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Anyone who has been paddle boarding will know that you definitely don’t just stand around.

The constant balancing and the posture slightly in the knees quickly becomes very exhausting. If you ever need a break, it usually doesn’t look good.

In the middle of the water, the next resting place is still far away.

Wouldn’t a paddle board seat mounted on the board be practical?

If it gets too strenuous, you can sit down and relax for a while and let your legs dangle in the water.

The only requirement for mounting a paddle board seat are pre-installed D-rings.

You can attach the seat to these.

Best Paddle Boards Seats

Bestseller No. 1
FOLCONROAD Kayak Seat for SUP Stand Up Paddleboards, Thick Padded SUP Seat Kayak Seat with High...
  • 【Kayak Seat for SUP】- This padded SUP seat can...
  • 【High Backrest】- High back is held upright by two...
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  • 【Eay Installation and Disassembly】 - Equipped with...
Bestseller No. 2
AQUATEC Paddle Board Seat [Detachable] - Seat for Paddle Board | Inflatable Paddle Board Accessories...
  • TURN YOUR PADDLE BOARD INTO A KAYAK - The seat is easy...
  • NON-SLIP BACKREST SUPPORT - The back rest provides...
  • EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT - The perfect choice for long,...
Bestseller No. 3
HIKS High Back SUP Kayak Seat Chair (Fits Paddle Boards)
  • ENJOY A SEATED SUP: Appreciate the relaxing experience...
  • MATERIALS: Our seat is produced with high-quality...
  • GUARANTEED FIT: We can ensure that our seat will fit...
  • MEASUREMENTS: The front and rear straps of this stand...
Bestseller No. 4
Goosehill Kayak Seat for SUP, Adjustable Stand Up Paddle Board Seat with Sturdy Straps and Hooks
  • [TRANSFORM YOUR PADDLE BOARD]: Use Goosehill ergonomic...
  • [COMFORTABLE MOULDED EVA FOAM]: SUP kayak seat made of...
  • [ERGONOMIC DESIGN]: The design of ergonomic contour...
  • [SIMPLE & QUICK CONNECTION]: There are two belts in...

What to Look For in a Great Seat for Paddle Boards

In high waves, swells or headwinds, many Paddle Boarders find it easier to take the weather conditions in their stride from a sitting position, while also saving energy. The change from standing to sitting and vice versa is faster than in kayaking.

Great Choice for Longer Trips

The seat also gives you the possibility to take another person with you on your paddle board tour. So longer paddle board tours can be done by two with change or you can simply take your child with you.

Fastening straps are easily adjustable in the front and back according to your own seating comfort and still be stable. If you are traveling alone, you can simply fold the seat while standing.

For paddling while sitting, there is are special double-sides paddles (kayak paddles).

Paddle Board or Kayak?

The use of the paddle board seat is not comparable to the ride in a kayak. Reasons for this are that the seat is not elevated and there are no footrests on most paddle board seats.

For longer tours in a sitting position, the rudder would be missing in case of insufficient experience. At this point, everyone has to make their own decision for paddling with seat, paddling while sitting on knees or kayaking.

Non-slip and Stable

For those who do not want to do without paddling even in wind and waves, the SUP seat provides a good option. With at least four carabiners on heavy-duty straps, the seat shell can be easily and effectively mounted by many suppliers.

The straps create a tension that gives the seat its stability. Even when the waters are a bit choppier, the paddle board seat brings a way to paddle in a controlled manner while sitting down and keep your balance easier.

Useful tool for paddle board anglers, paddle board athletes of any experience level and fitness level.
Paddle board seats continue to gain in reputation. They are not only suitable for paddle board athletes who have longer paddle board trips ahead or want to take another person along. It is likewise suitable for casual athletes who have temporary or chronic problems with their fitness or body parts, such as their knees.

A paddle board seat is also an ideal option for all paddle board anglers to sit from the board while fishing, rather than standing throughout.


Can a paddle board seat be attached to all paddle board boards?

It is possible to attach a paddle board seat as soon as there are D-rings on the board. If these were not present when you bought your board, the D-rings are not so easy to retrofit.

Especially when it comes to the paddle board seat, it is not recommended to use D-rings that have been glued onto the board afterwards.

The reason for this is the high forces that need to be absorbed and held when sitting and paddling or riding in the paddle board seat.
Learn more about the best paddle board seats.

What material are paddle board seats made of?

The majority of paddle board seats are made of water-repellent textile fabric made of 100% polyester. In particularly high-quality designs, the material processing up to the seams is so good that the material is pleasant to the skin.

Because especially in high temperatures, clothing is scarce for paddle board athletes and even then sitting on your paddle board should be comfortable and doable.

Learn more about the best paddle board seats.

Is there a paddle board seat with a bag?

Yes. There are now several suppliers of paddle board seats with a bag. Depending on the product, the bag is permanently attached to the back of the seat or can be removed and worn over the shoulder or as a fanny pack.

The durable bag has room for your cell phone, goggles, sunscreen, a few snacks, your water bottle and a dry item of clothing or two.
Learn more about the best paddle board seats.


I don’t want to deny at all that paddle board is a wonderful fitness workout, but when you need a break, there’s often no suitable spot nearby.

Simply taking a short paddle break on a lake doesn’t hurt, but it’s not that relaxing either. The constant cushioning of the waves continues to put a lot of strain on the thigh muscles. Proper relaxation is hardly possible there.

A paddle board seat – like the ones presented – is very practical. And if you are a paddle board angler, a solid seat is probably indispensable anyway.

Hi, my name is Max. In 2016, on my first SUP trip, I was still a bit shaky on the SUP board. But quickly the ambition grabbed me and my passion for SUP was ignited. That’s why I founded stand-up-paddling.org the same year. Our mission is to help beginners discover this sport and bring more transparency into the market with our in-depth product reviews.

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