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Beginner paddle boards are typically sturdily built, stable in the water, and range in price from low to mid-range. Most of the time, beginner paddle boards are allrounders. This type of board is suitable for use in a variety of areas.

Allround paddle boards can be used well for shorter tours, leisurely laps across lakes and canals, surfing at low wave heights, and yoga. Beginner paddle boards offer extra stability due to their wide shape.

Finding and maintaining balance is easier on these boards, so you will quickly experience moments of success. With some models, however, the rounded shape comes at the expense of speed.

Beginners often lack the necessary basic equipment for paddle boarding. Many beginner boards therefore come in complete sets that include paddle, leash, backpack and air pump. Compared to buying the accessories individually, beginners can save a lot here.

The price is another factor. Those who only want to try out the new water sport once do not want to invest a small fortune right away. So it is practical that many paddle boards for beginners are quite inexpensive.

In the following, we will go into what is important for beginner paddle boards and present our favorites among the boards for beginners.

Best Beginner Paddle Boards

#1 Bluefin Cruise

Best Paddleboard 2022 for most Paddlers
Bluefin Cruise 10'8

The Bluefin Cruise is one of the best SUP boards on the market. What convinces me most about the Cruise SUPs is the high-quality workmanship of the boards and accessories. Clearly, no quality has been spared here. Last but not least, the Bluefin Cruise comes with an incredible five-year warranty.

#2 Penguin Lancer

High-quality and cool-looking Beginner Paddleboard
Penguin Lancer

Both the Penguin Lancer and the included accessories of the Lancer are very well-made. The board is very well-built and durable, but with just 10 kilograms (22 lbs) relatively light-weight. It got a cool design and offers many features. With its wide built, the paddleboard is best suited for beginners. 


#3 Decathlon Itiwit X100 10′

One of the most popular Paddleboards for lightweight Beginners
Decathlon Itiwit X100 10'

The Decathlon Itiwit X100 10' is one of the most popular paddleboards for beginners. Decathlon's 10 ft long allrounder, which is available in red and turquoise, is a very good choice for lightweight beginners (up to max 75 to 80 kilograms or 165 to 175 lbs). Its very affordable price, well-built and great shape make the board stand out. However, there isn't much additional gear included in the package.

#4 Aqua Marina Beast

Popular, high-quality Beginner Paddleboard with lots of Features
Aqua Marina Beast

The Aqua Marina Beast is a very solid all-around board and an excellent choice for the price. It has been on the market for years and continues to be very popular. The board is great for ambitious beginners as it offers a lot with its great construction quality (including additional rail reinforcements), extended features (great deck pad with a kick pad) and its high-quality gear.

#5 Wowsea Bionics B1

Very affordable Beginner Paddleboard set with lots of Gear
WOWSEA Bionics B1

The WOWSEA Bionics B1 (formerly known as WOWSEA Waterdrop) is an excellent board for beginners. The well-built and extremely affordable paddleboard convinced us with its great construction, which makes the board very stable on the water. Also, there is lots of additional solid-quality gear included in the package, which is great for beginners. 

#6 Moai Allround 11′

Excellent Mix of Allrounder and Touring Paddleboard
MOAI Allround 11'

The MOAI Allround 11' closes the gap between all-rounders and touring boards. The paddleboard of the Dutch brand combines many advantages of both board types. The MOAI Allround 11' is very well-built and comes with a whole accessory package (including a very high-quality backpack and a lightweight fiberglass paddle).

#7 Wowsea Trophy T1

Great affordable Double-layer Paddleboard
Wowsea Trophy T1

The Wowsea Trophy T1 (former names Wowsea Cruise or Wowsea AN26) is a great all-round SUP board for beginners. The affordable board is build with high-quality materials, is quite stiff and comes with lots of accessories. The wide build makes it easy for any beginner as well as more heavy paddlers stable to balance on.

