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Now it’s finally time again…after a long wait, Amazon has finally announced the date for Amazon Prime Day. Where this time it should rather be called Prime Days, because the discount battle takes place this year on two days … on 12 and 13 July!

We at stand-up-paddling.org are of course always trying to present you, in addition to detailed information and tests on various paddle boards and SUP accessories, the best deals, so you can invest your hard-earned money wisely.

That’s why we are constantly on the lookout for special offers and discount promotions from the paddle board manufacturers. I am therefore particularly pleased to be able to tell you some of them here!

Amazon Prime Day Deals on Amazon

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime Day 2022 is already over.

Do I have to have a Prime membership for Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon customers who are already Prime members usually wait weeks before the announcement of the first offers.

If you don’t have a Prime account yet, Amazon basically offers you the opportunity to test the popular service for 4 weeks for free.

If you deactivate the Prime membership during this period, you will not incur any costs.

If you want to continue using the service, your Prime membership will be renewed automatically.

On these two days, there are also some offers for customers without Prime, but the vast majority of really attractive bargains are exclusively available to Prime members.

In addition to access to Prime Day special offers, membership includes the following other benefits:

  • Free (express) shipping on millions of items (Prime items)
  • Prime Video (streaming service from Amazon for movies and series)
  • Amazon Music Prime (streaming service for music with over 2 million tracks + playlists and radio stations)
  • Prime Reading (access to hundreds of eBooks, e-magazines, and more).

When is Prime Day 2022?

The battle at the virtual rummage table has been a classic Amazon summer event in previous years. Prime Day 2022 will take place on July 12 and 13. So the countdown is already on and you can take a look around Amazon right now. On both days, you should also secure your bargains early. Experience has shown that many offers are sometimes sold out quite quickly. Learn more about Amazon Prime Day for paddle boarders.

What is the difference between Amazon Prime Day and Black Friday?

This comparison is somewhat misleading, although both are huge shopping events. Prime Day refers exclusively to Amazon’s retail platform and is a goodie for the premium customers (with Prime membership) of the American company.

Black Friday, on the other hand, has become one of the world’s biggest discount events, starting in the USA, and there is now hardly a retailer (online or offline) who can or wants to avoid this day.

Black Friday falls this year on November 25 and traditionally always takes place one day after “Thanksgiving”. This legal holiday in the USA always falls on the 4th Thursday in November, is an absolute highlight for US citizens and is traditionally celebrated with a “Thanksgiving”.

Since most citizens of the USA have a long weekend following this holiday, Black Friday has developed into a nationwide shopping marathon, during which many people are already shopping for Christmas presents. All stores entice shoppers with one-time discounts on this day. Due to the increase in Internet shopping, Black Friday has now naturally expanded to include virtual shopping as well.

As in many areas, it is only a matter of time until trends from the USA find their way to Germany. Accordingly, Black Friday has also become more and more established in our country in recent years. Just about every retailer (whether online or stationary) offers its goods with tempting price advantages on this day.

Of course, Amazon pulls out all the stops again on Black Friday and has an enormous number of bargains ready, unlike Prime Day (only for Prime members), these offers are then available to all customers!

Learn more about Amazon Prime Day for paddle boarders.

Is Amazon Prime Day or Black Friday more worth it for paddle board items?

This question is somewhat difficult to answer across the board. For sure there are great paddle board deals at both events. In addition to paddle boards, Amazon also sells all categories of SUP accessories, from water sports gear to paddles, fins, leashes (safety lines) and pumps to transport carts, there is practically no SUP product that you won’t find on Amazon.
Accordingly, you’re sure to get your money’s worth during Prime Day 2022, and you can take the opportunity to upgrade your equipment to the next level in terms of quality without straining your wallet.

Another advantage in favor of Prime Day is certainly the fact that the pricing on Amazon is generally already favorable, so you really save quite a bit with additional discounts. With Black Friday, unfortunately, I’ve often observed that the crossed-out prices (before the discount) are unrealistically high, so that the discount looks more spectacular than it really is.

The advantage of Black Friday is that the offers on this day do not only refer to one platform, but pretty much all retailers follow suit.

Learn more about Amazon Prime Day for paddle boarders.

Are paddle boards online stores participating in Amazon Prime Day 2022?

Prime Day is a much-publicized event with great appeal. Of course, no retailer can miss this opportunity. Therefore, it can be assumed that also small and medium-sized paddle board stores prepare special offers for these days.

One thing is for sure, no retailer present on Amazon can afford to let Prime Day go by unused. SUP online stores will accordingly certainly be in on the action.

Learn more about Amazon Prime Day for paddle boarders.


Amazon Prime Day 2022 will take place this year over 2 days from July 12-13.

An immense innovation from recent years the 4-month return period. Through this extension, you can now store on Prime Day already safely Christmas gifts and send them back in case of doubt only in January and thus after the holidays. This regulation is really very accommodating and customer-friendly.

In the paddle boarding area you can expect some great offers, so take the opportunity to get the latest information on stand-up-paddling.org, so you can quickly decide which products suit you. With some discount promotions (especially with the so-called lightning offers) you have to be very fast…for research it is then usually too late!

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