2 spare reflectors to stick on, 3 bags with spare parts for the fin boxes (levers and small screws) and a valve wrench. With this you can repair small damages on the board yourself, but a suitable glue is missing. With the key you should check the valve from time to time for tight fit and can also replace it completely in case of a defect.


How long does it take to inflate the Bluefin Cruise (2022)?

Of course, this depends on the size of the board and your individual strength. While the smallest model is ready to go in about 5 minutes, you’ll need 8 to 10 minutes for the largest.

How much PSI should I inflate the Bluefin Cruise (2022) to?

The recommended pressure is 15-18 PSI. 15 PSI is the standard value of many paddle boards and corresponds to about 1 bar. However, the high-quality construction also allows for a maximum pressure of up to 18 PSI!

Is the Bluefin Cruise (2022) also suitable for beginners?

Yes, the length to width ratio is so well-balanced that the vast majority of beginners will have no problem getting started. With increasing skills, you can then enjoy the streamlined shape in the form of better glide compared to an allrounder board. Rosy prospects for more ambitious beginners.

Which size of Bluefin Cruise (2022) is right for me?

The most important criterion is that the board fits your stature in terms of load capacity. If all sizes are suitable, you can then decide which riding characteristics are the most important for you.

The smallest 9’8 board is the most agile and maneuverable overall. If you’re looking for a sportier alternative to the classic allrounder, you can look at the 10’4 or 10’8. The Bluefin Cruise 12′ then moves heavily in the direction of a stable touring board with its length and good, true-to-track glide.


The new versions of the Bluefin Cruise are worthy successors and further developments of the popular classics in every respect. With the two additional sizes, it is now actually suitable for absolutely every paddler. The 6 different colors are another trump card.

In terms of handling, all variants are now open to you from the very maneuverable 9.8 board to the long 12′ board with touring characteristics, all of which are also well suited for beginners. The 3 removable fins have always contributed to the versatility.

The newly used MSL-Fusion construction combines a light weight with top stiffness and is on the cutting edge! The high weight was always one of the very few criticisms of the predecessors.

What we regret a bit is that no kayak seat and no second paddle blade is part of the set anymore, but in return the included components are still of high quality and performance.

The extensive, well thought-out and very practical equipment leaves little to be desired. We particularly liked the 3 carrying straps with a paddle holder, the deck pad extended to the rear, and the removable luggage net with reflectors and the 2 additional action cam holders. A board with a total of 3 action cam holders had never come across us before.

From our point of view, Bluefin has here really what added and delivered. The 5-year warranty is also still a good benchmark for the competition. We still believe that the Cruise models are highly recommended boards with a great price-performance ratio!

Best Paddleboard 2022
Bluefin Cruise (2022)

The Bluefin Cruise (2022) is one of the best paddle boards on the market. Its workmanship and accessories are of high quality and it comes with an incredible five-year warranty. The Bluefin Cruise 2022 is the improved version of the already great 2021 version and now comes in 4 different sizes and 6 colors.