#8 Aqua Marina Fusion

Very popular Beginner Paddleboard
Aqua Marina Fusion

The Aqua Marina Fusion is one of the most popular beginner paddleboards and is sold around the globe. Over the years, this paddleboard collected thousands of positive reviews. The Aqua Marina Fusion is built quality is proven, is neither cheap nor expensive and got a universally popular design.

Checklist: This Is Important for Paddle Boards for Beginners

  • Board type: For beginners, the allrounders with a wide base and a rounded nose are the most popular. But there are other board types (cruising boards and wide touring models) that make sense for beginners.
  • Dimensions: The most important feature for beginners is the width, as tipping stability crucially depends on it. On boards with a width of around 80 cm (30″), most beginners quickly manage to keep their balance. Narrower models are somewhat more unstable, but glide better.
    The length plays more of a role in terms of handling; touring boards, for example, are slightly longer than the allrounders and glide more smoothly, but they are less maneuverable. In terms of thickness, the value of 15 cm (6″) has turned out to be very useful. The stability and buoyancy are thus much higher than with thinner models.
  • Volume and load capacity: Physically, the volume is the most important factor for the maximum load. Larger boards automatically have a higher volume. Especially for paddlers without experience, it is essential that the payload fits their body weight. In our detailed paddle board articles, you will always get a realistic estimation, which often differs from the manufacturer’s specifications!
  • Weight: The dead weight of most paddle boards for beginners is in the range between 7 and 15 kg. The material construction and the size are decisive for this. Stiffness: A good stiffness is (not only) elementary for paddle boards for beginners.
    The stiffer the board, the more stable the standing surface feels. Boards with a double or multi-layer outer shell (“double or multi-layer boards”) are significantly stiffer compared to single-layer boards, deform less under load and therefore glide better.
  • Scope of delivery: Beginners usually do not own any equipment yet, therefore paddle boards for beginners are often offered with a complete accessory package (paddle board backpack, pump, paddle, leash, possibly a kayak seat etc.). Qualitatively, however, there are significant differences!
  • Price: The prices of paddle boards for beginners vary and are typically an indication of quality and durability. Of course, as a beginner you do not want to spend too much money unnecessarily, but you should tend to keep your hands off extremely cheap offers.


Which is the best paddle board for beginners?

We have tested many paddle boards in our article about the best paddle boards and consider the Bluefin Cruise to be the best beginner board.

The Penguin Lancer is also a great choice with a super price-performance ratio. A cheaper but still good option is the Itiwit X100 from Decathlon.

Learn more about the best beginner paddle boards.

Which beginner paddle board is suitable for which size?

The right board length depends mainly on the area of use and has a great influence on maneuverability, stability and speed of the paddle boards.
In our blog, we recommend paddle boards for tall people, paddle boards for heavy paddlers and paddle boards for kids, among others. In addition, there is a lot of info about the different areas of use and suitable boards.
Learn more about the best beginner paddle boards.

How much does a beginner paddle board cost?

Paddle boards are available in different price ranges. For cheap paddle boards, weight, durability and performance are subordinated to low prices.
In the mid-priced range of paddle boards, the boards offer better durability, are sturdier and lighter in construction than cheaper versions.
High-priced paddle boards are built with high quality, lightweight materials and are unbeatable in performance.
Learn more about the best beginner paddle boards.

How long does a beginner’s paddle board last?

Good paddle boards last for several years.
Learn more about the best beginner paddle boards.

How heavy is an average paddle board?

Paddle boards usually weigh between 7 (15 lbs) and 15 (33 lbs) kilograms. Inflatable paddle boards are typically lighter than hard boards. In our post about paddle boards for women, we present some lightweight boards. Paddle boards for kids are often a bit lighter as well.
Learn more about the best beginner paddle boards.

Hi, my name is Max. In 2016, on my first SUP trip, I was still a bit shaky on the SUP board. But quickly the ambition grabbed me and my passion for SUP was ignited. That’s why I founded stand-up-paddling.org the same year. Our mission is to help beginners discover this sport and bring more transparency into the market with our in-depth product reviews.

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